Pending Quests

Thunderdome Round 3: The party has an open invitation to fight in the Thunderdome whenever they please when they are in Neverwinter.

Venomfang Vengance: Wes the Shield has put out a bounty of 2500 gp on the dragon Venomfang that attacked the Thunderdome in Neverwinter.

Update: Venomfang has attacked phandalin and kidnapped and of mirna’s children Nilsa, Iarno Albrek disguised as Nars, and Daren Addermath. A team of 6 from phandalin has been chosen to get them back.

Update: the rescue team successfully rescued the kidnapped individuals thanks to assistance from Reidoth but venomfang has escaped once again.

Update: there were reports of poison damage to Tsernoth’s tower when the infernal brazier was stolen from it.

Morak’s Quest: Tri boar
Morak’s friend and neighbor, Darthag Ulgar, was eaten by giant rats. Darthag ran the Lionshield Coster trading post in Nightstone, and his ex-wife runs a similar trading post in Triboar. Morak asks the characters to travel to Tri boar and deliver the sad news of Darthag’s passing to Alaestra Ulgar.

Morak’s Quest: Bryn Shander
Morak’s friend and neighbor, Semile Southwell, was killed in the giant attack. Although she had no family in Nightstone, Semile spoke often about her brother, Markham. Morak knows that Markham is the sheriff of Bryn Shander and asks the characters to travel to Icewind Dale and deliver the sad news of Semile’s passing.

Lifferlas’s Quest
The party attempts to speak with dead with Lifferlas who urges the characters to seek out its creator, a moon elf druid named Aerglas. The awakened tree tells them that Aerglas was not only a member of the Emerald Enclave but also an adventurer who slew many giants in his day. Aerglas left Goldenfields thirty years ago on a pilgrimage to Shadowtop Cathedral.

Miros’s Quest
Miros suggests that the characters travel to Amphail and “give his regards” to Arleosa Starhenge, the proprietor of a local tavern called the Stag-Horned Flagon.

Naxene’s Quest
Every bone in her body tells Naxene that the attack on Goldenfields is just the beginning. She’s heard “rumblings” that other settlements have been impacted by the sudden appearance of giants-and not just hill giants but also stone, frost, fire, and cloud giants. Naxene is convinced that now is not the time for half-measures. She has read books about the ancient conflict between dragons and giants, and she urges the characters to seek out a powerful good dragon, convince it to contact other good dragons, and use them to combat the giants. Naxene is confident that the Lords’ Alliance will support this plan, given the gravity of the situation.

Update: the party got a lead on a green dragon in the kryptgarden forest

Oren’s Quest
Oren is spooked by rumors that giants are rampaging throughout the North. He asks the characters if they could check on his sister, Lily, who works at the Happy Cow tavern in Daggerford. He also wants them to deliver a hastily written letter to Lily that tells her he’s doing fine, and would she please send him some more money.

Old Gnawbone
The Mage Chazlauth suggests that the characters travel to the Kryptgarden Forest and seek out Old Gnawbone, a powerful and eccentric green dragon rumored to possess a collection of crystal balls that she uses to scry on everyone and everything. Based on what Chazlauth knows about green dragons, and Old Gnawbone in particular, he doesn’t think the dragon will harm the characters if they seem intent on ending the giant threat. Upon questioning whether or not he thinks Old Gnawbone would listen to them or work with them he informed the party he’s willing to risk their lives to test this theory.

Missing Memories:
The Party discovered Thought Bottles in the green hag coven’s cave which contain the memories of several people that they wish to return.

Shin Lan’s Memories: Complete
Lucius Artorius Castus: pending
Digiman Jones: Complete
Village Boy: Complete

Xing’s Mother

Xing tracked down and found who he believes is his mother thanks to tips from the Harpers but upon talking with her she has lost her memory and can’t recall anything from her past but has been traveling around with Thalia and her crew hoping something jogs her memory. upon investigation Xing discovered there has been a string of amnesia cases with the epicenter being east of the grandfather tree. He has rejoined the party in hopes of discovering the truth.

Update: the party discovered a thought bottle containing Shin Lan’s memories

Update: the party has restored Shin Lan’s memories revealing she is the mother to not only Xing but to Yue as well as they are twins! They have not yet asked about their father.

Update: Xing has revealed to Yue that while speaking to their mother she mentioned the name Yunlong as their father and that was the same man those who took him as a child told him to kill but he could never bring himself to do so and last h_e knew he was still imprisoned in harpshield castle by the spirit bird tribe.

Delsaphine’s Past
Delsaphine informed Pokeman Jones that she was 1st mate on a ship called the Hades Jewel until it was boarded by mind flayers and the crew was not heard from again. She believes they are still alive and wants to rescue them someday when she has a strong enough crew with her.

Update: A Guard informed Pokeman Jones that a ship sailing near the sea of moving ice spotted the Hades Jewel out there and it is assaulting ship attempting to Fish in the region.

Update: Delsaphine has left for the Klauthian vale after the crash of the crimson tide vowing to return to help pokemon find his brother and her old ship.

Update: delsaphine returned to help Pokeman jones fight iymrith and now seeks to recover the Hades Jewel

As a reward for their efforts, Ghelryn writes the characters a letter of recommendation and suggests they present it to King Morinn or Queen Tithmel should they find themselves in Citadel Felbarr.

Alena’s Request:
Princess Alena Tsarevna of Santeem has asked the party to help her escape the castle and protect the people of her land as she has heard local villages were in trouble. She wants to prove her strength to her father and she wants to find her missing childhood friend cristo and her mentor Brey the grey wizard who went missing after monsters became more violent in the area.

Update: the party saved tempe village and learned that Psaro passed through this village and was heading east.

Update the party reached Frenor village but Alena’s identity has been compromised that she has actually left the castle. The party has seen 1st hand the dangers of the land with those who would take advantage of her royal status.

Where in the World is Sister Garaelle?
Sister Gaerelle has gone missing and the party has tracked her to the zenithian islands. They learned that she has passed through Burland and Samteem in pursuit of Psaro the Manslayer.

The fake princess:
A fake princess cindy has been impersonating Alena in order to give the local people hope but her high profile made her the target for those who wish the royal family harm and she has been kidnapped. the kidnappers demanded the golden bracelet from the cave south of frenor.

Update: the party has cleared the cave south of frenor of the beholders guarding the lair.

Pending Quests

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