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The Devil Went Down to Luskan!

Session 46

As the party approached the Luskan gates Harvey took to the skies and searches around for anything shiny to add to his nest but was distracted by the sun glinting off of the rivers and only found a few greasy wrappers in the streets. He then looked for a shop to sell his jeweled staff at and found what he thought was a shop but flew straight into the glass window and was too embarrassed to enter so he returned to his party.

He found Pokeman and Delsaphine walking as she was asking him if he every docked here in Luskan and he had not so she told him some stories of her times they had shore leave here. She explained that they had some of the finest brothels here and asked if he prefers rogue’s or rangers, and several other innuendos asking about his preferences that went over his head until Erelosa gave a sigh and told him flat out she wants to know if you like guys or girls. He explained that he doesn’t frequent those places but when she mentioned Caryandra was the owner of one names Le Petite chat they decided to stop in for directions as to find the man who challenged prim. They learned from her he was in a bar the Oreman Styx.

They set off for the bar and found it without much effort and inside they found a man dressed in white with 2 beautiful women at his side. He introduced himself with a Cajun accent as Barathrum and the to women as Tiffany and Jade. He told prim he heard rumors that Prim was claiming to be the best bard in the land and he had come to refute that claim and proposed a bard off best 3/5 songs with high stakes. He had a Legendary fiddle made of gold and proposed a wager against prim’s soul that he thought he was better than him. Prim was momentarily hesitant asking if he thought that was a little extreme but Barathrum countered saying “ok well if you know you will lose anyway you can admit it right here and we will broadcast it to the sword coast that you were too chicken to face me and admit that I am the greatest bard to walk the land” He held out an orb that the party recognized was similar to the ones used to broadcast fights in the thunderdome. Prim immediately jumped at the chance to face him after that insult to his pride and Barathrum pulled out a contract for him to sign to the battle. Prim signed without reading and Barathrum expalined he needed 2 party members to join him and it was him and his ladies vs prim and 2 party members of his choosing. after discussion Yue and Pokeman Jones volunteered to help him and also signed the contract without reading it. Barathrum said “fantastic” rolled up the contract and set the match for later that night.

The party rehearsed and drank potions to give themselves more charisma and to ease their nerves. Prim put up posters to draw a crowd and there was a full house to witness the battle of the bards in luskan that night. The bartended introduced both of them and prim was up 1st. and he sang to the tune of bohemian rhapsody:

“ Is this a board game? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a bard off, no escape for this amateur Open your eyes, look up into mine and see I am Prim Pressleaf, you have now challenged me Well now your goanna loose, everything, (your) dignity, (and) instruments (only)One way that this thing goes and that would be my vic-victory, victory

Devil, you have fucked up I’m the best bard in the world, you can’t beat my melodies Devil, this has just begun But now I’ve got to put you in your place!!!! Devil, ooh, can’t wait to make you cry When you hear these rhythms you will be balling Knowing that, knowing that, you just can’t beat a Pressleaf

Too late, can’t run away You’ll be a joke for all of time, and that sweet loot will be mine Goodbye, Mr.Satan, your time is through you must have realized by now that you a screwed Satan, ooh, (you are so screwed) I cant wait to win Guess you’ll be down one pretty epic soul!!!

[Epic flute Solo]

I see a pretty damn epic looking bard Pressleaf, Pressleaf, will you do the Van Beethoven Phantasmal force and magic, very, very frightening (super sexy) super sexy (super sexy) super sexy. Super sexy equals prim. primmmmmm I’m just a cool boy everybody loves me He’s just a cool boy from a rad family Share with him coins so you may here a verse Easy win, easy win, this should take a sec Oh shit!!! Well yeah, this will just take a sec (Just a sec!) get rekt scrub! Prim is gonna win (Just a sec!) get rekt scrub! Prim is gonna win (Pressleaf) Is gonna win! (Pressleaf) Is gonna win! (press leaf is gonna win win win win win) (Oh mamma mia, mamma mia) Mamma mia, you’re a fool Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, but its you??? So you think you can fight me and take my soul? So you think you can out sing even I? Oh, devil, can’t out sing me, devil Just gotta play on, just gotta play on for that gear!

Your turn doesn’t matter, anyone can see Your turn doesn’t matter Your turn doesn’t matter at all”

Barathrum retorted with his own song

The devil went down to Luskan he was looking for a soul to steal, he was in a bind cause he was way behind so he was willing to make a deal, he came across this one bard playing a tune and singing it hot, so the devil slid across the room to the kid and said boy let me tell ya what. I guess you didn’t know it but i’m an entertainer too and if you care to make a dare i’ll make a bet with you. now you play pretty good son but won’t you give the devil his due I bet this fiddle of gold against your soul that I think I’m better than you.

Prim did you ever know that time keeps marching on, the coldest hour is the one comes just before the dawn, the devil’s back in luscan will you stand up to the test, or will you let the devil be the best? Prim are you practicing or will your hands grow cold? The devil walks the land and plays a fiddle made of gold Can you hear the baby crying, will she ever know The devil wants her daddy’s very soul?

Prim came back playing don’t fear the reaper, through the fire and the flames, and we are the champions where Barathrum played sympathy for the devil, Downton funk and and house of the rising sun.

After 4 rounds prim and his band won 3 out of the 4 and Barathrum conceded the match to him and handed over the golden fiddle commenting that their contract was now complete and he had 30 seconds to make his decision. he rolled out the contract and showed his what he agreed to:

“This contract is to confirm the agreement between Barathrum and his band and Prim Pressleaf and his band that they will perform in a battle of the bands best 3 out of 5 rounds with the stakes being the legendary golden fiddle waged against Prim Pressleaf’s soul. Should Barathrum win he acquires Prim Pressleaf’s soul and should Prim Pressleaf win he will acquire the Legendary golden fiddle

(in small print)

in exchange for one of his band mate’s souls of Prim’s choosing within 30 seconds. Should he refuse to choose or back out on the deal Barathrum will receive both of their souls.

Sign X Prim Pressleaf

X Hyan Yue Wing

X Pokeman Jones

In a panic and with time running out prim blurted out uhhhh Pokeman Jones. And with a smile Barathrum said “so be it and Pokeman felt his soul be torn asunder from him and went into an orb being held by Barathrum who informed them their business was concluded and opened up a rift and proceeded through it.

The party shocked by the ending of the match checked on pokeman to see if he was ok and he seemed a little out of it but they all charged through the rift in an attempt to catch up with Barathrum. Prim ased delsaphine to watch erelosa to which she agreed and he joined the rest of the party.

As they passed through the rift they found themselves in a new plane of existence much warmer than the northern city of Luskan. They immediately began to break out in a sweat from the temperature change. Tiffany and Jade came through the portal with them and informed prim they were bound to the fiddle and will come help him if necessary and then departed. Rowan began using a locate creature and followed the signal deep into this cave they found themselves in with running rivers of magma. The party speculated that this place feels like hell. as they turned a corner they fond themselves fighting Burning skeletons with flaming swords which Rowan was able to shatter many of them with destroy undead.

As they continued deeper past more rivers of flowing and spurting magma. Harvey spotted a treasure chest on an island and tried to fly over to it but was clipped by the spurting magma and made it but caught on fire. The party made remarks about smelling roasted chicken which he didn’t take kindly and as he opened the chest he found gold and a pouch of dust of tracelessness. He was not sure what it was an he dipped his beak into it but started coughing and snorting out cobwebs.

As this was occurring Fire Elementals arose from the magma and set upon the party. Harvey used a wind wall to try to keep some at bay while Yue tried to douse them with a cold chromatic orb but ended up spilling it down pokeman’s armor. The party was engulfed in flamed several times but were able to douse themselves enough to fight off their fiery foes. They continues down a hallway to the east as the river of magma looped around and came across a narrow ledge which prim dimension doored everyone across to avoid any falls into the lava. as they appeared on the other side they were set upon by Salamanders armed with spears. As the party set upon them and found purchase striking them they were burned by the sheer heat of their bodies. one grappled Rowan and tried to dip her into the flowing magma burning her boots. The party was starting to look tired and took a more defensive position and began rescuing their members and helping rio slip out of their clutches with the help of her freedom of movement spell. They eventually triumphed over the Salamanders and found a staircase which descended deeper into this molten plane of existence. Although they were burnt and tired, they knew they needed to press on and find what fresh hell awaited down those stairs.


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