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Warm Goodbyes and Cold Hellos, The Journey to Icespire Peak

Session 15

As the party finished watching the fireworks over Phandalin they decided to make plans for what happens next.Sister Garelle felt that some members of the party should stay and watch the forge of spells and asked Quinlan and Idris if they would consider the job due to their connection with the harpers. Quinaln agreed right away and Idris wanted to think about it. Wes decided he was going to take the baby owlbear the party recovered back to neverwinter with himself Droop and Gwen. Sildar and the Rockseeker brothers were heading out for wave echo cave in the morning to bolster their defenses. Iarno and Lienne were staying to guard the newly rebuilt Pandalin. And sister Garelle would be around Phandalin for a bit but be keeping an eye on the progress of the forge of spells. The party readied themselves back in stonehill in and spent one last night celebrating before going to help Loralyn Wintersong on her quest to remove her disease. To show her appreciation Lorayn mischievously beckoned Yue to her room upstairs in the stonehill inn stationed next to Draven’s room. Laughing and loud pounding on the wall could be heard from the room throughout the night making Draven uncomfortable keeping him awake.

In the morning the parties friends wished them luck on their next adventure and Quinlan said his goodbye’s with the party informing them he would guard the forge with his life and not let anything happen to it. He gave them some of his equipment and told the party to take good care of it they would need it more than he would. Sister Garelle spotted a Harper ranger she sent for to act as a replacement for the loss of a party member. She introduced Seriphina and her wolf Dutchess to the group and they all made her acquaintance before heading out. Idris lagged behind still not able to make a decision.

The party packed up their caravan and set off for ice spire peak. they reached the base of the mountain and snow started to fall. Idris caught up with the group to inform them of the decision that although he would love to keep adventuring with them he felt it best if he stayed to help secure the forge of spells. He left the party with some gear and planted a kiss on a reluctant Prim before setting off into the wild.

Loralyn mentioned there was a base camp she spotted to the east and the party set off and found it without much trouble. At the camp they found an old miner named Zem Slatedust who had 1 wooden prosthetic hand and spoke loudly as if he was going deaf. He told the party he mines black powder from icespire peak. Prim and Draven bought some and he offered the party shelter in his tent for a bit. they party went in and a pistol caught draven’s eye which he bought from the old man in exchange for one of his hi nun gloves and 210 gold. he even threw in fur cloaks to keep the party warm up on icespire peak. He warned the party of trolls guarding a bridge and of beats and a dragon which lived high up on the mountain. The party thanked Zem for his help and set out up the mountain.

Finding the bridge leading up the mountain the party encountered the troll brothers named Seshi and Beshi. They were charging a toll of 50 gold to cross the bridge but prim convinced with to take useless weapons and 20 gold instead convincing them they were magical. the trolls moved aside and the party was able to proceed further up icespire peak.

The temperature began to drop dramatically and the party was grateful for the fur coats provided earlier which fought off the majority of frostbite damage that could have occured in scaling the mountain. As the party approaching a cave mouth on top on icespire peak they were set upon by Winter wolves who’s cold breath cut deep into them even harder than their bites. The party was battle hardened though and they worked well with their new ranger companion to dispatch the wolves. During the fight Draven used his new pistol and it grafted itself to his hand and during the fight he noticed any blood spatter on the gun immediatly soaked into it. He began hearing voices in his head speaking to him speaking of Hunger and how blood is satiating to it as well as its desire to be fed more. Draven began feeling possessive of the gun and had to shake off feelings that he should continue fighting even after the wolves were slain.

The party harvested fur off of the wolves and found a dead frozen cultist with the same markings from thundertree in the snow apparently taken by these wolves. They found his boots useful and resistant to the snow. The party decided to try to get warm in the cave mouth and set up a bonfire. The cave was large with giant ice crystals lining the walls that were reflective in nature. It was somehow even colder in the cave but the fire did help. They patched up their wounds and began exploring after warming up. They overheard 2 humanoids taking:

1: I am freezing my ass off up here
2: eh its not so bad
1: no it is, everyone else got their cushy assignments taking that abandoned keep while we got sent away to this ice box. I heard someone just slaughtered the hobgoblin tribe in the area too so they had no resistance. And here we are going to end up frozen statues like those wolves either by the dragon’s breath or due to how fucking cold it is here.
2: Maybe you would be warmer if all the hot air stopped coming out of your mouth.
1: You are the worst I’m going to get some firewood and maybe we will survive this night.

As one of the humans rounded the corner they ambushed him knocking him out for interrogation he cried out for help and his companion also came only to run into a very outnumbered situation and was also knocked unconscious after a short struggle. Upon interrogation the party learned they were from the same cult as they found in thundertree but they were sent here as punishment to be subservient to the white dragon who resides in this lair. They also learned herbs tended to grow in the northern part of this cave. They also learned the group they found in Thundertree also took over cragmaw keep with no resistance as the hobgoblin tribes in the area were broken and scattered. The cult was going to try to lure them there as tribute to Venomfang. Duchess broke one of their necks and Draven executed another one with his pistol absorbing more blood giving Draven positive reinforcement to keep firing and he barely shook off the urge to turn on his companions and asked them to keep moving so he could focus on the mission. The gun continued to speak words in his head asking to be satiated with more blood no matter where it came from. His companions asked about his health and he insisted everything was fine and that they should get the herbs and get out of here. Prim recognized that the gun he was carrying was cursed and Rowan offered to help remove the curse after the mission was done but Draven refused insisting he was fine and the party pressed further into the Icespire peak cave.


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