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Answers at the Eye of the All Father!

Session 40

The party was able to bring all the citizens of Byrn Shander back to consciousness and although the town suffered heavy damage from the barrage of rocks thrown by the frost giants everyone survived. The party gathered near the city gates to discuss what happened and Zuriel found a note jabbed into the wall with a dagger:

“With the destruction of the giants I’ve decided it’s time to take my leave. I did what I came to do and you seem capable…most of you. I’m returning to Luskan for the time being to check in on my…business, but if in the future you need an extra deadly pair of hands, please hesitate to ask. Perhaps now, Olaf, Metalhead, and Littleman will let me rest. ~Caryandra Nailo

PS – Zuriel, you look much better than the last time I saw you. I am…pleased.”

Zuriel in formed the party of Caryandra’s departure and they set off for a tavern in Bryn Shander to plan their next move. Many citizens came in to express their gratitude and gave them leads and quests.


Hoping to win favor with Sheriff Southwell but unwilling to leave her post, Augrek asks the characters to meet with one or more representatives of the Brighthelm clan in Ironmaster and ask her clanfolk to send reinforcements to Bryn Shander. She warns the characters that the dwarves of Ironmaster don’t allow non-dwarves inside their lands. But, she says, if the characters travel toward Ironmaster, stand next to one of its menhirs, and wait, some dwarves will eventually approach them.


Realizing that the frost giants are after the Ring of Winter, Sirac confesses to the characters after the battle that he’s the son of Artus Cimber, and says that he believes his father has the ring. Although he doesn’t know his father’s present whereabouts, Sirac recalls that Artus had connections to the Roaringhorns, a noble family in Waterdeep. He urges the characters to visit the Roaringhorn estate in Waterdeep and speak to someone there. Fearing that the frost giants might come after him again, Sirac offers to accompany the characters as far south as Luskan, where he can catch a ship heading south.


After dispatching scouts to check on the other settlements of Ten-Towns, Duvessa tells the characters that she has an aunt (her father’s sister) living in Waterdeep who is the captain of a ship called the Dancing Wave. Duvessa writes a letter to her aunt, Inirva Coldwater, asking her to provide passage and accommodations to the characters if they need to travel up or down the Sword Coast.


The sheriff asks the characters to patrol Icewind Dale and return at once if they see further evidence of giant activity in the region. If the characters accept the quest, Southwell deputizes them and gives them three weeks’ worth of provisions, as well as a signed letter attesting that they are acting on his behalf. Characters can present the letter to the town speaker of any other Ten-Towns settlement and expect to receive free room and board.


Beldora urges the characters to head southwest and take Ten Trail through the mountains to the mining settlement of Hundelstone. She suggests they make contact with a gnome named Thwip Ironbottom, who lives there year-round. Knowing the party members are allied with the Harpers, she tells them that Thwip serves as the organization’s eyes and ears in Hundelstone. Beldora uses her sending stone to inform Thwip that the characters are coming.


Sir Barie is determined to find the Weevil. At this point, however, he fears that the trail has gone cold. He plans to remain in Bryn Shander only a couple more days beforesearching elsewhere, and he doesn’t want to waste the characters’ time in what could end up being a futile hunt for the criminal. Barie believes it’s more important to keep the Order of the Gauntlet apprised of his whereabouts and intentions, so he asks the characters to locate another member of the order and report on Sir Baric’s status. He suggests that they seek out Sir Lanniver Strayl, a devout follower of Tyr who lives in Neverwinter.

As the party received these leads and were discussing which of them sounded promising, prim got a sending spell from Erelosa “no they are coming HELP DADD’Y….. they are here ZIRA!” and the party bolted towards the the floating tower. As they bounded up the cloud steps they saw a frost giant being tossed from the tower and hit the ground dead. as they neared the top they saw another in the entrance way but then an axe be put through its chest and standing in the doorway was another massive frost giant with a White Dragon helm. Prim recognized this as the legendary frost giant Harshnag and recalls tales sung about him in waterdeep:

“In taverns throughout the North, he is known as a monster to some and a hero to others. In Waterdeep, he’s remembered as the largest member of Force Grey, a notoriously destructive adventuring company that came to the city’s defense on more than one occasion. Believed to be hundreds of years old, Harshnag wanders the wilderness with greataxe in hand, seeking to lay low his evil giant brethren.”

Harshnag told the party he was out for vengeance against his fellow giants as they killed members of Force Grey and wished to restore order to their society. He was a giant of few words but made his purpose clear that he was tired of slaughtering his fellows and wanted to find answers from the oracle at the Eye of the all father but needed help getting there and he could provide directions if they had the means of travel.

The party saw Zira protecting Erelosa who hid behind Zephyos’s chair. She had no weapons but her mouth and hands were covered in frost giant blood and she made sure that She was ok before vanishing.

The party saw Zephyros once again had him mind wracked by contacting planar beings and the control orb that flies the tower was partially damaged in the attack but he felt he could still get the party to the eye of the all father now that they knew where it was. The party reached an agreement that the eye was their new destination and decided to set off.

Along the way the party helped Zephyros try to recover his memory and it took longer this time but he remembered he saw Duke Zalto hiring Drow to steal Maegera the dawn titan from Gauntylgrym to reignite the forge at Ironslag and complete reconstruction of the Vonindod.

The party arrived at the Eye of the allfather and at the entrance came across 6 giant pillars depicting the various types of giants:

  • A hill giant lifting a rock above its head
  • A frost giant chopping down a great pine
  • A cloud giant flying among birds in the sky
  • A flying storm giant hurling lightning bolts at a ship
  • A stone giant climbing a mountain
  • A fire giant with chained dwarf prisoners in a cavern

Beyond this entrance was a large dome they entered. At the back of the dome, a 40-foot-wide, 40-foot-high hallway lead into the mountain. Wind had blown the snow far into the hallway. The snow thinned out and disappeared after about 100 feet. The party noticed tracks of the humans continued east into the dungeon complex. Zuriel noticed big heavy stone blocks in the ceiling that looks like they would descend to seal off the tunnel but they could not find a way to activate or deactivate a mechanism. At the end of the hallway they heard whispers in the dark and tried to sneak up on them but Draven and Zuriel conversed too loudly and arrows began firing out of the dark at the party and they cave face to face with a party of Uthgardt barbarians who were lead by a sorcerer who has a white dragon wyrmling as a pet that blew cold frost on them.

The party battled through the giant halls of the eye of the allfather and eventually were victorious and they knocked out the final barbarian hoping to interrogete him. In their exhaustion they forgot to tie him up so when questioned the barbarian pet upon prim attacking him. Sensing he was in danger harshnag cleaved the barbarian with his axe finishing him. Draven used speak with dead on the sorcerer to try to find out why they were there. Upon questioning they found out they were part of the Great Worm tribe and the barbarians have come to the Eye of the All-Father to find a missing member of their tribe The chieftain was also hoping to use this opportunity as an excuse to plunder the temple of its treasures, but his berserkers were unable to get through these doors.

The party tried to open the doors themselves but they seemed frozen shut until harshnag cave by and with some effort he was able to shove the doors open revealing a huge vaulted chamber. Thick frost clings to every surface of this 100-foot-high vaulted chamber. Seven enormous statues dominated the room. The largest of them is an 80-foot-tall robed giant, his arms outstretched and his face hidden beneath a stony cowl, facing a glowing archway in the east wall. Kneeling in rows to each side of this statue are six statues half its size, each impressive in its own right and depicting a paragon of a type of giant: hill, stone, frost, tire, cloud, and storm. These smaller statues face the bigger one in the room’s center. In their outstretched arms, five of the giants hold weapons-gifts for their All-Father. Only the frost giant statue was unarmed.

There were frozen doors to the north and south of the room but east there was a glowing arch way. The archway is 40 feet wide and 40 feet tall. Six different runes are carved into it, each one inlaid with mithral, and a glowing mist tills the arch. Niches in the walls on either side of it contain empty, ice-covered sconces made of iron. All of the runes are lit up and a portal was active that the party passed through.

Beyond the thundering archway was a hexagonal chamber whose walls rise 50 feet before tapering to a 90-foot-high apex. Standing in each corner of the room is a life-size statue of a giant holding up a heavy, iron lantern with one raised arm. Each type of giant is represented: hill, stone, frost, fire, cloud, and storm. A cold, magical light radiates from each lantern, illuminating a giant corpse lying on the floor beneath a shroud of frost in the middle of the room. The corpse looks like it has been here for some time, preserved by the cold. Next to the body rests a giant, frost-covered Morningstar. Prim approached the corpse and a ghost of the frost giant Eigeron arose. The party spoke with him and learned Like many giants before them, Eigeron and his father, Blagothkus, came to the Eye of Annam seeking wisdom. The divine oracle told them that a great upheaval would upset the balance of power in the world, giving all giants the opportunity to win the respect of their gods and bring glory to their race. The oracle told Blagothkus outright that he could never impress the gods enough to earn their favor, then urged Eigeron to step out from beneath his father’s “dark shadow.” Blagothkus was overcome with despair and envy. A terrible fight between father and son ensued, in which Blagothkus slew Eigeron. Blagothkus then retired to his castle to mourn.

Eigeron manifests as the spirit of a cloud giant. He wants to know why the characters have come and tried to be helpful. He knew how the oracle works and can explained what the characters must say to contact it After he gave this information, he asks the characters to avenge his death by killing his evil father, Blagothkus. He informed the party to oracle was underneath his body and asked him to move it aside. Some fumbling of his body upset him and almost caused a confrontation with the spirit but the party was able to talk their way out of a confrontation. Etched into the floor of the room and hidden under a layer of frost is a 20-foot-diameter, mithral-inlaid circle inscribed with the kong (king) rune and the words “Ask Your Question and Know Truth” in Dethek, the Dwarvish script. The kong rune, which Yue could read is nearly as big as the circle enclosing it, is often associated with Annam the AU-Father. Yue used her fire magic to heat up the room and melted the layer of ice and speaking the correct words activated the oracle. 6 lanterns lit and the party asked it some questions:

What must be done to stop the giants?

“Find the 5 magic conch of the storm giant king, Hekaton. Use them to visit Hekaton’s court. Root out the evil therein.

Where are the conchs?

“In the clutches of the giant lords.”

Where are the Giant Lords?

“Beyond my site I need a personal item from them to discern their current location. First, you must prove yourself! When human barbarians came to these lands, they fought our kind and stole our relics, burying them in the ground. The humans built altars to Uthgar, their god-king, atop these relics and surrounded their altars with burial mounds. Go to these mounds, retrieve one or more of our lost relics, and bring them here as tribute. Do this, and your path will be made clear. There are many paths you can take. The more relics you deliver, the more paths you will have to choose from. Several evil giant lords stand ready to oppose you. You are the chosen who can ruin all of their plans.”

Where is the Closest Legendary Bardic Instrument?

Prim held out a map to a statue and it extended its arm and pointed to the city of Neverwinter.

What are the names of the Giant Lords?

Guh, Kayalithica, Storvald, Zalto, Sansuri

With that all of the torches were extinguished. The party discerned that the magic would return at dawn to ask more questions so the party decided to leave harshnag at the Eye to get more information and to guard the oracle. Harshnag was able to draw a rough map for the party with the location of the burial mounds and they decided to head off. as they headed out of the Eye A strange vehicle hung in the sky overhead, slowly drifting closer. It looked like a small ship with sleigh runners, held aloft by a giant red balloon. A crew member of the ship yelled down:

“We come to you on behalf of Klauth, the Great Dragonof the North! Klauth offers you this vessel and our services as a gift, so that you may cross his vast dominion while avoiding the many perils of the land below. War against the giants is inevitable, but the Great Dragon commands you forge ahead and face your destiny! The ordning of the giants is broken, and they are not united. Slay their leaders, and you may yet prevail. If you succeed in quelling the giant threat, Klauth bids you come to his hidden vale, so that he can reward your bravery.”


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