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Adventure Log

The Beginning Arc
Session 0: The Beginning
Session 1: Into the cave, straight back out of the cave
Session 2: Phandalin Redbrand Hunting
Session 3: The Redbrand Scourge
Session 4: The Birthday, the Banshee and the Orcs
Session 5: This amulet seems broken, it just keeps glowing
Session 6: Venomfang’s revenge
Session 7: Rescue at Cragmaw keep
Session 8: The Battle for Phandalin
Session 9: Vengeance at Old Owl Well

Wave Echo Cave Arc
Session 10: Wave Echo Cave Part 1
Session 11: Wave Echo Cave Part 2: Idris and Prim’s Interlude
Session 11.5: Rio’s Birthday and Thunderdome adventures
Session 12: Wave Echo Cave Part 3: The Black Spider Revealed!
Session 13: Wave Echo Cave Part 4: The Forge of Spells
Session 14: The Claimed Mines of Phandelver

Icespire Peak Arc
Session 15: Warm Goodbyes and Cold Hellos, The Journey to Icespire Peak
Session 16: Icespire Peak part 2: What a horrible night for a curse!

Lighthouse Arc
Session 17: Steamy hot tubs and the battle for Halenshire!
Session 18: Save the Good Boy! Duchess in danger!
Session 19: A Battle of Wills atop the Lighthouse!
Session 20: Hitched in Halenshire and the Next Adventure on the Highseas!

The Town of Phandalin Arc
Session 21: Lizards Assault and Dragon Spawn Surprise
Session 22: The Dragon and the Eagle

The Fierce Battle on the Tower Arc
Session 23: Storming the Beach
Session 24: Breaker of Chains
Session 25: The Price of Victory and Truth
Session 26: Life, Love, and Death

Wintersday Holiday Arc
Session 27: Wintersday
Session 28: Party time in Waterdeep

A New Journey with Giants Arc
Session 29: Nightstone Under Siege
Session 30: The Dripping Caves
Session 31: Zephyros’ Tower and Hill Giant Havoc!
Session 32: Defense of Goldenfields

A Small Break Arc
Session 33: Reunion at the Raging Lion!
Session 34: Dangers and Daughters in Daggerford!
Session 35: Antics in Amphail!

Triboar Disturbance Arc
Session 36: Trepidation in Triboar!
Interlude: Straife Steps Into the Hot Seat
Session 37: Meanwhile in Phandalin: Quest to the Temple of Tymora!

Gaining New Leads Arc
Session 38: Old Gnawbone!
Session 39: The Battle for Bryn Shander!
Session 40: Answers at the Eye of the All Father!

Giant Artifacts Arc
Session 41: Worm’s Blood, Wyrm Blood, and Wormblod!
Session 42: Raven’s and Wolves!
Session 43: Manticore and Merchants in Mirabar!
Session 44: The Weevil’s Web and Larg’s Lies!
Session 45: Brutal Bunnies at Morgur’s Mound!

To Hell and Back Arc
Session 46: The Devil Went Down to Luskan!
Session 47: In Search of a Lost Soul!
Session 48: In the Darkest Pits of Hell!

New Partners, Old Friends, and a time for Celebration
Session 49: New Alliances and old friends in Phandalin!
Session 50: Conquest and Love: One year later, Thunderdome Part 2!

Back on the Trail of Giants
Session 51: To Grudd Haug
Session 52: Guh’s Gluttony
Session 53: Missing Memories!
Session 54: Race to the Grandfather Tree!

They’re Falling into Depravity?!
Session 55: The Freedom Festival of Everlund!
Session 56: The Heist!
Session 57: Stone Cold Feelings!

Hunting the Fire Giant!
Session 58: Yakfolk Hospitality!
Session 59: Into Ironslag!
Session 60: The Vonindod!
Session 61: Return to the Eye of the Allfather!
Session 62: A Feast for the Vain!

Our Own Floating Castle?
Session 63: Unicorns that fly and Castles in the Sky!
Session 64: The Lavish Luxuries of Lyn Armaal!
Session 65: Giant’s chess and a Roc’s mess!
Session 66: Crash of the Crimson Tide!

Entering Maelstrom
Session 67: The Matriarchs of Maelstrom!
Session 68: The Grand Dame Games!
Session 69: The Search for Digiman Jones!
Session 70: The Morkoth vs The Kelpie’s Kiss!
Session 71: Into the Kraken’s Lair!
Session 72: Slarkrethel!

Saving Zuriel
Session 73: Every Rose has its Thornton!
Session 74: The Zhentarim’s Zenith!

Storm King’s Thunder
Session 75: Doom of the Desert!
Session 76: Iymrith’s Lair and Silverymoon Sundered!

Missing Children in Zenithia!
Session 77: Rowan the Revivifier and the Isles of Zenithia!
Session 78: Wintersday II a very Cary Christmas and the rise of Mecha-Clause!
Session 79: At the Bottom of the Old Well!

Session 80: Looting Loch tower!

Legend of the Golden Bracelet!
Session 81: The Tomboy Princess!
Session 82: The Fake Princess of Frenor!
Session 83: Bravery is in the eye of the Beholders!

New Leads!
Session 84: Midnight at the Oasis!

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