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Yakfolk Hospitality

Session 58

The party decided to restock in Waterdeep and so they had prim create a teleportation circle to reach there which he used the alter in the well to accomplish. The party searched out a potion shop and restocked on healing potions and potions of fire resistance planning to take on the giant lorn Zalto next. Draven went to see Nawala and she greeted him warmly and they spent the day together catching up in waterdeep. They went around town and picked up a fancy crimson hat which made anyone wearing it look slim and a lyre which only played music that people over 100 years old could hear. He used it to drive Caryandra towards drinking for most of the day from everfull. He also recharged his necklace of fireballs at the local alchemist shop.

Rowan went to her temple and was warned to make sure to have some sort of fire resistance if they were going after the lords. Prim performed in waterdeep and made some money for the party. Caryandra passed out on a table at Nawala’s inn just in time for roam and ardra to come in and cover her with a blanket and sat down at her table discussing how everyone seemed lively in the city today and then they booked a room.

The party celebrated their finding all of the giant artifacts and planned to head towards Ironslag the next day. Nawala slipped a note and gift into Draven’s pocket which he didn’t notice and bid him farewell.

The party teleported to the Crimson tide and made their way to the mountains of Ironslag. As they saw the mountain they saw a village at the top walled off all the way around with gates for entrance and exit. they decided to land at the base and sneak up to the village. As they approached the 12000 stairs on the side of the cliff they noticed a familiar figure in Zira, who was Erelosa’s protector who worked with Nendra. They beckoned her over and she updated them on her situation that a Zhentarim spy was sent in to give the black network information about the fire giants who have taken up residence here in the last few months. His reports had stopped coming in and she was sent to find out what happened to him. She knew from previous reports that yakfolk lived in the village up above and that there were 2 ways into Ironslag. 1 Via an elevator powered by a water wheel and the other by a set of stairs west of the elevator. She states she also knows of a chimera lair halfway up to the village that they should be quiet ascending.

The party crept up the stairs and located the chimera lair and Norros sealed the cave entrance shut with his magic leaving the party free to make their way up to the top of the mountain. There was a braidge leading across the gap with water flowing underneath turning the waterwheel and there was a broken rickety bridge which seems to already have been replaced. The party made their way up to the gates and saw the yakfolk going bout their business in the village. They decided to knock and talk with them. The yalkfolk guards seemed happy to see travelers and welcomed them into their village and offered to introduce them their chieftain Kartha Kaya. They moved into the center of the Yakfolf vilalge and saw some dwarves working out in the fields and upon entering the tent of the chief he beckoned them to join him to share his food drink and pipeweed. He and the other yakfolk began eating and drinking from the table.

Prim sat down to partake of the food. Prim took a few puffs of the pipeweed and began chowing down on the food with pokeman jones. Caryandra stood in the corner and didn’t join them to eat as she noticed something wrong with the dwarven servants had manacles on their legs as if to prevent escape. and Yue looked hungry as well but as she went to eat some of the food, Rillix peaked out from her hood and batted the spoon out of her hand. Pokeman stomach didn’t feel good but his iron stomach digested the poison and handles it however as prim was taking puffs of the pipeweed he fell asleep face down on the table.

The yakfolk noted that he must have been sleepy and offered to give them lodging for the night. The party declined and all got up and left the tent. They made their way outside and the Yakfolk stayed inside and could be heard whispering to the chief. Pokeman and Caryandra carried prim outside and they decided to make a run for it to the elevator as they felt there was something wrong with the whole situation. They made a dash for the 2nd gate and Rowan and Pokeman Jones put their shoulders into the gate breaking it open.

They hurried their way inside and barred the gate again just in time that the Yakfolk came out and called to them that behind the gate was a restricted area and began firing their longbows over the gate at them. Prim got an arrow to the rear as they made their way around the corner and saw both the elevator and the stairs. The party decided to use the elevator as a distraction and Caryandra hit the level making the elevator descend while the party ran down the stairs into the mines.

Zira pulled the party around a corner and they hid as quiet as they could. A minute later they heard the Yakfolk come galloping through telling the other guards in the mines that they had intruders who used the elevator to get to the lower levels and they want everyone to track them down. The mine emptied of guards and the galloping sounds got softer and disappeared deeper into the mines. Caryandra and pokeman tried to wake prim up by slapping him in the face but he remained asleep. Yue took her hands and lit them ablaze and heated up the metal part of the arrow stuck in prim’s rear which jolted him out of the dream he was having.

The party noticed there were 3 dwarves mining and chained together in the mine. Caryandra picked their locks on their leg manacles and prim opened his magical mansion and they told them to hide there until this was all over that they would rescue them. They charged into the mansion and the party headed deeper into the mines and finally reached the upper level of ironslag. They immediately saw more dwarf slaves chained together but lightly guarded by a single salamandar. Caryandra loaded up a cold energy arrow and jumped it and they party quickly finished it off just in time for an ogre patrol to come around the corner.

Caryandra unlocked the new found dwarf manacles while prim asked them if they would fight for their freedom which they agreed to so prim transformed them into giant scorpions who then assaulted the ogres coming around the corner. Prim obscured their vision and his their presence with a neverending fog bottle and the scorpions and arrow shot by Caryandra turned into a flying snake and poisoned the remaining 2 ogres under the cover of the fog.

As the scorpions came out of the fog they came face to face with the Fire Giant Zaltember, son of Zalto, and they heard him bullying a dwarf slave around the corner. Upon seeing the ruckus he took the slave with his and backed up as he saw 6 scorpions emerge from the fog Yue tried to throw a chromatic orb at him but her aim was off in the fog and it clipped prim in the back of the head breaking his concentration on the spell and the scorpions reverted to dwarves.

Zaltember’s fear grew to a smile across his face as he prepared to squash the Dwarves rebelling against him. He called out “My father will burn you all alive. and you your bodies to fuel our furnaces,” but the rest of the party burst through the fog and Draven hit him with a feeblemind spell causing him to revert to only primal instinct and thought. and now seeing he was greatly outnumbered fear took him and he grabbed the dwarf he was able to bully earlier and ran over to a grate and help his axe to the dwarf’s throat and held him over the pit and grunted at the party as if threatening them to get away or he would drop him to his doom.


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