CM Adventures

The Dripping Caves

Session 30

The party made it back to Nightstone and met up with the bounty hunters and remaining guards who survived the orc assault. Xolkin properly introduced himself Kella and his men and told them that they were answering a call to help rid the area of goblins and orcs. Upon further conversation they learned that they worked for the Zhentarim. The guards pleaded with the party to go save the remaining villagers which they believed to be captured by goblins in caves to the north known as the dripping caves. The party tried to convince Xolkin to contribute some men to saving the villagers but he stated his mission was to secure the village and he did not with to jeopardize his nor Kella’s safety. Xolkin told Kella to send a message to request backup that the village has been cleared. She whispered into her sleeve and a flying snake emerged from it and took off with the message. The party asked the guards if they would be ok with the bounty hunters and they said that they did not trust them but they were worried about the villagers safety and didn’t see many other options that wouldn’t leave the village undefended. The party agreed and headed out for the dripping caves.

About a mile to the north the party found the cave the villagers described. They tried to be as stealthy as they could but were eventually spotted by a goblin who called out an alarm cry. Rowan cast light onto her shield and revealed a large cavern with 5 geological shelves each holding a goblin with a shortbow trained on them, a giant mud pit with 2 ogers bathing it washing themselves with their greatclubs, and 3 clay golems which began to power up as the echo of the alarm call rang out throughout the cave. Zuriel stepped through the shadows and took out one of the goblin. Pokeman jones and rowan rushed to the ogers and started engaging them in melee combat they retaliated slamming pokeman jones back and forth with their greatclubs and one was about to stomp on him when Prim cast an illusion on one which made it feel as if he was being dragged into the swamp and he went down face first into it sending a wave of mud splattering onto rowan. Yue fired magic missiles onto other goblin while they unleashed arrows at the party. Zuriel jumped down to engage the clay golems and they swung at him with their fists, he dodged 3 of their fists but was struck by the 4th one crushing him against a stalagmite in the cave. He coughed up some blood and felt like something was damaged by the weight of the golem’s fists.

Draven moved up and fired some eldritch blasts and scatter shots from his pistol distracting the 3rd golem and then just dodged out of the way as it stomped his way Prim stepped up and fired a blinding bolt which the golems resisted but ended up blinding himself. Arrows continued to whiz by prim as he stood there with his hands on his hips convinced he saved the day. Yue cast a thunderwave finishing the ogres and a loud boom from the resulting spell echoed throughout the cave. “WHAT IN THE HELLS IS ALL THAT NOISE” could be heard from deeper in the cave. A more battle hardened goblin which they deduced must be hark came running out with some of his personal bodyguards. a separate goblin also ran out and called for an uprising in harks ranks and that it was time for someone new to be in charge.

A golem slammed into rowan driving her into the ground damaging some of her internal organs. she had just enough air in her lungs to call out for her laruue unicorn horn which drove straight through the golem disabling it. she got up feeling terrible and stopped a 2nd golem from smashing zuriel but took another blow in the process, she brought out light bringer and with her remaining strength smashed the 2nd one. This assault left her vulnerable and as the 3rd one was about to crush her with its fists pokeman jones jumped into the fray and finished the final one.

Using the distraction of the goblin starting an uprising the party took advantage and yue finished off one of the goblins and rowan and pokeman jones took out Hark leaving only the goblin who started the rebellion against hark. The party spoke with the goblin and he said he was tired of hark always bossing him around and that they had the villagers in hark’s room and to the room to the northeast but to watch out for hark’s pet rats in the northwest room and to not venture into the southeast as ooze monsters live there and even hark wouldn’t venture in that area of the cave. The party rushed to save the remaining captived in hark’s room. they found a corpse on the floor but used a web from pokeman jones and draven lit it on fire scorching all the rats. They discovered the woman on the floor to be dead but they found Lady nightstones handmaiden in the back room. She was distraught to learn of lady nightstone’s passing.

Prim found a tunnel blocked by a stone and the goblin warned that more monsters live beyond that stone and that they sealed the tunnel. The party left it alone and found the remaining villagers in the northeast. The leader of the captives was a man names Morak who kept them together throughout their ordeal and he helped them gather up their belongings and prepare to venture back to nightstone.

Draven and Prim went ot explore the rest of the cave when they saw the goblin they let live running at full sprint to the north part of the cave with a box that cave from hark’s not so secret treasure cave which he told the party was filled with monsters. unfortunately for him he tripped as he tried to leap across a chasm and fell to his death. The party used a rope and went down and retrieved some loot hark found valuable. Prim and draven explored the south west of the cave and discovered about 20 goblin children which draven befriended by offering them his pelt.

The party began to discuss what to do with the goblin children that they found right as Morak said that the villagers finished preparation and were ready to return to Nightstone. All of the families introduced themselves to the party and personally thanked them for the rescue. they are:

Agganor Family. Destiny Agganor (age 42) is Nightstone’s tiefling midwife. Her son, Grin Agganor (age 27), worked in the village’s stable house, feeding the horses and cleaning the stalls for Lady Nandar.

Delfryndel Family. The Delfryndels are Tethyrian humans. They own and operate Nightstone’s windmill. The surviving family members are Renarra Delfryndel (age 64), her youngest son Zalf (age 40), his wife Elize (age 37), and their two adolescent children, Darson (age 17) and Hildy (age 14). No family members died in the giant attack, but Renarra’s eldest son, Olaf, was killed and eaten by the goblins.
Hulvaarn Family. The Hulvaarns are Damaran human potato and turnip farmers. The surviving family members are Godrick Hulvaam (age 32), his wife Prennis (age 30), and their three children: daughter Jehanna (age 12) and twin sons Ellis and Ghalt (age 9). The children lost their grandfather (Godrick’s father, Nestor) in the giant attack on Nightstone.

Nesper Family. The Nespers are Tethyrian human pumpkin and squash farmers. None of them were killed in the giant attack, but three of them died at the hands of the goblins and ogres in the Dripping Caves. The remaining family members are Yondra (age 15) and her brother Sarvin (age 11). They lost both of their parents and an older sister named Sylda.

Osstra Family. The Osstras are Tethyrian human wheat farmers. The surviving family members include Thelbin Osstra (age 52) and his husband, Brynn (age 52), and their good-hearted nephew, Broland (age 23). Brynn lost his elderly mother and younger sister (Broland’s mother) to the goblins.

Summerhawk Family. The Summerhawks are strongheart halflings. Taela Summerhawk (age 28), an apothecary, comforts her four young children, Barley (age 10), Midge (age 8), Nincy (age 6), and Dollop (age 3). Taela’s husband, Larlow, was killed in Nightstone when a rock fell on their house.


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