CM Adventures

Wintersday II a very Cary Christmas and the rise of Mecha-Clause
Session 78

As the party was heading towards the exit of the cave a small elvish figure appeared in the mouth of the cave running full tilt at the party. Some of the crimson mercenaries recognized this figure as Holly from last Wintersday. She ran up to them calling out, “Thank goodness I found you! Kringle is in trouble and we need your help!” Before the party had a chance to respond she pulled out a Wintersday orb and crushed it whisking everyone away to Iceville. Aethil and Drifting cloud looked surprised and confused at to what happened while the rest of the party asked Holly what Happened.

Holly told the party that Kringle was falling behind this year in present production and hired some new elves to help. She pointed behind a tree to reveal Caryandra in an adarable elf outfit and santa hat and she grumpily came out from behind the tree. Caryandra complained about the outfit and tried to throw the hat off her head several times only to have it magically reappear on her head. “TAKE THIS THING OFF” she shouted. Holly cheerfully replied. Oh silly I made it just for you so you wouldn’t lose it. It can’t come off until after Wintersday its magically enchanted for maximum cheer.

Holly explained that Kringle was working on a construct called Mecha-Clause to help him deliver presents across the sword coast but Caryandra was in charge of personality enchantment and it seems like it was set to absolute perfection and the construct saw Kringle as less than efficient and tied him up to get him out of the way. We have to go rescue him!

The party agreed and prim began sketching a picture of Caryandra and snickering making comments along the way. Holly began retelling the story of wintersday to drifting cloud who desperately to side track her but she cheerfully rambled of as they made their way throughout the forest until they noticed the snow magically coalescing and formed into sentient snowmen who were headed their way. A large snowman bigger than the rest headed towards them and they saw toy soldiers marching their way from the bushes. Prim animated snow of his own into large boulders of snow and tossed one at the giant snowman who absorbed it and grew in size to the dismay of the party. but the other one plowed into the toy soldiers damaging them.

The snowmen blew their cold breath upon the party and the toy soldiers set up and fired their tiny muskets as the party clashed. Aethil kept the party healthy while drifting cloud pawed the smaller snowmen apart with pokeman jones. Yue and Rowan used their fire magic to melt the bigger snowman down to regular size and Caryandra slipped behind him and speared his head off were Celery and stuck it to the bridge. The party rushed on to Kringle’s Workshop.

The party discovered the toy soldiers patrolling around the workshop and were able to dismantle them without much effort but suddenly they heard a robotic “HO HO HO” and saw a Huge golem in a red suit driving Kringle’s sleigh with 8 robotic reindeer. It made strafing runs on the party with the reindeer noses glowing red and firing fireballs down at the party. Prim climbed the workshop and summoned and illusionary dragon to go up and do combat with the sleigh while the party fired upon it from the ground. Every reindeer brought out of the sky dropped the sleigh lower and lower until it came crashing upon the ground.

Mecha-Clause emerged from the burning wreckage of the sleigh and its fingers opened up firing Missile-foe at the party causing them to see each other as their greatest enemy. most of the party shook off the effect except for rowan and pokeman who began fighting each other and caryandra who gladly started taking swiped at holly. Holly desperately tried to dodge out of the way but was stabbed and looking like caryandra was about to finish her off when aethil ran up and fought Kringle with drifting cloud damaging and denting his jolly metal body. Rowan snapped out of the charm just in time to leap onto the sleigh and strike a decisive blow against him shorting out his circuits before caryandra landed a decisive blow on holly. The Missile foe floating through the air exploded and the party let out a great cheer celebrating their victory.

Holly quickly ran into the workshop and freed Kringle who came out to thank them personally. He said they have been very good this year and they should head back to iceville and they would get their presents. The party complied and once back in town a few minutes later they saw Kringle Holly and Caryandra carrying a load of presents for them. They gave them out one by one and the party delighted in the things they received when Holly pulled prim over and showed him a Scry of Erolosa asking to see her daddy for wintersday and said she could make that come true. She pulled out a mirror focus and opened a portal which Erosola jumped through when she saw Prim on the other side. She quickly ran up to him giving him a hug.

Holly had a a surprise for her knowing that she got lonely sometimes in neverwinter and she met a Coatyl that knew prim from back in the great worm cave and she wanted to become Erolosa’s friend as she sensed much good and innocence in her and as a favor for Prim releasing her from the tribe’s clutches. Erosola was overjoyed to have a new friend and they talked as Holly setup for the wintersday traditional snowball fight. She snapped her fingers and everyone appeared in snow suits that made it hard to put your arms down.

They started with a free for all with Rowan, pokeman, Prim, Aethil, Drifting cloud, Yue playing until Prim hit Caryandra in the face while she was standing on the sidelines which made her call out “your a dead man now” but as she drew her blade Holly snapped her fingers and she also appeared in a snow suit and she rushed in to pay prim back with snow down the suit.

The party battled it out with Yue winning the free for all and rowan coming in 2nd place and prim in 3rd who all got candy canes. Erolosy told her daddy he did a good job. The top 2 winners then picked teams for a 4 on 4 battle with the teams being Yue Prim Aethil and Erolosa vs Rowan, Pokeman, Drifting Cloud and Caryandra. A hearty battle raged with Erolosa being much more nimble than people gave her credit for spinning out of the way of snowballs and striking anime poses with every miss. But also following in prim’s attack patters of not hitting anyone. It was Prim’s proudest moment watching her fight beside him in such a manner. But in the end Rowan’s team was victorious and also received some magical candy canes.

The party thanked Kringle for all he had done and warned him to watch out for any other crazy schemes for next Wintersday. Erolosa Gave Prim a big hug and kiss and told him she can’t wait till he finishes his next adventure saving the world so they can spend more time together which he promised would be soon. Erolosa was sent back to Neverwinter and waving goodbye the Party was transported back whence they came with another Wintersday Saved.

Rowan the Revivifier and the Isles of Zenithia
Session 77

The party caught their breath after a narrow escape from Iymrith’s lair. Their allies rushed to them concerned about the rumbling and collapse of the lair they just witnessed. After discerning they were mostly ok they had to come up with a plan to escape the desert after seeing what Iymrith had been releasing into the desert they did not want to stay the night but they were all spent on magic. They drew their magic conchs and created a portal and decided to return to Maelstrom. The party gathered their fallen allies and proceeded to return to the Storm Giant base.

The party entered the throne room and reunited to Serissa who was overjoyed to see them return victorious but her face quickly fell to despair when she saw Vaassa and Zephyros carrying their fallen king into the court. She quickly rushed to his side as the party explained to her what happened. With tears in her eyes she begged for anyone who could help and Rowan offered her services and they moved Heckaton onto a bed made from a gigantic seashell where Rowan performed a resurrection ritual. Serissa grabbed her father’s hand and begged him to return to her which rowan poured the diamonds over him. His Giant allies of every type took a knee around the court and called for him to lead them once again. Pokeman jones spread Giant ale around the table telling him they needed to drink to their victories while prim sang a ballad of the fight with Iymrith.

Rowan Called to Lurue to return him to his people and with Her help along with Annam the Allfather wrestled the thread of his spirit away from the raven queen and returned him to life. As Air returned to his lungs he looked around at all of his new found allies and they helped him to his throne so he could address the recent developments. Heckaton proclaimed that his departed with Neri and Serissa had been right all his life sicking up for the small folk and that they have shown bravery and fortitude with hearts the size of any giant. He proclaimed that henceforth the party would be known as friends of the giants and this was the beginning of a new alliance to protect the sword coast with the party proclaimed forever as their honored guests.

The Party was doused with resounding cheers from the crowd. The party took a moment to savor their recognition before Rowan told them that they had urgent matters in Silverymoon that her parents might be in danger. Heckaton told them he understood and could get them there if he had his scepter and asked if they were able to retrieve it. Draven produced the scepter and handed it to the king who opened a portal to Silverymoon in his pool of water at the center of his court and the party and allies saw the town smoking and all rushed through thanking the king for all his hospitality before emerging out the other side on the outskirts of Silverymoon.

Rowan ran down the streets seeing guards impaled on lamp posts and the archmage putting out fires with cones of cold which Draven jumped in to join him. Rowan continues down the street and saw her block where she grew up smoldering and rushed faster fearing the worst when she discovered her father kneeling next to her mother who was dead. She ran up to her father now seeign the tears in his eyes as he held her. He looked up with hope now as he saw his daughter. “Oh my sweet Rowan you got my message. A tragedy has befallen Silverymoon but we were able to stop them before all was lost. Your mother died protecting us all. Can you do anything?” Rowan still beaten and exhausted from the fight summoned the remaining strength in her to gentle repose her mother giving her time to recover so she could attempt a revivify the following day. She helped the cleanup effort and found Garen was crushed underneath burning rubble and their neighbor Gertrude was found burned from the explosion of the balor.

The party assisted with cleanup that day of silverymoon and the party stayed in the whiteshield estate which was largely untouched except for the melted siding and the rest of the allies and stranded camped out in their orchard that night. The party exhausted got their best night sleep in a long time in the whiteshield residence and in the morning they were awoken by draven baking pear pie. They gathered Lureen Garen and gertrude in the Orchard near the tree of melalliki. and rowan performed resurrection rituals on her mother with all of their friends praying and hoping they would return with Lor begging that he would finally have the chance to meet her. She was successful in bringing Lureen and garen back but The raven queen desired Gertrude and despite rowan’s efforts her life thread slipped away.

Rowan ran to her mother and embraced her knowing she brought her back and spent the rest of the day with her catching up and introducing Lor to her parents so thankful they would have that chance to finally spend time together. Garen went straight back to work cleaning up the mess that wasn’t done while he was dead. Norros quietly slipped away that morning and as the family was reunited a rumbling was heard from the center of town. Frightened they all ran out to see what the commotion was to discover Norros has summoned a mighty fortress in the middle of town for all of those who had lost their homes in the blaze. He shouted its purposes from the rooftops as a refuge for food and shelter and the people gave out a resounding cheer and he was herald as a savior and hero of the people of silverymoon and they picked him up on their shoulders and carried him to the castle where they began seeing people who lost everything in the fires as they began to rebuild.

The party astonished by this magic took the day and celebrated. As the day neared its end Rowan’s sister in law came to visit and told them she was relieved to see her family still safe. She told them that with peace returned to the sword coast she got a request from the King of Burland of the Zenithian Isles that their problem with missing children has gotten worse and were calling out to adventurers across the world to come aid them as the problem was beyond their capacity to handle as their guard had proven inefficient at solving the mystery. The party planned to set off for there in the morning. But as they celebrated Norros called them all into a meeting in the mighty fortress. Once they all arrived he informed them of his news:

_ “Ok friends, it’s been an adventure… horrific and amazing things we’ve done together. I’m just not cut out for this kind or thing. Through the good and my bad you had my backs, but I need to get back to my town and help them recover from the Fire Giant attacks, as well as follow my true passion of tinkering and inventing." Norros Graveltoes set down the staff and belt, along with a PILE of money. I won’t need this where I’m going, I have my spellbook and my armor it’s for the guild, keep saving the world I’m just a message away, also expect to hear from me soon I have a plan to help you out think of me in your dreams, and i might just be there… it’s a reference to the Dream spell dummies._

Norros set out miniature dolls in the likenesses of everyone who he animated and all of them ran and jumped on their legs and gave hugs

Draven also took this opportunity to tell the party that with their adventures he was satisfied with what they had done that he has enough material to write many more books and he wants to dedicate his time to spending it with Nawala in Waterdeep and helping raise the adopted goblin kids and maybe have some of his own someday. He felt he had been away from them for too long and that it was time for them to party ways and he bid the party farewell and he and norros said their goodbyes and headed out of waterdeep norros trying to jump up and reach draven’s tingertips for a touching exit but not quite reaching.

As the party recovered from that news of having 2 of their party members depart they were greeted by a party of Lord’s alliance members a female dwarf Aethil and a tabaxi Drifting cloud introduced themselves and said they were here as they heard silverymoon was under attack but see the situation seems well in hand. The party shared the knowledge of the request from the king of Burland and they said they traveled all this way and have nothing to do now and were itching for a fight so they might as well come along. After a night of drinking with everfull and getting to know each other they headed to the harper’s house in silverymoon and used their teleportation network and modifies a circle to take them out to the isles of Zenithia to the courtroom of Ronald Burland III.

The party was greeted by the monarch who explained the toubles of their land ranged from monsters becoming more dangerous and aggressive to the mystery of their children going missing to now even their guard who went to look and investigate are having trouble navigating the cave to and from Ismit village. The King told them they are strangers from a strange land but words of their deeds had reached his ears and he has hope that they will solve this mystery. He offered his captain of the guard Ragnar Mcryan to be their guide in this new land and wished them luck on their journey.

Ragnar led the party out of the castle into the city of Burland where solders marching down the streets saluted him and a woman named flora came and begged him to find her child who went missing as did her husband who also went off looking for the child when the guards couldn’t make regular trips through the cave. He promised her he would find them both. Ragnar led the party to the cave in question as it was the main route between Burland and Ismit as it crossed underneath a roaring river. The party went through the cave and fought a variety of exotic beasts like slimes that lived under the water and Worms that burrowed through the soil reminded them of what Iymrith had been raising in her pit. They finally reached the other side of the cave and Ragnar called out to them Ismit is just ahead.

Iymrith’s Lair and Silverymoon Sundered
Session 76

The party gathered to assess the damage and while their group seemed to be intact, 2 of prim’s tribe had been killed and another 2 knocked unconscious. Among the giants Lob lay dead on the battlefield as well as king Heckaton pinned up along side the broken building with a hole through his chest. Harshnag limped to the rest of the party leaning heavily on Zephryos yelling for someone to come Fix Heckaton that they need their king. Rowan rushed up to him but could only gentle repose him to stop his body decay with any further resurrection magic being beyond her capabilities for the day. The party took a moment to rest and bandage their wounds and they began discussing getting the scepter back that Iymrith stole and they figured it would be somewhere beneath the sands from where she emerged. They all headed down into her Lair.

The party passed by a purple wormling pit that Iymrith was using to raise these horrible monsters to release into the desert to make it more inhospitable. As they made their way down a twisting hallway Draven spotted the Ceiling looking shaky as if it were made of loose shale and ready to collapse with the weight of the shifting sands above and the percussion of the battle that just took place.

The tunnel rounded north and they emerged into a room with Lymrith’s treasure hoard with thousands upon thousands of golden coins stashed into a pile up against the wall as well as piles of sand strewn throughout the lair. The party heard chanting coming from the east in a language they did not understand. They crept towards the voices and saw a group on 8 humanoids around a giant statue of a snake, the party all quietly made their way down the sand dune and hid behind a pillar until it was Yue’s turn who could not keep her footing. She tumbled down the sand pile creating enough noise and a thud that it attracted the attention of the humanoids.

As they turned around the party could see their body looked like a human but their head and neck were snake like. Prim recognized these creatures as Yaun-ti. They began making their way towards the disturbances but as they drew close prim used mass suggestion on them all and brought them under his spell commanding them to dig for Iymrith’s treasure. They spread out and unearthed various rectangular holes with seemingly nothing in them but when draven went to poke his finger into the hole it hit something solid jamming his finger but also dispersing and invisibility effect on a sarcophagi. The party inspected the giant statue of the serpent and saw it had an inscription written in abyssal which draven was able to read.

Wrack and ruin, flash and thunder,
Let them claim the dragon’s plunder;
Death is close! Her doom has come!
To blade and spell she will succumb.

Yue drew the conclusion that these people had a prophecy that foretold the doom of Iymrith and they might not have been there of their will. Prim released one of the Yuan ti he had mass suggestion over and questioned them finding that her people were taken by Iymrith and they had indeed had visions of one day a people would come to save them and celebrated that that day had finally arrived. The party asked if it would be ok to open the sarcophagi and the Yaun ti people answered that Iymrith had dug them up long ago desecrating their bones consuming them and throwing the remains down the pit near the statue and whatever treasures they should find are rightfully theirs to keep.

The party proceeded to open the sarcophagi finding all manner of magical items and the scepter that they had sought. They decided to send the Yaun ti people back to the guild hall as they knew the desert was now inhospitable for them with all of the purple worms set free by Iymrith. Prim wanted to send them back with the mountain of gold but as he approached the hoard was guarded by air elementals with coins swirling around in them which battered him until the rest of the party caught up and struck them down. Prim them created a teleportation circle around their treasure and sent it back to their guild hall informing prim2 of the halls new residents incoming.

The party continued to dig through the sands and unearthed another sarcophagi but when draven opened this one a mummy lord emerged from it and began casting some unnerving magic upon the party. Pokeman And Yue steeled themselves from its horrible glare and proceeded to light it on fire with Yue’s magic. The mummy lord screamed out as his dried bandaged burned quickly. Pokeman took out a firework and fired it behind the mummy lord blasting it apart and rattling the cavern. The battle ceased but the rumbling grew louder and louder and the party realized the ceiling and entire cavern was begging to cave in. they all rushed up the sand dune dodging shale falling from the ceiling. Yue got hit and dazed from falling debris but xing quickly came to pick her up and push her forward.

The party reached the top of the sand dune just as the walls were collapsing and were about to flatten the entire party but bigby’s and held the one wall while Pokeman Jones ran to the other and held long enough for the entire party to push through to the chamber which help the serpent statue. Yue fell down the slippery done once again and face planted into the sand. Pokeman Jones and Xing quickly picked her up as the pillars in the chamber all began to fall under the weight of the collapsing ceiling. The party looked up and saw the hole Iymrith made to emerge to fight them all and prim cast fly on himself and raced towards the hole. Yue yelled CATCH and threw him the magical orb their received during wintersday and he snagged it mid air and dashed out of the collapsing chamber at full speed. Yue called to her friends “TO ME!” and as they gathered around her and and linked hands the entire ceiling gave way and was about to crush them as the orb shone brightly and teleported them above the sands to where prim had landed. They all collapsed to breathe a sign of relief.

Meanwhile in silverymoon in the Margaster house a ritual had just been finished which summoned horrible devils to bring destruction upon the land. A Balor and his beaded devil and chain devil servants broke through the house and began wrecking havoc on the streets of silverymoon. The parents of Rowan whiteshield, evander and lureen were awakened in the night to the sound of alarms going off. There butler Garen burst in telling them monsters were burning down the north east section of the city. The retired adventurers quickly donned their old armor and weapons and took to the streets to see who they might save. Garen told them “don’t worry sir and madam I will get to the bottom of this”. and with that Garen slipped off to scout what the disturbance was finding the massive balor storming down the center of town directing the devils to light the city on fire. The city guard were the 1st to arrive on the scene and were met with his chain devils which strangled the life out of them and pierced them through the lamp posts as warnings.

The arch mage of the town Alusriel Silverhand came out from her tower and saw the city burning and proclaimed that this would not be allowed in her domain and took to the streets to fight this menace.

The Whiteshields were met in the streets by their old retired bounty hunter neighbor Gertrude the hawk and they decided to confront the devils before they burn the whole city down. Lureen went straight for the Balor firing a guiding bolt lighting him up for the town to see drawing his attention. He drew a fire whip and a sparking lighting sword from his side and cracked the whip wrapping around lureen burning her and pulled her to his feet.

the Butler shouted as he saw his employer be dragged to danger but it was too late as a sword was being brought down only to be deflected at the last minute by a wall of force created by Alusriel who just arrived on the newly created battlefield which once was the peaceful city streets. She separated the Balor from his devils and the whileshields Gertrude and Garen took on his devils. They were all inflicted with infernal wounds but the devils eventually fell while alusriel was pushed back further and further by the Baylor unable to hold him back she was heavily wounded after he slashed her with his sword of lightning. As he was about she utilized her most powerful time stopping magic and made her back to fight with the rest of the heroes who took to the streets.

They steeled themselves and fought the baylor with all their might while they watched their homes burn and the fire spread throughout the block. garen tried to get a flanking position on the baylor but part of a house’s side crumbled as he ran by trapping him underneath the rubble. He shouted for help which only drew the baylor in to drive his sword through his body killing him. Fighting through tears of hate and anger the rest of them threw all they had at the baylor. Lureen was struck unconscious and evander stood in front of his fallen wife and struck the baylor with all he had backed up by Gertrude and they finally felled the beast. Evander breather a sigh of relief as he saw it fall but As the Baylor died it went into its death throws and exploded killing Lureen and Gertrude on the process. Alusriel and Evander heavily injured quickly ran to try to stabilize those they could but it was too late for gertrude, the butler and Lureen. With tears down his face Evander called once again to his daughter that he needs her more than ever to come quickly something terrible has happened. As Evander crouched to the ground he held his wife’s body as Alustriel began trying to contain the fires that ripped through Silverymoon with her cone of cold. Only steam was left of most of that section of town by the time all was said and done.

Doom of the Desert
Session 75

The party push forward the party knows their long journey ends here, in the desert. A churning cauldron of black clouds fills the sky as thunder peals and lightning flashes. Half buried in the cold dunes is a crumbling amphitheater adorned with statues, many of them broken, the rest worn smooth by wind and sand. Two large trebuchets stand atop the ruins. Where cheers once rang out across a great city, now a solemn fortress stands before them, waiting for them to draw near.

The party rushed behind a building on the outskirts of the amphitheater and began to scout it for defenses noticing many Gargoyles perched among the structure and arming the trebuchets. Draven attempts to run through the open shattered structure but immediately starts sinking and falls into the shifting sands disappearing giving out a yelp. The Gargoyles all turn to notice and begin making their way towards the party calling out “Warn the mistress they are here!”. Pokeman Jones quickly takes out his endless rope and throws it down the hole draven fell down and ties the other end to a heavy looking piece of drift wood sitting nearby.

Draven fell and fell but landed on something soft and squishy…and wriggling. As he looked around he saw he was in a pit filled with purple wormlings. As he landed on one it let out a screech and all turned towards him. in a panic he turned into a goristro and tried to claw his way out of the pit. He worms bit and stung and assaulted him and he was able to finally able to pull himself out right as he was stung by one of the wormlings which broke his concentration turning him back into himself. He saw the rope above toe worm pit and jumped for it grabbing on and yelled for pokeman jones to help him up. As the party hauled him out of the worm pit the Gargoyles were about to descend on the party when the King Heckaton and the giants arrived and intercepted the 1st wave and began pushing them beck.

Draven looked down as he swung from the rope seeing the worms biting upward at him as he was lifted away from the immediate danger. The party checked if he was ok just as The trebechets were fired one rock slamming down near pokeman and the other striking Harshnag dead on knocking him down. As pokeman backed up he received a sending from Delsaphine saying a warning that Klarth found out about the air ship and he was pissed and on his way to be careful he already ate captain Laz.

As the party looked to the sky the sun was momentarily blotted out as a giant ancient red dragon set down upon the Amphitheater. He roared and called out to the party saying he knew they were the ones responsible for the destruction of his airship and that they were supposed to destroy the giants not help them. He offered them once chance to survive was he heard that they had acquired a flying castle which he wanted to add to his collection but his servants were being blocked by defenses around the control orb.

Prim2 messaged prim confirming that dragon cultists had arrived at Lyn amaal and were demanding the castle be turned over to them. But the Zhentarim also arrived riding the bronze dragons Zera and Felgolos and they had enough support to fight them off. Prim2 wanted to know what the situation was if he should turn the castle over of if he should turn them away. The party quickly talked it over and they heard the Rumbling underground of Iymrith Stirring. They decided to give up the castle to appease Klarth. He smiled a big tooth grin and told them that it was a wise choice and shook off the former dragon cultists that flew the airship including delsaphine. He told them they could die here fighting or take their chances in the desert but he was through with their failure.

Halia watched as they evacuated Lyn amaal and prim2 joined them on the dragons. the dragon cultists hammered some strange objects into the lawn and all of lyn amaal shrunk to the size of a dollhouse which was picked up and taken away by the cultists. Hearing the news Klarth took flight and left the amphitheater just as Iymrith burst forth from underground. She hisses at the party condemning them for trying to take her treasure but thanking them for bringing the king of the giants here so she could kill him herself and end this.

The trebuchets fired again pinning the party behind the building while Ilmrith flew behind the giants and engaged with Heckaton slamming him up against the building and piercing his chest with her tail pinning him there. He gasped for breath as she ripped it out and drove it in once more. Shock cave over his face at her speed as he collapsed to the ground. “She hissed so ends the reign of the Storm King.” As she spoke a fireball slammed her in the back as Yue began hurling magic at her. Iymrith whipped around and told her that she was next.

Gargoyles descended from the east as well and were about to pin the party between Ilmrith and their hoard when a chanting could be heard coming over the dune. chief prim, chief prim CHIEF PRIM! as the party watched as the tribesmen bounded over the sand dune and clashed with the incoming foes. Behind them they saw Lor, Xing And Digiman Jones looking ready for battle.

The trebuchets fired once more and knocked out harshnag and Lob who were holding the east side. Rowan rushed to their aid to try to prevent them from perishing and began healing them. At that time rowan received a sending from her father “Rowan Silverymoon burns, Devils pour out of the Margaster house! We will try to save as many as we can. We love you.”

The party knew the trebuchets had to be stopped. Prim dimension doored to the western one one and used mass suggestion to take over the gargoyles controlling the treb. and Delsaphine led the crew of the crimson tide to assault the trebuchet in the east interrupting their fire.

Lymrith flew by the party blasting them with her lightning breath injuring them all heavily and killing 2 of prim’s tribe. xing and Digiman cut through the gargoyles in the east while Lor faced down ilmrith himself cutting into her before being slammed into the building knocking him unconscious, This gave Yue time to regroup and finish casting meteor storm sending rocks hurling down slamming into the doom of the desert and the gargoyals that were going to reinforce the western horde. Norros tried to blind Iymrith with his magic but she averted her eyes. The Giant Vaasa cut through the gargoyle horde and held the entire western front by herself shouting a valkarie cry and cut through foe after foe as prim’s dominated gargoyles launched a rock that lymrith saw at the last minute and batted out of the way with her wings.

As Iymrith turned to took at what was wrong with the trebuchet prim teleported onto her back and held on for dear life and sunk in a dominate monster spell that despite her will which was exhausted at this point she succumbed to it. Prim told the party that he had a plan and not to worry and commanded the dragon to fly at the giant statue in the amphitheater as fast as she could and open her mouth. as she did so prim climbed into her mouth and took out the immovable rod and right as she was about to impact he clicked it and tried to hold on for all he was worth. He didn’t expect the grip and power of the dragon’s intestinal system as he was swallowed by the dragon his grip was town away and he ended up in the belly of the beast and started convulsing from the conductive gel in her gullet. The immovable rod tore through the organs of Lymrith leaving a small hole in her side as she slammed full speed into the stature cracking it and causing it to topple over on her.

Iymrith crawled out from the rubble severelydamaged but looking wild and desperate as to what just happened. at that time Vaasa Norros and Digiman jones caught up to the wreck. Seeing everything was going wrong the dragon beat her wings and attempted to escape but Vaasa jumped onto the dragons leg and sliced open her guts spilling prim onto the ground. As she opened her mouth to make a breath attack the hole punctured through the gland that creates the electricity spilled through her organs and norros cracked her across the face wit his staff sending her head towards Digiman Jones who skewered it on his sword and the doom of the desert collapsed to the ground and the Amitheater grew silent for a moment before the cheer of victory resounded from the party and their allies. They all took a breath to go around and assess what cost this fight had taken.

The Zhentarim’s Zenith
Session 74

The party celebrated that night and as the sun set Halia approached the party with a grim face saying that she got word from the results of her vote of no confidence in Auctorius and although she should have had enough votes to unseat him, he has invoked his right of primis forti meaning the strong shall lead and essentially challenged her to a duel to the death for control of the Zhentarim tomorrow at noon in Neverwinter in front of all to see. She told the party she hates to ask for help after all they had done for her but she need a second to fight with her against him as she doesn’t feel like she could beat him in a straight up fight. She messaged sister Gaerelle but received no response and her crew would fight for her but she would be more confident if one of the party were beside her after seeing how strong they were. The party debated who would be best suited for the job and Norros volunteered as he felt like he wanted to prove himself. Halia seemed grateful for the assistance and seemed more at ease.

The party decided to head to Neverwinter that night and teleported there so they could get a good night sleep at Pookie’s potions and pillows. After reuniting with their old friend they instructed his employee Martha to make them pear pie in the morning. Norros came up with a plan to give Halia the edge tomorrow by attempting to invade Auctorius’s dreams. He pulled prim aside and cast a spell on him to send him into Auctorious’s dream and disturb his sleep. Prim chose his words carefully and attempted to scare him giving him a premonition that he would die tomorrow.

Morning came and Norros and Halia planned for the fight. She told him Auctorius will most likely use Psaro the Manslayer as that was his strongest bodyguard in the Zhentarim. The party remembered watching him crush devils as they escaped from the layer of hell in Luskan. The party pooled their resources and gave Halia and Norros a superior healing potion in case things went wrong during the fight and norros used the Ise rune to shield Halia in a mantle of ice. Everyone headed to the Thunderdome to see a packed house as word had spread through the city of the event coming up today.

Wes the Shield announced Halia and Norros who came out the cheer of the crowd. Auctorius came out of the other tunnel and called for Psaro to appear at his side but noone came. Infuriated he called forth Zuriel to his side and commanded him to “kill her”. The fight immediately began with zuriel sprinting and slashing at Halia shattering through her icy mantle and cutting into her. Norros and Auctoius both up globes of invulnerability which halted any but the highest level magic from penetrating through and injuring them. Zuriel continued his assault on Halia which she tried to fend him off the best she could but was losing ground and racking up cuts in various locations his claw was able to slip through.

Halia called out to Norros “get this asshole off of me” as she turned and ran firing magic missiles at Auctoius trying to break his concentration. Norros turned his attention towards Zuriel and blasted him back with a lightning bolt. Halia began losing a lot of blood and looked almost ready to pass out but she took the superior potion and her wounds began seal as she gained a second wind. Auctoius began showing them both with lightning mimicking Norros’s attacks while Zuriel once again pursued Halia slashing at her. But this time Halia was ready and Blasted him with a cone of cold freezing him Solid.

This opening gave Norros a chance to charge Auctoius and as He passed through his globe he ran and tackled him and sunk in a vampiric touch draining all of his life force killing him. As the crowd watched the conclusion of the match. Halia and Norros had emerged victorious.

Draven and prim quickly recognizing their old party member was unconscious and dying in the block of ice they rushed to him and draven build a bonfire to melt the ice and prim sang to him words of healing and air returned to his lungs moments before he would have expired. Rowan ran up to him and checked him. other than his physical wounds it seemed as if with Auctorious’s death he had his soul returned to him and he seemed to know where he was.

Halia gave a speech announcing her taking control of the Zhemtarim and how Auctorious’s days of warmongering were over and how she would do her best to return the Zhentarim to being a force for good and encourage prosperity for them and the sword coast. This brought forth loud cheers from the crowd. She turned to Norros and hugged him thanking him for his efforts and risking his life to help her that she wouldn’t forget it.

After the excitement of the day the party returned to Phandalin to rest and recover bringing Zuriel with them. He recovered in the magical hot spring shrinking in the process but after he was done he went up the party apologizing saying that he has to follow their orders as they were keeping one of his former companions hostage and said they would kill him unless he cooperated. Zuriel admitted that he had to steal the forge of spells and that Psaro the manslayer was the one who gave the order. They told him that the infernal Brazier was also taken and Zuriel said he wasn’t aware of that plot but he would bet that he was behind that one as well. Halia Promised Zuriel she would devote her resources to helping him get his old companion back with her new found power within the Zhentarim. She them went ff to celebrate with Kella, Jasper, and the weevil.

The party celebrated that night and when the morning came there was discussion on what happened to Sister Gaerelle that she wasn’t able to answer Halia’s request for help. Asking around town they knew she was pursuing the thieves of the forge of spells but hasn’t been seen since. The party attempted a sending, a scry, and a gate spell and none were successful in locating her. The party realized for all the time they knew her they never got her 1st name. Halia informed them that it was Isabella. Rowan couldn’t cast that spell again that day. The party planned to rest and try again the next day but they were called by King Heckaton telling the party that they had found Iymrith and that she was gathering power in the Anauroch desert and if they wanted a hope to stop her they needed to strike now. The Giant forces had gathered and needed to move out and they were called upon to ride with them. The party used their magic conchs and transported to Maelstrom where they reunited with the Giants they had encountered along their Journey. Heckaton, Zephoros, Harshnag, Lob, and 2 of Heckaton’s bodyguards Orlecto and Vaasha who were also Storm Giants.

The party mounted Roc’s the Giants had tamed and flew out to the Desert. Upon approaching they saw a massive thunderstorm brewing which prevented the roc’s from taking them in further and they dismounted and continued on foot. As they approached the Lair of Iymrith the Giants spotted 2 Dragons incoming and identified them as Anaxaster and Chezzaran the spawn of Iymrith who had come to stop them. Heckaton proclaimed there wasn’t enough time to let them slow them down. The commanded the party to move ahead and stop Iymrith that they would destroy her kin and catch up with them.

The party split and the Dragon’s descended down upon the giants blasting their lightning breath making scorch marks across the desert landscape. The storm giants weathered the blast while the others were injured by it. Chezzaran landed and began to attack heckaton but Lob squashed it to the ground with its weight and grappled it while Harshnag hacked him open with his axe. Anaxaster bit and clawed into lob throwing him off of his sibling to the ground unconscious, Vaasha ran up to lob to try to stabilize him while heckaton got his attention whipping him with the chains that bound him to the morkoth.

Orlecto threw a rock but it sailed over the head of Anaxster and hit Heckaton in the face. Orlecto apologized as he did so. Chezzaran tuned on heckaton and both Siblings stared biting and clawing at him. Heckaton pushed Chezzaran to the ground and Harshnag was able to finish him with a axe blow to the neck decapitating the dragon. Anaxaster tried to slam harshnag with his tail but was set upon by Vaasha’s greatsword cutting into the dragon. Anaxser tried to flee the battlefield but was hurt by harshnag Heckaton and Vaasha slicing at it. It looked like it was about to get away when Zephyros blasted it with a volley of magic missiles sending it careening out of the sky into a sand dune where it lay motionless.

The Giants breathed a sigh of relief as Orlecto ran up to heckaton and apologized again for hitting him with a rock and he began to dust his cloak off from behind before driving his sword through Heckaton’s torso Proclaiming his allegiance to Mirran saying she deserves the throne. Heckaton grasped at his chest and collapsed to the ground unconscious. The rest of the giants rushed to his aid before a coup de gras could be struck and they slew the betrayer. They quickly attempted to stabilize Heckaton and were successful but he appeared severely wounded. They looked up into the desert at the swirling lightning storm that the party was heading towards and attempted to steel themselves.

Every Rose has its Thornton
Session 73

The party awoke that morning and met with Harshnag and Zephyros who let them know they were being called by heckaton to Maelstrom and they would meet them there when they were ready and they headed off. The party had rowan cast hallowed on the guild hall to protect the safe with the celestial brazier in it. They decided to vote and proclaimed Pokeman jones the guild leader for the sake of the spell and prim began to sing his praises wherever he went rolling out a red carpet.

They went to meet with Heckaton using their magic conchs. Heckaton greeted them with a heroes welcome and told them that he has gathered his forces and has scryed the location of Lymrith and was prepared to assault her lair and hoped that the heroes who saved him would do them the honor of joining them in the battle after hearing how she caused them so much trouble. He told them he hoped this could be the beginning of a new alliance between small folk and giants. The party told them they would be happy to fight along side them and the party was instructed to go make preparations as this would be a difficult battle and to return when they were ready to begin the assault. The party talked it over and wanted to resolve the Zhentarim situation before having to worry about a dragon as well so they headed back to Phandalin.

The party met with Halia Thornton and told her they were ready to help her take control of the Zhentarim. Halia gathered Kella, the weevil, and Jaspir and joined Prim as he formed a circle and transported everyone to waterdeep. There they planned for a feint attack against against nightstone. Rowan took time to visit her temple and Norros wanted to search a local library to collect information on Lymrith, the doom of the desert before they faced her. He found a library and a female halfling led him to a section of bestiary books about dragons and left him to his research. Prim went with him and attempted to seduce the halfling by mentioning he was working for the king of the guild but didn’t seem to impress her as she blew him off and went back to her work.

Norros dug through the tomes and founded one that looked like it contained much information on the doom of the desert but in his excitement he accidentally tore the page and in trying to repair it he made it worse and the already ancient fragile page crumbled to dust. He quickly tried to cast mending but the dust particles scrambled all the letters on the page as they repaired and he quickly put the book back on the shelf before the librarian noticed. He took out a children’s book instead and learned they used lymrith as a cautionary tale for children to make them behave or the dragon will come to eat them. Disgruntled they both left the library.

The rest of the party bought a caravan and horses and set out for nightstone arriving in the evening on the outskirts of town. Draven transformed himself into a goristro and scrolls of growth were used on pokeman jones to make him giant sized. Prim disguised him to make him look like a fire giant and wrapped him in flammable material and Yue’s eyes gleamed with excitement and the thought of making a flammable pokeman to send into the camp and provided the ignition to start things off.

Yue cast a flame wall which the 2 “beasts” came charging through knocking over guards sending them scrambling inside to set off the alarms to nightstone to signal they were under attack. Halia and her crew came peeling around the firewall and across the nightstone bridge and all piled out to stand between Pokeman and draven and the people and guards of nightstone. Halia called for all of them to fall back to the tower that they would handle these fiends and she mock sliced into pokeman’s hamstrings and brought him to one knee while the weevil leaped onto his chest and put his massive arm into an armbar. The captain Xolkin noticed Kella who he loved among the Halia’s crew and heard their words and ordered the guards to fall back to the keep to a defensible position and to get the civilians inside.

As the townsfolk started to pull back Yue cast Meteor Storm sending rocks crashing down all around nightstone braking various parts of the fences but trying to avoid the big building where the civilians where. Draven walked up to a guard tower and hoof kicked it as a goristro shattering the stonework and the guards atop it dove into the mote. Kella and Jaspir engaged in mock combat with the goristro as he let out a mock howl. The guards were almost all across the bridge but time was running out on the enlarge spell so prim dimension doored into nightstone and proclaimed loudly that “ YOU MAY HAVE DEFEATED US THIS TIME ADVENTURES BUT NEXT TIME YOU WON’T BE SO LUCKY TO HAVE THEM HERE” and them took pokeman and draven and dimension doored back out and they booked it into the forest with the rest of the party eventually losing the pursuers in the woods north of nightstone.

The party waited an hour and then contacted Halia using a sending and found out that their ploy had worked and they were being celebrated as heroes of the Zhentarim. She informed them they would meet up with them in the morning to head to goldenfields. The party rested in the mansion that night and rowan discussed how she was excited to see Lor again and Prim wondered how his tribe was doing.

The party hit the road again with their caravan and arrived at high noon in goldenfields. Coming up the walkway the party was greeted by Lor and Rowan running into each other arms and kissing their hellos. Prim cast foresight on himself and saw a flash of the future of him witnessing rowan and lor’s intimate times and he proclaimed they needed to change the future somehow. Prim’s tribe cave up behind Lor and all saluted Prim proud to show off all the hard work they have done improving since they saw him last and referred to Lor as their captain. They were excited to make chief prim proud of them.

Lor inquired about their visit and upon hearing that they wanted to make a trade agreement with goldenfields he led them to the mayor who granted them an audience recognizing most of them as the heroes who saved them in the past. the Mayor was worried when he saw they were accompanying some of the more prominent members of the Zhentarim but Prim explained that Halia wants to overthrow Auctorius and that if she shows she can succeed without military might in making them more profitable she can stop his warmongering and supplant him making it a win win where both goldenfields and the Zhentarim will profit financially and it will cease the raiding on Goldenfields if she was in charge. The major seeing that Lor and the rest of the party seemed to trust her and a deal was signed that day securing the pact between the two. Prim also negotiated the opening of a prim’s panty in goldenfields while he had the mayor’s ear.

The Mayor decided with so many prosperous deals going on that this was a day for celebration in goldenfields and he called for a feast which prim played at with many in attendance who the party recognized from the defense of goldenfields, the guards, the citizens, prim’s tribe, the zhentarim, Lifferlas, and Lob the giant who was still in his tree garb acting as the town guardian. He met with the party and told him he was hearing the call of heckaton but didn’t know where maelstrom was and he also avoided a scolding from his wife from not making it home after Guh’s defeat as he was a tree and just stood really still. The party promised to show him how to get to the king of the giants after the party was over.

The party sung and danced into the night and ate well with sounds of Prim’s tribe cheering on his performance. Halia slipped off that night and used a sending to call for a vote of no confidence in Auctorius’s name and proclaimed her accomplishments. She needed to wait till morning to hear a reply so she returned to the camp fire and toasted her new friends and to the beginning of something better for the sword coast.

Session 72

The party swam across the pool of water in the room and were presented wit ha hole in the floor and stairs. Prim levitated down the hole and discovered a bag of boreas and a room even further down with another pool of water with electricity arching from it and pressure plates on the ground with yelow and red light arcing from them reaching the ceiling as well as a door with a hole in it with an inscription that read “Sticking your finger in this hole will put your finger in ABSOLUTELY NO DANGER” Prim decided to return to his party and informed them of his findings.

They all headed down the stairs and made their way into this room. norros tried to throw a rope through the yellow light but it seemed to bounce off of it as if it was solid. Yue noticed it became very hot the closer to the red light the party got. Draven opened the bag of boreas and sprayed the cold air across the red light which seemed to quell the heat. he quickly ran across as the pathway was now cool but it quickly heated up again trapping him on the other side. There he found a switch and informed the party what he saw. Yue used mage hand to toguh the pressure plates guarding the yellow light and they exploaded on touching destroying the mage hand. Between her and prim they made their way through the mine field and found a 2nd switch. they pulled both switches and the electricity in the water seemed to stop arching. They also used the mage hand to stick it in the hole which opened the doorway further.

Before the party left the room prim explored the pool of water and found a moonblade at the bottom of the pool and retrieved it. Recognizing the writing on it Rowan knew it was crafted by the unicorns for their followers. The party continues through the doorway and proceeded down more stairs finding themselves against another riddle.

I am what you seek,
To the door I hold the key,
I may be hidden from view,
Or may be plain to see.

Prim though about it for a second and spoke to the door “the answer” and the door swung open.

The party heard water from the waterfall crashing down in the next room but as they entered they were set upon the Kracken society in their lair. An elder brain sat in the pool at the bottom of this waterfall cavern and mind flayers approached the party stunning all of them except norros and draven who transformed into a golden dragon and set a straight line for the elder brain. As he tore into its tentacles the brain placed the dragon into a force cage. The mind flayers approached Yue and attempted to extract her brain while she was stunned but suddenly bigby’s fist flew in and knocked the mind flayer away. Norros held off the mind flayers long enough for the party to shake themselves out of their stun and they fought through the mind flayers and pokeman jones threw his shield severing the elder brain after having his feet sealed to the floor the whole fight, he let out a might YOU GOD DAMN RIGHT!

Battered and exhausted barely making it through the fight the party discovered a cave where they held the captors that were to be used as sacrifice to the Kracken, Among them they discovered pokeman’s brother Digiman Jones. He seemed to have lost his memory but the party had already recovered the thought bottle fro ma previous adventure fighting a coven of hags. They used the method they saw worked with shin lan and just the same Digiman’s memory returned and he gave his brother a big hug proclaiming “you god damn right you son of a bitch I knew you would save me.” Norros said at least we cleared out everything here so now we can rest.

As those words left his mouth the cave shook and the Kracken Slarkrethel emerged from the depths of the ocean into the cave and a piercing pain shot through everyone’s brain. Lightning filled the chamber frying 2 of the captives who slumped over dead. Norros looked around counting the number of people there to try to teleport them out and he proclaimed there is too many I can’t bring everyone with us! Prim jumped up and tried to buy the party time and attempted to dominate the Kracken who’s will was too strong and Prim heard a laughing in his head from the beast and just the word….die. Prim was struck by the power word kill and the life drained out of his eyes as he hit the floor and Rowan screamed and she and pokeman ran over to him.

As the chaos was ensuing the air shimmered in the waterfall cave and the planes shifted as Zephyros and Harshnag appeared next to the party. Initially pleased to see them and them a look of terror came over the giant’s face as he saw the kracken. “OH MY GOODDS WHAT IS THAAAATT” He called to the party to join hands and they would escape from this place. Lightning rocketed into the cave once more but the party shielded the captives with their bodies. Yue looked as if she was on the verge of collapsing but everyone got to either zephyros or norros and they all teleported back to phandalin as the tentacles of the kracken closed in for the kill but struck the back wall of the cave as the party escaped.

The party found themselves back in their guild hall and they all surrounded prim calling for him to wake up but he could not respond and upon inspection they saw he had perished. Rowan quickly ran up to him and set up a Resurrection ritual and everyone pleaded for prim to come back to them. Rowan sprinkled diamonds over Prims body and prayed to Lurue and she answered with a rainbow shot through the sun roof of the guild hall. Prim Eyes flickered open as he gasped and air returned to his lungs once more. He sat up and shivered confused by norros’s security measures creating fog in the guild hall. It took a few minuted to convince prim he wasn’t dead but eventually they got him calmed down. Xing ran to Yue and saw how hurt she was and began bandaging her wounds and took her to the magical hot spring tub to recover.

In the tub they transformed into Tressym while xing changed color as he petted her and recovered their strength. Draven and prim joined them on the other side to spy on them with prim changing color and draven changing sex. The party laughed as this always seems to happen to draven and as prim mockingly hit on draven the party laughed and let of some steam as they enjoyed another narrow escape. Pokeman and Dijiman Jones were seen heading for the bar to catch up as the sun set on phandalin.

Into the Kraken’s Lair
Session 71

The party continued further down a narrow passage which opened up into a wide chamber in the cave containing a building like structure made of ramshackle materials and work benches manned by Mind Flayers. As the party one of them noticed them and through telepathy the entire room was aware of the intruders and they stood and approached immediately sending psyonic waved into their minds stunning most of the party except norros who shook it off. He helped shake Yue out of her stupor and she flung a fireball into the mix of them while Norros cast sunburst. The combination of light and heat incinerated most of them except a lone straggler, Pokeman Jones finally steeled his resolve and shook off the stun and chased down the last mind flayer and smashed him into the ground with his staff.

The party breathed a sigh of relief and inspected the ramshackle structure finding a mandolin and a fancy carpet which Yue lifted up towards norros with a mage hand. The Carpet quickly wrapped itself around him attempting to smother him. Prim grabbed the carpet and dimension doored out of the building but the whole carpet came with norros and he just lay outside flopping while the carpet continued to squeeze him. Prim cast disintigrate on the carpet but the force of the blast ended up hitting and wounding norros inside while the carpet withstood the blow. With Norros running out of air Rowan stepped outside and used banishment on the carpet sending it to another dimension dropping norros onto the ground gasping for air. With the removal of the carpet from the floor the party noticed a staircase leading downward and they all quickly headed downstairs before the carpet re-appeared.

The stairway led into a big chamber at the top of a waterfall with a big circular pool of water with a stairway on the far side of the room. Prim looked into the water and saw 4 densities in the current and recognized them as water elemental hiding in the pool waiting in ambush. Yue and Prim grasped hands and making 2 finger guns combined their lightning bolts and electrocuted the pool sending the water elementals screeching up out of the pool before imploding. Prim also noticed there was a bottle lodged at the bottom of the pool and so Yue sent her mage hand to retrieve it and it brought to them a decanter of endless water which prim tucked away.

The party continued down the stairs at the end of the hallway finding a narrow corridor which split to the north and the east. Norros saw another water elemental to the north and suck up on it successfully and swung his lightning lure at it unfortunately missing. The water elemental gave out a loud call throughout the cavern and a rumbling was heard as 2 Bullette burst forth from the ground and attempted to land on norros who nimbly got out of the way. Pokeman began smashing the Bullettes while yue threw a firebolt through one of their tough hides cooking it from the inside out. Prim fired a lightning bolt finishing the other bullette and pokeman scatted the water elemental with his staff.

The party continued forth finding themselves against a door with a human, an elf, a gnome, a faerie, a dragon, and a devil and a hand print on it with a riddle written in each language underneath the carving:

I’m the center of the wood, but matter most when made of gold,
I’m jealous when there’s fire, yet sharpest when I am cold,
When bound in stone, I stand alone, when secret, I am near,
When forged of glass, I shatter, when I die, of fear.

The party debated over the answer before pokeman came up with the correct solution of “Heart”. He touched the human hand print and said the word and the human symbol began to glow. The party realized that the six languages the riddle was written needed heart said in their particular language. Pokeman touched the human symbol speaking common , norros the gnome speaking gnomish, Yue the Dragon speaking draconic, Draven the devil speaking infernal, Rowan the faerie speaking Sylvan, and prim the elf speaking elvish. The symbols all lit up and the door swung open.

The party found themselves on a narrow ledge next to a waterfall cascading down further. There was a door across the gap of this narrow ledge and a 2nd ledge below that seemed to be supporting a huge golem guarding a treasure chest. The party tried to sneak past the golem but norros and rowan slipped going across the narrow gap single file. Pokeman was able to grab Rowan but Norros plummeted but was able to grab onto the treasure chest and save himself. Unfortunately as he did that the Hug stone golem activated and started swinging at norros almost knocking him off the ledge again.

The party fired all they could from above damaging the Golem pokeman throwing his dwarven shield breaking off huge chunks of the construct and Yue threw a fire bolt opening up a hole in its chest through which prim fired frost ark hitting a vital point inside it breaking through the magic which controlled it sending it toppling forward over norros. Luckily there was a hole in its chest which he fit through as the rubble of the construct crashed down all round him. He opened the chest and found a robe of serenity within. Pokeman jones used his infinite rope and helped norros back up and they found a 2nd door wit ha riddle on it:

_ What does a god never see, a king rarely sees, and we see all the time?_

After more debate the Prim figured the out the answer “An Equal”

The party tried to catch their breath finding themselves in another room with a large pool. but as norros started setting up alarm traps he noticed gelatinous cubes and a water elemental surfacing from the pool and a pseudo pod lashed out at him but he brought up a shield to deflect it. Norros setup a wall of force as the edge of the sore line to funnel their foes to them.

Prim used frost arc to make a bridge into the water from where himself and Yue threw more lightning into the water while norros used this shocking grab to add current to it blowing through 2 of the cubes before they reached shore and tried to engulf the party, They dodged out of the way except for draven who was pulled out of the cube by pokeman jones before he slapped the water elemental apart with his staff and Yue blew apart the final cubes with a thunderwave. The cavern once again grew quiet as the party attempted to catch their breath before pressing onward.

The Morkoth vs The Kelpie’s Kiss
Session 70

As the party rested in Prim’s mansion they received a distress sending message from Zaldar Floshin

“We spotted a ship on the Horizon headed towards us. Gods help us its the Morkoth. Battle Stations crew we got a boarding party incoming. Arrow Stay to me I won’t let them take us!”

The party quickly exited the cave and paddled their boat back out to the Kelpie’s kiss just in time to see a group of men board the ship and engage in combat with the crew. Prim grabbed pokeman Jones and dimension doored onto the kelpie’s kiss to help the crew while draven delved into untapped powers and transformed himself into a planetar. He sprouted wings and flew to the Giant squid like ship the morkoth and began to cut off the flow of invaders coming aboard.

Zalder drew his daggers and fought off some of the boarding party as the tiny sprite arrow caught up to him and began firing tiny darts off of her sprite sized bow poisoning the boarding party as they hit the deck as prim and Pokeman Jones set upon them and their 1st mate names Rool. Norros pushed the paddle boat faster to get Yue and Rowan aboard. Yue tried to jump aboard but the waved rocked and she ended up clinging to the side of the ship and the morkoth loaded up some ballista and fired at her knocking her off the side of the boat into the water. The captain of the ship Tholtz Daggerdark finally emerged from below deck to see The Planetar on his ship cutting through his men. He told him “well no more of that and cast a force cage upon him which he struggled against.

Tholtz commanded another round of ballista to fire striking the rowboat norros and rowan were on as they were fishing Yue out of the water. Prim saw her fall in and proclaimed “I’ll save you I and the epitome of grace” and tried to do a somersault off of the Kelpie’s kiss into the rowboat to pull Yue up but instead slipped on some water on the deck smashed his back on the side on the ship and tumbled into the water next to her. Tholtz moved up to the front of the ship and cast lighting upon those in the water sending lightning coursing through their bodies. Rowan quickly hauled Yue out of the water before she was fried by the current as Norros got Prim out. Looking severely injured Yue threw a fireball at the deck of the Morkoth Breaking Tholtz’s concentration releasing the force cage on draven who cleaved through the men manning the ballista.

Rowan summoned a guiding bolt that went through Tholtz and Pokeman Jones Arrow and Zalder were able to fend off the boarding party saving the Kelpie’s Kiss. draven rowan and norros examined the Morkoth finding a large storm giant chained to the bottom of the ship. Upon releasing his magical bindings it seemed like a spell keeping him in a catatonic state had been broken. He sat up disoriented screaming about traitors betraying him all of them. the party backed up and as the giant was about to reach for a weapon Norros quickly told him that they were sent here by his daughter Serrisa to save him.

Upon hearing that name he calmed down and introduced himself as King Heckaton and that he needed to get back to Maelstrom quickly as he had been betrayed by one of his own advisers Lymrith. He told them she hired the Kracken Society to get him out of the way and throw the giant society into chaos and she most likely wanted his throne and scepter. He said that Lymrith isn’t who she appears to be in face she is known as the doom of the desert. Heckaton thanked the party for their assistance and told them he is going to go rally his allies that remain so they can rectify this that they are friends of the storm giants and when they finish their business here to come see him in Maelstrom while he prepared his people to stop Lymrith.

With that the party wished him luck and he pulled out a Magical Conch and teleported away. As the party began to make plans to commandeer the Morkoth Rowan noticed a gargantuan dark figure appear from below and get bigger and bigger until suddenly 10 massive tentacles wrapped itself around the Morkoth and began to squeeze the ship. A sharp Psychic Pain pierced through everyone’s mind on board with the words “You will not have it”. A deafening crack could be heard as the ship began to tear asunder. The party all quickly abandoned ship and jumped back to the Kelpie’s kiss .

Zaldar got as much space between his ship and the Kracken as he could. They watched as the Morkoth was broken in half and sunk to the bottom of the sea before disappearing from site. Shaken from the event Zaldar make sure his 1st mate was ok then the rest of the party. He warned them about fighting a Kracken and how it would be suicide as he just realized that the preparation he did to his own hull in coming out here wouldn’t have saved him if that was his ship in its clutches. The party told him to head back to land that they would be able to return home with their magic and thanked him for the ride out. Fearing for the rest of his crew’s safety he agreed and wished them luck in their quest. The party found a diary on 1st mate Rool which has some entries in it:

“ In his diary, Rool articulately spells out why he would like to kill Captain Daggerdark and take command. The writing reveals that the captain claims to have a direct line of communication to the kraken Slarkrethel, an assertion that Rool suspects is true given that the captain is prone to headaches and nosebleeds. The diary also mentions that the captain keeps his spellbook in his desk, protected by “the worst lock I’ve ever seen”. Norros Lamented that his missed the chance to acquire another spellbook.

The party returned to the cave via paddle boat to continue the search for Pokeman’s brother and to route out the Kracken Society. They rounded through the cave where they fought the Bullett and found themselves in an open cavern with a pool with green liquid in it and a dry pathway down the middle. littered through this pathway were big green transparent blocks. Draven Poked one of the Blocks and it lashed out at him. The party discovered that these creatured were Gelatinous cubes and fought a battle against them with Prim and Yue using what they learned about water and lightning bolts to fry the cubes in the pools before they could get out. Norros ended up in the pool with ta cube on top of him. He discovered the pools were actually made of acid and began slowly dissolving.

Prim used frost arc to make an ice bridge over to norros and they were able to free him from the acid as the rest of the party fought off the remaining cubes. The party decided to take a breather and patch up their wounds before continuing farther into the cave.

The Search for Digiman Jones!
Session 69

After a night’s sleep in Yartar the party asked the Harper’s for help finding passage into the sea to look for the Morkoth and for Pokeman Jone’s Brother. The harpers got in contact with some of their contacts on seas vessels and found one willing to take them to where they needed to go. They said to meet Ilkara Levari who was a half elf spy who worked as the bosun on the ship the Kelpie’s Kiss captained by a half elf mage named Zaldar Floshin and his 1st mate a sprite names Arrow. They learned it was currently docked in Waterdeep so after a morning of shopping in Yartar they Transported themselves to Waterdeep.

One they arrived in the city Draven went to go find Nawala who was very happy to see him and asked him if he wanted to meet their kids. Nervously he was led into a back room where the goblin children he saved and left with her greeted him and Draven found she was able to adopt the goblin kids. Draven sat around and told them stories from his books as they listened eagerly.

Meanwhile Pokeman took to the docks and met with the captain of the Kelpie’s Kiss. He told them they planned to explore the korrin archepeligo in search of his lost brother and the trackless sea in search of king heckaton. Zaldar warned them against fighting a kracken and didn’t believe any ship would stand up to its crushing grip but decided to try to reinforce the hull with metal before they left to give them more of a fighting chance should they run into trouble. Pokeman brought this information back to the party and they wanted to do something for the ship to make it scry proof so they wouldn’t be able to see them coming. They asked around waterdeep and found that an archmage lived in a tower in town. They visited the tower and convinced the archmage to help them for a price. He was no fan of the kracken and felt these adventurers might set a blow against the kracken society so he supplied them with a scroll they could use to block divination magic from spotting the ship.

The party discussed their destination options and saw that the korrin archepeligo was closer than the trackless sea so they decided to make a search for pokeman’s brother first. under the protection of the spell the ship arrived at the archepeligo without incident. Captain Zalto warned of pirate activity in the area but arrived at an island which looked like it had a cave structure associated with it as well as signs of inhabitants. The Kelpie’s kiss got them as close as it could and they party took a rowboat out to the island.

Upon approach they were spotted by Lizardmen who has an encampment on a hillside and they ambushed the party throwing spears at the boat to no avail. Prim greabbed pokeman Jones and hit the beach to charge the spearmen. The Lizardmen called forth their mages who lined the top of the cliffside and sent down a barrage of fireballs upon the party’s rowboat setting it ablaze, splintering the boat and sending rowan unconscious into the water. Norros threw a glove of invulnerability around those who hit the water and they all swam to the shore as quickly as possible pouring a potion of healing down rowan’s throat to stabilize her.

Upon hitting the beach Pokeman fought off the front line of lizardmen charging them while prim yue and draven fired up at the mages with norros maintaining his shield to protect form further fireball assaults. Prim flew up to the mages and took one out while yue decided to show them the true use of fire magic and lit up the beach head turning the remaining mages to ash.

The party looted the lizardmen camp site and seeing the nearby cave looked inhabited they took the lizardmen’s boat into the cave. They saw path’s splitting north and east with the north path having the words Slarkrethel carved into the cave. the east path seemed more worn with the dock partially broken. The party decided to take the east path recognizing the name as the same as the one Lord Drylund said killed him. The party found themselves creeping through a dark cave when Yue tripped on a rock and hit the ground. A rumbling could be heard throughout the cave as several Bullette burst from the ground and engaged in battle with the party. After a fierce battle rowan’s spirit guardian unicorns finally drove through their armor and the cave became silent once more. the party battered had prim create his mansion and they decided to rest for the night and plan their next course of action.


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