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Session 34: Dangers and Daughters in Daggerford!

As the Party set off for Goldenfields the request for help poster they setup in waterdeep fell on the eyes and ears of the Knights of the unicorn and they dispatched their newest recruit, Lor Halenshire Whiteshield, on his 1st mission to protect the citizens of Goldenfields and to prevent the spread of Zentarim influence throughout the area. He arrived jsut in time to meet with the abbot who gave him full control over negotiations with the Zentarim should they arrive and the 2nd day of his arrival they did just that.

The Zentarim road into town on horseback lead by Shalvus Martholio who previously blended in as a citizen of goldenfields but joined them and sold them out to the Zentarim informing them when their defenses were at their weakest due to the hill giant attack. Lor attempted to negotiate with them to get them to leave but most of the crew was dead set against returning empty handed to their boss and violence erupted after negotiations failed. the battle was bloody on both sides with oren and miros almost losing their lives but due to Lor’s protection, naxene’s magic, the will of the citizens to fight for their land, and some assistance from a new hill giant guardian named Lob, Goldenfields was able to repel the attack sending one of the Zentarim fleeing back with the other members killed but Shalvus survived the attack having his wounds cauterized by a lightning bolt he was struck with by Naxene.

As the battle was wrapping up the main party arrived at goldenfields and Rowan and lor were reunited and they shared stories of what transpired and she told him how proud of him she was of his progress and 1st successful mission. They told them that they returned to help resurrect the original guardian of goldenfield Lifferlas and they setup a ritual with many of the party and citizens working together they brought their guardian tree back to life just in time and he was able to join the newly founded guardian which the citizens strangely have been more accepting of after the encounter with the zentarim. The party celebrated that night and the Whitesheilds bid each other goodbye once again as they parted ways as the party sailed on the cloud tower to daggerford to fulfill orens request.

The party arrived in daggerford and upon asking around they arrived at the happy cow tavern was a halfling owned establishment with the owner Koggin Hardcheese welcoming them and beckoned them to have a drink. The party asked about Lily and found out that was his wife and called her out. They gave Lily Oren’s letter and she thanked them and told them she wasn’t surprised he was in need of money but the black network and the zentarim were putting the squeeze on the small businesses in the neighborhood and wanted the party to help by convincing them to back off. She told them that Nelkin “the Snail”Danniker was currently in charge of their operations in daggerford and he would be one with enough authority among their group to help their business from struggling.

The party decided to throw a performance that night as that had in waterdeep as an attempt to draw the snail out to be able to speak with him. Prim set out posting flyers around town, quinlan found a temple to tymora to pray in, Pokeman Jones and draven found themselves in a dwarven barber shop “the clean chin” where Daggerford’s most eligible dwarf bachelorette Hunnett Honestone inherited this combination barber shop and undertaker service when her father died 20 years ago. Pokeman Jones got his beard cleaned up and looking dapper while Hunnett tried to set up a date with him and they decided to go see prim’s performance that night which they planned to spend drinking. Yue and rowan remained in the happy cow tavern where Yue was surprised by a visit from Xing was was also surprised to see her in this city. He told her he had some business here but he was glad that fate once again brought them together and bought her some food. He asked how her companions were and if prim was with them to perform again. He then told her he had to leave after they finished their meal and kissed her hand and then departed.

As prim was going down a back alley putting up posters for his performance he spotted a hooded figure who he tried to convince to come to his show. Upon learning his identity the figure pulled their hood back revealing himself to be a drow assassin who signaled to his associate hiding in the shadows to jump him. Prim was stabbed with poison blades from the front and back, Prim staggered against the wall of the building with blood gushing out from the wounds and poison coursing through his veins. His eyes started to blur but wit ha moment of clarity he cast dimension door and fell upon the floor of the Happy cow tavern near the stool Yue was sitting on. He informed her of the assault and she tried to help him to his feet.

Pokeman jones was coming around the corner from his trim at the barber shop when he saw prim get stabbed out of the corner of his eye and them disappear. He could not let this assault go unanswered and attacked his assailants slamming them with his staff. His armor and shield parried off most of the blows but with both assassins working in tandem they were able to slip a few blade strikes in between his armor and their poisoned blades venom coursed through his veins and he felt himself fading.

Prim being helped back to his feet grabbed a container full of spoons from the counter and hearing the battle going on outside the tavern used animate objects to surround and assault the assassin finishing one off in the confusion and eliminating the other one with a frost arc bolt to the face. He reminded them that they should have just come to his performance and they would have had a better time.

Determined to find out why these assaults kept happening the party used speak with dead on the assassins and learned that Nendra was still after Prim and she was using a dead drop zone to communicate with them which they learned the location of.

At this time the patrons came in for prim’s show which was a success. Koggin motioned with his eyes when he saw the snail come into the tavern. Prim was able to use a charm spell on him with enthralling performance and was able to convince him to Leave the Happy Cow alone so their business could once again thrive. The owner was so pleased with his efforts he gave him a cask of goldengulp ale and a cask of moo moo milk as a reward.

With the dead drop info in hand the party set off for the location. The party found the symbol of the assasin’s guild on a hallowed out tree. There were no messages inside the tree but prim wrote his own note and left it there:

Dear my loving Nendra,

I appreciate that you are trying to get into contact with me, however I believe that there are better ways to get in contact with me, like a letter. Anyways I would love to get in contact with you so that we can talk about everything and maybe we can squeeze some smooching in there (maybe a little more). I was thinking I could make you a nice dinner, maybe in some sexy naked apron stuff. But if you want to get in contact with me I will be staying at the Happy Cow. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face again and catch up.


The super sexy, best bard in the land, top level lover, and got his eyes on you
Prim Pressleaf

As he put the letter into the tree it was whisked away as if by an arcane force and a few minutes later a letter returned stating

“River Shining Tavern and Inn, come alone”


The party returned to Daggerford and prim had a lengthy discussion with his party about whether or not he should go in there alone and how long it would take before they went in after him. Yue gave him an orb that would let him return to her if the meeting went south. Prim entered the meeting room which was dimly lit by candles and saw Nendra sitting at the table. She beckoned him to sit. She told him she has been looking for him for a long time since Wave Echo Cave. She told him that she hated him for a long time after what transpired there but something important happened which she realized afterwards. She then met a girl names Sunah in halenshire and deceived her into putting a ring on his finger so that she would start getting money from him. Eventually Nendra knew that the world and life she lived in was too dangerous to have a child and she fled to another plane where time accelerated until the child was self sufficient.

When the money stopped coming in Nendra knew that prim figured out the ring and that his daughter would start having questions about him and wanting to see him. That is why she sent assassins after him. She believed he was horrible and if he could be eliminated it would prove to her that Erelosa was safer off with her. But after every failed assassination attempt Nendra felt her resolve breaking and her confidence in those around her failing. She began to feel that with the world was falling apart with dragons and giant’s rampaging everywhere and her being involved with some of the shadiest people on the sword coast. She started to see even they might not be able to protect her as well as Prim might be able to. So she called this meeting to look him in the eye and see what kind of person he really was. Nendra then called out their daughter so she could look at him as well. A half elf girl who looked about 14-15 years old emerged from the darkness and Prim and Erelosa saw each other for the 1st time.


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