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The Battle for Bryn Shander!

Session 39

Session 39 The Battle for Bryn Shander!
During the night Yue and Xing lay in the griffon’s nest together. She removed his clothing but when she went to take off his glove he asked her to keep it on as he told her he had a traumatic injury to it and it still hurts him and he didn’t want her to see it. Yue left the issue alone and they connected until they heard Rowan Yelling about an incoming dragon.

Rowan saw an Adult silver dragon land on the cloud top and drop off 6 dwarves who looked ready for battle. The dragon flew to the top of the Aeire and scared away the griffons and Surprised Yue and Xing. The dwarves took note that there were humans and not giants on this cloud top and questioned them demanding to know where the giant was and if they were being held captive. Draven denied that there was a giant in the tower at all and rowan stated “no he is a good giant he is helping us. The conflict between the two stories made the dwarves suspicious and they told the party to stay put and they would investigate the tower. They drank potions of gaseous form and floated up to the 2nd floor. Zuriel thinking quickly cast darkness to hide zephyros. The dwarves were unable to see but were suspicious that something was going on.

Xing spoke to the dragon and introduced himself. The dragon stated his name was Clarion and to please don’t let him disturb their human mating rituals and peered down into the 2nd floor spotting Zephyros through the magical darkness. Clarion called to his dwarves that the giant was here. Zephyros piped up himself and made a plea to the dragon that he was here to stop the madness going on in the giant realm and he offered the party’s involvement in defending 4 cities from giant attack as proof as well as the fire giant’s knife.

Clarion being an intelligent being recalled the news that an adventuring party was able to assist in the defense of giant attacks down south and deduced that these crimson mercenaries had enlisted this giant for help. He called off the attack on the tower and explained that He owed a favor to Queen Dagnabbet of Mithral Hall and she requested that he help disable giant strongholds in the area as they were causing problems by transporting a Lord’s alliance strike team to sensitive targets. They were unaware that the party was able to befriend some of their kind and will be more cognizant of such nuance in the future. The dragon said they will continue to search out rogue giant strongholds and bid the party farewell and took a note from the party to give to the queen to express their thanks and to perhaps get an audience should they ever visit mithril hall explaining they have similar goals and enemies in this matter. Clarion bid the party farewell and took to the skies with 3 dwarves in each claw.

Yue and Xing finished getting dressed and they met up with the rest of the party to discuss what happened and they finally arrived back at wave echo cave. They entered to the guards standing watch. The party explained who they were and were greeted coldly by an elven woman who introduced herself as Caryandra Nailo. She claimed the mine was hers and the harpers sent the her to watch over it. She seemed to talk with the flaming skull head who patrols the mine and convinced him she was the real owner of the mine. Zuriel said nothing but turned white as a sheet seeing her and remembering his past. The party requested they speak with gundren and she said he left but his brother was here and wanted to speak with them. They proceeded to the forge of spells and noticed construction was done and water was once again turning the wheel and the bellows were working with high function causing the forge to pulse with magical green fire. Nundro greeted the party and showed Zuriel what they were able to made for him with the material from the void rapier. They presented him with a claw which he was thrilled with. The party questioned him about Caryandra and he said that the harpers sent her to help protect the forge and she got here and seemed very cold and bossy like she owned the place and they creepy skull thing seems to have taken to her. But they have been safe since the harpers arrived so he was happy with the current arrangements.

The party went to set out and Caryandra stopped them and said she wished to come along with them as she didn’t like owing debts and she felt like she owed the party something. She didn’t elaborate when questioned but being with the harpers and knowing sister gaerelle the party decided to take her with them to Bryn Shander and then she said she might head to Luscan or somewhere else in the north. As they were exiting wave echo cave Caryandra asked to speak with Xing pulling him to the side and started whispering in his ear. Yue’s hands started blazing with fire but then Xing came over to her and said he needed to take care of some family business dealing with his mother but he would find a way to catch up with them in the north. They said their goodbye’s and the party departed on the tower. Along the way Rowan attempted to scry once more on the fire giant and broke through this time. She saw North of the Silver Marches is a range of towering, snow-covered mountains known as the Ice Spires. The great dungeon-forge of Ironslag is under the one known to dwarves of the Silver Marches as Mount Hamarhaast (“hammer of ashes”). Carved into the base of a 500-foot-high mountainside cliff is a pair of 50-foot-tall adamantine doors-airtight valves sealed by ancient magic. She saw the fire giant entering the doors and presenting the piece of the vonindod to someone he called Duke Zalto. He ordered his goblin minions and fire giants to get to work on it and the bellows of the forge sprung to life as the scry cut out. Rowan recognized this place from a book she read and marked the location on the map for the party.

The party arrived in the frigid north and they departed the tower. Erelosa decided to stay in the tower while rillix ducked into the back of Yue’s hood as they set into town. They walked to the gates and Zuriel confided in Yue taking off his mask and showed Yue his face. After showing Yue his face, he explained he’s ashamed of his face. “I don’t deserve it after my previous life. I was actually born a devil in the 9 hells. it’s hard to explain and long, but I met with a group of adventurers after being tossed out and attempted to use them to my will but during my time with them i became changed. I didn’t care anymore about my revenge, i actually cared for my group. During our adventures we saved a mage and he in doing so he returned a favor and gave me 1 wish, which was to become an angel, but he couldn’t do that much so I started life over as an Aasimar .”

Yue followed his story and said And so that’s why you doesn’t look like a devil anymore. Zuriel replied “ The black wings are my reminder, and my life is my burden that I have not earned yet I have lived this life for over 40 years now, and still haven’t done enough to clear up my past life. Yue responded I think that, you need to look forward… If you only think of the past…you’ll only get trapped by it. As they spoke they arrived at the entrance to Bryn Shander.

At the gates they they met and welcomed by a woman named Augrek Brighthelm. they asked where they might be able to find the mayor of the city and she told them that would be her husband and she led them to his office. As the party was explaining the situation with the Giants a booming voice was heard outside throughout the town “We demand Parley, Surrender Artus Cimber or die!” The mayor went outside and was face to face with 3 frost giants. The leader introduced himself as Drufi and once again demanded Artus Cimber be delivered to him. The party had never heard of such a man and neither had the mayor or his wife so upon their denial of knowing him and noone else in the town stepped forward so a conflict broke out with the giants deciding to tear the town to pieces to find him. A villager Sirac of Suzail heard the demands of the frost giants and knew they were looking for his father but he did not know where he was as he had not seen him since he was a baby but he suspected the giants were after the ring of winter.

Drufi attempted to take off the mayor’s head with a greataxe but he parried it with his longsword and the party jumped in knocking him off balance and Caryandra hamstrung him with her rapier spinning it as she moved throughout the battlefield. as the party set upon the frost giants Drufi pulled out an ivory hon and blew it signalling the rest of his tribe to set upon the village. From every direction frost giants came over the horizon and began throwing rocks into the city hitting the knight Sir Baric Nylef and knocking unconscious a woman Beldora who he rushed to help. Sirac of Suzail knew the leader was after his father and even though he had never met him knew he didn’t want them to find Artus and so he rushed the wounded Drufi and killed him with his long sword before being knocked unconsious by Drufi’s bodyguard. A giant threw a net over Caryandra and prim insulted her which seemed to be the last straw for her that day as she tore the net off and set upon 3 frost giants stabbing ones eyes out with her rapier and keeping them as souvenirs, they other 2 slashed at her but she used mirror image to create duplicates of herself. One dropped a rock on his foot, then swung at her with his axe too hard and cut himself before his ally missed with a rock slammed him in the back on the head. Caryandra walked up to him and pierced his lung in the chaos. She dueled the last one slashing the last slashing throat leaving the snow crimson behind her with the west part of the city clear.

Zuriel did battle with the giant’s inter wolves and slashed them with his new claw until they pounced on him they were about the breath cold breath when an arrow from Prim’s frost arc and Augrek’s crossbow and Rowan’s Laruue horn drilled through their open mouth and out the back of their head dropping the beasts. Pokeman and Draven held the south part of the city while yue lit up the winter scene with fireballs and magic missiles. Yue took a deep wound with a great axe but lit the giant ablaze with her mantle of flame. The giants poured in from around the city wall and were about to deliver a finishing blow to her but she activated her arcane shield and deflected the axe blows and with fire running in her veins she she finished one with a firebolt and chromatic orb, Several villagers went down in the fight but Rowan used spare the dying and stabilized them before anyone died. and held several giants in place with hold monster so pokeman and draven could smash them down. Bryn Shander finally grew quiet and the party knew they had won the day. Some began searching the giants for loot and clues while others rushed to help tend to the injured.


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