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The Weevil’s Web and Larg’s Lies!

Session 44

The party found an inn called Mirabar’s gate to stay in and most of the party went to bed for the night. Draven and prim stayed up drinking and Prim plotted ways to pull a prank on Draven after he went to bed. Prim noticed his wooden message cylinder fill with a note from Sister Gaerelle:

“Greetings everyone. I recently met with a childhood friend of mine over tea. Her name is Halia Thornton and she is a member the Zentharim with some political pull and clout. I let her know of your pursuit of the Weevil and how I was confident that if any were to catch him you would. We negotiated and I learned the Zentharim are also interested in having him alive would match the 5000gp bounty on his head and in addition she could get them to cease attempts at control over Goldenfields, and and she offer a detachment of Zentarim to protect an area of our choosing. This was the best I could get from my old friend. I hope this note finds you well.

Sister Gaerelle”

Prim resolved to share this with everyone in the morning and after he read that noticed Draven had already gone to bed. In his room Draven lay down on his bed and fell fast asleep from their day of adventures. As he slept the black raven feather he removed from the alter of the raven queen began to glow in his pocket and seemingly absorbed into his body. Draven began to slip into a dream state.

As he looked around he found himself sinking deeper and deeper into his bed and he began to get cold and realized he was submerged completely in a viscous fluid and as he gasped the taste of blood filled his mouth and lungs he tried to swim looking for up or down but there was no sense of direction in this viscous fluid. He saw threads extending in all direction in what seemed to be eternity, some snapping and some being mended. He struggled and thought this might be the end but suddenly the burning in his lungs turned to gentle warmth and he could suddenly breathe normally as he spotted a white porcelain mask with empty sockets coming towards him.

She spoke "Draven Quarnt I am in need of a champion. Orcus and his forces draw near. I see how you bend the threads of fate around you and am in need of your strength to aid those who serve my needs. Travel south and find the paladin devout to Lathander with the silver mirror and help him achieve his goals. Do this and cement yourself as my champion. I will send a servant to aid your companions as this world is dangerous and they will need strength left in your absence. Now fly my dear Draven and stop Orcus’s return to this world.”

Draven felt himself drifting upwards and suddenly he bolted upright in bed drenched in what he thought was a cold sweat but seemed to be covered in the viscous blood he had been floating in. As he reawakened and was catching his breath prim was sneaking down the hallway and cracked open the door but to his dismay Draven was awake and on edge and as a reaction Draven threw a stone at the new intruder and knocked prim out hitting him square on the forehead. Confused he managed to bring prim back to his room and dumped him on the floor without waking Erelosa. Draven walked back into his room and notices 2 black wings sprouting from his back and panicked a bit wondering what this sign and the dream he just had meant. The remainder of his night was restless.

The morning came and Rowan awakened early for prayers and breakfast and as the party awake and came downstairs they noticed Zuriel acting strangely sitting away from everyone and upon questioning they realized he didn’t remember who he was and upon inspection found he had contracted amnesia either from the petrification or from cumulative battle trauma and they tried to help him remember but to no avail. He accepted that he was part of their group and they came to the conclusion that if they traveled together and if he was surrounded with enough familiar things it would sooner or later job his memories.

Draven came downstairs and was immediately questioned as to why the hell he has wings sticking out of his back and several of the party tried to pluck feathers out of his back which seemed to be the equivalent of pulling strands of hair from your head to Draven’s dismay. He told everyone of his vision and rowan interpreted that as a calling and they debated whether or not he should head out to fulfill the calling. They decided Draven could think about it on the way to Xantharl’s keep. Prim showed everyone Sister Gaerelle’s message and they started talking about the possible fate of the weevil with so many factions wanting him but reached no conclusion and decided to cross that bridge when they came to it.

As the air ship took of from Mirabar the party reintroduced Zuriel to the crew in an attempt to help him remember but to no effect yet. Prim took Erelosa down below deck to continue her stealth training with some hide and seek. Delsaphine pulled Pokeyman Jones to the side and they shared stories of being sailors. After telling his story Pokeyman Jones learned Delsaphine was 1st mate on the ship the Hades Jewel and was on shore leave when it was sacked and conquered by mind flayers. She wished that she was strong enough to take it back and rescue any of her crew that was still alive but couldn’t do it alone so she joined up with this crew even though they are a little too fanatical for her liking. But the Red dragon Klarth promised her The Hades Jewel back if she served him. Its been a year now and she had been starting to lose hope of ever seeing it again. Pokeyman Jones cheered her up and offered her more drink from everfull which she gladly accepted. With her spirits raised she told Pokeyman Jones a Corny ship Joke “where do you take a sick boat? ….. to the doc” and then gave him a slap on the ass, thanked him and went back to her duties.

Yue was playing with Rillix on the deck of the ship when she spotted several Aarakroca incoming and informed the party. As they approached they announced themselves as servants of the raven queen and sough Draven Quarnt and were to help guide him south to fulfill their deity’s wishes. They brought a replacement to make up for Draven’s strength. A black feathered Aarakroca with blue eyes who appeared to be about 9 (adult age is reached by 3 for their race) years old stood before them. And introduced himself to the party as Harvey Fuglmann and seemed interested in only fulfilling the Raven Queen’s wishes. He was informed of their current mission and agreed to help the party. Pokeymon Jones was able to break his stoic nature as he offered him some alcohol and that seemed to help him become more personable as he drank as they found his weakness for booze.

Draven set off for the south flying with his new wings like a newborn thrown into a pool for the 1st time but the Aarakraca escort helped his get his wings working and they set off for the south. The rest of the party readied themselves as captain Laz called out as they approached Xantharl’s Keep.

The keep itself was a fortified village that bears Xanthral’s name. It stands in the middle of nowhere, on the west side of a notoriously dangerous and rugged stretch of the Long road. An outer wall with heavy crossbows mounted to its battlements encloses a keep sheltered by a steep roof to shed snow. Surrounding the keep are dozens of narrow stone houses with heavy shutters and steep roofs of their own. The party approached the settlement and informed the guards of their business warning local areas of giant attacks and they seemed like they were pretty prepared for such an occurrence and welcomed them to the keep and let them know of an inn they could stay at called the The Falling Orc. They ventured to this inn to rest for the night and met a female half Ogre names Arzastra who offered them a room. She called her stable boy in to help the party with their things and to get them food. He was a shield dwarf who introduced himself as Larg. The party started telling patrons of their adventures and Larg told the party that he and his adventuring companions were caught in an avalanche while hunting a red dragon in the Valley of Khedrun, and only he survived.

As the party was getting ready to settle down for the night the bells of the keep began to sound and they sprung outside. Harvey took to the skies and spotted a force of ice giants ogres and goblins approaching. Pokeyman Jones ran to guard the gate, Harvey remained in the skies and the rest of the party dashed towards the walls to help fend off this attack.

Zuriel shadow stepped into the back lines of the frost giants and began to battle them while ogres began fitting the goblins with spiked helmets and started launching them over the walls. several hobgoblins tried to leas a smaller force of goblins through the front gate but were met by the guards and Pokeyman Jones and were crushed. Zuriel stunned one of the frost giants driving the void claw through him but was quickly surrounded by the other 3 who approached and started taking swings at him. Zuriel’s muscle memory kicked in and was able to avoid several decapitating blows but still was gashed several times and was quickly being overwhelmed. Prim climbed to the top of the wall and used mass suggestion on the giants and right as they were about to come down of Zuriel. Three of them suddenly did not feel like fighting and left the battlefield leaving Zuriel to square off against one who was stout of mind.

While the Siege ensured it suddenly became apparent that the northern assault by the giant was a ploy. Bugbears stealthily moved into the keep and made their way to the falling orc. A battle ensued in the there and 2 bugbear fell but Larg was stuffed into a sack and was abducted. As they ran out of the inn Pokeyman Jones heard the bugbears cry out. We got the Weevil Lets get out of here. and they began to flee. They tried to dash beyond Pokeyman Jones and Harvey but the Aarakraca created a wind wall which blocked their exit. Several bugbears went down but the rest scampered out of the hole in the wall they created to the south. Pokeyman and Harvey pursued then and with Harvey’s bow and his slayer’s eye they cut down the remaining bugbear and recovered the sack with the captive inside.

Yue cut through the hobgoblin ranks flinging fireballs off of the wall while dodging goblins being chucked at her. as the Keeps defenses readied and began firing arrows the seige forces began their retreat. Zuriel cut through the Frost giant with his void claw and returned to the keep to see the goblins and made it over the wall get mopped up. one that landed by prim was convinced to surrender and the party reconvened at the center of town to discover a bruised Arzastra and the man they knew as Larg in the sack as well as the goblin they tied up.

Upon questioning Larg attempted to lie to the group sticking with his adventuring story but when pressured by Harvey’s talons in his neck he revealed his actual name was Worvil and he also ran by the name the weevil. He knew he had price on his head for banditry and was hiding out here avoiding bounty hunters until the heat died down which landed him a kick in the ribs from Arzastra for deceiving her. The party began to discuss their options as what to do with the captured goblin and whether they should turn the weevil into Sir Baric at Bryn Shander for 5000gp, the Paladin Sir Lanniver in Neverwinter for 5000gp, or to the Zentharim agent Halia Thonton in Phandalin for 5000gp, the detachment of Zentharim agents, and an agreement for them to lay off take over attempts on Goldenfields. They traveled back to the Falling Orc Inn to continue the discussion.


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