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Missing Memories

Session 53

The party gathered at the air ship and decided to set off for the grandfather tree. They boarded and Pokeman Jones caught Delsaphine up on the events that transpired in Grudd Haug, Prim and norros worked on making a harness for Sir piggly with holsters so he could carry potions of healing to them in battle and were able to fashion one for him out of spare leather they had lying around. While they were working on this Rowan and Yue were contemplating how to cook sir Piggly before Xing brought Yue down below deck for some time together. Draven took some time to himself to contemplate the recent events and scout the landscape as they flew towards their next destination.

The party saw a clearing near the Grandfather tree and set down in this clearing. Carayandra was was walking through the forest spotted their big hot air balloon ship ship coming in and grumbled to herself not these knuckleheads again and thumped her head on a tree before heading out to the air ship calling out to them asking what they were doing here. In a panic Norros cast polymorph and transformed Caryandra into a cat which draven scooped up and took onto the ship despite her protest. He told Norros that he made a mistake that they knew her and he dropped the polymorph spell leaving the elf girl in draven’s arms and he set her down as she glared at Norros. She explained that one of her employees had a son who’s memory went missing and she was tracking down the source to this area. She said that she found the boy in a nearby village but his memory was gone.

Xing recalled this was a similar story to the woman he believes is his mother. Caryandra continued telling the party she tracked down some leads to a cave east of the grandfather tree which seemed to be inhabited by a hag who she ran into and she had a hard time admitting it but she was unable to handle it on her own and the hag turned her into a newt but she escaped. She told the party she could show them where the hag’s lair was and she could get revenge on her. The party decided to check out the village 1st and they found the boy but it was as Caryandra had described that he has lost his memory. Xing decided to stay behind and spend time with the boy hoping to gain insight into a cure for him and perhaps the woman who could be his mother. The party agreed and him and Yue parted and he asked her to be careful.

The party headed out to the cave that Caryandra had discovered and found it guarded by Trolls. Prim attempted to communicate with the trolls by drawing pictures in the ground and with him and norros working together told the trolls they were friends of the hag and wished to speak with her. The trolls decided to send one of the in to go inform the hags that their friends were here. The party hoped to lure her out into the open but after a few minutes they heard the sound of galloping and saw 4 manticore charging out of the cave with the troll saying “Boss says get rid of them!”

The party clashed with the now hostile forces before them Pokeman Jones and Rowan took on the front line of trolls while Caryandra slipped around back of them and ran one through with her rapier Celery pulled it out of the troll leaving him dead. The Manticore fired spiked tails down nailing norros changing him and Prim into stone statues with prim trying to take as seductive a pose possible laying down as he felt his body turn to stone. Yue has flashbacks of almost dying as a statue as she saw these beasts and instinctively slammed her glass staff down creating a shield repelling the spikes fired at her. She retaliated with magic missiles blowing one out of the air. Caryandra Tosses Celery up in the air spearing a Manticore under the chin killing it sending it crashing to the ground at her feet and she stepped on its neck and pulled the sword out looking for more targets.

Rowan seeing her friends turn to stone rushed over and began using greater restoration spells to undo prim and then norros from their stone situations. As Prim returned to flesh he got up and used hypnotic pattern to bring down the remaining manticore and Draven blasted through it with eldritch magic. Pokeman did battle with a troll but it seemed to keep regenerating its wounds until Yue and Norros brought dual fire storms which ripped through their ranks killing the trolls stopping their regeneration.

As the troll ranks thinned not just 1 hag but 3 hags in a covenant emerged from the cave with Troll reinforcements. As the trolls set upon the party once again pokeman Rowan and caryandra held the front line while norros yue and draven tried to cast magic upon the hags but ended up in a battle of casters and counterspells and they tried to force their spells through. They seemed at a stalemate when norros used wall of stone to encase the hags in a stone box at the entrance to the cave. The party finished off the remaining trolls and sent rowan to send her spirit guardians to assault the hags while they were trapped only to find they escaped the cage while the party took time to heal up.

Norros dropped the stone wall and himslef and draven entered the cave. Draven attempted to be sneaky and quiet but ended up not watching his feet and stepped into a circle of runes which lit up the hallway and fired a feeblemind spell which Nooros had just enough time to brace himself against but Draven was caught off guard and his intelligence and charisma were sapped from him leaving him drooling in the corner. The party head the hags call out “THERE ARE HERE SISTERS!” The rest of the party rushed into the cave to see if Draven was ok with Pokeman Jones and rowan taking point. A few moments went by when they pulled draven back but them Pokeman and rowan were set upon by Water elementals which tried to engulf them. Pokeman Jones pushed them away but rowan was swallowed up by one and was bashed by another. Caryandra Jumped in from and spun her rapier through one of the elementals scattering it across the wall. Rowan managed to back stroke her way out of the other and right as it was about to unleash a slam attack on her Yue froze the water elemental as a solid statue. The hags moved into view and began assaulting pokeman Jones with magic missiles and he started looking haggard until Prim cast mass suggestion on the hags convincing 2 of them to go hide instead of fight and they scattered north and south leaving 1 still there.

Rowan scrambled to her feel and ran to pokeman jones healing him giving him a second wind enough to blast through the other 2 water elementals. Draven in his stupor stuck his tongue to the frozen ice elemental getting it stuck there A Christmas story style until Yue shattered it up with more magic missiles creating ice cubes. Norros blasted the hag that was before them finishing her. The party searched for the other 2 only to hear Sir Piggly Squealing at the entrance to the cave blocking the escape route for one of the hags that slipped through an underwater passage in the cave to circumvent the party. Prim grabbed Caryandra and dimension doored to his trusty steed and Caryandra popped up behind the hag running her through with celery informing her that that was for turning her into a newt but she got better.

The rest of the party found the final had in the north chamber and Yue and Norros were able to finish her off. The party searched through the cave. Caryandra discovered some treasure a magical crossbow and some magical arrows. Prim and norros discovered the room they were keeping the manticore in and also a cauldron bubbling with black smokey liquid they determined to be a potion of shadow form. Yue, Pokeman Jones, and Rowan found the Hag’s chambers along with thought bottles lining the walls containing memories of those they had stolen as well as some empty ones yet. Rowan picked up the bottle and upon placing it to her ear heard:

“I wanted to be a great explorer but 1st I end up in a coma for ages thanks to that pipeweed and now I’m trapped here with these hags. Some paladin I am.”

She told the party she thinks this might belong to Lucius Artorius Castus, the paladin they rescued from slumber back in Neverwinter.

Pokeman searched through several bottles with nothing in them until he found one that caught his attention upon listening to it he heard the following:

“Just my luck my 1st real adventure on the sword coast and I get captured by these old hags. I just wanted to make Pokeman proud of me. I always heard tales of his great deeds and hoped someday I would be as heroic as him. I’ll escape from this somehow and destroy true evil.”

Pokeman told the Party that he had a brother and that he just found his memories in the bottle here and he hopes he is alright and that he wants to find him.

Yue rummaged through more treasure and found a bunch of gold but at the bottom of the gold she also found a bottle that caught her interest which said:

“I pray my children will survive this. She is safe but I never had time to properly hide Xing. I hope he will be ok. Oh no they are here I must flee to the cliffs. I hope Yunlong escapes and survives so we may return.”

Yue tucked this bottle away wanting time to process this and did not tell the party about what she had heard.

By this time Caryandra caught up with prim and Norros and saw they were partaking of the shadow potion and she emptied out 2 of her perfume bottles and filled them with the shadow potion. The party reunited and Caryandra found the thought bottle with the child’s memories in them and she took that back. Satisfied that their mission here was complete the party started to bandage their wounds and prepare to head out on the next leg of their journey.


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