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Old Gnawbone!

Session 38

The party arrived on the outskirts on Phandalin and as they approached the town they noticed some upgrades to the wall and Zuriel noticed the sound of like a bell or chimes ringing from within the city. The party sprang into action not knowing what to expect but as they approached the shrine of luck they found a new golden bell there ringing with a gentle wind chime melody and the party heard laughter coming from the Stonehill in. They entered to find their friends eating, drinking and laughing from their successful adventure. Loralyn and Droop were doing face painting with her having a heart on her cheek and Droop having a full dragon scrawled across his face Mike Tyson tattoo style.

Their friends greeted them and offered them drink and they shared stories of their latest adventures. Rowan checked on their guild hall and found Mirna’s kids taking care of it and told them to come celebrate with them. Prim and droop reconnected and he introduced his daughter Erelosa to him and they bonded over the luck dragon droop found in the temple of Tymora. As Yue and Xing came in Loralyn was surprised by her presence and asked her how she was. Yue told her Xing and her were now together and Lorayln told her she was happy for her and stepped outside for a second.

Yue followed her outside and asked if she was ok. Loralyn Questioned Yue about how they met and the things she liked about Xing. Yue told her the story of how they met and ask she described her feeling for him Loralyn could be seen noticeably wincing and gripping over her heart as if it was breaking but she urged her to continue that she needed to hear what she was saying. She Asked Yue if she loved Xing and upon Yue saying that she thinks she does Loralyn let out a sign and she seemed like she was hurt but was expecting that answer and told Yue she was glad she was safe and happy.

Yue went inside and Loralyn thought to herself that she was glad she became strong enough to not break down now and she looked up to the sky and saw it was raining and walked out into it and let the rain wash her face and it ran down her cheek cutting the heart painted on her face in half. She stood there for a second and just listened to the sound of the rain hitting the bell on the shrine of luck when suddenly she felt a blanket be wrapped around her. Yue came back out so she wouldn’t catch cold. Loralyn turned around surprised and said. AH no fair, a surprise attack, that is not fair, you can’t be sweet to me now. and at that time she broke down and cried but was glad the rain was coming down harder that noone would notice except for Yue. Yue realized she was trying to force her to break her heart so she could move on and they talked until Loralyn got a hold of herself and they returned to the inn having cleared the air.

At the celebration Zuriel spoke with Gungren Rockseeker and convinced him to use material from the void and attempt to make him a claw weapon out of it in the forge of spells. Draven spoke with sister Gaerelle and informed her of the dealings with the giants down south and she suggested trying to scry on their foes if they had seen them and she would keep in touch with harper agents and let them know if they received any information he also learned that zem slatedust moved into the outskirts of town from icespire peak in order to continue his experiments with gunpowder and he set off to meet with him. Prim and Loralyn gave a performance that night and Loralyn seemed ok as she played her newly discovered doss lute. Prim asked where she got such an instrument and she told him of their adventure and said if she heard of any other ones she would send him a message, She told prim that she felt she would be able to help a lot of people with this instrument back in neverwinter and it has given her a renewed purpose and drive in life.

Draven found Zem slatedust on the outskirts of Phandalin and knocked on his door and was welcomed in. They discussed his cursed gun and Zem stated he was glad he was able to free it that his own hand got blown off before he really noticed what was going on. Draven made a request to see if Zem would be willing to watch some of his goblin kids who were interested in his gun and gunpowder. and he said sure that he could always use a hand around the shop and 5 of the golbin kids remained with him seeming thrilled to get to play with explosives. Draven pensively turned them over and told them to not blow themselves up or shoot their eye out.

After the celebration the party had rowan try to scry on the fire giant and old gnawbone and felt resistance with the fire giant but some push back and counter scrying with old gnawbone. The party got a good night’s sleep with the white noise of the rain bringing some precious valuable down time where they weren’t fighting for their lives. Rowan was determined to try again in the morning and was still unsuccessful with the fire giant but managed to slip through old gnawbones defenses and saw her in a large circular field in the kryptgarden forest. She informed the party and they set out for the Kryptgarden forest landing on the outskirts after a day and a half travel via Zephyros’s tower. Rowan pulled out the dragon sentinel amulet and between that and the locate spell she was able to pin point the meadow she saw in the scry. The meadow was filled with fey creatures and prim was able to recognize them as cupids. They all hid and let them pass through the meadow and began their search for Old gnawbone.

They did not have to wait long as prim peered around a rock the face of an ancient green dragon sprung forth from the brush and greeted them. The rest of the party tried to hide in front of a rock leaving prim as the face man to speak with her. Old Gnawbone towered over the rocks though and saw all of them easily and introduced herself as Claugiyliamatar. She is chewing on the body of an Uthgardt barbarian and clamps her jaw down snapping him in half sending the lower extremities to Prim’s feet. She informed the party she is aware of the world’s events as they are not the only ones who can scry and she pulls out a crystal ball. She tells the party she is aware that giants have become nuisances once more, and that adventurers have their work cut out for them. She lets them know they have a common enemy and she wishes the party not allow the fire giants to reconstruct the vonindod. She says she will attempt to locate them but suggests the party to travel north to the Valley of Khedrun and search for a giant temple called the Eye of the All-Father. “Therein,” she says, “you’ll learn what must be done to end the giant menace.” She also tells them to keep an eye out for a frost giant wearing a helm made from a white dragon’s skull, as he can help them. She says his name is Harshnag and he travels near the Spine of the world and if anyone can lead them to answers it is him.

The party thanked Claugiyliamatar for her help, Prim reuested a trinket for his daughter as she was a big fan a dragons and as a show of good faith Claugiyliamatar exfoliated a scale and put it on the ground near him. Prim picked it up burning his hand with how acidic it felt and quickly wrapped it up and Claugiyliamatar returned to the forest.

As the party was leaving they encountered another roaming group of cupids and needed to fight them off but prim was struck with an arrow of attraction which made him defend the creatures and Xing was struck with an arrow of revulsion which made him frightened of draven and he said some offensive things to him. Yue Zuriel Rowan and Pokeman jones were able to take care of the cupids and together they removed the arrows returning their companions to normal after a struggle with them. They collected the remaining cupid weapons and found a bouquet of flowers and they headed out of the forest.

Returning to the tower Zuriel requested they set off for the forge of spells to see how gundren was fairing with the claw weapon. on the way Erelosa suggested going camping under the stars on the cloud material of the tower and invited Zuriel to come which he obliged with some hesitation. Zephyros made some popped corn for everyone and Pokeman jones broke out everfull and they shared different alcohol which Zephyos enjoyed the goldengulp mead and the party got to try some cloud giant ale which everfull remembered. Yue Burned through her consumption with her new found metabolism but it seemed to hit xing a little harder and he asked Yue to dance despite no music, Zephyros used some light magic to dim the lights of the tower and Prim consistently spying on them played some music and then they danced for awhile and enjoyed a kiss at the end of it.

Being a little tipsy Zephyros still decided to pilot the ship but it listed slightly sending Zuriel and Erelosa skidding toward the cloud top edge. Prim held his ground but when he saw Erelosa slip off and grab the edge he sprinted towards her just in time for her grip to fail and she began to fall. Prim jumped off of the tower after her grabbed her and dimension doored back up onto the could top. Erelosa thanked him for saving her and told him he was amazing and that maybe they should play inside for the rest of the night which he agreed.

Yue and Xing went to the Aerie of the tower to spend the night together while Rillix played with Zephyros’s griffons flying above the tower. The rest of the party rested on the lower floor until Rowan as awakened by the sound of flapping wings in the middle of the night and looked outside to see a Silver Dragon heading their way.


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