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Brutal Bunnies at Morgur’s Mound!

Session 45

The party discussed at length what to do with the Weevil and decided to consult with sister gaerelle as to whether or not she would think they could trust the Zhetharim to hold up their end of the bargain. She let the party know that she does not trust them fully but with all the other chaos and giants and dragons having one less enemy even temporarily may give them enough breathing room to focus on solving the giant threat. Most of the party was convinced this was the proper way to go except for prim and he was outvoted and he vowed to write a song entitled “I told you so” if they ended up getting betrayed but it was decided to deliver the weevil to Halia Thornton in Phandalin as she visits Sister Gaerelle often for tea there.

The party was ready to set off and Rowan and Harvey got into an extended fight about what it means to be a member of the group as Harvey made comments about wanted to eat the weevil’s arm of tie him to a rope and dangle him off of the ship. The Weevil asked to be moved to the bottom of the ship to avoid their arguments and captain Laz fixed up some manacles and bolted them to the wall to prevent escape form the cargo room and they placed him and the goblin named Blics in there. The party decided to drop Blics off at the thunderdome the next time they visited Neverwinter. Yue was nervous around Harvey as he kept looking at Rillix and she thought he wanted to eat him just like the goblins when in actuality he explained he had a pet tressym like that as a child. Yue still moved Rillix out of his reach and Harvey went to go create a nest in the crow’s nest of the ship filling it with twigs and wrappers from food he picked up at the keep and cities he visited.

The party decided to stop at Morgur’s Mound to search for another giant artifact as it was on the way to Phandalin. They informed the crew and captain laz set in a course and the party was underway. Delsaphine shared more stories with pokeman jones as they traveled. The trip was otherwise uneventful with the exception of prim getting a letter in his harper cylinder. he opened and read it:

“Primrose Prissypants,

The strangest thing happened the other day. A handsome, older gentleman visited my establishment, looking for someone. He intimated that he was in search of a bard who claimed to be the "best there ever was,’ one who was blue eyes, white haired, elven, and young. He was most certainly speaking my language, so I told him such a one might be passing through again shortly, if the price was right. He assured me that the item he offered was something any decent bard would sell his soul for. He informed me that he can be found at Dante’s place in Luskan.

Not your messenger,


PS Fuck you too”

Prim became very excited and convinced the party to set in for Luskan after their Morgur’s mound adventure so he could prove his bard worth. The Crimson tide set down of the outskirts of Morgur’s mound and the party went to disembark. Pokeman Jones asked Delsaphine to watch over the prisoners and gave her Everfull so she could drink to pass the time. She told him go give them hell treasure hunting but be careful so they could drink together when they came back and punched him in the arm.

The party came onto the mound and harvey took to the skies to scout the area. Yue used a detect magic spell and saw several magic objects still buried within the hill although it looked like an excavation site with many holes with the party assumed were other people digging for treasure. Harvey noticed rabbits hopping along the hill as well as eggs littered across the mound. as the party approached one of the bunnies got spooked and kicked an egg down the hill. upon contact with the party it exploded and the ground began to shake. A hoard of thunderbeast skeletons burst forth from the ground and set upon the party snapping ans biting at them. The party prepared themselves for combat and Harvey noticed their skeletons looked fragile and bludgeoning them would be an effective tactic. The party began smashing these beasts into dust but it kept spooking the rabbits up on the hill causing more eggs to roll towards them. Harvey grabbed one rolling down the hill with his talons to save his companions but took the brunt of it as it exploded in a wall of acid covering his feathers.

Zuriel attempted to run up the hill and take out the rabbits before they caused any more trouble but upon approach they tried to pounce on him and almost knocked him over he noted they had remarkable strength for their size. Yue began throwing fireballs at the Skeleton beasts but a rabbit flanked her and tackled her to the ground and began biting at her neck as if to sever it from her body. She screamed for help and prim took out his spoons and animated them ordering them into his glove of holding and sent the glove to Yue’s aid which ripped the rabbit off of her before she was decapitated. Pokeman jones smashed several skeletal thunder beasts and joined prim in finishing the crazed vorpal rabbit allowing yue to get back to her feet.

Harvey cast a wind wall picking up rabbits and beasts alike and throwing them unfortunately also picked up 3 volatile eggs flinging them in all directs with 2 of them hitting his party engulfing them in fire damage. The party regrouped and were able to finish off the last of the bunnies now aware of their tactics pushing them away as they tried to pounce upon them and the part was victorious and the mound grew quiet.

The party dug where they sensed magical items and found a fire giant gold plated tooth, a magical spear, a valuable staff and pokeman jones was able to go on an egg hunt and recover 3 of the exploding eggs that weren’t damaged in battle. The party returned to the ship with their mission accomplished.

The party returned to drunken singing on the crimson Tide as everfull was put to good use and it was used to help calm and sedate the prisoners. The crew celebrate their victory that night. Rowan went to go talk to zuriel to see if she cold help jog his memory by having him try to help her with celestial but imbibed a little too much and noone could understand a word she was saying so she gave up and decided to go to bed and try later. Harvey bedded down in his new crows nest and put the shiny valuable staff in it as if it were no different than any of the other twigs. Yue played with Rillix some more before heading off to bed and Pokeman Jones and Delsaphine spent the night sharing stories and talking about Luskan the times they docked there while sailing as the crew set sail to Luskan for their next adventure.


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