CM Adventures

Conquest and Love: One year later, Thunderdome Part 2!
Session 50

The party lifted off on the Crimson Tide and began planning their next destination when prim noticed his message cylinder fill with a note in it. He open it and read it to himself then to the rest of the party:

Dear friends

I hope this note finds you well. In these dark times for the land we have an important announcement that will hopefully be a boon to everyone’s spirits. We are gathering our allies to Neverwinter to deliver the news. When your personal matters and quests are not pressing we request your presence at the Thunderdome. Stay safe my friends.

-Wes the Shield

The note came with an orb they recognized as similar to the one holly used to transport them during the wintersday holiday so they told the crew of the ship to get course for Guh’s stronghold at Grudd Haug and they would meet them there. the party all gathered in a circle and put their hands over the orb and concentrated and they found themselves in the thunderdome in Neverwinter surrounded by their allies from Phandalin. Their allies were watching Loralyn finish up a performance and as her song ended the crowd erupted in cheer. The party turned their attention to the center of the arena as they watched their Goliath friend come to the center to make an announcement:

“Friends As you all know we have all been through many challenges in recent times. With Dragons and Giants threatening the land, no tomorrow is assured for anyone and that is why we must live for today. Loralyn has been lifting spirits here in Neverwinter with her performances here as many of you in the crowd have witnessed. She has gathered many fans and admirers with her ability to make you all smile and forget your troubles if only for awhile. I am here to admit today that I have grown to be her one of her biggest fans and supporters and wish to prove that not only today, but every day. And that is why I am announcing our engagement."

He pulled out an ornate looking amulet and puts it around her neck which she accepts This was passed down in my family for generations. It has special properties that if either of us were injured we could be brought to the other’s side and forever watch out for each other.

With that they embraced each other and the crowd cheer and he turned to the crowd to say:

“And with that I am announcing a grand 2 on 2 tournament here in the thunderdome to celebrate our union! Anyone who wishes to compete register as a pair and show us the strength of your bonds!”

The crowd cheer once again as a prize list was posted for the top competitors in the tournament got the crowd excited and many warriors began scrambling looking for partners.

As the party looked through the crowd of their friends Rowan was the 1st to spot Lor standing in the crowd by the Great worm tribe who managed to make it this far south. She ran up to him calling out to her sweetie and they embraced and signed up as a pair to fight together in the tournament.

The great worm tribe saw prim and proclaimed CHIEF PRIM! CHIEF PRIM! we have made it thus far on our journey we hope we are doing you proud. We will enter the tournament and fight in your honor. Prim said he was proud of them for doing so well and as he was talking to them he saw a familiar goblin run up through the crowd to greet it. Prim called out and greeted droop and asked him to fight together just like in the old days. and they signed up as a pair. Erelosa expressed her excitement and told her daddy she would be cheering for him the whole time. She noticed another girl walking through the crowd and Gwen came up to her and introduced herself. Stars shown in Erelosa’s eyes as she saw the dragon on Gwen’s shoulder and asked if they could be friends and Gwen said she would love a friend her age that they don’t get too many coming through the Thunderdome so she would love to play with her today and they both ran off.

Yue spotted Thalia standing near the edge of the area listing to Lorayn’s next song and greeted her and they agree to fight together just like in their days of traveling as a merchant group.

Norros scanned the crown and being a new comer to the group looked out of place and he found another wallflower in Shin Lan who they just met in neverwinter and she said that she would do her best to help out and that it would be good to stretch out some old tricks she used to practice.

Draven Approached Sister Gaerelle and asked her to partner up and she remarked on how he looks different and would like to chat more with him about his experiences with the raven queen and would be happy to fight with him in this tournament.

Pokeman Jones approached Iarno and asked him to partner up and he responded with “With your penchant for bludgeon people and my magical aptitude we will take this tournament.” and they signed up.

Gundren looked around and found Zem Slatedust working on his pistols and they agreed to enter as a pair in the competition.

As the signups finished Wes announced that the thunderdome had been recently upgraded to include various terrain to make the matches more interesting and that each quadrant on the thunderdome could be set individually. they had a choice of fire, ice, desert, forest, boulder, graveyard, or spike pit. and that the pairs had been randomized and the 1st round match ups were set.

1st up was Pokeman Jones and Iarno vs Gundren and Zem Slate Dust. they surrounded themselves in forest and graveyard terrain and Gundren squared off with Pokeman Jones with warhammer clashing against a new hellish halberd while Zem took some shots against Iarno which scattered acros the trees missing. Iarno assisted Pokeman ignoring zem while behind cover and cast spells injuring Gundren and distracting him being assaulted on 2 fronts. Zem attempted to turn the tide blasting apart a grave stone but it backfired with the ghost possessing him and turning his gun on Gundren as well causing him to fall shortly after and them Pokeman and Iarno were able to team up and take out Zem with little effore winning the 1st round.

The 2nd round saw Draven and sister Gaerelle fight the great worm tribe. Draven called out that he could take on more of them and 4 of them joined the fray instead of 2 but they put him over a spike pit of begin the match and put sister Gaerelle behind the boulder obstacle. As the match began Draven tried to hop from post to post but fell into the pit and impaled his arm on a spike, pulled it out and then tried to do a flip out of the pit but ended up not getting high enough and ended up on another spike for a 2nd impale. The tribe moved to the edge of the pit and launched their spears down at him but the awkward angle only one hit him. Draven finally climbed out of the pit and was looking rough and the tribe tried to shove him down the pit once again but sister gaerelle got around the boulders and healed his wounds up enough he was able to shove back the tribe and blasted them into the wall of the arena winning the match.

The 3rd round saw Prim and Droop square off against norros and shin Lan where they squared off on spike pits and forest. Droop immediately jumped onto the spike pit posts and began attacking Norros yelling “DROOP IS BRAVE” and injured him and was about to throw him into the spikes when norros countered and droop plummeted down being taken out. Prim retaliated seeing his friend taken out by blasting Shin lan with his magic leaving only Norros and Prim reaining. Elelosa and Gwen Cheered from the stands for her Daddy to win. Prim and Norros squared off in a caster’s duel casting incantations and counter spells back and forth in a magical game of chess and strategy.they both stood on the pillars above the spikes wounded and exhausted and prim used some of the last of his magic to sink in a grovel spell dropping norros prone planking across 2 pedestals. Prim attempted an acrobatic move of jumping across the pedestals and knocking Norros into the spike pit but he slipped on the edge of the platform and as he fell only grabbed part of Norros’s clothing which ripped and gave way sending prim into the spike pit giving Norros the victory to move on to the semifinals.

The 4th round squared up Yue and Thalia vs Rowan and Lor. once again in forests and spike pits. Rowan immediately tried to jump the spike pits but fell in impaling herself and Lor ran to her Aid. As he was helping her out of the Pit Yue Rained fire down on both of them singing Lor and taking him out of the competition. In a rage Rowan cast banish and Sent Yue to another plane of existence for 1 minute and squared off with Thalia. Rowans Lightbring and spiritual weapons clashed with Thalia’s flaming fists but in the end Thalia connected with more blows and sent rowan to the ground securing the 1st round victory informing Yue When the banish Spell wore off and she returned to the area that they were moving on. She looked up to see Xing and Shin Lan cheering from the stands.

At the start of the Semifinals Pokeman Jones and Iarno Squared off against Graven and Sister Gaerelle. Pokeman Jones immediately tried to charge Draven but seeing the last match he banished him. leaving only iarno to fight who did his best flinging spells but was overwhelmed in a 2v1 scenario. Upon returning from banishment Pokeman Jones immediately made a dash for sister gaerelle and took her out after taking an initial wave of attacks from the both of them eliminating the healer. Pokeman’s Hellish weapon and draven pact weapon clashed in the middle of the arena and both were on the edge of defeat but battered and bruised pokeman’s action surge pushed him through with more attacks than draven could handle and he moved into the finals.

The 2nd semifinal match pitted Yue and Thalia Vs Shin lan and Norros. Yue felt strange standing across from the woman Xing considered might be his mother but she hoped she would know her better after the fight and might learn something about her. Thalia did not hesitate though and squared off with Shin Lan distracting her land enough for yue to bring a fire storm down and take her out. Norros countered by blasting thalia with his magic and Norros once again found himself standing on a spike pit in a casters duel attempting to counter spell Yue’s fireballs, 1st time he succeeded but nd time the spell was empowered enough that it blew through his ability to stop it and he was toasted sending Yue into the finals. As they brought the competitors out she gave Shin lan a hug and told her she did a good job and Xing cheered for her victory.

The crowd went wild for the finals as the hype built from the exciting preliminary matches seeing Yue and Thalia Square off against Pokeman Jones and Iarno. Pokeman jones set himself behind bounders and yue set her side behind forest for cover. Erelosa and Gwen Cheered for yue on the eastern side of the arena and you could hear the great worm tribe throwing down a Pokeman Jones chant telling him to “Get the Fire Witch!”. As the match began Yue immediately brought down her strongest firestorm spell and being trapped behind boulders the heat quickly overwhelmed Iarno putting pokeman jones in a tough position. Pokeman countered by ramming into one of the boulders sending it rolling plowing through the trees opening a path straight towards Yue. He came out of the supeheated area on fire and lighting up his Hellborn halberd charged straight at her screaming a terrifying yell “RAAAAAA” taking gashes out of her which she tried to parry using blurred image and shield spells to deflect some of the blows but a few got through cutting her badly.

Thalia rushed out from the forest and unloaded a series of punches and kicks into pokeman Jones injuring him but nothing would keep his blood lust from his true target and he continued a barrage of hacks and slashes one catching Yue across the chest cutting deeply and the crowd saw the light go from her eyes with her collapsing to the ground. Loralyn jumped up from her seat shouting “YUE!” into the roar of the crowd with her hands over her mouth. 3 seconds went by as Pokeman Jones began to eye up Thalia taking a “your next” battle stance. Suddenly he noticed a fiery orb began burning in Yue’s chest and burst forth igniting her Phoenix Spark and picking her up from the ashes of defeat. She spark sent fire out of her mantle of flames burning Pokeman Jones backing him off just long enough that she was able to unload as many magic missiles as she could muster into his chest piece dropping him to the ground and then piercing through it with a yell and a fire bolt finishing him and winning the tournament!

The crowd jumped to their feet and cheered at this thrilling conclusion with the crowd chanting her name she took a bow and congratulated her opponents on matches well fought. The prize pools were brought out and Yue chose a magical bag of notus. As the day came to a close the party took a few moments to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate their accomplishments they achieved over the last year with their friends.

New Alliances and old friends in Phandalin!
Session 49

Auctorias led the party back through the hell they came through sending the Zhentarim to fight any hell spawn they encountered. They watched the mages dispatch some fire elementals and Psaro tear apart some remaining fire giants until they reached the portal which they came in and suddenly everyone was back in the bar the Styx Oresman. The party breathed a sigh of relief as they saw their friends rush to them. Erelosa ran to prim saying how she was glad he was ok and was scared at how beat up he looked. He assured her he was ok as she stated to bandage his wounds. Delsaphine ran to Pokeman and asked if he was ok and he reassured her he got his soul back and she said she was worried they were gone for so long she looked for help but the only ones who were willing to jump into that hell portal were the zhentarim. The Zhent clerics began to patch up zuriel and he dropped off some of his gear with the party and then left with Auctorius and his crew to be used as collateral for their contract.

As they left a gnome approached the party and introduced himself as Norros Graveltoes and said that he was a tinkerer of sorts and he had heard of all the great deeds the crimson mercenaries had done throughout the land and that he was their biggest fan and was hoping he could be of assistance to them in their fight against the giants. Yue immediately noticed he had a Tressym with him and that he and Rillix were playing together. She pulled him aside and they discussed their animal companions. Norros’s companion was actually a familiar which could take several shapes and he gave Yue some instructions on a ritual she could perform in order to help bind Rillix to her so if he fell in battle he would not perish permanently. It would take several steps but she would need to do the following.

-carve a figurine for a necklace in the likeness of the desired familiar (dex DC)

- infuse it with spell of soul binding
- Purify it with holy aura so the binding of 2 souls is consensual
- Both touch the necklace as it gets powered by the lightning and she makes an animal handling dc check to complete the ritual.

She thanked Norros for his knowledge and welcomed him to join in on their adventure to help save the sword coast. Norros showed off several of his deviced he tinkered with just as a time piece and a watch work mechanical hand held dragon which was sort of steam punk in theme. Rowan was impressed with his devices and the party took a moment to gather their thoughts and the innkeeper offered them rooms for the night as well as some devil’s water that the man in the white suit had left behind which they immediately dumped into Everfull. The party all tried some as they needed that having such a close encounter with death and they all went to sleep.

As Yue was about to drift off she heard a knock on her door and the familiar voice of Erelosa. She welcomed her in and she said she had a note that came from a messenger for her while they were gone. Erelosa gave her the message and then headed off for the night. Yue opened the note which read:

“Yue I have good news and bad news, I believe I have located my mother. Meet me in Phandalin when you can and I will explain further. I miss you so much.

Yours Always
- Xing”

With that the whole party finally got a well deserved rest. They awoke that morning and Yue revealed the info she received last night as she cooked steak and eggs with her hands at the breakfast table. The party decided their next stop should be Phandalin to deliver the weevil to Halia Thornton and from there they could plan their next move in retrieving giant relics. The party spent some time shopping in phandalin restocking on health potions and Harvey sold a gem encrusted staff for a 1/3 of its actual worth as he didn’t understand money but he finally conquered his old nemesis the clean window. The Party boarded the Crimson Tide and set off for Phandalin.

On their Journey on the airship they introduced Norros to the crew and he excitedly wanted to explore every inch of the ship like an excited fan wanting to know everything about their lives if it was the same as he had read. As they were sailing Harvey spotted 5 dots on the horizon and recognized them as his people who had brought him to the party and knew that they had been successful in their mission. They were carrying Draven who’s wings had dissipated and his skin tone was now a pale white color. He greeted his party members and told them of his Journey:

“He found a Paladin with the silver mirror Roam Arniman and his party who were on a quest to prevent Orcus from returning to the world. They tracked a cult to the keep on the Shadowfell and while his party ventured inside to stop the cult, the raven queens forces acted as rear guard for the keep and they fought off waves of Orcus’s forces until the ground shook and a scream was heard throughout the keep as the silver mirror was shattered and Orcus’s plan to return were thwarted. His forces scattered and with their mission complete The raven Queen’s forces returned to the north and searched out Draven’s companions with their mission complete.”

The party welcomed back Draven and Erelosa ran up to him giving him a hug asking if he brought her anything from the south. He said he did not and she said that that is ok she was just glad that he was back. Harvey addressed the party now that his mission was over he was ready to depart and the Aarokroca flew off into the sunset. The party celebrated the return of their companion and drank throughout the night until they arrived in Phandalin.
As they came down the road to the north they 1st spotted Sister Gaerelle sitting at a table in the field having tea with a woman. As they approached she introduced herself as Halia Thornton of the Zhentarim and that she had heard a lot about them and their deeds throughout the land. The party told her of the trouble they had with Auctorius and Halia knew him as Auctorius the Calculating, powerful mage and current leader of the Zhentarim. She informed the party she was not fond of his leadership that she found him heavy handed with his invasion plans and thinks he is pushing too hard and is making too many enemies for her faction. She informed the party that she wants to supplant him.

Halia presented the party with her plan. She believes that Auctorius needs to be made to look weak in front of his benefactors so they abandon him and make his position easier to make a play for. halia wanted to make this happen on several fronts. She wants to make it look like she cares more for the people by securing the Weevil and bringing him back and that she would gladly pay the party for retrieving him. The party agreed and cut him loose to her and she paid them their 5000gp. Next she wanted to secure trade with goldenfields to help the Zhentarim profit. This would show she succeeded in gaining influence wheree Auctorius’s heavy handed ways failed and spilled Zhentarim blood where she would get better results without losing 1 soldier proving her negotiating skills. Then finally to get those who only follow him due to their fear of his military prowess she plans to stage a fake attack on nightstone and then have her forces show up and drive away the assault making her look good in the eyes who value military prowess. She feels that all of these would weaken his position and then she would call for a vote of no confidence in his leadership and attempt to supplant him as leader of the Zhentarim. In return for the party’s help she would make sure that the Zhentarim coming to take Phandalin were under her control and it would all be for show so they can get their companion Zuriel back. She told the party that she has no interest in his military conquest only the influence and growth she can get monetarily with diplomacy. Halia told them they can work together to make this land a better place and she felt Auctorius is an egotistical maniacal warmonger who will run the Zhentarim into the ground and she doesn’t want that to happen.

The party agreed to her plan and Rowan shook on it asking to read the contract to which Halia replied that she is staging a coup and its not wise to have things like that written down before you go do them. Rowan agreed and went to go cast a sending spell to zuriel to try to tell him their plans but Halia stopped her again asking why she is going to tell the captive their recently created plans potentially letting it fall to the enemy as Auctorius is a powerful mage and could read minds or even torture information out of captives to further his position. Halia Urged Rowan to be more careful in the future as it was her head on the line as well that has a stake in all of this. The party reached an agreement with Halia and they went to go visit the rest of their friends in phandalin while the Weevil sat at the table with Sister gaerelle and Halia asking if they had anything hard to drink. The told him sadly they only have tea and offered him a dainty cup ornate with flowers. He half grunted in dismay but pulled out a flask from his pocked and poured some liquor into it and sipped on it with his pinky up in the air not because he was fancy but because of a broken finger that was malformed.

They sat and continued their conversation as Draven and Norros visited Zem Slatedust. Draven knocked on the door and upon crashing and rummaging he finally opened the door yelling “WHO ARE YOU!” and Draven replied “Don’t you remember me?” to which Zem shouted “NO!” and shut the door. Draven knocked again and Zem opened once again and draven told him who he was how he got the cursed pistol off of him long ago which jogged his memory. Zem said he didn’t recognise him becaue he was white now and he didn’t recognize the stranger Norros who introduced himself and stared in wonder at the chaos that was his black powder shop. Draven checked on the goblin kids who seemed to be having a good time with all of their limbs still attached. One was rummaging through some junk piles and the other 2 were playing outside. When Norros shook Zem’s wooden hand he said he could make a mechanical one for him that would be more functional. Thrilled at the sound of this Zem offered draven his latest invention called the shrapnel shot for his pistol which he gladly accepted. Zem offered the pair some coffee which they got in cracked cups which Norros was able to repair for him. Amazed with the new friend he just made he whipped up some coffee quickly for the party which unfortunately was a little gritty with gunpowder. They both poured it into a house plant and out the window when he wasn’t looking and bid him good day and that they would have his arm done for him soon. The goblin kids followed draven and norros back to the center of town to see the rest of the party.

While Draven and Norros were gone Yue found Xing in town with Thalia Dr. Droknar and another woman who introduced herself as Shin Lan. As soon as Xing saw her he ran and embraced her telling her how much he missed her. Xing told Yue he had been tracking this woman since the Harpers claimed they believed he was his mother and that she was part of a traveling merchant group which led her here to Phandalin. Unfortunately she seems to have lost her memory and cannot recall him or the circumstances around her memory loss. Xing stated he started searching for information and found that there has been a string of amnesia cases happening to the northeast of Phandalin and east of the Grandfather Tree in the High forest. He was hoping to meet up with the party if they were headed that way as it might be the fastest way to get answers. The party said they would be passing by that area anyway and would gladly accept his help and company and Xing reunited with the party.

The party celebrated the reunion of so many old friends and new allies and celebrate the night away in the Stone Hill Inn. They drank and Sang with Pokeman Jones and Everfull and got a good night’s rest in proper beds and filled their bellies with a good meal before setting out once again on the Crimson Tide. Yue and Xing were especially happy to be able to reconnect for the night after being apart and everything seemed to be looking up.

Heading to the grandfather tree they 1st encountered a giant burial mound called Flint Rock which looked like a massive elk pressed down into the grass from the sky. The party set down on the outskirts of flint rock and Draven spotted a magical object underneath the alter in the center of flint rock. Norros built a stone bridge so they could just walk up and get right to the alter. 2 Elk stood atop the mound just grazing on grass and the party was on edge the whole time as the elk minded their own business.

The party knew the item was underneath the alter and so Norros devised a plan to lift the alter using an A frame and pulley system which they hooked up and all of the party members tried to lift it to no avail trying one by one and they looked in despair as how they could make it out of hell but be defeated by a heavy slab of rock. They decided to all pull at once and several members pulled muscles and injured themselves lifting this rock eventually they got it upright but not before it sounded like the elk were making bleating noises almost as if they understood their not quite so heroic show of strength. They dug into the earth and found a giant’s Mithril spear tip and added it to their collection before returning to the crimson tide with only their pride wounded from this adventure.

In the darkest Pits of Hell!
Session 48

The party ventured deeper into the next layer of hell and paw an imp perched on a sconce on the wall near a torch. It spotted them as harvey fell down the stairs. it started to make a break for it and zuriel shadow stepped in its way and tackled it to the ground before it could alert anyone. They questioned it as to where the man in the white suit was. and he told then off to the north down the stairs and to avoid the fire giants that zalto traded to the man in the white suit for a piece of a giant mechanical construction. the party let the imp go and it flew back upstairs as the party pressed onward. Zuriel scouted again after having invisibility cast upon him and directed the party around fire elementals, hell hounds, and helmed horrors until they cam across a pool of running magma that they had to get across. Zuriel shadowstepped across and spotted 3 fire giants guarding the stairs. With the wintersday orb and brought the rest of the party with them and they jumped the giants. a battle ensued and the party was victorious getting the element of surprise on the giants. to their dismay when they got to the north part of the cavern they saw the north route split into 2 ways, a clean path to a stair case and one filled with a river of magma in the way. they brought out the reindeer flute and summoned a flying reindeer to check the magma river 1st.

They went down the southern staircase and came across a riddle written on a door

I begin eternity,
And end space,
At the end of time,
And in every place,
Last in life,
Second to death,
Never alone,
Found in your breath,
Contained by earth,
Water or flame,
My grandeur so awesome,
Wind dare not tame,
Not in your mind,
Am in your dreams,
Vacant to Kings,
Present to Queens.

After much debate Harvey being good at riddles figured out the answer was the letter E. and the door opened. Zuriel and prim descended below into a room that seemed impossibly cold compared to how hot the other room was. it was filled with 5 pools of liquid and a seemingly dead adventurer in the middle of the center pool. Zuriel walked around the edge of the pool and prim poked the body with his mage hand to no effect. He dipped the mage hand into the cold water and it rippled and forms began to coalesce in the waters and abominations wrapped in black puddings began to emerge from the waters so they both hauled ass out of the room and back upstairs. to tell the party they didn’t find anything good down there.

The party inspected the clean pathways staircase and discovered another riddle door which read

What is it which builds things up?
Lays mountains low?
Dries up lakes,
And makes things grow?
Cares not a whim about your passing?
Ans is like few other things,
Because it is everlasting?

Harvey was also able to solve this riddle yelling out TIME as he heard the words off of the door and it opened into the hottest level they have been to yet. the chamber was an I shaped platform and the rest of it was filled with a pool of running hot magma. standing at the end of the room was the man in the white suit. He turned around and said “prim pressleaf so nice of you to come down here and bring me your soul after all. That is mighty sporting of you.” Prim tried to convince him to return pokeman’s soul but to no avail as he explained that is the way devils gain power in the hells and ascend to having more authority so he couldn’t do that but he would gladly make the party apart of his rise to the top. And with that he summoned 6 bearded devils which appeared adjacent to the party and activated a stone golem which began marching down the pathway to them. Fire elementals began to rise out of the magma. The man in the white suit dropped his illusion and revealed his true form as Barathrum the Pit fiend of this plane of hell.

Feeling outnumbered the party called the reindeer to fight and Prim summoned his succubi which were bound to the fiddle to stand against their old master. They knew how they had been mistreated by him before with him killing them again and again only to re-spawn here in hell with their souls having nowhere else to go. They were willing to do their part. Pokeman Jones and rowan took on the fire elementals, zuriel jumped in the way of the statue to try to block its progress, Yue the reindeer the succubi and Harvey began to fight the bearded devils while prim squared off with Barathum trying to pin him to the ceiling with his illusions.

The party fought bravely but things began to look dire a few bearded devils fell but the Pit fiend broke free of prim’s grasp and mauled harvey out of the sky who dropped to the ground and was knocked unconscious while on fire and began to slowly cook. Prim tried to stop the Pit fiend but was slashed by his claw and was engulfed by a fire elemental and sliced open by a bearded devil. the infernal wound was too much to bear and Prim Pressfleaf died in battle there. Barathrum took out a soul gem and proclaimed “Now I will have your soul after all Mr. Presleaf” and laughed while he watched his foes start to fall. Zuirel took heavy damage from the stone statue and was almost smashed by it but one of the succubi took the golden fiddle from prim’s corpse and used it to a fire storm shattering the golem sending pieces into the magma. The Pit fiend noticed him and struck zuriel unconscious with a tail swipe. Pokeman jones fought through a fire elemental and was helping the rest through some bearded devils. the reindeer was cut down in this conflict while the pit fiend struck down Jade. rowan attempted to resurrect prim but to no avail as yue kept the bearded devils at bay pulling out missiletoe after missiletoe sending magic missiles screaming all across the battlefield and pushing them away with thunderwaves.

Pokeman jones squared off against the pit fiend angry he has seen 3 of his companions fall and thinking about how he needs his soul back to help everyone he put everything he had into lashing out at the pit fiend and they had a knock down drag out fight with both heavily injured and bleeding but it just wasn’t enough and the pit fiend crushed him into the ground with his mace and he stood above him gloating about to deliver a killing blow on his unconscious form when Rowan’s Lightbringer made a sickening thud and smashed in the back all the way out the chest of the pit fiend with radiant energy as she screamed FOR LURUE!

Yue finished off the remaining bearded devils and fire elementals and the room grew quiet the exception of the magma bubbling. Yue and Rowan almost collapsed from exhaustion but found the energy to feel potions to those unconscious unfortunately harvey and prim seemed to have died. They quickly gathered Pokeman’s soul off of the dais and took back prim’s off of the pit fiend’s body and quickly searched for any useful loot. as they were looting they heard the sound of marching down the stairs and discovered an entire force of Zhentarim were standing before them. They recognized Shalvus Martholio from goldenfields but he called a creepy looking albino cloaked figure in robes “boss there they are, thats them I told you about.”

The cloaked figure introduced himself as Auctorias and explained that a little girl and a pirate woman asked if anyone was willing to venture into a hell hole to rescue their friends who had long gone missing. Auctorias said “upon hearing your description we knew who you were and came down here to offer you a deal. It looks like you are pretty beat up with some of your friends dead over there and so I have my priests resurrect them and we will escort you out of here in exchange for you helping us take territory on the sword coast. in particular we want Goldenfields Bryn Shander or perhaps Phandalin.” Rowan protested in her weary state and said they would be fine to handle themselves that they could just leave. Auctorias clarified that they would not make it out of hell without them and if they tried they would make sure of it. Zuriel coming to realize the situation that they were in signed a contract assuring that they would help the zhentarim get a foothold in one of those location and that his body and soul would be help as collateral for this agreement. And with that business agreement signed Auctorias was satisfied his business arrangement would benefit his cause and instructed his priests to revivify. the fallen and instructed his hired muscle an elf named Psaro to go search any of the remains of the devils for anything useful the party may have left.

Harvey was revivified immediately and the priests noted there was no soul tether to bring prim back until Zuriel gave them a soul stone to use to bring him back and they reinstated Pokeman Jone’s soul as well. With the party bloody but very much alive and victorious they made their way out of hell with their new acquaintances.

In Search of a Lost Soul!
Session 47

The party headed down the stairs and came across a locked door with an inscription on it that Zuriel could read. it was a riddle:

I have many tongues but cannot taste

By me, most things are turned to waste
I crack and snap, yet I stay whole
I may take the largest toll
I assisted all of the first men
And I will pay them back again
Around me, people snuggle and sleep
Yet run when I am released from my keep
I jump around and leap and bound
The cold man wishes I he had found

The party thought it over and Zuriel said the word Fire in infernal near the door and heard a click as they saw the door unlock. They pushed into the next room which was smoldering and hot with magma flowing everywhere with narrow passages. As they entered they were spotted by a passing by cambion who immediately charmed Yue and set her upon the rest of the party throwing a fireball spell in the middle of everyone. The party was shaken but tried to recover and were able to break the charm by slaying the cambion, but by then they has bearded devils, more cambion, mephits and a fire elemental heading in their direction. Prim was able to halt much of their progress by stunning them with hypnotic pattern and they engaged the residents of this level in hell in an drawn out conflict with the party eventually being victorious. They explored this level of hell not finding the man in white but they did find some magical items like a crimson colored halberd, a staff of conterspell and Harvey found a special ring of protection +2 inside a mimic which tried to devour him as he opened the chest.

The party tried to patch up their wounds the best they could but they found no rest in hell yet and decided to keep pushing deeper as they found stairs descending even deeper. Once again they were presented with another riddle:

What is it-

That we love more than life,
Fear more than death,
The rich want it,
The poor have it,
The miser spends it,
And the spend-rift saves it?

This time the party wasn’t sure what the answer was and debated for some time. they shouted out several answers with no reaction from the door. Harvey suddenly had a burst of inspiration and shouted out “Nothing!” and the party heard the door unlock and they seemed ready to press deeper in search of Pokeman Jones’s Soul.

The Devil Went Down to Luskan!
Session 46

As the party approached the Luskan gates Harvey took to the skies and searches around for anything shiny to add to his nest but was distracted by the sun glinting off of the rivers and only found a few greasy wrappers in the streets. He then looked for a shop to sell his jeweled staff at and found what he thought was a shop but flew straight into the glass window and was too embarrassed to enter so he returned to his party.

He found Pokeman and Delsaphine walking as she was asking him if he every docked here in Luskan and he had not so she told him some stories of her times they had shore leave here. She explained that they had some of the finest brothels here and asked if he prefers rogue’s or rangers, and several other innuendos asking about his preferences that went over his head until Erelosa gave a sigh and told him flat out she wants to know if you like guys or girls. He explained that he doesn’t frequent those places but when she mentioned Caryandra was the owner of one names Le Petite chat they decided to stop in for directions as to find the man who challenged prim. They learned from her he was in a bar the Oreman Styx.

They set off for the bar and found it without much effort and inside they found a man dressed in white with 2 beautiful women at his side. He introduced himself with a Cajun accent as Barathrum and the to women as Tiffany and Jade. He told prim he heard rumors that Prim was claiming to be the best bard in the land and he had come to refute that claim and proposed a bard off best 3/5 songs with high stakes. He had a Legendary fiddle made of gold and proposed a wager against prim’s soul that he thought he was better than him. Prim was momentarily hesitant asking if he thought that was a little extreme but Barathrum countered saying “ok well if you know you will lose anyway you can admit it right here and we will broadcast it to the sword coast that you were too chicken to face me and admit that I am the greatest bard to walk the land” He held out an orb that the party recognized was similar to the ones used to broadcast fights in the thunderdome. Prim immediately jumped at the chance to face him after that insult to his pride and Barathrum pulled out a contract for him to sign to the battle. Prim signed without reading and Barathrum expalined he needed 2 party members to join him and it was him and his ladies vs prim and 2 party members of his choosing. after discussion Yue and Pokeman Jones volunteered to help him and also signed the contract without reading it. Barathrum said “fantastic” rolled up the contract and set the match for later that night.

The party rehearsed and drank potions to give themselves more charisma and to ease their nerves. Prim put up posters to draw a crowd and there was a full house to witness the battle of the bards in luskan that night. The bartended introduced both of them and prim was up 1st. and he sang to the tune of bohemian rhapsody:

“ Is this a board game? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a bard off, no escape for this amateur Open your eyes, look up into mine and see I am Prim Pressleaf, you have now challenged me Well now your goanna loose, everything, (your) dignity, (and) instruments (only)One way that this thing goes and that would be my vic-victory, victory

Devil, you have fucked up I’m the best bard in the world, you can’t beat my melodies Devil, this has just begun But now I’ve got to put you in your place!!!! Devil, ooh, can’t wait to make you cry When you hear these rhythms you will be balling Knowing that, knowing that, you just can’t beat a Pressleaf

Too late, can’t run away You’ll be a joke for all of time, and that sweet loot will be mine Goodbye, Mr.Satan, your time is through you must have realized by now that you a screwed Satan, ooh, (you are so screwed) I cant wait to win Guess you’ll be down one pretty epic soul!!!

[Epic flute Solo]

I see a pretty damn epic looking bard Pressleaf, Pressleaf, will you do the Van Beethoven Phantasmal force and magic, very, very frightening (super sexy) super sexy (super sexy) super sexy. Super sexy equals prim. primmmmmm I’m just a cool boy everybody loves me He’s just a cool boy from a rad family Share with him coins so you may here a verse Easy win, easy win, this should take a sec Oh shit!!! Well yeah, this will just take a sec (Just a sec!) get rekt scrub! Prim is gonna win (Just a sec!) get rekt scrub! Prim is gonna win (Pressleaf) Is gonna win! (Pressleaf) Is gonna win! (press leaf is gonna win win win win win) (Oh mamma mia, mamma mia) Mamma mia, you’re a fool Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, but its you??? So you think you can fight me and take my soul? So you think you can out sing even I? Oh, devil, can’t out sing me, devil Just gotta play on, just gotta play on for that gear!

Your turn doesn’t matter, anyone can see Your turn doesn’t matter Your turn doesn’t matter at all”

Barathrum retorted with his own song

The devil went down to Luskan he was looking for a soul to steal, he was in a bind cause he was way behind so he was willing to make a deal, he came across this one bard playing a tune and singing it hot, so the devil slid across the room to the kid and said boy let me tell ya what. I guess you didn’t know it but i’m an entertainer too and if you care to make a dare i’ll make a bet with you. now you play pretty good son but won’t you give the devil his due I bet this fiddle of gold against your soul that I think I’m better than you.

Prim did you ever know that time keeps marching on, the coldest hour is the one comes just before the dawn, the devil’s back in luscan will you stand up to the test, or will you let the devil be the best? Prim are you practicing or will your hands grow cold? The devil walks the land and plays a fiddle made of gold Can you hear the baby crying, will she ever know The devil wants her daddy’s very soul?

Prim came back playing don’t fear the reaper, through the fire and the flames, and we are the champions where Barathrum played sympathy for the devil, Downton funk and and house of the rising sun.

After 4 rounds prim and his band won 3 out of the 4 and Barathrum conceded the match to him and handed over the golden fiddle commenting that their contract was now complete and he had 30 seconds to make his decision. he rolled out the contract and showed his what he agreed to:

“This contract is to confirm the agreement between Barathrum and his band and Prim Pressleaf and his band that they will perform in a battle of the bands best 3 out of 5 rounds with the stakes being the legendary golden fiddle waged against Prim Pressleaf’s soul. Should Barathrum win he acquires Prim Pressleaf’s soul and should Prim Pressleaf win he will acquire the Legendary golden fiddle

(in small print)

in exchange for one of his band mate’s souls of Prim’s choosing within 30 seconds. Should he refuse to choose or back out on the deal Barathrum will receive both of their souls.

Sign X Prim Pressleaf

X Hyan Yue Wing

X Pokeman Jones

In a panic and with time running out prim blurted out uhhhh Pokeman Jones. And with a smile Barathrum said “so be it and Pokeman felt his soul be torn asunder from him and went into an orb being held by Barathrum who informed them their business was concluded and opened up a rift and proceeded through it.

The party shocked by the ending of the match checked on pokeman to see if he was ok and he seemed a little out of it but they all charged through the rift in an attempt to catch up with Barathrum. Prim ased delsaphine to watch erelosa to which she agreed and he joined the rest of the party.

As they passed through the rift they found themselves in a new plane of existence much warmer than the northern city of Luskan. They immediately began to break out in a sweat from the temperature change. Tiffany and Jade came through the portal with them and informed prim they were bound to the fiddle and will come help him if necessary and then departed. Rowan began using a locate creature and followed the signal deep into this cave they found themselves in with running rivers of magma. The party speculated that this place feels like hell. as they turned a corner they fond themselves fighting Burning skeletons with flaming swords which Rowan was able to shatter many of them with destroy undead.

As they continued deeper past more rivers of flowing and spurting magma. Harvey spotted a treasure chest on an island and tried to fly over to it but was clipped by the spurting magma and made it but caught on fire. The party made remarks about smelling roasted chicken which he didn’t take kindly and as he opened the chest he found gold and a pouch of dust of tracelessness. He was not sure what it was an he dipped his beak into it but started coughing and snorting out cobwebs.

As this was occurring Fire Elementals arose from the magma and set upon the party. Harvey used a wind wall to try to keep some at bay while Yue tried to douse them with a cold chromatic orb but ended up spilling it down pokeman’s armor. The party was engulfed in flamed several times but were able to douse themselves enough to fight off their fiery foes. They continues down a hallway to the east as the river of magma looped around and came across a narrow ledge which prim dimension doored everyone across to avoid any falls into the lava. as they appeared on the other side they were set upon by Salamanders armed with spears. As the party set upon them and found purchase striking them they were burned by the sheer heat of their bodies. one grappled Rowan and tried to dip her into the flowing magma burning her boots. The party was starting to look tired and took a more defensive position and began rescuing their members and helping rio slip out of their clutches with the help of her freedom of movement spell. They eventually triumphed over the Salamanders and found a staircase which descended deeper into this molten plane of existence. Although they were burnt and tired, they knew they needed to press on and find what fresh hell awaited down those stairs.

Brutal Bunnies at Morgur’s Mound!
Session 45

The party discussed at length what to do with the Weevil and decided to consult with sister gaerelle as to whether or not she would think they could trust the Zhetharim to hold up their end of the bargain. She let the party know that she does not trust them fully but with all the other chaos and giants and dragons having one less enemy even temporarily may give them enough breathing room to focus on solving the giant threat. Most of the party was convinced this was the proper way to go except for prim and he was outvoted and he vowed to write a song entitled “I told you so” if they ended up getting betrayed but it was decided to deliver the weevil to Halia Thornton in Phandalin as she visits Sister Gaerelle often for tea there.

The party was ready to set off and Rowan and Harvey got into an extended fight about what it means to be a member of the group as Harvey made comments about wanted to eat the weevil’s arm of tie him to a rope and dangle him off of the ship. The Weevil asked to be moved to the bottom of the ship to avoid their arguments and captain Laz fixed up some manacles and bolted them to the wall to prevent escape form the cargo room and they placed him and the goblin named Blics in there. The party decided to drop Blics off at the thunderdome the next time they visited Neverwinter. Yue was nervous around Harvey as he kept looking at Rillix and she thought he wanted to eat him just like the goblins when in actuality he explained he had a pet tressym like that as a child. Yue still moved Rillix out of his reach and Harvey went to go create a nest in the crow’s nest of the ship filling it with twigs and wrappers from food he picked up at the keep and cities he visited.

The party decided to stop at Morgur’s Mound to search for another giant artifact as it was on the way to Phandalin. They informed the crew and captain laz set in a course and the party was underway. Delsaphine shared more stories with pokeman jones as they traveled. The trip was otherwise uneventful with the exception of prim getting a letter in his harper cylinder. he opened and read it:

“Primrose Prissypants,

The strangest thing happened the other day. A handsome, older gentleman visited my establishment, looking for someone. He intimated that he was in search of a bard who claimed to be the "best there ever was,’ one who was blue eyes, white haired, elven, and young. He was most certainly speaking my language, so I told him such a one might be passing through again shortly, if the price was right. He assured me that the item he offered was something any decent bard would sell his soul for. He informed me that he can be found at Dante’s place in Luskan.

Not your messenger,


PS Fuck you too”

Prim became very excited and convinced the party to set in for Luskan after their Morgur’s mound adventure so he could prove his bard worth. The Crimson tide set down of the outskirts of Morgur’s mound and the party went to disembark. Pokeman Jones asked Delsaphine to watch over the prisoners and gave her Everfull so she could drink to pass the time. She told him go give them hell treasure hunting but be careful so they could drink together when they came back and punched him in the arm.

The party came onto the mound and harvey took to the skies to scout the area. Yue used a detect magic spell and saw several magic objects still buried within the hill although it looked like an excavation site with many holes with the party assumed were other people digging for treasure. Harvey noticed rabbits hopping along the hill as well as eggs littered across the mound. as the party approached one of the bunnies got spooked and kicked an egg down the hill. upon contact with the party it exploded and the ground began to shake. A hoard of thunderbeast skeletons burst forth from the ground and set upon the party snapping ans biting at them. The party prepared themselves for combat and Harvey noticed their skeletons looked fragile and bludgeoning them would be an effective tactic. The party began smashing these beasts into dust but it kept spooking the rabbits up on the hill causing more eggs to roll towards them. Harvey grabbed one rolling down the hill with his talons to save his companions but took the brunt of it as it exploded in a wall of acid covering his feathers.

Zuriel attempted to run up the hill and take out the rabbits before they caused any more trouble but upon approach they tried to pounce on him and almost knocked him over he noted they had remarkable strength for their size. Yue began throwing fireballs at the Skeleton beasts but a rabbit flanked her and tackled her to the ground and began biting at her neck as if to sever it from her body. She screamed for help and prim took out his spoons and animated them ordering them into his glove of holding and sent the glove to Yue’s aid which ripped the rabbit off of her before she was decapitated. Pokeman jones smashed several skeletal thunder beasts and joined prim in finishing the crazed vorpal rabbit allowing yue to get back to her feet.

Harvey cast a wind wall picking up rabbits and beasts alike and throwing them unfortunately also picked up 3 volatile eggs flinging them in all directs with 2 of them hitting his party engulfing them in fire damage. The party regrouped and were able to finish off the last of the bunnies now aware of their tactics pushing them away as they tried to pounce upon them and the part was victorious and the mound grew quiet.

The party dug where they sensed magical items and found a fire giant gold plated tooth, a magical spear, a valuable staff and pokeman jones was able to go on an egg hunt and recover 3 of the exploding eggs that weren’t damaged in battle. The party returned to the ship with their mission accomplished.

The party returned to drunken singing on the crimson Tide as everfull was put to good use and it was used to help calm and sedate the prisoners. The crew celebrate their victory that night. Rowan went to go talk to zuriel to see if she cold help jog his memory by having him try to help her with celestial but imbibed a little too much and noone could understand a word she was saying so she gave up and decided to go to bed and try later. Harvey bedded down in his new crows nest and put the shiny valuable staff in it as if it were no different than any of the other twigs. Yue played with Rillix some more before heading off to bed and Pokeman Jones and Delsaphine spent the night sharing stories and talking about Luskan the times they docked there while sailing as the crew set sail to Luskan for their next adventure.

The Weevil’s Web and Larg’s Lies!
Session 44

The party found an inn called Mirabar’s gate to stay in and most of the party went to bed for the night. Draven and prim stayed up drinking and Prim plotted ways to pull a prank on Draven after he went to bed. Prim noticed his wooden message cylinder fill with a note from Sister Gaerelle:

“Greetings everyone. I recently met with a childhood friend of mine over tea. Her name is Halia Thornton and she is a member the Zentharim with some political pull and clout. I let her know of your pursuit of the Weevil and how I was confident that if any were to catch him you would. We negotiated and I learned the Zentharim are also interested in having him alive would match the 5000gp bounty on his head and in addition she could get them to cease attempts at control over Goldenfields, and and she offer a detachment of Zentarim to protect an area of our choosing. This was the best I could get from my old friend. I hope this note finds you well.

Sister Gaerelle”

Prim resolved to share this with everyone in the morning and after he read that noticed Draven had already gone to bed. In his room Draven lay down on his bed and fell fast asleep from their day of adventures. As he slept the black raven feather he removed from the alter of the raven queen began to glow in his pocket and seemingly absorbed into his body. Draven began to slip into a dream state.

As he looked around he found himself sinking deeper and deeper into his bed and he began to get cold and realized he was submerged completely in a viscous fluid and as he gasped the taste of blood filled his mouth and lungs he tried to swim looking for up or down but there was no sense of direction in this viscous fluid. He saw threads extending in all direction in what seemed to be eternity, some snapping and some being mended. He struggled and thought this might be the end but suddenly the burning in his lungs turned to gentle warmth and he could suddenly breathe normally as he spotted a white porcelain mask with empty sockets coming towards him.

She spoke "Draven Quarnt I am in need of a champion. Orcus and his forces draw near. I see how you bend the threads of fate around you and am in need of your strength to aid those who serve my needs. Travel south and find the paladin devout to Lathander with the silver mirror and help him achieve his goals. Do this and cement yourself as my champion. I will send a servant to aid your companions as this world is dangerous and they will need strength left in your absence. Now fly my dear Draven and stop Orcus’s return to this world.”

Draven felt himself drifting upwards and suddenly he bolted upright in bed drenched in what he thought was a cold sweat but seemed to be covered in the viscous blood he had been floating in. As he reawakened and was catching his breath prim was sneaking down the hallway and cracked open the door but to his dismay Draven was awake and on edge and as a reaction Draven threw a stone at the new intruder and knocked prim out hitting him square on the forehead. Confused he managed to bring prim back to his room and dumped him on the floor without waking Erelosa. Draven walked back into his room and notices 2 black wings sprouting from his back and panicked a bit wondering what this sign and the dream he just had meant. The remainder of his night was restless.

The morning came and Rowan awakened early for prayers and breakfast and as the party awake and came downstairs they noticed Zuriel acting strangely sitting away from everyone and upon questioning they realized he didn’t remember who he was and upon inspection found he had contracted amnesia either from the petrification or from cumulative battle trauma and they tried to help him remember but to no avail. He accepted that he was part of their group and they came to the conclusion that if they traveled together and if he was surrounded with enough familiar things it would sooner or later job his memories.

Draven came downstairs and was immediately questioned as to why the hell he has wings sticking out of his back and several of the party tried to pluck feathers out of his back which seemed to be the equivalent of pulling strands of hair from your head to Draven’s dismay. He told everyone of his vision and rowan interpreted that as a calling and they debated whether or not he should head out to fulfill the calling. They decided Draven could think about it on the way to Xantharl’s keep. Prim showed everyone Sister Gaerelle’s message and they started talking about the possible fate of the weevil with so many factions wanting him but reached no conclusion and decided to cross that bridge when they came to it.

As the air ship took of from Mirabar the party reintroduced Zuriel to the crew in an attempt to help him remember but to no effect yet. Prim took Erelosa down below deck to continue her stealth training with some hide and seek. Delsaphine pulled Pokeyman Jones to the side and they shared stories of being sailors. After telling his story Pokeyman Jones learned Delsaphine was 1st mate on the ship the Hades Jewel and was on shore leave when it was sacked and conquered by mind flayers. She wished that she was strong enough to take it back and rescue any of her crew that was still alive but couldn’t do it alone so she joined up with this crew even though they are a little too fanatical for her liking. But the Red dragon Klarth promised her The Hades Jewel back if she served him. Its been a year now and she had been starting to lose hope of ever seeing it again. Pokeyman Jones cheered her up and offered her more drink from everfull which she gladly accepted. With her spirits raised she told Pokeyman Jones a Corny ship Joke “where do you take a sick boat? ….. to the doc” and then gave him a slap on the ass, thanked him and went back to her duties.

Yue was playing with Rillix on the deck of the ship when she spotted several Aarakroca incoming and informed the party. As they approached they announced themselves as servants of the raven queen and sough Draven Quarnt and were to help guide him south to fulfill their deity’s wishes. They brought a replacement to make up for Draven’s strength. A black feathered Aarakroca with blue eyes who appeared to be about 9 (adult age is reached by 3 for their race) years old stood before them. And introduced himself to the party as Harvey Fuglmann and seemed interested in only fulfilling the Raven Queen’s wishes. He was informed of their current mission and agreed to help the party. Pokeymon Jones was able to break his stoic nature as he offered him some alcohol and that seemed to help him become more personable as he drank as they found his weakness for booze.

Draven set off for the south flying with his new wings like a newborn thrown into a pool for the 1st time but the Aarakraca escort helped his get his wings working and they set off for the south. The rest of the party readied themselves as captain Laz called out as they approached Xantharl’s Keep.

The keep itself was a fortified village that bears Xanthral’s name. It stands in the middle of nowhere, on the west side of a notoriously dangerous and rugged stretch of the Long road. An outer wall with heavy crossbows mounted to its battlements encloses a keep sheltered by a steep roof to shed snow. Surrounding the keep are dozens of narrow stone houses with heavy shutters and steep roofs of their own. The party approached the settlement and informed the guards of their business warning local areas of giant attacks and they seemed like they were pretty prepared for such an occurrence and welcomed them to the keep and let them know of an inn they could stay at called the The Falling Orc. They ventured to this inn to rest for the night and met a female half Ogre names Arzastra who offered them a room. She called her stable boy in to help the party with their things and to get them food. He was a shield dwarf who introduced himself as Larg. The party started telling patrons of their adventures and Larg told the party that he and his adventuring companions were caught in an avalanche while hunting a red dragon in the Valley of Khedrun, and only he survived.

As the party was getting ready to settle down for the night the bells of the keep began to sound and they sprung outside. Harvey took to the skies and spotted a force of ice giants ogres and goblins approaching. Pokeyman Jones ran to guard the gate, Harvey remained in the skies and the rest of the party dashed towards the walls to help fend off this attack.

Zuriel shadow stepped into the back lines of the frost giants and began to battle them while ogres began fitting the goblins with spiked helmets and started launching them over the walls. several hobgoblins tried to leas a smaller force of goblins through the front gate but were met by the guards and Pokeyman Jones and were crushed. Zuriel stunned one of the frost giants driving the void claw through him but was quickly surrounded by the other 3 who approached and started taking swings at him. Zuriel’s muscle memory kicked in and was able to avoid several decapitating blows but still was gashed several times and was quickly being overwhelmed. Prim climbed to the top of the wall and used mass suggestion on the giants and right as they were about to come down of Zuriel. Three of them suddenly did not feel like fighting and left the battlefield leaving Zuriel to square off against one who was stout of mind.

While the Siege ensured it suddenly became apparent that the northern assault by the giant was a ploy. Bugbears stealthily moved into the keep and made their way to the falling orc. A battle ensued in the there and 2 bugbear fell but Larg was stuffed into a sack and was abducted. As they ran out of the inn Pokeyman Jones heard the bugbears cry out. We got the Weevil Lets get out of here. and they began to flee. They tried to dash beyond Pokeyman Jones and Harvey but the Aarakraca created a wind wall which blocked their exit. Several bugbears went down but the rest scampered out of the hole in the wall they created to the south. Pokeyman and Harvey pursued then and with Harvey’s bow and his slayer’s eye they cut down the remaining bugbear and recovered the sack with the captive inside.

Yue cut through the hobgoblin ranks flinging fireballs off of the wall while dodging goblins being chucked at her. as the Keeps defenses readied and began firing arrows the seige forces began their retreat. Zuriel cut through the Frost giant with his void claw and returned to the keep to see the goblins and made it over the wall get mopped up. one that landed by prim was convinced to surrender and the party reconvened at the center of town to discover a bruised Arzastra and the man they knew as Larg in the sack as well as the goblin they tied up.

Upon questioning Larg attempted to lie to the group sticking with his adventuring story but when pressured by Harvey’s talons in his neck he revealed his actual name was Worvil and he also ran by the name the weevil. He knew he had price on his head for banditry and was hiding out here avoiding bounty hunters until the heat died down which landed him a kick in the ribs from Arzastra for deceiving her. The party began to discuss their options as what to do with the captured goblin and whether they should turn the weevil into Sir Baric at Bryn Shander for 5000gp, the Paladin Sir Lanniver in Neverwinter for 5000gp, or to the Zentharim agent Halia Thonton in Phandalin for 5000gp, the detachment of Zentharim agents, and an agreement for them to lay off take over attempts on Goldenfields. They traveled back to the Falling Orc Inn to continue the discussion.

Manticore and Merchants in Mirabar!
Session 43

Hair sprouted from Prim’s skin and his stature grew taller and more feral looking. The party knew he was transforming as they saw this happen before on Icespire peak to Loralyn. Draven sprung into action and tried to grapple him but as he got his arms around Prim he broke free and bit Draven causing him to transform as well. Zuriel charged Prim and drove him to the edge of the cliff and struck him with a headbutt knocking him unconscious and sliding down the hill. Pokeman Jones fired a web from Nezza’s staff to entangle Draven. Rowan saw prim go unconscious and was worried about him trying to rush to his side but got too close to the web and Draven and as he lashed out he bit Rowan’s neck and she also was infected with Lycantropy.

Seeing this get out of hand Pokeman Jones, Yue and Zuriel regrouped and fired from a distance. Rowan charged Pokeman Jones but was knocked out with the but of his staff. Draven broke free of the web but was pelted with magic missiles from Yue and Zuriel and Pokeman Jones were able to knock him unconscious. Yue and Pokeman searched Prim and were able to find his Wolfsbane they got at Icespire peak and although Pokeman Jones hasn’t made potions before he was able through trial and error able to recreate what Prim made for Loralyn but wasted the Wolfsbane but finally made a cure. They decided to cure Rowan and woke her up and has her use a greater restoration to cure the Lycantropy on Prim. Being out of spells they tied up Draven and took him back to the ship. Upon sunrise he transformed back into himself and asked to be released. Yue untied him and when they informed him he was infected with Lycantropy he used remove curse on himself and cured himself of the affliction.

The party discussed where they wanted to go next and Draven set back out for raven rock to inspect the alter of the raven queen and removed the black feather found within the alter. He brought it back to the ship and prim Identified it as a means of communication between the raven queen and her followers and Draven decided to keep it. The party settled on going to Mirabar as their next stop to resupply and get some information on Xandral’s keep. As they set sail Rowan spotted figured flying toward the airship and before they knew it they were set upon by 8 Manticore. They were a monster in every sense of the word, a Manticore has a vaguely humanoid head, the body of a lion, and the wings of a dragon. A bristling mane stretches down the creature’s back, and its long tail ends in a cluster of deadly spikes that can impale prey at impressive range and petrify them.

Yue Sprung into action first firing magic missiles at the closest incoming one which retaliated with tail spikes, she used her shield to deflect one but a 2nd one struck home piercing her side. She felt her body start to petrify and reached into the back of her hook and yelled to Rillix to fly away and she reached to the sky as her body became solid stone. Rowan rushed to aid her and tried to use lesser restoration but to no avail and as she was distracted another Manticore flew in and struck home with another tail attack petrifying the Cleric. As she felt her body stiffen she tried to strike a heroic pose.

Prim saw a group of 3 Manticore swooping in towards Erelosa and used hypnotic pattern to tun then and knock them out of the sky. one of them crashed onto the deck of the ship stunned. Pokeman Jones, Draven, and Zuriel drew their melee weapons and fought off the ones that landed on the deck of the ship. Captain Laz shoured for his crew to man the ballista and prepare for combat and they came rushing up from downstairs and engaged their foes. One Manticore landed on a the ballista and knocked out a crew member making a run for it. Zuriel tried to clear out the ballista but got pinned between two after taking one out and was eventually petrified with a barrage of tail spikes. Captain Laz loaded up the harpoon gun and pierced one one holding it in place as Pokeman Jones and Draven cut through the rest of the hoard. The one that was pierced by the harpoon ripped out the projectile and dove for Yue grabbing her stone form and lifting it high above the ship.

Captain Laz reloaded the harpoon and yelled out the get ready to catch her fired the harpoon through its heart killing it. Yue plummeted through the sky at a rate that would shatter the stone and kill her. Prim dove towards her and tried to make a heroic catch but mistimed his jump and all Yue could think of was would this be the last time she would see Xing, but as she was about to shatter on the deck of the ship Draven got off his last charge on his belt of featherfall and slowed her descent to protect her fragile stone form.

The party breathed a sigh of relief as the crew rushed the remaining stunned Manticore on the ship and as they fought it, the Manticore stung itself in the struggle and became petrified. Prim has the crew set the ship down and they searched for the bodies of the Manticore and were able to harvest their spikes and prim was able to make an antitoxin to counteract the petrification. He decided to stack the statues up in humerous positions 1st before applying the salve to the party and assured Erelosa this was an important part of the ritual. The party regained consciousness although their joints felt a little stiff after the encounter.

The party after catching their breath wanted to use the Manticore as a decoration for their guild hall and Prim used a teleportation circle to send it there with Rowan sending a message ahead to their retainers to place it somewhere that looked good and they were able to find a majestic spot at the entrance to their guild hall that would greet all those who came by. Prim felt that these encounters were getting too dangerous for Erelosa and he wanted to teach her to hide in these dangerous situations so he asked Zuriel to teach her to hide better. Rowan also asked Zuriel to teach her to speak celestial so they all went down below deck and had an interesting afternoon of vocabulary and hide and seek games.

On the deck Yue thanked Draven for saving her and Rillix licked both of them and Yue went off to play with her tressym while Draven took out his raven feather and pondered its meaning. Pokeman Jones had a drinking contest with the crew and got to know them better than the rest of the party and learned all of their names Delsephine, Nyzroth, Brassik, Laz, Oriskus, Perella, Tralt, and Zalthia. They all has a good drink with Everfull and only Perella couldn’t handle her liquor and passed out on the deck of the ship and they partied until they heard Captain Laz shout out “MIRABAR AHEAD WE ARE BEGINNING OUR DESCENT LOOK LIVELY YOU LOUTS!”

The party landed and found the city guard named the “Axe of Mirabar” which were shield Dwarves hired to protect the city. They got directions to Xandral’s keep form them. Rowan replenished her supply of diamond dust, Yue shopped for some potions, Draven bought a Belt of the Scorpion, Bottle of Fireflies and a Necklace of fireballs. Prim and Rowan went off on an adventure and sold a lot of the miscellaneous loot they found and used it to fund their party gold expenditures. Draven came back and showed off his new Scorpion tail and tested it on Prim paralyzing him.

Capitalizing on the situation Erelosa asked to go get her ears pierced but being unable to speak she took that as a yes and Draven took her into the city and got her a professional piercing and 2 sets of earrings which she was thrilled with. As them came back Prim was frantically searching for her and commented how she was much like her mother. Erelosa asked if they came to this city on dates with her Mom and Prim tried to change the topic and got her a frozen pretzel. with icy flavor around it and they spent the day in the city where she showed off her hide and seek skills until a guard found her and asked them to keep a better watch on her. The party thanked the guard for his vigilance and they decided to turn in for the night and set off for adventure the next morning.

Raven’s and Wolves!
Session 42

After a discussion the party decided to tie Wormblod up and take him to his people. Some of the party wanted to execute him in front of the tribe to show their dominance and some wanted to bargain with him for the Couatl and the giant relic. The flew on the airship back to the great worm cavern. The debate continued and they arrived and marched him to the tribe and announced themselves. Wormblod asked for his hands to be unbound so he would not appear weak in front of his tribe. Another tribe member wished to fight Wormblod for control over the tribe but Zuriel drove his claws through Wormblod’s chest before he had a chance. The tribe was taken aback at the show of force and with no determinable leader Prim Pressleaf stood up as well as the other tribes member and both pleaded to the tribe for their loyalty. Showing their display of dominance and Prim’s natural persuasive nature the tribe chose him as their new chieftain. He ordered that they prepare a feast and the tribe scurried off to prepare a new coronation feast.

Zuriel ran into the cave while the tribe was preoccupied and found the giant gong and grabbing it with one hand he cut the leather straps it was hanging from. The gong surprised him with its heft weighting around 250lbs and he lost control of it smashing it into the ground ringing it out throughout the cave. Young Remorhaz burst forth from the ground surprising the party and the tribesman who rushed to defend prim. The tribesman who was shunned from the leadership position abandoned the tribe and ran away taking one of the Remorhaz with it.
Rowan and Pokeman Jones quickly ran up to the alter and freed the Couatl which turned out to be a brilliant celestial creature which blessed them to be safe against the Remorhaz and as thanks gave them a charm of restoration. The party set upon the worms and working with the help of the tribe were able to kill and drive them back underground. Prim harvested some of their fiery blood to make potion’s of fire breathing and the party celebrated the rest of the night. They talked with the tribe and decided to send them on a quest to go help Lor out in Goldenfields. The party planned to continue searching out the giant artifacts and set their next destination as raven rock.

The party bid farewell to the tribe and sailed to Raven Rock. The party discovered large icy slopes, a 100ft tall statue of a raven facing west, an alter to the raven queen and many large rock monuments (Menhir) scattered across the grounds. The party noticed Ravens sitting on many of these objects just watching them which made them weary. Draven noticed 2 magical sources coming from underneath the alter and buried near the raven statue. so the party split in 2 and began digging in both places simultaneously. Prim and Zuriel tried digging using a skull and Zuriel’s claws but had difficulty getting through the permafrost and made little progress but Yue and rowan were able to melt through the ice with her fire and were able to extract a red dragon’s greatclub made from the thigh of a red dragon Part of the bone is wrapped in old leather, suggesting that it was once used as a giant’s greatclub but as Pokeman Jones held it it changed size to fit his form.

After their excavation the rest of the party went to go help Prim and Zuriel but night began to fall and a chilling howl was heard throughout raven rock. The area was set upon by Werewolves and winter wolves from all directions. They bounded up the hill in search of prey and set upon the party. The slippery slopes proves to be tricky to fight on but relatively defensible as a high ground where Yue was able to fling fireballs upon their foes. Several were wolves made it up the slope and jumped on Prim Pressleaf and bit his neck before Pokeman Jones was able to get them off of him. Using the terrain to their advantage the party eventually defeated the wolves and were able to catch their breath. They finished digging up the site just to the west of the raven statue and dug up a magical ring fit for a giant that was warm to the touch despite being encased in the cold ground. Prim plucked the ring out of the ground and it was big enough to be a bracelet for him but upon handing it it shrunk down to ring size. As he help it up and admired it in the moonlight his eyes began to glaze over as he stared into the full moon and he let out a Howl which echoed throughout Raven Rock.

Worm’s Blood, Wyrm Blood, and Wormblod!
Session 41

The Dragon airship landed and the party boarded and they introduced themselves to the crew and got acquainted with the airship held aloft by a giant red balloon. The airship’s enormous balloon is made from dragon hide that has been dyed bright red. Atop the balloon is a crow’s nest that is reached by crawling up the ropes on the outside of the balloon. The balloon is roped to a gondola that has been fitted with steel runners. The airship has a speed of 8 miles per hour while skiing across ice or snow or flying in the air. A strong headwind reduces the ship’s speed to 4 mph, while a strong tailwind increases its speed to 12 mph. By changing altitude, the ship can use air currents to move in a particular direction. A propeller aft of the gondola thrusts the ship forward and can also be pivoted. The hull of the gondola is watertight and buoyant in water, and the propeller can push it across water.

The airship can hold up to 1 ton of cargo and requires a crew of two, one to operate the propeller and one to operate the furnace. If the ship has fewer than two crew members on duty, its speed can’t be controlled, and it moves in a random direction, carried by the wind, until control is regained or until it collides with something.

In the middle of the upper deck is a 10-foot-tall, cylindrical bronze furnace with a fire elemental magically trapped inside it. A narrow hatch in the front of the furnace has a small grill through which the elemental can be seen, and the heat pouring out through the grill helps keep the deck crew warm on cold days and nights. An iron wheel on the starboard side of the furnace opens and closes a bronze valve at the top of the cylinder, which has the effect of increasing or reducing the size of the fire spilling out of the furnace. The more heat that is allowed to fill the balloon, the higher the ship can rise.

The ship’s crew consists of eight members of the Cult of the Dragon all wearing black leather armor and black leather masks. The cultists are a humorless but resolute bunch. Their names are Delsephine, Nyzroth, Brassik, Laz, Oriskus, Perella, Tralt, and Zalthia. Delsephine is their leader. Four are on duty at any time (two to crew the ship and two standing watch) while the others rest. For their part, the cultists were willing to crew the vessel so that the characters can focus on navigation, as well as loading, aiming, and firing the on board weapons. The party immediately began playing around with the on board weapons which included a harpoon gun:

A spring-loaded harpoon gun, fashioned from burnished bronze with iron fittings, is bolted to the forward upper deck. It has a 90-degree arc of fire (side to side, as well as up and down). The gun comes with a winch, a 500-foot coil of rope, and ten steel-tipped harpoons. Although it fires harpoons instead of bolts, the gun is considered a ballista.

Tying a rope to a harpoon, if desired, takes an action. In addition to dealing 16 (3d10) piercing damage on a hit, a harpoon impales its target. While impaled, the target can’t take any action on its turn other than trying to free itself from the harpoon, which requires a successful DC 15 Strength check. If the check succeeds, the target takes 5 (1d10) piercing damage as the harpoon is pulled free and is no longer impaled. If a harpoon is attached to the gun by a rope, a creature impaled on that harpoon can’t move farther away from the gun or increase its altitude until it frees itself. A creature within reach of the gun’s winch can use its action to reel in a harpooned creature, pulling it up to 20 feet closer to the gun.

A wooden ballista is mounted on an iron swivel on the aft castle. It has a 90-degree arc of fire (side to side, and up and down). Behind it rests a crate that holds a dozen bolts

A wooden door behind the furnace on the upper deck pushes open to reveal stairs leading down to the lower deck. Portholes on the landings look out to port and starboard. The porthole windows are latched shut from the inside, and each porthole is wide enough for a Medium creature to squeeze through.

At the foot of the stairs is a steel hatch bolted shut from the outside, with two horizontal-sliding iron levers in the adjacent wall. One lever is labeled Thrust, the other Direction (in Common). Behind the hatch is a steel-walled compartment that holds a magically bound air elemental. The air elemental powers the aft propeller. Moving the Thrust lever to the left opens valves that allow wind from the elemental to spin the propeller. Moving the lever to the right closes the valves, and the propeller stops turning. Moving the Direction lever to the left or right causes the propeller to pivot in that direction, allowing the ship to turn while the propeller is operating. When the Direction lever is centered, the propeller moves the vessel straight ahead. Opening the hatch frees the elemental, whereupon it attacks any creature it sees. Without the air elemental to propel it, the ship can’t push itself across ice or snow and, if aloft, it moves in accordance with the prevailing wind.

Any air elemental under the control of another creature can be commanded to enter the compartment. If the compartment’s hatch is then closed and locked, the elemental becomes trapped inside.

In the crew quarters Each of these cabins has a door that can be bolted shut from the inside, though none of the doors is locked normally. A door can be broken open with a successful DC 13 Strength (Athletics) check. Each cabin contains two hammocks (one above the other), a writing desk, a chair, a footlocker, and a porthole. The portholes’ windows are latched shut from the inside, each set in a frame wide enough for a Medium creature to squeeze through.

Each footlocker has a partition that divides its interior space in half, with room on each side for one person’s clothing and personal effects. Atop each desk are a sturdy lamp, a Dragonchess set, and playing cards.

The storeroom is packed to the ceiling with crates of rations, barrels of fresh water, and casks of Dwarven ale and fine Elven wine—enough food to feed ten people for 100 days. Nets secured to iron rings bolted into the walls prevent the containers from moving around.
the crew knew a few things about the ordning:

- The ordning dictated the hierarchy of giant society, but the giant gods have apparently dissolved it.
- Before the ordning’s dissolution, storm giants were at the top of it, hill giants at the bottom.
- The disappearance of Hekaton, a storm giant king, has prompted a number of other giants to misbehave. These giants’ efforts to rise to the top of a new ordning bode ill for the budding empires of the North.

After the party grew acquainted with the ship they discussed where to set off to 1st studying the map Harshnag drew for them, They decided on the Great worm cave to locate an object to scry on one of the giant lords. They were able to set sail when prim remembered he left Erelosa in the tower with Zephyros and went to retrieve her while the rest of the party argued on what they should name the airship. Prim found Zephyros attempting to repair the orb that was damaged by the frost giants. He told prim he might not be able to get the tower up and running for awhile so he was glad they found another mode of travel for the time being. Prim returned to the airship with Erelosa and the party took to the skies still without a decision on the name for the airship.

They arrived at the location of the great worm cave. the cavern was floor is a sheet of slippery ice flanked by 70-foot-high ledges of rock, atop which stand two totem poles of chiseled ice with carvings that resemble winged snakes. The walls of these ledges were riddled with caves in which the Great Worm tribe members live. Natural steam vents in the rock keep the caves warm throughout the year. Above the ledges, dug into the cavern walls, are narrow crypts where the honored dead are placed, their frozen corpses propped up in a standing position.

Rising from the back of the cavern is a triangular promontory of ice-covered rock, 120 feet above the cavern floor at its peak. Thereupon stands an altar of frost-covered stone, carved in the shape of a coiled serpent with great wings. The altar represents Elrem, the Great Worm. Here, the tribal warriors make sacrifices to the Great Worm in honor of Uthgar. Doing so, they believe, ensures that Elrem doesn’t return to devour them.

Bound inside the altar is a Couatl who sensed the good nature of the party and telepathically reached out to Pokeman Jones the Couatl warns him that the Great Worm tribe has fallen under the sway of an evil chieftain named Wormblod. It asks him to hunt down and slay Womblod, promising a reward for this good deed. The couatl knows that Wormblod is away, searching for a missing concubine. The characters make their way along narrow ledges to get a look inside the cave. Prim lost his footing and tried to grab onto the edge of the cliff but the icy surface did not provide and purchase and he started to plummet but his fall was slowed by a quick reaction from Draven’s belt of featherfall and Prim landed softly in a pile of snow. Pokeman Jones took out his unending rope and the party was able to pull him back up.

The Couatl urged the party to hurry as feeding time was near. The party looked around the corner and saw At the back of the cave hung what they perceived to be a relic of giantkind: a crescent-shaped gong in a crude stone frame. The gong, a circular disk 13 feet in diameter, was once the shield of a frost giant champion, but it was broken in combat and is now missing a large piece. What remains of it weighs 250 pounds. The shield is made of red dragon scales bolted to a beaten copper frame. Its leather arm straps are long gone. There are ropes holding up the gong that look like they could be cut.

The party debated as to whether or not they should go for the relic here or go after Wormblod and if they tribe was magically enchanted or if if just under Wormblod’s charismatic influence. There was further debate as to whether or not the tribe was evil or not and if they should go in swinging or try to sneak in and steal the artifact. As they discussed this at length the gong was sounded. The ground rumbled and three young Remorhazes burst from the ground and looked for food spotting the party around the corner, they party set upon the creatures but as they cut into them, hot blood spilled out burning the party as they attacked with their melee weapons. They felled 2 of them but the gong continued to ring and more began bursting from the ground and the party decided to stage a retreat.

The melee group hung in there while the casters pulled back and them everyone made a sprint for the airship with the worms in pursuit. As the crew boarded the airship they tried to throw things in the worms path but they burrowed under the difficult terrain and popped up right under Draven bursting out from the ice grasping him in its jaws, the party stopped and turned to go help him but adrenaline kicked in for the tiefling and he pried the jaws open with raw strength and scrambled out to the air ship. The party yelled UP UP UP NOW!!! and the fire int the balloon kicked up higher as Yue lit a bonfire underneath the balloon to speed up its lift just in time when the worms caught up and were snapping hungrily at the party now out of reach.

The party breathed a sign of relief as they planned to go find Wormblod but before they could rest they spotted something flying towards them. Two Young green dragons were heading straight for the ship. The party called to their crew to prepare for battle and the Pokeman Jones and Zuriel armed the harpoon gun and ballista. Prim used hypnotic pattern and sent one of the dragons falling out of the sky but the other one woke it up by ramming it. The dragons proceeded to make a strafing pass on the air ship blowing poison breath on the crew. Prim dove on top of Erelosa to protect her from the breath attack and took the full brunt of it. The party set upon the dragons firing the ships weaponry at them sticking harpoons and bolts into one dragging it on board where they were able to finish it. Prim got up and used hypnotic pattern again on the other still airborn and knocked it out of the sky and it fell out of site as the airship escaped their assault. The party brought the crew who were knocked out back to consciousness.

Along the way rowan received a message from Lor:

“Rowan my training has been going well. There have been some ups and downs. I returned to Goldenfields to speak with that Giant that looks like a tree and was finally able to get some semblance of directions out of him. I scouted ahead and with more than a little luck and Luurue’s grace I found Grudd Haug. I hope this map location finds some use to you and your party. While I was out scouting this location Shalvus Mcmanus was convicted of treason to Goldenfields and was sentenced to hang by captain of the guard Strog Thunderblade. On the day it was to be carried out the gallows let loose but so did an arrow from the fields severing the noose around his neck. The Zhentarim staged a rescue effort and were able to steal him away. I must double my training and made you proud of me to make sure this land is safe for all. I hope this message finds you safe and well.

I miss you dearly,

As the party caught their breath and floated over the spine of the world they saw a caravan on the ground and smoke coming from it. They saw some humanoids being set upon by cloaked figures. Zuriel and Draven jumped off the airship using featherfall and landed in between the two converging parties. The airship landed and the rest of the party disembarked. As they looked around the combatants seemed to be members of the worm tribe that they just left and a bunch of cloaked drow. The tribesmen seemed outmatched so the party set upon the drow squad and wiped them out in the conflict leaving only one drow and one tribesman when the dust settled.

Upon interrogation they discovered the drow were on their way traveling from Gauntylgrim to Ironslag to deliver an iron flask containing Maegera the Dawn Titan which they stole away from Gauntylgrim. The knew that it was needed in the completion of the Vonindod construction. Hearing this news infuriated Zuriel and he executed the drow. The remaining tribesman they discovered to be Wormblod and he stated he was out here trying to collect his concubine who died in the attack when his caravan was set upon but it was not as much of a concern to him as long as he survived and he asked the party to return him to his tribe. The party huddled to debate what to do with him.


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