CM Adventures

Guh’s Gluttony

Session 52

Norros realized that they just had an arcane body swap as he looked up at himself and saw prim run off with his body spouting about how great and wonderful prim is. Norros tried to counter with self depreciation’s about the body he was currently inhabiting. As they were running around doing this to the confusion of the rest of the party they investigated 3 cages in the northern area of the pig holding room. They found a family of farmers in one of them who thanked them and wanted to get back to their land but weren’t sure it was safe yet. One of them was a tribesman named Gryhark from the elk tribe near flint rock. He said he sensed the smell on them that they were there recently but did not bear the elk’s curse and so he trusted them as friends and liberators and said he would fight with them to stop the Gluttonous Guh and free his land from her tyranny.

Gryhark tried to show his gratitude by biting his hand and rubbing the blood on Norros’s face which prim allowed him to do as he realized this was religious symbolism and also wanted to gross Norros out. The 3rd cage had a half elf named Dragonmoor in it who said he was part of a scouting party from Goldenfields but he got caught and would appreciate it if they helped him get out to see if his captain made it out ok. He said he ran as a distraction when they were spotted and he thinks he gave them enough time to escape. They party learned that his captain was Lor on a mission to find Grudd Haug. Rowan explained their connection and he looked at ease to realize that the rest of them made it out safely. He said he would help the rest of the farm family escape while the party and Gryhark tried to stop Guh. Prim in Norro’s body noticed a Pig was following him around like a pet and he picked him up and named him Sir Piggly. The farmers asked the party to find a halfling they just took to be Guh’s next meal and hoped they wouldn’t be too late to stop him from being devoured.

The party was warned of the hill giant butcher named Slub and Norros in prim’s body cast invisibility on himself and crept into the room down the stairs and found a slaughter room where Slub 2 other hill giants and his pet Otyugh were butchering some meat on a table, as Norros crept past and examined his back room filled with pilfered coins from the surrounding areas. Norros tried to make his way back to the party but as Slub hit an artery on an animal he was butchering the blood spray poured over Prim’s body and revealed his presence. The hill giants went to investigate and prim dimension doored over to his companions and they charged into the room and fought the butcher and his pet and slew them all. They quickly went through his things and found a gavel around his chest which was the size of a warhammer and took it them proceeded up the ladder in the room to what smelled like a kitchen. They saw 7 goblins in the kitchen hooking a halfling up to a spit and fire to be cooked. As they heard his muffled cries they Ambushed the goblins and took them out before they could raise an alarm. They untied the halfling who introduced himself as Roderik Hilltopple.

Roderik expressed his gratitude that someone came for him that he thought he was done for. He told the party Guh’s Throne was right on the other side of the wall of the kitchen that if they ambushed her they might be able to take her out before her guards could rally as Hill giants were slow and stupid. The party thanked him for this information and prepared the best they could They enlarged Pokeman Jones and prepared their hardest hitting spells and charged the throne room.

Guh was sitting atop a four-wheeled, flatbed wagon that bends and creaks under her great bulk. The wagon’s axles were cracked and bowed, its wheels canted inward. Piled around the wagon are bones and other refuse from Guh’s recent meals, as well as the treasures she has amassed. Guh was much larger and Obese than the rest of the hill giants. She declared “AH MY NEXT MEAL HAS ARRIVED” as the party burst through the kitchen.

They set upon the Giant Lord with great speed with Norros and Yue unleashing Lightning and fire upon her wooden throne catching it on fire and electrocuting her. The fire was put out with a cone of cold. With Gryhark the rest of the party intercepted the Ogre’s and hill giants guarding her an enlarged Pokeman Jones Leaped up onto the wagon and started smashing the Gluttenous Guh snapping her head back with his staff and then leaping and shattering the Wheel holding the throne upright sending her tumbling off of her throne onto the refuse hole that they would toss her garbage down. The X beams going across the hole could not hold her weight and they cracked sending Guh Tumbling down to the Bottom floor of Grudd Haug Dead. As Guh tumbled off her throne a Goblin fell out of her fat folds and got up coughing and sputtering and ran away yelling “SNERT IF FREE!”

Seeing their leader had fallen the other hill giants realized they were now free to return to their mates and lost the will to fight the party and they all fled Grudd Haug and the party did not give chase. They examined her throne and found her treasure with much coin and magic objects like an eversmoking bottle but the conch was nowhere to be found. Prim felt the box of fun’s spell wearing off and knew they would switch back soon and so he leaped down the hole landing norros’s body in the fat folds of Guh right as the spell reverted. Prim back in his own body laughed as norros found the magic conch in Guh’s fat folds. Draven seeing what occurred stung prim with his tail and whipped him down the hole to join norros in the disgusting Guh bean bag. He was greeted by norros and Sir Piggly down stairs.

The party wanted to convert Grugg Haug into a 2nd base for themselves so they searched out the remaining rooms and found a hobgoblin called the Watermaster who was making sushi out of the fish he caught in the dam and he gave the party 12 rolls in exchange for his life. They also found a hobgoblin and 2 goblins in the smithy making weapons and prim made a deal with them that they would be paid if they would stay and continue to work and take care of Grudd Haug which they agreed to. Roderik said that he was in charge of the sheep and pigs and he could continue to maintain them here should the party wished which they agreed to.

Gryhark expressed his gratitude to the party and rubbed his blood on Prim’s face and said he would always be a friend of the elk tribe and he would spread word of their kindness upon his return and would let his tribe know of their fight against the giants. The party bid Gryhark farewell. With the main threat passed and their 1st Giant Lord cut down the party caught their breath and began to plan their next destination with their new friends and Sir Piggly.


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