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Session 33: Reunion at the Raging Lion!

After the party rested for the night they headed downstairs to discover Zuriel was missing. Rowan was the 1st to notice this and asked the innkeeper if he has seen him. He said that he headed off early and left a letter for everyone which read:

“My new friends, I need time after that last battle and will meet you in Triboar when you make it there”

The party also recieved a message from Sister Garaelle stating with all the troubling news of giants she was sending a harper emissary to meet them in waterdeep.

The party warned Goldenfields about a potential Zentarim threat and told them how they took over nightstone and might be thinking this would be the next place to do so. The Abbot of goldenfields thanked the party for their assistance and warning and asked them to post a flyer in waterdeep and see if any knights of the unicorn would show up to help. They agreed to do so and prim created the quest flyer.

“Come hither all ye flowery heroes, for i have a ye pretty and noble quest for the. A village in turmoil asking for a flowery and pretty flock of noble souls to defend them in the name of the unicorn. Head to Goldenfields if the is truly noble and flowery and pretty and one with the unicorn!!!”

The party boarded Zephyros’s tower and decided on their next plan of action was to return to waterdeep to restock on supplies and deliver the pendant Zi lang gave to the party. They arrived in waterdeep and Yue, Prim and pokeman jones spoke with Cauldar Marskyl who recognized the pendant as Zi lang telling them that the servants were now the ones to receive her inheritance as she wanted a more rural life where she could be one with nature and not pampered. They were pleased to found she found happiness in her life and presented the party with a wooden chest full of treasure. Prim deceived the servants that Zi lang also told them that they would receive part of her inheritance and they received an additional reward.

Rowan went shopping throughout the city and was able to purchase diamond dust and diamonds to help cast greater restoration spells and was able to heal herself of her injury after invoking Laruure’s blessing. She also posted the Quest poster at the knights of the unicorn headquarters and it got some attention with prim’s help.

Draven traveled back to the Raging Lion inn to setup rooms for the night there and agreed that Prim would perform once again as it was a big hit last time which Prim was enthusiastic about. He set off creating posters to advertise the performance that night.

As night came the crowd filtered in and an athletic looking human male with purple hair entered the inn and recognized Yue immediately and introduced himself as Xing. He told he has seen her perform a long time ago and always admired her talents and asked if she was one of the ones performing tonight. She denied that she was going to perform tonight but prim overheard her and said of course she was that she was just being modest and Xing went from looking disappointed to much more interested. They sat down at a table and spoke until the performance started.

A former team member Quinlan also arrived at the raging lion and reunited with his former adventuring party and they shared stories of what has transpired since wave echo cave and how they have both had some close encounter. Quinlan explained how he was the emissary sent by sister gaerelle to help stabilize the area with all the reported giant activity. He let them know dutchess arrived at phandalin just fine and sister gaerelle was taking care of him and they shared a drink over seraphina’s passing.

The performance started and Prim used dimension door to send himself and Yue onto stage with their instruments and they played some songs while back lit by moonlight created by quinlan. Yue tripped up a lot being nervous especially with her new friend watching her from the crowd but prim was able to cover for any missteps with her fingers and the performance went over great. Prim them told the tale of how they slew a white dragon on top of ice spire peak with draven acting out the part of the dragon with a seeming spell and it was a big hit with the crowd as they acted out the scenes.

Yue sat down next to Xing and he asked how Thalia and the rest of the group was doing and they conversed some more when Xing asked Yue to go for a walk and tell him the sorceresses version of the ice dragon fight as he knew bards tend to embellish the story. As they walked around the raging Lion and down the streets of waterdeep Xing shared some of his stores with Yue about some adventures he has been on and Yue began to open up to him and they talked about their companions.

They continued on down further than they anticipated and came across 2 hooded figures demanding their gold but xing informed them their threats were not a good idea and half unsheathed his blade. The hooded figures took a look at him and then scattered back into the darkness. Xing sheathed his blade and asked if Yue was hurt and then said he would escort her back to the raging Lion where maybe they could get something to eat. Yue agreed and they arrived back to the inn without further incident and Xing made some food in the kitchen and they ate as Prim’s performance concluded. As they finished their meal Xing thanked Yue for the wonderful time and that he hoped to see her again and he walked out of the inn.

Prim was quick to press Yue for information on how her date went and she was vague with him until draven drug him off and the party collected their tips from the nobles throwing coins at prim from a job well done. The party decided to turn in for the night.
The party decided to sleep in shifts due to how things went last time. During the night the window rattled as Assassins tried to enter the window of the inn but this time they found it more heavily locked and as they tried to pick it they set off an alarm spell on Nawala’s bracelet waking her. She slipped out of the inn taking one of Zem’s pistols and watched as they attempted to pick the lock and she fired a shot which whizzed past their head. She kept her weapon trained on them and watched as they fled knowing the building would be alerted and Nawala returned to the inn with the party being none the wiser.

The party awoke in the morning and followed Naxene’s advice and sought out the dragon expert of waterdeep, an Illuskan human mage named Chazlauth Yarghorn. Rowan told them of their plan to get the Lord’s Alliance to help them find dragons to fight giant threat. Chazlauth had a noisy cluttered apartment filled with cats and other strange noises and he laughed off the idea of the Lord’s alliance wanting to work with dragons but proposed an even crazier idea which he believed would work. He suggests that the characters travel to the Kryptgarden Forest and seek out Old Gnawbone, a powerful and eccentric green dragon rumored to possess a collection of crystal balls that she uses to scry on everyone and everything. Based on what Chazlauth knows about green dragons, and Old Gnawbone in particular, he doesn’t think the dragon will harm the characters if they seem intent on ending the giant threat. Upon questioning whether or not he thinks Old Gnawbone would listen to them or work with them he informed the party he’s willing to risk their lives to test this theory. The party thanked him for the lead and bid him good day.

The party finished resupplying in waterdeep and decided that some of the goblin children would be happier staying with Nawala and she was able to take in 5 of them who seemed eager to stay there. The rest of the party boarded Zephyros’s tower. They introduced quinlan to him and were about to decide where to take off when Zephyros was attacked by an invisible stalker sending a gash across his cheek. the party engaged in battle with their invisible foes. With this ambush they were able to knock Yue unconsious but Zephyros was able to use telekinetic powers to throw his giant table at the Stalker before he could bring down a finishing blow giving rowan time to heal her. A battle raged inside the tower with some of the giant statues toppling over but the party was eventually victorious over this surprise assault and they check their wounds finding everyone survived including rillix and the remaining goblin children who ran and his behind the massive throne. the party gathers their thoughts and decides where to go next.


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