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Stone cold feelings

Session 57

The party decided to head to the giant mound called one stone next and so they packed their things and left the whitestone residence with Rowan bidding a farewell to her parents and butler and took a sac of food with them for the trip. As they exited the house across the street the Whiteshield’s neighbor Gertrude (also known locally as “the hawk” for her bounty hunting skills) noticed a figure exiting the house that she recognized from a guards description as someone who was wanted by the city guard. Worried for her neighbor she grabbed her grocery bag and headed outside dropping it on the ground near draven and asked for help. He came over and helped her gather up her the groceries and she asked him if he would help her deliver the lunch she packed to her son downtown who worked as an accountant which he agreed to.

Caryandra slipped away from the party while they were helping the old woman and she left a note in samuel’s hiding spot on the moonbridge where he kept his book. the note read:

“Sammy, I was please to find you remember me, but I must insist you let me go. It’s no longer safe for those who claim to know me, and so I must disappear. Do not attempt to find me. Forget me, forget your adventures, return to your little library and life.

Be well.
Sincerely, C.”

Draven and Gertrude both headed downtown and entered the bank where her son worked and she delivered the lunch to him as they entered there were 2 guards there protecting the bank and noticed draven. These were the same guards who he gave the slip to the other day and they crept up behind him and threw antimagic manacles on his wrists and led him downtown. They thanked Gertrude for helping apprehend him and tossed her a bag of coins and led Draven to the guard barracks. Gertrude left the bank and headed back to the Whiteshield’s home thinking to herself “Third criminal this week” pocketing the bounty money. She arrived and informed the party that their companion needed to get bailed out and they went downtown and Caryandra was able to talk the guard down from a 500gp bounty to 200gp and she paid to have him bailed out hoping to cash in a favor later down the road. The party departed Silverymoon and headed to One stone in search of the next giant relic.

As they set down at one stone the marking indent into the ground looked like what could be described as the mark on the sky pony tribe carved into the grassy landscape. The party came across a rushing river and norros created a land bridge for them to cross and upon reaching the top of the plateau they noticed that where the eye of the sky pony sat was a giant boulder which appeared magical and the party knew that that was their next target. But as they approached the ground shoot and a heard of bulette burst forth from the ground and 2 of them were mounted by riders who proclaimed “By the cult of the black earth we claim this relic. We can not allow knowledge of us or interference from strangers hinder our mission so we sentence you to death!”

The cultists called their herd of bulette to assault the party. Pokeman jones and draven attacked the cultist riders and fought their spells up close and personal knocking the riders off of their mounts and slicing through their mage robes. Draven recited the words he read in the book of bogentle and a summoning circle appreared on the ground and a hell hound puppy appeared out of it and cooked a bulette with its flame breath. Yue blasted cracks in their armor with her fire magic and Caryandra spun and slid celery into the crack in the tough hide striking the vital point of one before ducking behind the magic boulder and began to squee at the hell hound puppy.

Prim threw his spoons up in the air and animated objects trying to send them to attack but a bulette leaped into the air and landed on him and norros. Rowan kept a bulette at way and struck one down with light bringer before running to prim and norros to heal their wounds. as the bullette was about to crush down again Caryandra fired a crossbow bolt into a crack in its armor dropping it. Pokeman and draven finished off the remaining ones cracking through the armor. As the last of them fell the party check and saw they were all ok and claimed the magic boulder which shrunk down to a 6 inch diameter sphere. Prim proclaimed “ah this is much better to transport and immediately shoved it in his pocket but the small boulder was heavier than it looked still weighing about 25lbs and pulled his pants to the ground revealing prim’s boxers that were pattered with a print of prim faces. The party sighed and boarded the ship and decided to head to Beorunna’s well for their final artifact.

They made their way across the landscape and discovered a massive hole in the ground. as they gazed down it they saw an icy rope leading into a central forest area, to the west a running spring, to the right a camp site with fires lit and to the south an alter and totem poles. Norrs decided to turn himself into a Quetzalcoatlus that was able to fit everyone but Caryandra who setup her crossbow and readied it to pick off anyone from above. Prim flew down to the forest with a fly spell ahead of everyone else and met a shamen in the forest and used his golden fiddle to summon his succubi to try to charm the shamen into pacifying the tribe that lived in this well but the succubi were not prepared to be summoned so suddenly and were off their game and failed to convince the shamen to help and he sounded the alarm in the camp alerting the uthgardt tribe to come running weapons drawn. Prim sent the “this didn’t work signal and Norros flew down with his companions on his back.

As he descended the noise woke up 4 manticore living in the cave to the west who intercepted the Quetzalcoatlus. Caryandra clipped one of their wings from up above but the other 3 hit draven and petrified the Quetzalcoatlus sending it for a crash landing transforming the beast back into norros as the petrification took his body as he lay face down in the forest. The party engaged the tribe and ran to prim’s aid with draven and pokeman jones holding off the wave of tribesmen while Yue tried to fend off the manticore but ended up getting petrified again as did caryandra as the one she shot flew up to the top of the well and as she was reaching for celery a tail spike stuck in her shoulder and she was turned to stone. rowan rushed to norros and used greater restoration to remove the pertification and he immediately saw the rest of the manticore incoming and build a stone amphitheater around them and yue to shield from the next volley of deadly tail spikes. rowan used this time to remove the petrification from yue. Prim seeing that they were in trouble hypnotized a manticore. and then helped pokeman jones and draven fight off the remaining tribesmen.

The manticore above the well picked up caryandra and tried to drop her onto draven and pokeman. her stone form fell and picked up speed to terminal velocity and it appeared as if she would shatter on the ground or kill her companions in the impact but at the last second prim was able to cast levitate just in time to slow the fall enough for draven to dive and grab her stone form so it didn’t shatter on the ground. the party breathed a sign of relief but it wasn’t over yet as the manticore made their way around the stone wall and petrified norros a 2nd time. Having enough of this yue burned the remaining manticore with her fire magic and the well grew quiet.

Rowan was out of magic to de-pretrify anyone else so the party went over the remaining dead manticore and was able to salvage enough of their tail spikes for one potion but prim was able to use his knowledge and expertise and a trick or 2 he picked up along the way to make the ingredients go further and made enough antidote to treat both caryandra and norros returning them to flesh once more. The party caught their breath and searched the tribe finding several magical items including a ring. the checked the alter at the southern part of the well and discovered Beneath the altar was a rough-hewn niche containing the skeletal remains of a half-ogre and a relic of giantkind: a fossilized horn made from the tusk of a mammoth and engraved with images of giants battling dragons. The cracked horn weighs 250 pounds but had lost its magical powers.

The party was satisfied that they found their final giant artifact and debated on their next destination around the camp fire of the former tribe of Beorunna’s well.


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