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Session 36 Trepidation in Triboar!

The party walked down the long road into Triboar and came upon a tower where they met Darathra Shendrel. They asked where they could find Alaestra Ulgar and were directed to the lionshield coaster just to the east of the tower. The party visited the residence and met a simple man named Narth and he introduced them to Alaestra. They informed her of the sad new of her ex husband Darthag Ulgar’s passing. She looked sad but thanked the party for coming all this way to deliver the news and offered them a reward but the party told her to keep her gold as she may need it now that the town was in danger from giants. they filled her in on the situation and Alaestra had Darathra try to round up any defenses that she could. She also had Narth start filling barrels with water in case of the rumored fire giant attack.

Alaestra recommended the party stay at a local inn called the Northshield house where a former adventurer lives. They heeded her advice and met Urgala Meltimer who bought the inn from the Phorndyl family a little over ten years ago, after her wife (a wizard) vanished in the Underdark on an expedition. Rowan and Urgala hit it off talking about their adventures. Urgala has three mastiffs (hunting dogs) that sleep in the ground floor common room, and she employs a staff of six loyal commoners from the village and the party was well tended to while they were there. Pokeman Jones broke out his ever-fill mug which persuaded Yue and Xing to drink with them with consistent shouting and nursery rhymes. The alcohol seemed strong to everyone in the party but them who was ready for bed after a few mugs full but yue and xing’s metabolism seemed to burn it off easily as they drank together and fire kept flickering and dancing around Yue’s hand as she watched Xing throughout the night.

The night passed without incident but just as dawn broke the town is shaken from its peacefulness by the screams of women and children, followed by a man yelling, “Giants! Run!” Perplexed residents and shopkeepers emerge from their domiciles in time to see a large rock fall from the sky and crash onto an old cart, splintering it. As a cloud of dust erupts from the wreckage, a second rock hits the ground, tumbles through a fence, and slams against the wall of a building, startling a pair of mules tethered to a post nearby. All around you, people begin to shriek and scatter.

The party ran out and saw 2 fire giants marching towards with town. in front of then was a front line of armored Orog and behind them galloping were orcs riding axe beaks, both clearing the way for the fire giants who were commanding 20 magmin to light the surrounding buildings and woods on fire to create havoc. The giant leader commanded his forces to “Retrieve the Vonindod”. Narth strapped a keg of water to his back and dashed into the fray to try to put out fires. The blacksmith of the town Ghelryn Foehammer stood bravely against the incoming hoard and saved many lives stalling the incoming invaders but fell in the attempt. This gave the party enough time for Zuriel to hand out the cookies they recieved during wintersday and the entire party felt like they could move quickly and were able to intercept the Fire Giant’s forces before they hit the center of the village.

The magmin set fire to several buildings and Yue found a strange admiration for the flames as she watched them consume the buildings and nearby woods. She used haste on Draven and pokeman jones and sent them into the fray and fired magic missiles from a distance. Draven Zuriel and Pokeman Jones hit the front lines and began tearing through their armored foes and knocking the orcs off of their axebeaks to finish them. Rowan was able to paralyze one of the fire giants pokeman jones unleashed a flurry of attacks damaging it heavily before yue blasted a hole through him with an acidic chromatic orb. Prim was able to use newfound ice storm magic to douse hoards of the magmin which all exploded.

The leader of the fire giants was able to slip past the party’s attention in the chaos of the town burning and dug up the Vonindod. Prim and Zuriel noticed him and tried to dimension door across Triboar to catch him but as they approached he appeared to recite an incantation and disappeared. The party finished off the stragglers and Rowan and Narth put out the remaining fires in town. Rowan discovered Ghelryn and was able to place a gentle repose on him . The party searched their foes and found a giant’s fire knife on the leader and a box of chocolates in one of the axebeak satchels. The party was able to catch their breath from the struggle and started to look around town to assess the damage and figure out what just happened.


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