CM Adventures

Steamy hot tubs and the battle for Halenshire!

Session 17

The party looted the dragon’s hoard and harvested as many party of the dragon as possible. As the party left the cave and headed down the mountain they encountered a traveling caravan containing a hot tub. A male half orc named Dr. Droknar and a female human named Thalia were running it. Yue knew Thalia from their past when she traveled around with their merchant group and they were able to catch up. Thalia explained that Dr. Droknar wanted to try to stir up some business for his traveling magical hot spring and wanted to come somewhere cold. After discussing the lack of potential clients they decided to let the party relax in the hot spring before continuing on their journey. the portable hot spring came in 2 tubs one side for males and one for females. everyone jumped in and enjoyed warning up after their cold adventure. Thalia teased yue about finding such attractive companions and informed rowan that she talked with her sister in law, Esvele Whiteshield, when she was in neverwinter and she had a request that she wanted her to help her set up a business deal with the kingdom of Burland in the Zenithian isles.

While the girls were laughing and having a good time on their side Dr. Droknar was sneakily informing the guys that if they were curious one of the bricks divining the two hot tubs could be removed if they wished to take a peak at the girls side to see what the excitement was about and perhaps some swimwear. Prim drank the potion they created from in the redbrand hideout and he turned invisible but got a terrible stomach ache. As he removed a brick from the wall Rowan playing with her rainbow magic shot rainbow light through the hole making him even more nauseous and he began vomiting gold coins over the side of the hot tub. Refusing to take part in the peeping draven hopped out of the hot tub but upon contact with the cold the other effects of the hot tub were revealed. it affected each party member differently in that Draven and duchess swapped gender, Pokeman jones turned blue, prim and yue shrank to half their normal size while loralyn doubled in size, seraphina turned into a wolf, and rowan turned into a lynx.

The party had fun with their new forms for a bit until seraphina’s message tube filled with a message stating the undead were marching on Halenshire being lead by a cambion. Thalia told the party she would wait for them in phandalin as they were preparing to head off. Loralyn told Yue she owes her for helping her out and if she wanted so she would come with her to save halenshire which she agreed to. So the party set off for halenshire getting used to their enchantment from the hot tub realizing being wet and cold activates the enchantment while hot water reverses it.

The party loaded up their caravan and headed down the highroad and arrived at the gates of halenshire in about a week. The sound of alarm bells ringing could be heard throughout the town as well as townsfolk screaming and guards fighting. The party joined the fray and cut their way through the line of undead to the center square. Dutchess was injured along was way and knocked unconscious but was healed up by rowan. Prim saved a young lady names Aicha Arniman by firing frost arch through a fountain creating a bridge of ice freezing a pursuing undead in its tracks. Aicha told the party that when the undead attacked they forced their way to the docks and commandeered a boat and sent some of their forces into the lighthouse who corrupted the beacon so no light would shine out to sea. She told the party her brother rushed into the lighthouse to try to relight it and she feared for his safety. The party escorted her to the lighthouse and they met with Erik Halenshire who is the mayor of the city and Bergthor the captain of the guard. as they looked around they saw the guards had cut a safe zone near the lighthouse and pushed most of the undead forces back into it where they were using it as a stronghold. The mayor asked the party to help relight the beacon as a ship named the next adventure was due into harbor shortly and if they cannot see they will surely crash into the shore.

The party headed off into the lighthouse and did battle with undead on the first floor rescuing the keeper of the lighthouse as he said that Aicha’s Brother and his friend ran up the stairs and saved him allowing him to get as far as he did almost out of the lighthouse. The party decided to search this floor before continuing onward.


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