CM Adventures

Raven’s and Wolves!

Session 42

After a discussion the party decided to tie Wormblod up and take him to his people. Some of the party wanted to execute him in front of the tribe to show their dominance and some wanted to bargain with him for the Couatl and the giant relic. The flew on the airship back to the great worm cavern. The debate continued and they arrived and marched him to the tribe and announced themselves. Wormblod asked for his hands to be unbound so he would not appear weak in front of his tribe. Another tribe member wished to fight Wormblod for control over the tribe but Zuriel drove his claws through Wormblod’s chest before he had a chance. The tribe was taken aback at the show of force and with no determinable leader Prim Pressleaf stood up as well as the other tribes member and both pleaded to the tribe for their loyalty. Showing their display of dominance and Prim’s natural persuasive nature the tribe chose him as their new chieftain. He ordered that they prepare a feast and the tribe scurried off to prepare a new coronation feast.

Zuriel ran into the cave while the tribe was preoccupied and found the giant gong and grabbing it with one hand he cut the leather straps it was hanging from. The gong surprised him with its heft weighting around 250lbs and he lost control of it smashing it into the ground ringing it out throughout the cave. Young Remorhaz burst forth from the ground surprising the party and the tribesman who rushed to defend prim. The tribesman who was shunned from the leadership position abandoned the tribe and ran away taking one of the Remorhaz with it.
Rowan and Pokeman Jones quickly ran up to the alter and freed the Couatl which turned out to be a brilliant celestial creature which blessed them to be safe against the Remorhaz and as thanks gave them a charm of restoration. The party set upon the worms and working with the help of the tribe were able to kill and drive them back underground. Prim harvested some of their fiery blood to make potion’s of fire breathing and the party celebrated the rest of the night. They talked with the tribe and decided to send them on a quest to go help Lor out in Goldenfields. The party planned to continue searching out the giant artifacts and set their next destination as raven rock.

The party bid farewell to the tribe and sailed to Raven Rock. The party discovered large icy slopes, a 100ft tall statue of a raven facing west, an alter to the raven queen and many large rock monuments (Menhir) scattered across the grounds. The party noticed Ravens sitting on many of these objects just watching them which made them weary. Draven noticed 2 magical sources coming from underneath the alter and buried near the raven statue. so the party split in 2 and began digging in both places simultaneously. Prim and Zuriel tried digging using a skull and Zuriel’s claws but had difficulty getting through the permafrost and made little progress but Yue and rowan were able to melt through the ice with her fire and were able to extract a red dragon’s greatclub made from the thigh of a red dragon Part of the bone is wrapped in old leather, suggesting that it was once used as a giant’s greatclub but as Pokeman Jones held it it changed size to fit his form.

After their excavation the rest of the party went to go help Prim and Zuriel but night began to fall and a chilling howl was heard throughout raven rock. The area was set upon by Werewolves and winter wolves from all directions. They bounded up the hill in search of prey and set upon the party. The slippery slopes proves to be tricky to fight on but relatively defensible as a high ground where Yue was able to fling fireballs upon their foes. Several were wolves made it up the slope and jumped on Prim Pressleaf and bit his neck before Pokeman Jones was able to get them off of him. Using the terrain to their advantage the party eventually defeated the wolves and were able to catch their breath. They finished digging up the site just to the west of the raven statue and dug up a magical ring fit for a giant that was warm to the touch despite being encased in the cold ground. Prim plucked the ring out of the ground and it was big enough to be a bracelet for him but upon handing it it shrunk down to ring size. As he help it up and admired it in the moonlight his eyes began to glaze over as he stared into the full moon and he let out a Howl which echoed throughout Raven Rock.


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