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To Grudd Haug!

Session 51

As the Tournament came to a close Wes and Loralyn came down and congradulated Yue on her hard fought victory and Lorayln told Yue she always knew she was special and gave her a hug. She asked is she had seen Rowan around and went off to find her. Rowan was off in a corner of the arena speaking with Lor about what he would do next and he said that although he misses her terribly he just found this tribe of warriors that party sent to him and he needed to get them down to goldenfields to help protect the town and that he still felt badly for letting shalvus escape under his watch. They agreed and Lor departed after kissing his goodbyes with Rowan. Lorayln approached Rowan and told her how she never got that chance to properly thank her back when she died on the tower and Rowan had to make a choice to save either her or Seraphina that she chose to bring her back. Lorayln let her know she was grateful for the 2nd chance at life and is going to try to live it to the fullest now and asked if she would perform their wedding ceremony when the time came. Rowan let her know that she would be delighted to and she gave her a big hug and then headed off the share the news.

Prim told Wes that he has recently acquired some succubi he could use for a bachelor party at some point or after their ceremony and he sounded interested but then Gwen and Erelosa came running up to them cutting their conversation short. Erelosa told prim she had a lot of fun playing with Gwen today and that Gwen told her that she fights here in the thunderdome and she wanted to learn how to do that too so she could be cool and awesome like her daddy and mommy. They spoke with Wes about it and he said that droop would be able to watch after her here and there are plenty of people who come and stay here so she would certainly be welcome. Erelosa looked thrilled and told prim she was excited she would get to spend some time with people her own age for awhile although she would miss him, he wouldn’t have to worry about her being in danger all the time.

A guard approached Pokeman Jones and lethim know how much he enjoyed watching him fight and his reputation has been spreading across the land. The guard informed him that he has a fisherman friend who just returned from Luscan with a tale that he barely escaped with his ship and his life after being pursued by a Pirate ship known as the Hades Jewel. Pokeman recognized the ship as the one that chased them and tried to board when they were returning from the tower of Lolth. The Guard let them know they have been patrolling and attacking those around the sea of moving ice. Pokeman thanked the guard for the info and they went their separate ways. Pokeman set out with draven and Norros to do some shopping in town in search of an archanist to enchant his armor and Draven looked to pick up some magical artifacts like replacing his necklace of fireballs and norros got some scrolls made for himself. after they were done they set out for an inn.

Yue was surrounded with fans and praise about how awesome she was after the tournament. Everyone asking questions of her and about her pet Tressym was starting to get overwhelming until Xing and shin Lan pushed through the crowd of adoring fans and were able to congratulate her personally. Yue apologized to Shin Lan about hitting her so hard in the match. Shin Lan told her there were no hard feeling and it was all apart of the game and she hadn’t gotten to stretch out her magical abilities in quite awhile. They hugged and Yue felt a strange sense of warmth and familiarity from this woman and her brand began to glow a bit with this feeling. Xing suggested they go find an inn for the night and then head back out. Yue suggested they find Pooke’s potions and pillows so they set out in search of that.

Rowan went to go visit her sister in Law to see how her negotiations with the country of Burland were going and introduced her to Lor. She was impressed with how well Rowan was doing for herself and complemented her on her accomplishments. She said her merchant deal was unable to press forward and the missing children have not been found in Burland. She heard more have gone missing and its been getting so bad the king was even assigning the captain of his guard to the problem. She also heard whispers of terrifying monsters stirring over there and prophecies of great evil returning to destroy the world. She isn’t sure if she would want to go there herself until she knew the guards could focus on protecting the town rather than out searching for the missing children. So if at some point Rowan could offer them help she felt they would have more success but she understands there are many evils in the world and she is doing her best to help where she can. They talked for a while and got caught up and them Rowan headed to Pookie’s inn.

Prim spent some time buying a ruby and down at the fish markets gathering snow. he bought some off of a fisherman who was using it to pack the catch of the day and created a likeness of himself and animated it using simulacrum. It was standing there in the middle of the docks naked with his hands on his hips proud to meed someone as handsome as himself and they walked down the docks complementing each other and prim gave him a spoon to cover himself Austin powers style. They eventually made their way into an alley and prim took out his old leather armor and clothed his simulacrum properly. They talked of their plans for the coming months and headed back to pookee’s inn.

Pookee welcomed his friends back the inn and said that he has gained some popularity since the party had left with people knowing this is where they got their start and he showed off an improved version of the potion golem he created which the party bought one of. The party each got their own rooms except for both prims who slept in a magical mansion which prim created and were attended to by servants which looked like many of the women prim had met in his travels.

The party awoke in the morning and prim sent off his simulacrum on a mission they discussed while in the mansion and the rest of the party used the orb to get back to the air airship which was on the outskirts of Grudd Haug. They knew this was the last known hideout of the hill giant chief Guh who possessed one of the magical conchs that they needed. Grudd Haud appeared to be a massive beaver dam looking structure and they decided to approach the entrance through the east. as they rounded defensive posts that also had sheep grazing in it. they found an orc camp and were spotted. Norros immediately put up a wall of stone to block the warring parties off from each other. The orcs began launching javelins over the wall. Yue rained a fire storm over the wall and seared through their front lines and caught several of their tents on fire. Draven passed through the stone wall and cut off once of the orc’s heads and started shouting for them to surrender.

Norros dropped the wall and rowan ran an orc through and shouted curses at them in Orcish to surrender and seeing that they were greatly outmatched the camp surrendered. The orcs informed the party that they were pressed into service just like the male hill giants by Guh who has a voracious appetite and she is making them raid local caravans and farms to bring her more food so she can grow to be the biggest giant of all to raise her standing in the giant society. They told the party Guh drove out the other women so she was the lone alpha remaining. They asked the party to stop Guh so they may leave this place. The party entered the lower entrance to Grudd Haug and were ambushed by hill giants throwing rocks draven hellish rebuked one that hit him and they took the closest giant to the point of killing him and prim made a plea to them saying they want to free the giants from Guh jsut like they did for their friend Lob in Goldenfields. The 3 giants who were attacking knew of Lob and were friends with him and ceased their attack but they were too intimidated by Guh to stand up to her however they told the party she was to the west and upstairs part of Grugg Haug.

The party thanked them and followed the path taking a wrong turn with the Giant’s vague directions into the hill giant’s sleeping quarters, they awakened starting another confrontation which was ended with Prim using hypnotic pattern on the hill giants and pokeman jones binding them up with his endless rope. The party went the other way at the split in the hallway and came to a massive room filled with pigs and bugbears feeding them making them more fat. The walls of this filthy room were made of packed mud with logs jutting out of them. The river seeped through a gash in the north wall and formed a stream that cuts across the eastern half of the area before spilling out through a hole in the south wall, tumbling down logs as it goes. Tending to the pigs are mud covered bugbears and an Ettin the party heard referred to as Oinker-Boinker.

Xing snuck ahead and started stabbing the bugbears trying to take them out quietly but the party was noticed as soon as the 1st one went down and they Lanched a volley of attacks against Xing. Jumping in to protect him Yue rained fire storms and fireballs into the bugbears and the crowd of pigs. the smell of cooking pork and bacon was experienced throughout the room. The party fought off the defenders and took a break to catch their breath noticing in a northern room there were cages with prisoners being held. Most of the party went to investigate while Norros and prim searched the bodies and Norros found a birthday looking hat on Oinker-Boinker which magically attached to him. Prim also noticed their box of fun also was recharged and knowing how much Norros likes gadgets had him push the button that said migrate on it at the same time prim pressed the same one on his side of the box and they both levitated in the air and their souls and consciousnesses switched bodies. Prim began laughing in Norros’s body saying see isn’t this great! Right Norros! Right!?!


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