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Manticore and Merchants in Mirabar!

Session 43

Hair sprouted from Prim’s skin and his stature grew taller and more feral looking. The party knew he was transforming as they saw this happen before on Icespire peak to Loralyn. Draven sprung into action and tried to grapple him but as he got his arms around Prim he broke free and bit Draven causing him to transform as well. Zuriel charged Prim and drove him to the edge of the cliff and struck him with a headbutt knocking him unconscious and sliding down the hill. Pokeman Jones fired a web from Nezza’s staff to entangle Draven. Rowan saw prim go unconscious and was worried about him trying to rush to his side but got too close to the web and Draven and as he lashed out he bit Rowan’s neck and she also was infected with Lycantropy.

Seeing this get out of hand Pokeman Jones, Yue and Zuriel regrouped and fired from a distance. Rowan charged Pokeman Jones but was knocked out with the but of his staff. Draven broke free of the web but was pelted with magic missiles from Yue and Zuriel and Pokeman Jones were able to knock him unconscious. Yue and Pokeman searched Prim and were able to find his Wolfsbane they got at Icespire peak and although Pokeman Jones hasn’t made potions before he was able through trial and error able to recreate what Prim made for Loralyn but wasted the Wolfsbane but finally made a cure. They decided to cure Rowan and woke her up and has her use a greater restoration to cure the Lycantropy on Prim. Being out of spells they tied up Draven and took him back to the ship. Upon sunrise he transformed back into himself and asked to be released. Yue untied him and when they informed him he was infected with Lycantropy he used remove curse on himself and cured himself of the affliction.

The party discussed where they wanted to go next and Draven set back out for raven rock to inspect the alter of the raven queen and removed the black feather found within the alter. He brought it back to the ship and prim Identified it as a means of communication between the raven queen and her followers and Draven decided to keep it. The party settled on going to Mirabar as their next stop to resupply and get some information on Xandral’s keep. As they set sail Rowan spotted figured flying toward the airship and before they knew it they were set upon by 8 Manticore. They were a monster in every sense of the word, a Manticore has a vaguely humanoid head, the body of a lion, and the wings of a dragon. A bristling mane stretches down the creature’s back, and its long tail ends in a cluster of deadly spikes that can impale prey at impressive range and petrify them.

Yue Sprung into action first firing magic missiles at the closest incoming one which retaliated with tail spikes, she used her shield to deflect one but a 2nd one struck home piercing her side. She felt her body start to petrify and reached into the back of her hook and yelled to Rillix to fly away and she reached to the sky as her body became solid stone. Rowan rushed to aid her and tried to use lesser restoration but to no avail and as she was distracted another Manticore flew in and struck home with another tail attack petrifying the Cleric. As she felt her body stiffen she tried to strike a heroic pose.

Prim saw a group of 3 Manticore swooping in towards Erelosa and used hypnotic pattern to tun then and knock them out of the sky. one of them crashed onto the deck of the ship stunned. Pokeman Jones, Draven, and Zuriel drew their melee weapons and fought off the ones that landed on the deck of the ship. Captain Laz shoured for his crew to man the ballista and prepare for combat and they came rushing up from downstairs and engaged their foes. One Manticore landed on a the ballista and knocked out a crew member making a run for it. Zuriel tried to clear out the ballista but got pinned between two after taking one out and was eventually petrified with a barrage of tail spikes. Captain Laz loaded up the harpoon gun and pierced one one holding it in place as Pokeman Jones and Draven cut through the rest of the hoard. The one that was pierced by the harpoon ripped out the projectile and dove for Yue grabbing her stone form and lifting it high above the ship.

Captain Laz reloaded the harpoon and yelled out the get ready to catch her fired the harpoon through its heart killing it. Yue plummeted through the sky at a rate that would shatter the stone and kill her. Prim dove towards her and tried to make a heroic catch but mistimed his jump and all Yue could think of was would this be the last time she would see Xing, but as she was about to shatter on the deck of the ship Draven got off his last charge on his belt of featherfall and slowed her descent to protect her fragile stone form.

The party breathed a sigh of relief as the crew rushed the remaining stunned Manticore on the ship and as they fought it, the Manticore stung itself in the struggle and became petrified. Prim has the crew set the ship down and they searched for the bodies of the Manticore and were able to harvest their spikes and prim was able to make an antitoxin to counteract the petrification. He decided to stack the statues up in humerous positions 1st before applying the salve to the party and assured Erelosa this was an important part of the ritual. The party regained consciousness although their joints felt a little stiff after the encounter.

The party after catching their breath wanted to use the Manticore as a decoration for their guild hall and Prim used a teleportation circle to send it there with Rowan sending a message ahead to their retainers to place it somewhere that looked good and they were able to find a majestic spot at the entrance to their guild hall that would greet all those who came by. Prim felt that these encounters were getting too dangerous for Erelosa and he wanted to teach her to hide in these dangerous situations so he asked Zuriel to teach her to hide better. Rowan also asked Zuriel to teach her to speak celestial so they all went down below deck and had an interesting afternoon of vocabulary and hide and seek games.

On the deck Yue thanked Draven for saving her and Rillix licked both of them and Yue went off to play with her tressym while Draven took out his raven feather and pondered its meaning. Pokeman Jones had a drinking contest with the crew and got to know them better than the rest of the party and learned all of their names Delsephine, Nyzroth, Brassik, Laz, Oriskus, Perella, Tralt, and Zalthia. They all has a good drink with Everfull and only Perella couldn’t handle her liquor and passed out on the deck of the ship and they partied until they heard Captain Laz shout out “MIRABAR AHEAD WE ARE BEGINNING OUR DESCENT LOOK LIVELY YOU LOUTS!”

The party landed and found the city guard named the “Axe of Mirabar” which were shield Dwarves hired to protect the city. They got directions to Xandral’s keep form them. Rowan replenished her supply of diamond dust, Yue shopped for some potions, Draven bought a Belt of the Scorpion, Bottle of Fireflies and a Necklace of fireballs. Prim and Rowan went off on an adventure and sold a lot of the miscellaneous loot they found and used it to fund their party gold expenditures. Draven came back and showed off his new Scorpion tail and tested it on Prim paralyzing him.

Capitalizing on the situation Erelosa asked to go get her ears pierced but being unable to speak she took that as a yes and Draven took her into the city and got her a professional piercing and 2 sets of earrings which she was thrilled with. As them came back Prim was frantically searching for her and commented how she was much like her mother. Erelosa asked if they came to this city on dates with her Mom and Prim tried to change the topic and got her a frozen pretzel. with icy flavor around it and they spent the day in the city where she showed off her hide and seek skills until a guard found her and asked them to keep a better watch on her. The party thanked the guard for his vigilance and they decided to turn in for the night and set off for adventure the next morning.


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