Loot Bag

Stuff to Sell

  • 5 perfume vials
  • Diamond worth 300gp
  • A white porcelain tea set decorated with blue snowflakes. The set includes a teapot, bronze brazier, and 6 cups. (125gp)
  • A set of tarot cards etched on electrum plates. The six suits for this deck are: Caverns, Demons, Fates, Moons, Swords, and Wands. (60 plates, each worth 5gp, the entire set would sell for 350gp)
    *A set of tarot cards etched on electrum plates. The six suits for this deck are: Caverns, Demons, Fates, Moons, Swords, and Wands. (60 plates, each worth 5gp, the entire set would sell for 350gp) (Prim is holding onto this)
  • slime king crown (melted)
  • Om nom berry pie
  • 6 black dagger coins
  • Painting of rosa

Quest items

  • Fire giants tooth
  • Guh’s Conch
  • electrum torc etched with Giant runes
  • An engraved bronze ring, inlaid with iron with a symbol on it
  • Duke Zalto’s magic conch
  • Karstaway stone


  • scroll of misty step (Yue)
  • scroll of charm person (bag of holding)
  • scroll of augury (bag of holding)
  • scroll of silence (Yue)
  • scroll of arcane lock
  • scroll of light
  • Arcane Scroll (Remove Fear)
  • 2 scrolls of enlarge
  • Knock scroll


Special bolts
Bolt of Blinding
Stirge’s Bite Weapon
Arrow of Holding
2 arrows of the Hydra
3 arrows of revulsion
3 arrow of attraction
1 Arrow of Biting Weapon
10 Arrow of Burning Weapon

Magic items

Wand of Magic Missiles NA
Magic strings NA
Glasstaff’s staff of defense A
Ring of Spell Storing A (Unequipped)
Blessed Guantlets of the Shepherd A (Unequipped)
Cloak of Flame A
Bag of Notus NA
Headdress of animal charming NA
Ring of distance NA
Some what eaten box of magic chocolates NA
Cat’s Eye Ring NA
Staff of Fire A
Total 8 (3)

Cats paw NA
Peppermint Shield NA
Infinite Rope NA
+1 Plate Mail NA
cloak of neutrality NA
Ring of Strength A
Nezza’s Staff A
Hellborn Halberd A
Total 6 (3)

Coin of karma NA
Bag of holding NA
Bag of Plenty Wondrous NA
White Dragonhide Armor NA
Banner of the Krig Rune
Shard of the Ise Rune
staff of charming A
Figure of wondrous power (bronze griffon) NA
vampire dust (Alucards dad) into the branch of the grandfather tree [in a flowerpot carved from jade with images of green dragons] (750 gp)
Bob ross painters palate NA
Mixing Spoon NA
Quilt of Superior Pillow Forts NA
Silver silk handkerchief NA
5 cursed logs
Total 6 (3)

Prim 2
Amulet of Eavesdropping NA

Prim 5
Gauntlets of Holding NA
Headband of the Barbarian NA
| mariners armor A
halberd +2
ring of flames A

Prim 6
| Anstruth Harp A
Frost Arc A
Banner of the Krig Rune A

Ring of the Sacred A
Lessor Sun Blade A
Total 2 (2)

The Void Claw A
Total 3 (2)

Inscribed Wood Cylinder NA
Cloak of the Druid A
Total 2 (1)

Dragon Sentinel Amulet NA
Javelin of Lighting NA
Hellborn Platemail NA
Longsword of Arondite A
Amulet of Wisdom A
Lightbringer A
Total 6 (3)

Bands of the Arachnid A (With Dravens Girlfriend)
Total 8 (3)

Drifting Cloud
Robe of eyes A
Total 1 (1)

Cloak of the night A
Robe of useful items NA

Celery A
Discharge A
Stuffed Animal (Owlbear) NA

Figurine of wondrous power (silver raven) NA

Enchanted Roses NA
Cheaters Coint NA

ring of protection two A
Tankard of Truth NA (Bag of holding)
Hi Nün A (1 Glove)
Aromatic Pipe NA
Heroic staff A
Greatsword of the North A
Boots of Tracks A
Ring of the North A
Vera A
Blackflame Dagger A
Scabbard of Holding NA
Wood ring (key word Keltar Dardragon ) NA
Claw of the Bear A
Velrosa’s Longsword A
The Red dragons great club A
Charm of restoration A
Thieves’ Tools of Stealth A
Opal Boots NA
Ring of magma A
Loquacious Dagger A
ring of lies A
Spear of Accuracy A
Gauntlets of Ogre Power A
Glimmer A
ever smoking bottle NA
Caduceus Staff A
belt of the scorpion A
Emerald Obsidian Amulet A
Bracers of the Merfolk A
Immovable rod NA
Weather bolder NA
Silvia NA
Bloodbound Striker A
Gem cutter A
Gavel of the Venn Rune A
Necklace of Alteration A
Dragon-scale Dress
Apparatus of Kwalish
| Cold chest NA
| Necklace of Alteration A
| Ring of Holiness A
| Wand of fireballs A
Bronze Gong
Staff of Counterspell A
Wagon Wheel
Empty wooden chest (unlocked)
Shard of the Ise Rune
Three Severed Frozen Dwarf Heads
10 Gold Teeth
4750 pounds of adamantine
dragon-scale dress AC 16
| Dara’s pf Zephynrus
| staff of striking
| Bolas of sunlight
| Bag of Zephynrus
| Six giant sized potions
Boots of elvenkind A
Periapt of wound closure A
Ring of mind shielding A (Draven has)
[[ Dagger +2 | Dagger +2]] A
Staff of striking A
Armor of resistance (splint) A
Ring of water elemental command A
Belt of Dwarvenkind A
Hew A
Claw of Spell A
Belt of Featherfall NA
Dragongaurd NA
Bag of Boreas NA
Necklace of Fireballs (Four) NA
flying carpet
Salt Block
ring of petrification
Chewed Bone
Benedictine amulet of the Preacher
Colorthief’s Brush
Zenithian Gauntlets
Spider Harness NA
Gauntlets of Ground Smashing NA
Fire Giant’s Dagger A
cheaters coin NA (on mermaid)
salt block NA
Miser’s Flute NA
Boots of Independence NA
Saddle of polymorph NA
Ring of Good Omen NA
Zenithian Armor A
Black Cigarette NA
Chest of the Mundane NA
Boots of the Aristocrat NA
Seed of the Moon Ice NA
Resistant Wristlet NA
Bandolier of Many Daggers A
Mechanical songbird in a wire cage NA
Giggleing Bracelet NA
boots of dexterity
Ollamh’s Golden Fiddle A

4 though bottles (all used)

- Assassin poison (straife)

Secondary Party Loot

  • 4 Bottles of Holy Water
  • Bolt of Blinding Weapon
  • Chair of Insomnia
    *Lucky Necklace
  • Coin of Warriors Gamble
  • Coin of Vitality
  • Bell of Protection
  • 1800 gp worth of dimonds
  • Bag of Notus
  • 3 superior potions of healing, 3 greater potions of healing
  • 100 pp

For Guild hall
217 platinum, 3020 gold, 2370 silver, 3290 copper
250 gp + 4370gp

Extra Random stuff
Three empty vials, healer’s kit, tinderbox, smoking pipe, a stuffed teddy bear, wax seals, jars of ink, blank scrolls, quill pens, land owner ship documents, tax records, Ornate granite circlet (70 gp), A beautiful wool cloak with pewter clasps (65gp), blue quartz

Loot Bag

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