CM Adventures

Into Ironslag

Session 59

Norros Sprung into action and called forth Bigby’s hand and sent it forth to try to grab the drarf held aloft while Caryandra and Zira fired arros from their crossbows striking the Fire giant in the shoulder and knee pulling the axe away from the drarf’s throat. As the giant let go Bigby’s hand swooped in and grabbed the dwarf. The rest of the party descended on the fire giant and finished him off. The Dwarf thanked the party and they sent him and the rest towards the mansion and told him to stay there until it was safe. Zira went up to the Giant and proclaimed. “Zaltember you got what was coming to you after all you have done.” And she stabbed him before moving on with the rest of the party telling them that they had just killed Zalto’s son. Caryandra Held out her arm and the flying snake she named “Danger noodle” wrapped around her arm as they prepared to head further in.

As the party watched the dwarves run off Norros noticed the mine carts circling throughout Ironslag and wanted to create a distraction so he used his stone shape and carved a ramp under the mine cart tracks to cause a wreck in the assembly line and the cart line came to a screeching halt. They heard shouting from a southeastern chamber and heard a fire giant yelling “Put your backs into it and get that wheel moving. I’ll show you what happens to insolent workers I will make an example of you.”

The party opened the door to a chamber with a massive wheel which up until last minute was powering the mine carts. A dozen dwarven slaves were working the wheel while a fire giant and 2 ogers were supervising. The party entered just as a dwarf was executed. The party sprung into action attacking the giant before he could reach another slave. One of the ogers ran and open a cage releasing a pack of hell hounds upon the party breathing fire onto Pokeman jones. Norros and Yue tried to quell their flames with their storm and ice magic and eventually the party fininshed them and freed the slaves sending them to the mansion as well until they were finished here.

The Dwarves told the party Zalto was making them mine adamantite here in the mines to work on a machine in the lowest levels of Ironslag called the vonindod which throughout history was used to combat dragons. The party thanked them for the information and found some stairs leading downward. They heard the elevator being taken upward as if reinforcements were coming to the upper levels to see what the commotion was so they descended further down another set of stairs into the depths of iron slag.

As they went down the stairs they received a sending spell from Zephyros.

“Small ones listen carefully, the eye is under attack and this is a fight we will not win, There is a secret entrance 500ft down from the eye. We will do what we must to keep the oracle safe. It may be too late, the doom of the desert is upon us, Wait Harshnag! *sounds of rumbling and rocks rocks falling and then the sending suddenly cuts off.”

The party debated whether they should turn back or finish the job. They felt they had gone too far to turn back now and they pushed onward to try to find Zalto. At the bottom of the stairs they found themselves in a room with many massive forges. Draven tried to sneak forward but was spotted by a fire giant who picked up a massive chunk of adamantite and threw it at him stunning him. Another fire giant picked up a greatsword and carved 2 big gashed out of him before he fell to the ground unconscious and bleeding out. Norros saw the giant about to finish him off and created Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere around Draven to protect him and give him a chance to recover.

The party took cover behind big crates and forges and got into a ranged battle with the fire giants With pokeman jones sealing the walkways with webs from his staff and Norros and Yue making the terrain difficult to pass through with their sleet storms and thunder clouds. Rowan ran up and grabbed the magical hamster ball Draven was in and pulled it to the back lines where Norros dropped it and rowan fed him a potion of superior healing bringing him back to consciousness. As the party began to with the war of attrition the giants called to one in the back to go warn Zalto the intruders were here.

The party rushed and overwhelmed the remaining giants in the room and took a sword out of the forge that they were working on and prepared to face Zalto before he had time to prepare or call in more reinforcements.


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