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Session 35: Antics in Amphail!

As Prim lays eyes on his daughter for the 1st time he runs up to her and takes pick her up with a big hug to her surprise and despite her efforts to remain on the ground picks her up spins and and dotes on her as his introduction. They speak for a few minutes and Nendra introduces prim to her guardian, a half elf woman named Zira. Nendra tells prim she is the only one she trusted to watch over her while she was growing up in another plane of existence. Zira introduced herself to prim and gave Erelosa a brass whistle and told her is she ever needed her help to just blow on it and she would be there. Nendra told Prim that her daughter was the only thing that still brings her any measure of happiness in this world and if he can keep her safe there may be a chance they may still get along even after all that has happened. She suggests they spend the night in Daggerford getting to know each other and then find somewhere safe for her to be.

Prim takes her for a shopping trip around daggerford and buys her a nice dress that is not too skimpy and some food and candy. They return to the happy cow and explain to everyone who the little girl with him is and they treat her to some moo moo milk. The party mentions how they threw nendra off a cliff and prim had to quickly hypnotic pattern the entire room so Erelosa did not remember that particular fact but did a good job of wiping everyone’s memory of the statement even his own. After a long day everyone decided to turn in for the night.

As Yue laid down to go to bed she heard a knock on her window and as she looked outside she saw Xing outside and asked to come in, being surprised she almost hit him with the window opening it but he entered without falling off of the roof. He explained the reason for his visit. He told Yue that much of his life he has been lost. He stated for a time he found purpose with his work which has brought his this far. But things started to change when he met Yue in Waterdeep. He felt he has finally fulfilled his duties here and is once again seeking purpose. After hearing what the party was trying to accomplish he feels that it would benefit the world to try to help their cause. And not only that but he had began developing feeling for Yue and didn’t want to think about her leaving to go fight giants without him there to help her. He complemented how he liked her hair messy having just gotten out of bed and brushed some of it out of her eyes with the back of his hand. Yue’s brand began glowing more brightly and she felt a massive heat well up inside her as They kissed and Yue felt warmth and arcane energy release within her as she had never felt before. As they released the embrace they noticed the arcane experience and that was probably enough excitement for the night. Yue told Xing she would ask the party the next morning if they would allow him to join their quest.

Morning came and Yue convinced the party to allow Xing to come along and they all boarded Zephyros’s tower and set off for Amphail. Over the 8 day trip the party got to know more of Xing even though he spent most of his time with Yue. Erelosa bonded more with Prim and watched him as he brewed potions and played with the goblin children. They arrived in Amphail just in time for Tylandar Roaringhorn’s sixty-third birthday. Upon asking they found he was party of the noble houses in Amphail and some more cynical guests viewed Tylandar’s birthday banquet as a blatant attempt by the noble to warm hearts before he takes over as lord warder when current ruler, Lord Ilzimmer’s, tenure is concluded. But the party was to commence and food was being brought out in front of the Great Shalarn, a black stone statue of a famous war stallion bred in Amphail long ago.

The party ventured to the Stag-Horned Flagon and sought out Arleosa Starhenge and delivered the greeting Miros gave to them. She seemed pleased that they would come all this way to deliver it and it reminded her of her adventuring days when The two performed together in a traveling carnival troupe many years ago together. The party got to talking with her and she recalled that she captivated a few adventurous admirers in her day. One of them, Arleosa says, was so enchanted with her that he gave her a wooden ring adorned with dancing nymphs and told her that it represented a special favor. Should she need anything, all she must do is whisper his name (“Keltar Dardragon”) into the ring, and he would appear and provide assistance. She never found the need to do so, But having listened to her story and Draven having offered her books to read that he wrote she gave him the ring as thanks for being such good company.

As the party joined the other nobles for the feast a rumbling was heard and the cry of food in giant was heard shouted throughout Amphail. As the party looked around they saw Hill giants incoming and sprung into action. pokeman jones, xing and rowan took to the front lines to stomp the tide of hill giants from reaching the citizens, Draven leaped up on the feast table and began firing eldritch blasts at the giants, prim told Elerosa to run with the villagers to safety and used animate objects to make the huge statue of the Great Shalarn come to life as well as 2 of the spoons on the feast table and sent it after one of the hill giants.

As the party fought through half of them prim tried to have the Great Shalarn hop over the feast table but it didn’t quite make it and it broke half of the legs catapulting draven through the air. and the Great Shalarn fell on top of prim. Erelosa stopped in her tracks and started running back to him to see if he was ok. Yue Stepped up and conjured fireballs and lighting storms and bought prim time to get the horse off of him. Prim sent the spoons after the giant but one of them just ate one being so ravenous but it was enough distraction for rowan Xing and pokeman jones to finish off the rest of the hill giants.

With the village safe and their duty complete the party was rewarded by the nobles of the village. Elerosa inquired if her daddy was always sad when his spoons get eaten and the party departed for Triboar to try to prevent the visions of Zephyros from coming to pass.


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