Loot Bag

Stuff to Sell

  • 5 perfume vials
  • Diamond worth 300gp
  • A white porcelain tea set decorated with blue snowflakes. The set includes a teapot, bronze brazier, and 6 cups. (125gp)
  • A set of tarot cards etched on electrum plates. The six suits for this deck are: Caverns, Demons, Fates, Moons, Swords, and Wands. (60 plates, each worth 5gp, the entire set would sell for 350gp)
    *A set of tarot cards etched on electrum plates. The six suits for this deck are: Caverns, Demons, Fates, Moons, Swords, and Wands. (60 plates, each worth 5gp, the entire set would sell for 350gp) (Prim is holding onto this)
  • slime king crown (melted)
  • Om nom berry pie
  • 6 black dagger coins

Quest items

  • Fire giants tooth
  • Guh’s Conch
  • electrum torc etched with Giant runes
  • An engraved bronze ring, inlaid with iron with a symbol on it
  • Duke Zalto’s magic conch


  • scroll of misty step (Yue)
  • scroll of charm person (bag of holding)
  • scroll of augury (bag of holding)
  • scroll of silence (Yue)
  • scroll of arcane lock
  • scroll of light
  • Arcane Scroll (Remove Fear)
  • 2 scrolls of enlarge
  • Knock scroll


Special bolts
Bolt of Blinding
Stirge’s Bite Weapon
Arrow of Holding
2 arrows of the Hydra
3 arrows of revulsion
3 arrow of attraction
1 Arrow of Biting Weapon
10 Arrow of Burning Weapon

Magic items

Wand of Magic Missiles NA
Magic strings NA
Glasstaff’s staff of defense A
Ring of Spell Storing A (Unequipped)
Blessed Guantlets of the Shepherd A (Unequipped)
Cloak of Flame A
Bag of Notus NA
Headdress of animal charming NA
Ring of distance NA
Some what eaten box of magic chocolates NA
Cat’s Eye Ring NA
Staff of Fire A
Total 8 (3)

Cats paw NA
Peppermint Shield NA
Infinite Rope NA
+1 Plate Mail NA
cloak of neutrality NA
Ring of Strength A
Nezza’s Staff A
Hellborn Halberd A
Total 6 (3)

Coin of karma NA
Bag of holding NA
Bag of Plenty Wondrous NA
White Dragonhide Armor NA
Enchanted Roses NA
boots of dexterity
Ollamh’s Golden Fiddle A
ring of protection two A
Banner of the Krig Rune
Figure of wondrous power (bronze griffon) NA
Figurine of wondrous power (silver raven) NA
branch of the grandfather tree (idk) [in a flowerpot carved from jade with images of green dragons] (750 gp)
Bob ross painters palate NA
Mixing Spoon NA
Quilt of Superior Pillow Forts NA
Silver silk handkerchief NA
Opal Boots NA
Headband of the Barbarian NA
5 cursed logs
Total 6 (3)

Prim 2
Amulet of Eavesdropping NA

Ring of the Sacred A
Lessor Sun Blade A
Total 2 (2)

The Void Claw A
Total 3 (2)

Inscribed Wood Cylinder NA
Cloak of the Druid A
Total 2 (1)

Dragon Sentinel Amulet NA
Javelin of Lighting NA
Hellborn Platemail NA
Longsword of Arondite A
Amulet of Wisdom A
Lightbringer A
Total 6 (3)

Bands of the Arachnid A (With Dravens Girlfriend)
Total 8 (3)

Drifting Cloud
Robe of eyes A
Total 1 (1)

Cloak of the night A
Robe of useful items NA

Celery A
Discharge A
Stuffed Animal (Owlbear) NA

Tankard of Truth NA (Bag of holding)
Hi Nün A (1 Glove)
Aromatic Pipe NA
Spider Harness NA
Heroic staff A
Greatsword of the North A
Boots of Tracks A
Ring of the North A
Vera A
Blackflame Dagger A
Scabbard of Holding NA
Gauntlets of Ground Smashing NA
Wood ring (key word Keltar Dardragon ) NA
Claw of the Bear A
Velrosa’s Longsword A
The Red dragons great club A
Charm of restoration A
Thieves’ Tools of Stealth A
Gauntlets of Holding NA
Ring of magma A
Loquacious Dagger A
ring of flames A
ring of lies A
Spear of Accuracy A
Gauntlets of Ogre Power A
Fire Giant’s Dagger A
Glimmer A
ever smoking bottle NA
Caduceus Staff A
belt of the scorpion A
Emerald Obsidian Amulet A
Bracers of the Merfolk A
Immovable rod NA
Weather bolder NA
Silvia NA
Bloodbound Striker A
Gem cutter A
Gavel of the Venn Rune A
Necklace of Alteration A
Dragon-scale Dress
Apparatus of Kwalish
| Cold chest NA
| Necklace of Alteration A
| Ring of Holiness A
| Wand of fireballs A
Bronze Gong
Staff of Counterspell A
Wagon Wheel
Empty wooden chest (unlocked)
Shard of the Ise Rune
Three Severed Frozen Dwarf Heads
10 Gold Teeth
4750 pounds of adamantine
dragon-scale dress AC 16
| Dara’s pf Zephynrus
| Anstruth Harp
| staff of striking
| mariners armor
| Bolas of sunlight
| Bag of Zephynrus
| Six giant sized potions
Frost Arc A
Boots of elvenkind A
Periapt of wound closure A
Ring of mind shielding A (Draven has)
[[ Dagger +2 | Dagger +2]] A
Staff of striking A
Armor of resistance (splint) A
Ring of water elemental command A
Belt of Dwarvenkind A
Hew A
Claw of Spell A
Belt of Featherfall NA
Dragongaurd NA
Bag of Boreas NA
Necklace of Fireballs (Four) NA
halberd +2
flying carpet
Salt Block
ring of petrification
Chewed Bone
Benedictine amulet of the Preacher
Colorthief’s Brush
Zenithian Gauntlets

4 though bottles (all used)

- Assassin poison (straife)

Secondary Party Loot

  • 4 Bottles of Holy Water
  • Bolt of Blinding Weapon
  • Chair of Insomnia
    *Lucky Necklace
  • Coin of Warriors Gamble
  • Coin of Vitality
  • Bell of Protection
  • 1800 gp worth of dimonds
  • Bag of Notus
  • 3 superior potions of healing, 3 greater potions of healing
  • 100 pp

For Guild hall
217 platinum, 3020 gold, 2370 silver, 3290 copper
250 gp + 4370gp

Extra Random stuff
Three empty vials, healer’s kit, tinderbox, smoking pipe, a stuffed teddy bear, wax seals, jars of ink, blank scrolls, quill pens, land owner ship documents, tax records, Ornate granite circlet (70 gp), A beautiful wool cloak with pewter clasps (65gp), blue quartz

Loot Bag

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