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Session 32: Defense of Goldenfields

As the Hill giants began to lumber through the breach in the south wall Yue created an ice storm making the path through the breach difficult to move through and pelted the Hill Giants as they broke through the city’s outer defenses. The captain of the city guard, a half orc named Strog Thunderblade, finally arrived on the scene with 3 other guards he managed to rally. They called out a rally cry to defend Goldenfield and the abbot and smashed through the remaining line of goblins and assaulted a hill giant. One of the guards was injured in the fight and Strog struck down the hill giant and pulled the injured guard to safety. The remaining guards pushed another hill giant back to the wall while 2 more came through the breach who fell to Prim lobbing lumps of coal at them which exploded in a firey blaze.

Draven transformed himself into a mighty t-rex and the resident mage of goldenfield, Naxene Drathkala, cast fly on him and he was able to fly to the foes who already made it through the breach and were ravaging the town and he tore them apart with his sharp toothed maw and tail. One Hill giant managed to knock Zuriel unconscious throwing rubble from the wall at him but pokeman jones was able to revive him with a potion. Rowan stayed in the tower away from harm while she directed her unicorn horn to attack and she summoned a flame skull with her green cindergem but blinded herself in the process.
The hill giants fell one by one and the remaining goblin forces saw the tide was turning and ran for the hills. 2 hill giants remained the one inside asked the party not to kill him but Yue fried him with a fireball and the one outside draven returned to his normal form and cast banish on him sending him to another plane giving the party time to surround him and he surrendered winning the day for the defenders of goldenfields. The party interrogated the hill giant named Lob. Learning they are not creatures of great intelligence could only get a few responses out of him

“Guh want food.” • “Me get food for Guh.” • “Guh big. Real big. Bigger than me.” • “Grudd Haug. Home.”

The party learned that Guh killed his mate and was forcing the other hill giants to gather food for her as a show of her power and influence she wanted to grow as large and obese as possible. The party asked the hill giant to lead them to Guh but he couldn’t remember where his home was and he became distraught and broke down crying. Prim tried to console him and said he would help him become the new guardian of goldenfields. Prim attempted to dress him up like the tree which was just slain but it was not very convincing at all and then he brought the giant into town and gave what he thought was a stirring speech but the townsfolk were just too tired from the battle to argue for now but they figured they would deal with it later and they were just glad they made it out of that battle alive.
The villagers each came up to the party and thanked them and gave them requests now seeing them as heroes who travel throughout the land.

The party attempts to speak with dead with Lifferlas who urges the characters to seek out its creator, a moon elf druid named Aerglas. The awakened tree tells them that Aerglas was not only a member of the Emerald Enclave but also an adventurer who slew many giants in his day. Aerglas left Goldenfields thirty years ago on a pilgrimage to Shadowtop Cathedral
Zi lang spoke with yue and told her In addition to being an acolyte of Chauntea and an Emerald Enclave sympathizer, Zi is the beneficiary of a considerable inheritance from her parents, who traded in silk, whale oil, fine glass, maps, and other commodities. They were based in Baldur’s Gate but owned several businesses in Waterdeep. Zi gives yue a black pearl pendant (worth 750 gp) that she keeps hidden among her belongings and tells her to bring it to Cauldar Marskyl (male Illuskan human commoner), the head butler of House Thann in Waterdeep, where he will give them a gift in exchange.

Miros suggests that the characters travel to Amphail and “give his regards” to Arleosa Starhenge, the proprietor of a local tavern called the Stag-Horned Flagon

Every bone in her body tells Naxene that the attack on Goldenfields is just the beginning. She’s heard “rumblings” that other settlements have been impacted by the sudden appearance of giants-and not just hill giants but also stone, frost, fire, and cloud giants. Naxene is convinced that now is not the time for half-measures. She has read books about the ancient conflict between dragons and giants, and she urges the characters to seek out a powerful good dragon, convince it to contact other good dragons, and use them to combat the giants. Naxene is confident that the Lords’ Alliance will support this plan, given the gravity of the situation.

Oren is spooked by rumors that giants are rampaging throughout the North. He asks the characters if they could check on his sister, Lily, who works at the Happy Cow tavern in Daggerford. He also wants them to deliver a hastily written letter to Lily that tells her he’s doing fine, and would she please send him some more money.
After conversing with all of the villagers the party searches through the fallen hill giant army and their possessions and take a well deserved rest for the night. In the morning they get a message from Zephyros that he is glad they were able to save goldenfields but he currently has the strange feeling he is being watched.


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