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Icespire Peak part 2: What a horrible night for a curse!

Session 16

As the party ventured into a room north they noticed the crystals in this room were very shiny and reflective but upon closer inspection Pokemon Jones and Rowen notices a senescence about some of these crystals and that they were actually ice mephits which descended upon the party blowing their ice breath upon them. Pokemon Jones smashed 2 with his staff while the rest of the party shot the remaining ones out of the sky with their crossbows and magic.

The party then ventured west in the cave stumbling upon magic pressure plate traps causing the ice stalactites to come crashing down on any of those who dared venture onto them. Evenutally Yue discovered runes on one of the ice crystals written in draconic which read "arm, disarm and activate. She was able to disarm the ice traps and the party found a room where more winter wolves made their home. Seriphina being tuned to animals and nature discerned they were hungry and offered them rations gaining their favor and they did not attack. The wolves did not spare one of the cultists previously though and the party was able to recover a belt of featherfall from his corpse. the party continued north in the cave spotting a frost giant guarding the room with the herbs Loralyn was looking for.

While debating on how to be sneaky the frost giant spotted them and engaged the party in combat. Yue was struck with a rock during the combat knocking her unconscious. Loralyn charged into the room in a rage to defend her friend. Taking in the room which had a natural skylight had full moonlight bathing the area. As Loralyn gazed up at it her eyes became yellow and she shape-shifted into her full werewolf form and set upon the frost giant garnering its attention. Rowan rushed to Yue to heal and awaken her. Draven shot at the frost giant’s pet wolf but missed and almost struck Yue who awakened just in time to throw up her mage armor to deflect the bullet. She threated to take off Draven’s arm if he was not more careful. The cursed gun spoke more loudly in draven’s head as the hunger for bloodlust grew. He fought it but after missing another target with the gun due to its distracting demands it sent him into a blood rage. The party did not notice this as they were fighting the frost giant. Loralyn claws and bit deeply into the giant inflicting it with lycanthropy before it caught her smashing her into the wall causing her to lose consciousness and revert to her normal form. Rowan rushed to heal her as well and some of the party noticed draven was now taking aim at anything closest to him in order to satiate the bloodlust. Upon waking Loralyn charged right back into the fray and put a dagger through the throat of the frost giant killing it.

The rest of the party noticed Draven acting strangely and prim was able to cast suggestion causing him to go lay down in the corner and take a nap. The party discussed what to do about his cursed gun as it was grafted to his hand. Yue was in favor of cutting it off but rowan’s suggested trying to remove the curse and the party agreed to let her try. Upon the spell a shadow creature arose from the gun and the party mustered all of its radiant ability to strike at it cutting big swaths through this shadow. It fought back sapping the strength of the party but in the end the shadow was dispelled and the curse was lifted from the pistol.

The party found the Wolfsbane growing in the back of the cave and the party had a discussion whether or not loralyn should keep her powers as they proved useful in the last battle or even give some of the party lycanthropy but loralyn revealed the reason why she was travelling was she was shunned from everywhere she stayed because one villaged found out what she was she was welcome nowhere. She expressed her gratitude that this party was the 1st to treat her so nicely and she gave them a special coin that was passed down in her family. The party asked her to join their party which they thought of as a family after this and stay with them in their guild hall in phandalin which she gladly accepted. Loralyn asked Prim to made the necessary antidote with his potion crafting skills which he did and loralyn was cured of her lycanthropy at the top of ice spire peak.

As the party was leaving they were curious as to the rumors of an ice dragon living on top of the peak and so they explored the rest of the cave and found its lair. Prim went in to negotiate with the dragon but it went south when he let it slip that they killed the frost giant that the dragon was using to guard the herb garden. A battle ensued and Prim made up for his diplomatic blunder by using his illusion magic to prevent the ice dragon from unleashing his cold breath attack on the group and after a fierce battle they beat back the dragon into its lair and were able to slay it. The party winded took a breather and gazed around the room ready to sort through a dragon’s hoard.


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