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Meanwhile in Phandalin: Quest to the Temple of Tymora!

Session 37

After the party quelled the flames in Triboar they took a breather and assessed any casualties from the battle. They discovered the one dwarf Ghelryn Foehammer fell in the battle at Triboar. Rowan brought him to the center of town and they took up a collection for him and she performed a resurrection ritual returning his spirit to his body and saving him. The town was thrilled with their efforts and ocver the next few hours they had a celebration for them. They all sampled the box of chocolates they found which had a variety of effects on the party with the most notable being that pokeman jones was polymorphed into a mimic chest and draven became adhered to him because he thought it was funny and poked him only to discover mimics are very sticky and as he flailed it was like putting himself deeper and deeper into a Chinese finger trap until the whole mimic was stuck to his arm and chest. Each one of the townsfolk came to them and offered them thanks and some information that they thought would be of interest to such great adventurers.

DARATHRA SHENDREL’S QUEST Darathra doesn’t have much contact with her fellow Harpers, but it strikes her as odd that fire giants would make it this far into the Dessarin Valley without her receiving some kind of warning. She wants to make sure her organization is aware of the gravity of the situation. She gives the characters a platinum badge (worth 50 gp) bearing the Triboar insignia (three boars charging forward) and urges the characters to travel east along the Evermoor Way, visit Danivarr’s House in Everlund, and give the badge to Dral Thelev, the one-eyed half-ore proprietor.

DARZ HELGAR’S QUEST Darz relates to the characters that he was recently visited by an old acquaintance, a merchant from Mirabar, with an interesting tale to tell. The merchant saw a dwarf cleaning stables in Xantharl’s Keep, a fortified village on the Long Road, and later recognized him from a wanted poster he saw while traveling south through Longsaddle. The merchant is sure that the dwarf he saw is a wanted brigand known as the Weevil; according to the wanted poster, whoever delivers him alive to the authorities in Mirabar can collect a reward of 5,000 gp. Darz briefly entertained the idea of going after the Weevil himself, but then admitted to himself that he’s too old for such things. Passing this information along to the characters is his way of thanking them for their help during the attack.

URGALA MELTIMER’S QUEST In the aftermath of the battle, Urgala relates to the characters that one of her former adventuring companions, a wealthy knight named Harthos Zymorven, had a giant slayer greatsword. (Change the weapon to a giant slayer greataxe if that would be more desirable to a party member.) The last time Urgala spoke with him, Harthos was living in Zymorven Hall, his ancestral keep on the Rauvin Road northwest of Silverymoon. Urgala thinks Harthos might be willing to part with the weapon if the characters mention her name to him and explain their reason for needing it.

OTHOVIR’S QUEST After his close call during the giants’ attack, Othovir expresses his gratitude to the characters by sharing a secret with them: he knows the location of a stash of magic items that the Margaster family, his kin, keeps locked away for emergencies. If the characters ask him how he came by this information, Othovir tells them that he has a history with the Margaster family, which he despises for reasons he’d rather not discuss. The family owns a three-story tower in Silverymoon that has a detached carriage house on the property, and it is here that the characters must travel. He provides the following details:

• The carriage house is a 30-foot-square stone building with two floors. The windowless ground floor that holds the carriage has a big wooden sliding door in the front. The upper floor is an apartment with a floor made of wooden planks and a barred window set into each wall. An open wooden staircase in one corner of the building connects the floors.

• Two human guards with spears are stationed in the upstairs apartment.

• An arcane lock spell protects the sliding wooden door.

• The carriage has two draft horses harnessed to it, ready to leave at a moment’s notice. The carriage is protected by an alarm spell, set to go off when a carriage door is opened.

• The magic items are hidden in a compartment under the passenger seat inside the carriage.

GHELRYN FOEHAMMER’S QUEST As a reward for their efforts, Ghelryn writes the characters a letter of recommendation and suggests they present it to King Morinn or Queen Tithmel should they find themselves in Citadel Felbarr.

After receiving the advice from the people of triboar the party decided they wanted to check in on their guild hall in Phandalin so they boarded Zephyros’s tower in order to set off. Upon arriving they discovered Elerosa was having fun playing with the goblin children and that she mentioned Zephyros kept forgetting who she was after he was casting magic into the crystal ball upstairs. Upon questioning him he initially didn’t seem like he remembered who they party was and upon reminding him of what they did he recalled what happened to him and explained when he tries to contact the planar beings if he fails it wracks his mind and he can lose memories but he thanked the party for the reminder and seemed resolute to restore the ordning and thanked the party for what they did in triboar. The party set off for Phandalin.

Meanwhile in Phandaline:

While the party has been out fighting giants down south, Loralyn has been singing songs in the Thunderdome working on her craft and seemed happy for awhile but as time went by started becoming more depressed even though she sang happy songs night after night. She bottled it up until one day she wrote a note for Wes and Droop and set off to find a sleeping potion which she planned to take and throw herself off of the Thunderdome roof. Wandering through the halls Droop stumbled upon the note and luckily Loralyn and Wes had taught droop how to read and write common on the way back north from halenshire. He rushed to show it to Wes and with quick thinking he was able to get a message to Pookee to switch the potions she was seeking to a potion of featherfall.

That night loralyn returned and climbed up to the apex of the Thunderdome, downed the potion and launched herself off of it. Wes saw this transpire and caught her at the bottom of the arena and was able to play it off as her practicing for her new act. Over the next few weeks they talked and became much closer and promised he would help her through her rough times. They discussed her ambitions and insecurities of not feeling good enough and come up with a solution. Through some digging they discovered the existence of some legendary bard instruments that really seemed to peak her interest and she wanted to seek them out. They both thought this would be a good idea to give her a heroic purpose once again and satisfy her longing for adventure and help prove to herself she has worth. Loralyn researched these instruments and found rumor of one buried in a an old temple to Tymora at old owl well. she also heard rumors in a tavern in neverwinter that followers of Beshaba have been gathering in that area. She knew sister gaerelle would be the one to contact and she might be able to throw together an adventuring party.

Loralyn set off for phandalin with droop and they met with sister garaelle and discussed the details of how this temple would be of interest to them both and she agreed that it was worth looking into. She rounded up some volunteers in the town and Gundren rockseeker, Iarno albrek, Zem Slatedust, and herself seemed interested as well as loralyn and droop. She introduced Zem to the group saying he came from icespire peak and had wanted to setup shop in town to sell and experiment with his gunpowder but they decided it would be safer if they found him a residence on the outskirts of phandalin and he has been experimenting there ever since with the occasional explosions heard throughout the area.

The party prepared and set off for old owl well. Upon their arrival they discovered two followers of Beshaba attempting to break into the newly uncovered entrance to the temple They were able to get the jump on them and were able to dispatch them quickly with only droop taking a poisoned blade to the arm. Sister Gaerelle was able to heal his wounds and they proceeded down the stairs into the old Temple.

As they descended they ended up in a hallway lit by a magical torch which read “Humble yourself before Tymora and Pass.” The party made their way down the hallway with droop taking point until he felt his foot press into a pressure plate and axe blades came swinging out of the wall head and torso level catching his shoulder and part of zem’s prosthetic hand before the rest of the party hit the dirt. Droop tries to crawl the rest of the way and as he did more and more traps were triggered but the party figured out if they crawled through the hallway the blades were not high enough to cut them and they proceeded deeper into the temple.

The 2nd floor presented the party with a trial of luck where they came to a door with 4 holes. Droop using the lucky eenie meenie miney moe technique stuck his hand in and pulled a lever which dropped two treasure chests, the 1st one they opened contained treasure and a magical coin, the 2nd treasure was a mimic which attacked them and bit droops hand but was eventually dispatched. The party tried a 2nd hole in the door and were able to open it. The party proceeded deeper into the temple.

The 3rd floor they discovered a dragonborn spirit who informed them he was trapped there and bound by these servants of beshaba and asked for their help in releasing him but warned them it would be dangerous. The party agreed to help him and fought a room full of ghosts who attempted to possess the party but only one of them reached droop who rejected the ghost and Loralyn was able to fear the ghosts away from the party and they were able to pick them off as they trickled back into the room. The dragonborn spirit thanked the party as he was released and vanished. The party satisfied with helping found a blue orb in the room and they proceeded forward.

Moving to the bottom floor of the temple they discovered a room with the trial of harmony in it. Droop played a sweet song but it reminded loralyn of her past and she was unable to sing a song but she played her flute with all the emotion she had building up and it moved the earth and water elemental guardians who were guarding the legendary bard equipment and she acquired the doss lute. Droop searched the rest of the room and found a 2nd blue orb, a deck of cards, and another magical coin.

Sister Gaerelle recognized another door of luck and felt that the inner sanctum was just behind it. Loralyn feeling invigorated from her victory tried 1st but got an electric jolt which made her hair stand on end. the party used 2 mage hands 1 of them getting destroyed but one of them finding the correct lever and the door swung open into a beautiful inner sanctum with a waterfall and statues to tymora. Droop placed the blue orbs into their hands and the waterfall parted revealing a magical golden bell which sister gaerelle determined she could use to help the town of phandalin. Sitting atop the bell was a luck dragon which seemed to take to droop as they approached. The party took its hardiest members of the party and carried the bell out of the temple disabling the blade traps as they went. Sister gaerelle blessed the chamber to help protect it from further intrusions from Beshaba acolytes They were able to call for a cart to help them bring it back to Phandalin.

With their quest successful they arrived back in Phandalin just in time to see a flying tower headed their way.


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