CM Adventures

Into the Kraken’s Lair
Session 71

The party continued further down a narrow passage which opened up into a wide chamber in the cave containing a building like structure made of ramshackle materials and work benches manned by Mind Flayers. As the party one of them noticed them and through telepathy the entire room was aware of the intruders and they stood and approached immediately sending psyonic waved into their minds stunning most of the party except norros who shook it off. He helped shake Yue out of her stupor and she flung a fireball into the mix of them while Norros cast sunburst. The combination of light and heat incinerated most of them except a lone straggler, Pokeman Jones finally steeled his resolve and shook off the stun and chased down the last mind flayer and smashed him into the ground with his staff.

The party breathed a sigh of relief and inspected the ramshackle structure finding a mandolin and a fancy carpet which Yue lifted up towards norros with a mage hand. The Carpet quickly wrapped itself around him attempting to smother him. Prim grabbed the carpet and dimension doored out of the building but the whole carpet came with norros and he just lay outside flopping while the carpet continued to squeeze him. Prim cast disintigrate on the carpet but the force of the blast ended up hitting and wounding norros inside while the carpet withstood the blow. With Norros running out of air Rowan stepped outside and used banishment on the carpet sending it to another dimension dropping norros onto the ground gasping for air. With the removal of the carpet from the floor the party noticed a staircase leading downward and they all quickly headed downstairs before the carpet re-appeared.

The stairway led into a big chamber at the top of a waterfall with a big circular pool of water with a stairway on the far side of the room. Prim looked into the water and saw 4 densities in the current and recognized them as water elemental hiding in the pool waiting in ambush. Yue and Prim grasped hands and making 2 finger guns combined their lightning bolts and electrocuted the pool sending the water elementals screeching up out of the pool before imploding. Prim also noticed there was a bottle lodged at the bottom of the pool and so Yue sent her mage hand to retrieve it and it brought to them a decanter of endless water which prim tucked away.

The party continued down the stairs at the end of the hallway finding a narrow corridor which split to the north and the east. Norros saw another water elemental to the north and suck up on it successfully and swung his lightning lure at it unfortunately missing. The water elemental gave out a loud call throughout the cavern and a rumbling was heard as 2 Bullette burst forth from the ground and attempted to land on norros who nimbly got out of the way. Pokeman began smashing the Bullettes while yue threw a firebolt through one of their tough hides cooking it from the inside out. Prim fired a lightning bolt finishing the other bullette and pokeman scatted the water elemental with his staff.

The party continued forth finding themselves against a door with a human, an elf, a gnome, a faerie, a dragon, and a devil and a hand print on it with a riddle written in each language underneath the carving:

I’m the center of the wood, but matter most when made of gold,
I’m jealous when there’s fire, yet sharpest when I am cold,
When bound in stone, I stand alone, when secret, I am near,
When forged of glass, I shatter, when I die, of fear.

The party debated over the answer before pokeman came up with the correct solution of “Heart”. He touched the human hand print and said the word and the human symbol began to glow. The party realized that the six languages the riddle was written needed heart said in their particular language. Pokeman touched the human symbol speaking common , norros the gnome speaking gnomish, Yue the Dragon speaking draconic, Draven the devil speaking infernal, Rowan the faerie speaking Sylvan, and prim the elf speaking elvish. The symbols all lit up and the door swung open.

The party found themselves on a narrow ledge next to a waterfall cascading down further. There was a door across the gap of this narrow ledge and a 2nd ledge below that seemed to be supporting a huge golem guarding a treasure chest. The party tried to sneak past the golem but norros and rowan slipped going across the narrow gap single file. Pokeman was able to grab Rowan but Norros plummeted but was able to grab onto the treasure chest and save himself. Unfortunately as he did that the Hug stone golem activated and started swinging at norros almost knocking him off the ledge again.

The party fired all they could from above damaging the Golem pokeman throwing his dwarven shield breaking off huge chunks of the construct and Yue threw a fire bolt opening up a hole in its chest through which prim fired frost ark hitting a vital point inside it breaking through the magic which controlled it sending it toppling forward over norros. Luckily there was a hole in its chest which he fit through as the rubble of the construct crashed down all round him. He opened the chest and found a robe of serenity within. Pokeman jones used his infinite rope and helped norros back up and they found a 2nd door wit ha riddle on it:

_ What does a god never see, a king rarely sees, and we see all the time?_

After more debate the Prim figured the out the answer “An Equal”

The party tried to catch their breath finding themselves in another room with a large pool. but as norros started setting up alarm traps he noticed gelatinous cubes and a water elemental surfacing from the pool and a pseudo pod lashed out at him but he brought up a shield to deflect it. Norros setup a wall of force as the edge of the sore line to funnel their foes to them.

Prim used frost arc to make a bridge into the water from where himself and Yue threw more lightning into the water while norros used this shocking grab to add current to it blowing through 2 of the cubes before they reached shore and tried to engulf the party, They dodged out of the way except for draven who was pulled out of the cube by pokeman jones before he slapped the water elemental apart with his staff and Yue blew apart the final cubes with a thunderwave. The cavern once again grew quiet as the party attempted to catch their breath before pressing onward.

The Morkoth vs The Kelpie’s Kiss
Session 70

As the party rested in Prim’s mansion they received a distress sending message from Zaldar Floshin

“We spotted a ship on the Horizon headed towards us. Gods help us its the Morkoth. Battle Stations crew we got a boarding party incoming. Arrow Stay to me I won’t let them take us!”

The party quickly exited the cave and paddled their boat back out to the Kelpie’s kiss just in time to see a group of men board the ship and engage in combat with the crew. Prim grabbed pokeman Jones and dimension doored onto the kelpie’s kiss to help the crew while draven delved into untapped powers and transformed himself into a planetar. He sprouted wings and flew to the Giant squid like ship the morkoth and began to cut off the flow of invaders coming aboard.

Zalder drew his daggers and fought off some of the boarding party as the tiny sprite arrow caught up to him and began firing tiny darts off of her sprite sized bow poisoning the boarding party as they hit the deck as prim and Pokeman Jones set upon them and their 1st mate names Rool. Norros pushed the paddle boat faster to get Yue and Rowan aboard. Yue tried to jump aboard but the waved rocked and she ended up clinging to the side of the ship and the morkoth loaded up some ballista and fired at her knocking her off the side of the boat into the water. The captain of the ship Tholtz Daggerdark finally emerged from below deck to see The Planetar on his ship cutting through his men. He told him “well no more of that and cast a force cage upon him which he struggled against.

Tholtz commanded another round of ballista to fire striking the rowboat norros and rowan were on as they were fishing Yue out of the water. Prim saw her fall in and proclaimed “I’ll save you I and the epitome of grace” and tried to do a somersault off of the Kelpie’s kiss into the rowboat to pull Yue up but instead slipped on some water on the deck smashed his back on the side on the ship and tumbled into the water next to her. Tholtz moved up to the front of the ship and cast lighting upon those in the water sending lightning coursing through their bodies. Rowan quickly hauled Yue out of the water before she was fried by the current as Norros got Prim out. Looking severely injured Yue threw a fireball at the deck of the Morkoth Breaking Tholtz’s concentration releasing the force cage on draven who cleaved through the men manning the ballista.

Rowan summoned a guiding bolt that went through Tholtz and Pokeman Jones Arrow and Zalder were able to fend off the boarding party saving the Kelpie’s Kiss. draven rowan and norros examined the Morkoth finding a large storm giant chained to the bottom of the ship. Upon releasing his magical bindings it seemed like a spell keeping him in a catatonic state had been broken. He sat up disoriented screaming about traitors betraying him all of them. the party backed up and as the giant was about to reach for a weapon Norros quickly told him that they were sent here by his daughter Serrisa to save him.

Upon hearing that name he calmed down and introduced himself as King Heckaton and that he needed to get back to Maelstrom quickly as he had been betrayed by one of his own advisers Lymrith. He told them she hired the Kracken Society to get him out of the way and throw the giant society into chaos and she most likely wanted his throne and scepter. He said that Lymrith isn’t who she appears to be in face she is known as the doom of the desert. Heckaton thanked the party for their assistance and told them he is going to go rally his allies that remain so they can rectify this that they are friends of the storm giants and when they finish their business here to come see him in Maelstrom while he prepared his people to stop Lymrith.

With that the party wished him luck and he pulled out a Magical Conch and teleported away. As the party began to make plans to commandeer the Morkoth Rowan noticed a gargantuan dark figure appear from below and get bigger and bigger until suddenly 10 massive tentacles wrapped itself around the Morkoth and began to squeeze the ship. A sharp Psychic Pain pierced through everyone’s mind on board with the words “You will not have it”. A deafening crack could be heard as the ship began to tear asunder. The party all quickly abandoned ship and jumped back to the Kelpie’s kiss .

Zaldar got as much space between his ship and the Kracken as he could. They watched as the Morkoth was broken in half and sunk to the bottom of the sea before disappearing from site. Shaken from the event Zaldar make sure his 1st mate was ok then the rest of the party. He warned them about fighting a Kracken and how it would be suicide as he just realized that the preparation he did to his own hull in coming out here wouldn’t have saved him if that was his ship in its clutches. The party told him to head back to land that they would be able to return home with their magic and thanked him for the ride out. Fearing for the rest of his crew’s safety he agreed and wished them luck in their quest. The party found a diary on 1st mate Rool which has some entries in it:

“ In his diary, Rool articulately spells out why he would like to kill Captain Daggerdark and take command. The writing reveals that the captain claims to have a direct line of communication to the kraken Slarkrethel, an assertion that Rool suspects is true given that the captain is prone to headaches and nosebleeds. The diary also mentions that the captain keeps his spellbook in his desk, protected by “the worst lock I’ve ever seen”. Norros Lamented that his missed the chance to acquire another spellbook.

The party returned to the cave via paddle boat to continue the search for Pokeman’s brother and to route out the Kracken Society. They rounded through the cave where they fought the Bullett and found themselves in an open cavern with a pool with green liquid in it and a dry pathway down the middle. littered through this pathway were big green transparent blocks. Draven Poked one of the Blocks and it lashed out at him. The party discovered that these creatured were Gelatinous cubes and fought a battle against them with Prim and Yue using what they learned about water and lightning bolts to fry the cubes in the pools before they could get out. Norros ended up in the pool with ta cube on top of him. He discovered the pools were actually made of acid and began slowly dissolving.

Prim used frost arc to make an ice bridge over to norros and they were able to free him from the acid as the rest of the party fought off the remaining cubes. The party decided to take a breather and patch up their wounds before continuing farther into the cave.

The Search for Digiman Jones!
Session 69

After a night’s sleep in Yartar the party asked the Harper’s for help finding passage into the sea to look for the Morkoth and for Pokeman Jone’s Brother. The harpers got in contact with some of their contacts on seas vessels and found one willing to take them to where they needed to go. They said to meet Ilkara Levari who was a half elf spy who worked as the bosun on the ship the Kelpie’s Kiss captained by a half elf mage named Zaldar Floshin and his 1st mate a sprite names Arrow. They learned it was currently docked in Waterdeep so after a morning of shopping in Yartar they Transported themselves to Waterdeep.

One they arrived in the city Draven went to go find Nawala who was very happy to see him and asked him if he wanted to meet their kids. Nervously he was led into a back room where the goblin children he saved and left with her greeted him and Draven found she was able to adopt the goblin kids. Draven sat around and told them stories from his books as they listened eagerly.

Meanwhile Pokeman took to the docks and met with the captain of the Kelpie’s Kiss. He told them they planned to explore the korrin archepeligo in search of his lost brother and the trackless sea in search of king heckaton. Zaldar warned them against fighting a kracken and didn’t believe any ship would stand up to its crushing grip but decided to try to reinforce the hull with metal before they left to give them more of a fighting chance should they run into trouble. Pokeman brought this information back to the party and they wanted to do something for the ship to make it scry proof so they wouldn’t be able to see them coming. They asked around waterdeep and found that an archmage lived in a tower in town. They visited the tower and convinced the archmage to help them for a price. He was no fan of the kracken and felt these adventurers might set a blow against the kracken society so he supplied them with a scroll they could use to block divination magic from spotting the ship.

The party discussed their destination options and saw that the korrin archepeligo was closer than the trackless sea so they decided to make a search for pokeman’s brother first. under the protection of the spell the ship arrived at the archepeligo without incident. Captain Zalto warned of pirate activity in the area but arrived at an island which looked like it had a cave structure associated with it as well as signs of inhabitants. The Kelpie’s kiss got them as close as it could and they party took a rowboat out to the island.

Upon approach they were spotted by Lizardmen who has an encampment on a hillside and they ambushed the party throwing spears at the boat to no avail. Prim greabbed pokeman Jones and hit the beach to charge the spearmen. The Lizardmen called forth their mages who lined the top of the cliffside and sent down a barrage of fireballs upon the party’s rowboat setting it ablaze, splintering the boat and sending rowan unconscious into the water. Norros threw a glove of invulnerability around those who hit the water and they all swam to the shore as quickly as possible pouring a potion of healing down rowan’s throat to stabilize her.

Upon hitting the beach Pokeman fought off the front line of lizardmen charging them while prim yue and draven fired up at the mages with norros maintaining his shield to protect form further fireball assaults. Prim flew up to the mages and took one out while yue decided to show them the true use of fire magic and lit up the beach head turning the remaining mages to ash.

The party looted the lizardmen camp site and seeing the nearby cave looked inhabited they took the lizardmen’s boat into the cave. They saw path’s splitting north and east with the north path having the words Slarkrethel carved into the cave. the east path seemed more worn with the dock partially broken. The party decided to take the east path recognizing the name as the same as the one Lord Drylund said killed him. The party found themselves creeping through a dark cave when Yue tripped on a rock and hit the ground. A rumbling could be heard throughout the cave as several Bullette burst from the ground and engaged in battle with the party. After a fierce battle rowan’s spirit guardian unicorns finally drove through their armor and the cave became silent once more. the party battered had prim create his mansion and they decided to rest for the night and plan their next course of action.

The Grand Dame Games!
Session 68

The party returned to the eye of the Allfather. As they returned prim noticed a message in the harper’s message tube

We have a problem here, I just arrived at Wave Echo cave to warn the harpers to increase security only to find the forge of spells is gone. Noone seems to know anything or noticed anything disturbed. Only the two guards in the room saw a figure from the shadows before being knocked out and upon awakening the forge was gone. I am going searching for answers and will be in contact. I have a bad feeling about this.

- Sister Gaerelle

The party knew this would have to be dealt with but they felt if they did not find the king soon it would be all for naught but they should take some precautions to guard the celestial brazier holder in the guild hall. Norros volunteered to go secure the guild hall while the rest of the party headed for Yartar.

They gathered themselves up and prim created a circle to take Norros to phandalin where he met old allies to help him. In the mean time prim made another circle to take the rest of the party to the gambling city of Yartar. They found themselves in a harper reception house and they met their contact agent Jones. Inside they inquired about the golden goose coins and they found out it belonged to a floating boat casino on the river called the Grand Dame. They asked directions to it and the owner was able to provide it for them but told them that this casino was very particular about its clientele in that you needed to dress in formal wear and that weapons were not allowed aboard what soever.

The party asked for the closest tailor and were directed towards the Firelust and Fabrics tailoring. A half elf man introduced himself as Demetres and inquired about their needs fitting the men up with tuxedos and bow ties and the women with dresses with yue’s having a katniss girl on fire flair to it at special request. After donning some of the fanciest clothes they have seen yet most of them left their weapons with the harpers. They decided on the code word “shoots and ladders if things were going wrong and they needed to bail. The party set off for the Grand Dame.

On the way they received a message from Caryandra

I leave you alone for 5 minutes and you destroy your airship.
What. The. Hell.


The party arrived at the dock where the Grand Dame was tethered. As they approached the ship they saw 2 half orc bouncers standing on the plank and frisking passengers before they were allowed in. Yue and Xing approached and the guard looked them up and down with approval then asked them if they had any weapons on them to which they replied no and he said ok them arm up really quick for a pat down and you will be allowed in. They were frisked and then granted entrance to the Grand Dame and told to enjoy their night and gamble to their heart’s content. The rest of the party followed suit until Draven got to the dock who stashed away a dagger in a holder on his ankle. The bouncers found it and told him they said no weapon on board and what the fuck didn’t he understand about that. They threw the dagger into a bag as Draven apologized and they told him to go in but the one guard told the other one to inform Pow Ming to keep an eye on the albino tiefling. He nodded and went inside.

Prim followed behind Draven and asked if they needed a performer for the night and the bouncers admitted to him that the captain was worried about the entertainment that the band they hired for the night had backed out at the last minute and they were looking for an act for the night. Prim proudly proclaimed that he was the man for the job and asked if the guard knew who he was. Luckily the guard was one of Prim’s fans who’s child knew much about him and he was excited to bring prim in to play as long as he gave him his autograph on his weapon which he did. the last of the party stepped into the Grand Dame

As the party entered they saw a very lavish setup with cooks, formally dressed guests, dealers at the card and dice tables, and deck hands scurrying around as well as waitresses serving refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. Prim went right to the stage and summoned his succubi servants in human disguise form with slinky dresses and began setting up for the performance. Draven saw one of the bouncers talking to a human female who was cashing in the golden goose chips for gold and gold for chips out of a bag of holding. He approached her and the guard gave the nod like this is the one I was talking about.

Draven introduced himself to her and learned her name was Pow Ming. Draven complemented the quality of the golden goose chips and asked how much the one he had was worth. She looked at it and told him this was a 50gp chip. He exchanged it for the gold. He then asked her where the chips were manufactured at? She looked at him suspiciously and asked him why the hell she would give him that information just so he could go bring fake chips into the casino. She accused him of planning to fraud them and draven realized now what he said and quickly excused himself. Pokeman jones found himself a spot at the black jack table with rowan rooting him on to try to gable for Lurue and the adventure of it and promptly lost 60gp after only 3 hands and started wandering the ship.

The Grand Dame set sail and Prim finished setting up and began to play for the crowd. He played some more modern music but failed to notice the crowd was older and seemed to be primarily composed of stuffy old money who hated his performance and drew boos from the crowd and requests to get off stage and murmurs as to how they wished the original band was able to play and they could tell they got this hack at the last minute. Prim was flustered and proclaimed this had never happened to him before.

With the ship setting sail the captain of the ship Lord Drylund came down to rub elbows with the wealthiest guests on his ship and to encourage them to eat drink and especially gamble to their hearts content. He exchanged pleasantries with most of the party and other guests but them ran into Pokeman Jones down on his luck at the tables and he got into a conversation with him about what a nice ship it was and when they began sharing sailing stories Lord Drylund offered him a tour of the ship showing off his rowers on the bottom deck.

While pokeman was getting the tour draven broke even at the craps tables and spotted another guest cheating with a ring of telekinesis at the roulette wheel. Draven informed Pow Ming of the cheater and she went over to him and upon casting detect thoughts on him nodded to her two bouncers and they escorted him to the edge of the ship and tossed him overboard into the sea. Pow Mind gave Draven a nod of approval.

Pokeman came back above deck to her the boos of the crowd for Prim and the captain suggested that they head upstairs and he would like to show him his pet octopus to which pokeman agreed and introduced him to draven and they both headed up to his office. Lord Drylund’s cabin purple velvet curtains and scented candles in gaudy candelabras. He had an aquarium on a table in the center of the room. Beneath the aquarium, built into the table, is a shelf on which rests a locked wooden chest that was rigged rigged with a poison needle trap.

Draven and Pokeman Jones explained their situation to the captain on how they got a clue from Serissa to the disappearance of King Heckaton and the murder of Queen Neri and the chip to his casino was found near where the queen was murdered and asked if he had any information it would be of the utmost importance that they could help as they stopped all the other giant lords. The captain shut the door to his office and whispered to them that he knew where Heckaton was being held it was on a scry proof ship names the Morkoth, which sails around the northern islands of the Trackless Sea, He told them he was pressed into service by the Kracken society as they had his family he asked the party for help. Draven hearing about the kracken society and seeing the octopus in the tank jumped to the conclusion that the octopus might be a listening device and brought his pack weapon into existence and killed the octopus in one swipe and as he stuck his arm into the aquarium the poison needle trap shot off spraying draven’s clothing with needles and dying his clothing blue at the arm.

Suddenly Lord Drylund’s eyes widened in terror An instant later, Lord Drylund keeled over dead, blood running from his nose. Pokeman Jones and Draven Just looked at each other for a moment and then decided they needed to get out of there before anyone came in. Draven found a key in the bottom of the treasure chest in the aquarium and used it to unlock Lord Drylund’s esk finding a sword and some of his valuables in there. They decided to leave everything where it was. Pokeman tried to exit and walk calmly in plain site back down to the gambling area where Draven acrobatically jumped down the side of the boat and grabbed a railing to flip to the floor below.

They returned to the gambling floor of the ship as they heard Yue give a cheer of delight as she won her hand at the blackjack table and cashed out her winnings. A few minuted later there was commotion as prim playing came to a halt as the chief of security Nelvin Storn came down and demanded that everyone stay where they are as there was a murder on board and that someone killed Lord Drylund. There was a brief moment of panic until the guards quieted everyone down. The crowd was split into several sections and the guards began interviewing the crew.

Pow mind took the party outside and watched them as they huddled up and shared what just happened. Instead of keeping it to himself he told Pow Mind what had happened inside the chamber. She didn’t seem to believe anything he said and told him due to his previous antics when they docked they were told that the city guards would deal with them. Rowan asked Pow Ming if she was given time she could cast speak with dead and Lord Drylund could give his side of the story before false accusations could be thrown about. She agreed and the ship was informed that they would speak to the corpse of Lord Drylund when they arrived at shore so the guards could witness this as well.

Upon docking Yartar’s guards boarded the ship and were informed of the incident. They heard the suggestion to use speak with dead and quarantinedthe entire ship to allow rowan to prepare for her spell. She went up to his cabin and with Pow Mind, the party and the guards they brought his spirit back to answer questions.

Rowan asked him if anyone in this party killed him to which he answered no. She then asked him what happened to him to which he answered he had a terrible pain in his head after he revealed secrets. Rowan asked who killed him to which he answered Slarkrethel. Rowan asked who that was to which Lord Drylund Responded the Kracken. And finally rowan asked what should be done with the Grand Dame to which Lord Drylund responded Pow Mind served him faithfully for years that it should go to her.

With a tear in her eye Pow Ming said her goodbye’s to Lord Drylund and apologized for suspecting the party but the initial evidence looked bad against them being the only ones with him when he died. She made a request of the party to avenge him and offered his belongings from under the table to the party but they refused and gave her his sword to remember him by. She gave the party some of his diamonds insisting that these would be useful if they were to go after the Kracken society if they have a healer with them and if they are half as good as their reputation she believed Lord Drylund would be avenged.
The party promised they would seek out the Kracken Society for Lord Drylund now as well. They were ready to plan their next destination and disembarked the Grand Dame looking at the Sunset over Yartar.

Meanwhile in Phandolin during this adventure, Norros has been designing the Lockbox Deluxe 3000.

“First by casting a few alarm spells around the guild hall. (Four 20’ Cubes, 40 mins)
He then learns the spell Glyph of Warding (6 hours next to the forge).
Then he casts Glyph of Warding at 8th level with Chain Lightning as the stored spell. (10 mins, 100g)

As soon as the metal arrives he creates a safe around the forge (with a little help from others to lift it). Metal safe, 6′×6′×6′, normal latch on the door with a bought lock added on to start. (20 mins)
He then recasts the alarms around the building and the safe before sleeping. (40 mins)

The next day Norros begins learning Guards and Wards (12 hours) after recasting alarms (40mins), then casts Guards and Wards with Suggestion (Scream for Guards while acting like a Chicken) and Magic Mouth at the front door and Safe door (Which I SCREAM Intruder! into).
He then recasts the alarms and 2 more Glyphs of Warding (lightning and fire damage) in and infront of the safe. (20 mins 200g)"

The Matriarchs of Maelstrom
Session 67

The party recovered what they could out of the Crimson Tide and Prim buried sir piggly and set up a marker for him at the edge of the high forest and carved for him an epitaph into a plank of wood he ripped from the ship. The fire elemental that was caught in the furnace of the airship drifted away into the woods despite Draven’s efforts to reign it back in.

The party met with Captain Laz who looked shaken after having lost the airship. He told the party they needed to return to the Klauthian vale to report to their master but wished them luck in stopping the giants. Delsaphine pulled Pokeman jones aside and told him that she needed to go with them for now but she vowed to return and that they would find his brother and her crew on the Hades jewel. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and he pulled her in for a deep kiss before departing. They all took a portal to mirabar splitting the difference between the vale and the eye of the allfather where the party and the crew of the crimson tide parted ways. The party restocked in Mirabar and then set out for the eye of the Allfather.

With Norros’s magic they teleported to the oracle chamber where the 6 lanterns were lit once more.

Prim stepped forward and asked “ How can we get a new air ship”

the oracle answered: the lord’s alliance is the primary manufacturer of air ships on the sword coast

Norros asked What exactly were we supposed to do with these conchs you had them collect?

the oracle answered: you each hold one and blow into them and it will open the portal at Maelstrom, home of the storm giants

Yue asked : Is Zuriel still alive?

the oracle answered: Your companion Zuriel still lives.

Norros asked What are the abilities of the Storm giants?

storm giants breathe both air and water. they command lightning and command the respect of the rest of giant kind until the disappearance of king hekaton

Rowan asked: Where is King Hekaton?

the oracle answered: “Unknown.” Speak to Serissa, his youngest daughter. She has a clue to her father’s whereabouts, and she needs your help."

Draven asked What are the weakness of the storm giants weakness’s

the oracle answered: they have no specific weaknesses but are not harmed by lightning and thunder

The oracle chamber once again grew dark as the last lantern extinguished and the party members distributed the giant conch’s they collected Yue taking the fire giant Zalto’s, draven the stone giant’s, prim the hill giant, pokeman the cloud giant and rowan the frost giant. Xing told Yue he would stay to guard the oracle chamber to make sure they would be able to return He wished her luck embracing her before they set off. They all got in a circle with norros focusing the magical essences of the horns and they blew into the conch’s simultaneously. As they channeled its magic a portal formed in the center of the chamber and the party all dove into it.

The party emerged on a glowing glyph carved into the floor of a circlular room with 2 exiting hallways, a set of stairs going upward and a pool of water. The moist walls here were covered with bioluminescent lichen, snails, starfish, and barnacles. Tiny, harmless crabs crawl across the floor, avoiding the sigil. As the party arrives they hear music: a powerful female voice accompanied by the deep, haunting tones of a masterfully played pipe organ. They head up the spiral staircase and see 2 female storm giants on stage one playing and the other singing to a room full of giant ambassadors from every giant race. As a storm giant guard spots the party coming up the stairs the performance is interrupted and the guards interpose themselves between the party and the storm giant’s guests and performers.

The Storm Giant sisters Mirran and Nym stand up and Mirran orders the sotrm giant guards to stand down so she and Nym can learn what bring these “puny creatures” to court. The party explained that they had important information for Serissa and wished a meeting with her. Nym replied that Serissa is “far too overwhelmed with important matters” to grant the characters an audience at this moment but if they would wait downstairs she would inform her of their arrival. The party agreed to be led downstairs but prim cast invisibility on Rowan and told her to stay up here and see if the giant’s were planning anything.

The rest of the party was led downstairs to a waiting room but rowan remained above while Mirran and Nym talked to the Giant Lords seated at their performance. She told them she believed that they were assassins just like the ones that killed her mother and that Serissa must be informed that it would please the Storm giants if they “took care” of their intruders. The other giant ambassadors looked hesitant but did not wish to offend the storm giants in their home so they went downstairs as requested. Rowan telepathically sent a warning to the party that an ambush was on the way and to be on their guard. She then followed Mirran and Nym to the audience chamber.

The giant ambassadors came down the hallway heading to where the party was being held. Norros received the warning from rowan and threw up a wall of stone blocking off the giant ambassadors from the guards who were watching them and they set themselves against the 2 storm giant guards. The ambassadors began slamming on the stone wall trying to break through.

Meanwhile Mirran and Nym were up in Serrissa’s throne room telling her about the assassins sent to kill her. Rowan called out that that was a lie and they were only here to meet with her to help her find the king. As she revealed herself the guards stepped up to face her but Serrissa ordered them to stand down so she may speak. Rowan called out the sisters for sending the giant ambassadors to assassinate her party and Serrisa was shocked and ordered her two ogre guards to go instruct them to cease this at once and to bring the party to her and that she would deal with her sisters then. Rowan quickly rushed back down the stairs with the ogre guards just as the ambassadors were breaking through the wall and just began to clash with the party the Ogres called out by order of Serissa for everyone to stop what they are doing. The giant’s halted their assault and the party was led to her chambers.

Serrissa apologized for the way they were treated and told them her sisters were too hasty but they have been on edge since their mother was killed by small folk and now with their father missing she has been trying to hold things together but she doesn’t feel like she commanded the respect that her father did. She introduced herself and her advisers Imperator Uthor and Lymrith who sat on either side of her. She said that if only she could get the giant lords together they might be able to reach an agreement. The party told her that the giant lords had rampaged through their lands and they had to slay the leaders of each of the giant kind to protect their lands. Serissa seemed very upset at this fact and broke down proclaiming that this is all her fault that she was too weak of a leader to control them and now they are all dead because of her and only if her father were here that none of this would have happened. She began to break down and Uthor comforted her. Lymrith suggested they send the puny folk away but she ignored her advice saying it was ok and she needs to make this right and finally be the leader her father wanted her to be.

She told the party she knew they were only protecting themselves and requested their help knowing they were capable just by the fact they were able to make it here. She requested that they find her father and that she had only one clue to her whereabouts. It was a wooden coin with a picture of a golden goose on it. She told them she prayed every day for his safe return but was unable to locate him even with their best spellcaster’s scrying abilities. Lymrith advides caution with the puny folk and said that these could very well be the ones who killed her mother and abducted her father. Serissa questioned how she knew her father was abducted and not just missing and Lymrith said it was just an assumption and she hoped he was still alive. Norros took the coin and inspected it recognizing it as a gambling chip of a specific brand of casino found in Yartar. Serissa was impressed with their knowledge and requested that they hurry to there and find what they could of King Hekaton. The party agreed.

Before they left rowan requested a picture of king heckaton and she was going to try to scry on it to see if she had any luck. Serissa agreed and asked the party to wait just a moment and she would retrieve one for them. Serissa left her scepter on her throne and headed into a back room. Looking around nervously Lymrith got up and told the party. “Even though she trusts you small folk I do not. Lymrith grabbed Serrissa’s scepter and teleported out of the Hallway with Imerator Uthor protesting but she was gone before anyone could stop her.

Sertissa returned with a painting of king heckaton and asked where lymrith went and they explained the situation to her upsetting Serissa further telling the party that that scepter was needed as a symbol of her ruling power and without it she could not control the magic of her throne and her claim to be the head of the storm giant and she would have even less influence over the giants than even before and wondered how her trusted adviser could betray her like this? She once again requested the party to help her find her father to help resolve this that she believes in her heart that he is still alive. She handed the painting over to rowan who tried to scry on it but found there was nothing but interference and something blocking the ability to detect where heckaton in. She then knelt down and prayed to Lurue for intervention and guidence on where to go next. She felt a warm feeling in her chest with the answer that her next adventure lies in Yartar. The party looked at the coin and knew that if there were to be answers found that it would start there.

Serissa told the party to use their conch’s once more to return them from whence they came but they could use them anytime to return to her should they find any news of her father. She wished them luck and she was placing all of her trust in the small ones just as her mother had and may the allfather be with them. The party used their magic conch’s and left the Matriarch of Maelstrom to her thoughts and hopes.

Crash of the Crimson Tide
Session 66

Prim 2 took a step back from the orb and Dimension doored out of the room and grabbed his amulet of eavesdropping and called for help from the party. Prim Pressleaf heard his called and told norros the castle was in trouble and the party all quickly gathered to teleport to Lym Armaal where they landed on the lawn at the top of the castle and engaged the Cloud Giant’s security forces Firing a wall of thorns and a sleet storm in the way of the giants and the navigation orb. Cressaro assessed the situation seeing they were being over run and ordered his guard to smash the orb and not let the castle fall into the puny one’s hands. The guard started making his way over to the orb while the other two giants engaged the party.

Draven Rowan and norros took to the front lines and began fighting the Guard captain while prim grabbed pokeman jones and dimension doored inside the navigation orb room to keep the castle afloat. The guard tried to push past pokeman but was driven back out the door by himself and prim and was banished to another dimension by rowan. With the immediate threat out of the way they went outside and helped the party finish the captain of the guard and his lackey. The party lost track of time as they finished the giants outside and the banish wore off leaving the last giant right on the outside of the orb room. He dashed inside and took a mighty swing at the navigation orb with his morningstar. A sickening crack was heard across the sphere and the crack grew and started to splinter through the orb.

Prim quickly dimension doored one last time into the room and grabbed a potion of immovability and jumped at the giant’s arm and morningstar smashing the potion all over himself and the arm locking them in place in space right before the morning star was about to come down for a final blow on the orb. Pokeman jones rushed in and began striking the restrained giant who was fading fast. with one last grasp he attempted to pick up pokeman jones and slam him into the orb but pokeman and his armor proved too heave for the heavily wounded giant and he finished him with a crack of the staff across the chin.

The entire castle started to list and fall as the crack further splintered and norros ran up to the orb and used his arcane knowledge and mending spells and repaired the damage just in time to stabilize the castle. The party breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at prim suspended in the air still asking for help down. With a might pull and inspirational words from Prim pokeman ripped him from being locked in space which slammed him into the ground. Sore but thankful prim asked if they could take a nap before returning to the Stone giant cave. The party agreed and took more precautions securing the rest of the castle. Encountering some air elementals which threw yue and rowan over the side of a walkway only to be saved by Draven rushing to Yue and Bigby’s hand catching rowan as she fell. The party regrouped to cleanse the castle of the air elementals.

The party rested for the night before returning to Deadstone cleft. They once again snuck past the Roc which returned to its nest and entered the cave. The noticed a stone giant using invistitude of stone to move through the rock in an attempt to ambush the party but its swing went wide as pokeman jones was looking at the floor and bent over to inspect something the greatclub of the giant swing wildly just missing his head and the party turned to see what had tried to jump them.

Prim jumped into action Deceiving the stone Giant telling him that they were not intruders but sent as emissaries from the frost giant’s to form a pact with Thane Katalithica. He stopped to hear their story and told them to wait as he would consult her and see what she wanted. The party waited in the entrance of the cave and after a few minuted went by the stone giant returned and escorted them in with a stone giant and uthgardt tribal escort. They arrived deep into the chambers of deadstone cleft to the Thane’s Lair and She asked the party’s reason for being there.

Prim told her that they frost giants sent them for an alliance as the other giant lords were dropping dead from an adventuring party and that they wanted safety in numbers and were willing to put the stone giants ahead of them in the ordning and would help them crush the small ones for their insolence but thy all needed to meet using their magical conchs to discuss this with the storm giants.

Thane Katalithica was suspicious but decided to see if the small ones spoke the truth or were setting up a trap so she demanded one of them stay behind and would be killed immediately if there was any betrayal. Norros volunteered to stay behind and the Thane took 2 of her stone giant bodyguards and they headed out to the Crimson Tide. One of the guards whistled to the Roc as they exited the cave and it stayed put in its nest.

As they boarded the airship Captain Laz looked nervously on as the Giants boarded their airship and he started doing some math hoping it could hold all this weight. Yue and draven helped stoke the furnace and the whole crew took off towards the eye of the allfather. As they lifted off the Thane’s Guard whistled into the distance and the Roc took off from the nest and joined the airship in flight. Prim’s eyes grew wide with fright and he took the party not involved in keeping the airship aloft and had a team meeting downstairs. The giants began to take notice of the dragon helms the crew was wearing and began whispering to themselves.

They decided that now that the thane was away from her lair they would go try to offer her food and poison her the way they did to the Jarl and then jump them but the roc might make it more complicated if they try to escape of it so they would have to put them to sleep with something they slip into everfull or mass suggest that they lean over the edge and push them overboard to their deaths.

Draven went back above deck and in draconic spoke to yue and told her of the plan. Thane Katalithica used slight of hand and made an unseen gesture to her guards understanding the plot against them that they would play along and follow her lead.

The rest of the party came up above deck and offered the giants Wine to drink and Thane Katalithica praised the puny folk for their hospitality……and betrayal and took a swing at them smashing the cup to the ground and they giants set upon the party in the air. Most of the crew rushed below deck to get out of the way delsaphine trying to protect those she could while the party fought the giants. the Beastmaster giant ordered the Roc to attack and it sank its beak into the balloon and tore a giant hole into it, causing the airship to start plummeting to the earth. It then dove down and landed on the deck and slashed its talons across the furnace ripping it apart and spilling fire and a trapped Fire elemental across the deck of the ship which was now ablaze.

The giants all rushed towards the roc to try to climb onto it as it continued to peck and slash at the party not letting the spellcasters get off their magic stopping draven from banishing it. As it was about to piece into Draven with its bear Sir piggly dove in front of him takign the brunt of the attack and was torn apart and collasped onto the deck of the Burning crimson tide. Prim Screamed SIR PIGGY NOOOO and tried to start making his way towards him in the chaos. Using this opportunity Draven finished his banish spell and sent the Roc to another plane of existence. The Thane finally looked up with Fear in her eyes as her escape route was cut off. The Ship was falling faster and faster with captain Laz yelling for the crew to get above deck and prepare to abandon ship that he can’t shop it from crashing.

Prim used a polymorph spell to turn the party and crew into giant eagles and they tried to fly away with everyone making it off the ship except for Xing who was caught and beaten unconscious by the desperate giants. Rowan dropped her transformation and prim called upon his succubi wit hthe golden fiddle to pick her up. She used a heal spell to bring xing to life as a club was coming down to finish him off. He did a backflip and jumped onto the burning ship’s rigging until the other succubus came and picked him up and they all flew off the ship and watched in horror as it went down and exploded in a massive fireball at the edge of the high forest.

The party landed and searched the wreckage to find the Stone Giants and sir Piggly slain from the crash but also the final magical Conch lay within the wreckage which they received. The sent a sending to norros that they got the conch but lost the air ship to come to them now. Norros who was sitting in the cave under guard was studying the giant stalactite in the stone giant cave was able to decipher the following carved into it.

  • What must I do next to please you, noble father?
  • Do the dream-creatures pose any danger to us?
  • Are there any traitors in my clan?
  • Can these puny barbarians be trusted?
  • Is the gnome lying about Loudwater’s defenses?

and the answers carved next to them:

  • “Destroy the works of the surface dwellers,”
  • “Yes,”
  • “Yes,”
  • “No,”
  • “Yes.”

Upon seeing the last one he heard the call from his party and teleported out of the stone giant cave to the ship only to be surrounded by inferno landing on the deck of the ship. He quickly ran out of the blaze and was extinguished by Yue and draven. They all took a moment to breathe as they looked at their final magical conch that they had sought for so long and thought about sir piggly’s sacrifice as Prim sobbed over their fallen companion and vowed to tell tales of his bravery.

Giant’s chess and a Roc’s mess
Session 65

As the chess pieces turned to face prim the King piece on the opposite side animated further and took the opposite position on the control pad. He began moving his pawns to prim’s side of the board and smashing his pieces on his orders as he called them out. Prim quickly tried to figure out the rules to the game as it was no ordinary chess match. He called out to his pieces and tried to inspire them to fight and his knights and rook were able to smash through about half of his opponent’s forces but his opponent’s queen fought through his line and felled his king.

All of the remaining opponent pieces seems to turn on him next as if to strike the final blow. Prim pieces all began to power down but he cast animate objects on them and they rushed to his side as he gave a speech to inspire them to fight. They did their best but were being pushed back until Felgolos came out of the greenhouse and joined the frey clawing through the remaining ranks until prim was able to checkmate his automated opponent. Breathing a sign of relief his companions caught up to him to find out what all the noise was to find the lawn scattered with chess pieces. The party decided to take the afternoon to rest recover and decide on their next plan of action. Prim teleported back to phandalin and retrieved his simulacrum prim2 and instructed him to fly Lyn Amaal back to phandalin while they were going to find the Stone giant Lord.

The party departed on the airship. Along the way they received a message from Tsernoth:

“ No my shining light has been extinguished! The island has been invaded in my absence and Agetha destroyed and the brazier gone. All I have left is this blasted book I left for. I must find who is behind this.”

The party was disturbed by this news but decided they needed to find the last magical conch and arrived at Deadstone Cleft. They set down on the outside of the canyon and saw a series of caves as well as a long canyon with a stream running through the middle. They decided to go the through the canyon but to get there they had to sneak past a next with a Gargantuan sized Roc nesting within. Though normally noisy the party managed to get by without attracting the birds attention and found themselves in a massive canyon with giant stone giants carved into the rock walls. Pokeman Jones went to inspect them but didn’t notice an activation switch under his feet near the Statues which activated the canyon’s defense mechanism. Five of the statues came to life and began assaulting the party. Pokeman and draven took to the front lines and tried to hold them off while Yue Norros and Rowan took to the back lines to support them.

They looked around from Prim but did not find him only to look behind him in shock and horror to see him making a dash for the Roc’s nest with him yelling this will either save us or kill us! As the stone giants pushed the party into a corner of the canyon Prim used Dominate monster on the massive bird and despite its struggle he was able to focus enough to possess and control the creature. It took flight and came to the party’s aid slamming into the stone Giant’s crushing a few giving the party time to recover and break the remaining forces and survive the trap that was sprung upon them. They let out a sign of releaf and planned to rest in Prim’s mansion before exploring the canyon further. But as they were about to rest Prim heard distressing audio from the amulet of eavesdropping that he gave to prim2.

He heard the Giant’s back on Lyn Amaal breaking into the navigation orb room. The party had forgotten that prim’s mass suggestion spell had worn off and they wished to retake their home and revenge for the death of their countess.

As Prim2 turned around he saw 3 giants in the doorway weapons drawn as they called for him to step away from the orb.

The Lavish Luxuries of Lyn Armaal
Session 64

The party decided to search Countess Sansuri’s throne room and found it full of gemstones and a massive black sapphire atop the throne. norros notices that there were glyphs of warding protecting it and he was able to dispel them and the party pilfered the throne room of its wealth. they then headed to the 2nd floor of the castle running into the castle guards preparing for them loading up ballistas. as they went through a door they were fired upon had to take cover behind some giant crates. Prim used animate objects to make some of the crates come to life and distract one of the could giants while draven banished another to a separate plane of existence. pokeman Jones rushed the 3rd one of the outside platform and began dueling it. The giant grabbed pokeman staff while he was holding it and began hitting pokeman with his own staff repeating “quit hitting yourself” until Felgolos dropping in behind pokeman jones and unleased his lightning breath upon the giant.

The captain of the guard Cressaro heard the ruckus and brought reinforcements from the south. They picked up crates and barrels from a storage room and a barrage o storage containers came crashing down upon norros with one barrel cracking open covering him in wine. Prim used mass suggestion on them taking over their minds and convincing them that they should return to their rooms until the danger passes. They left the battlefield leaving only the giant fighting the boxes prim had conjured. Pokeman jones lined up a bunch of fireworks they had gotten during the festival in silverymoon and set them all up in a row aimed at the giant and yue conjured flames in her hand and lit them all. the rockets careened into the giant taking him off of his feet exploding in the skies above Lyn Armaal in spectacular fashion.

The party returned to the hallway and heard sound coming from the door to the northeast. Prim listened to the door and heard the noises of a kitchen, pots and pans banging and arguing over recipes. Prim charged into the room and saw 3 ogers dressed in cook hats and aprons in the middle of making pumpkin pies. they introduced themselves as Dret, Drat and Korb. they offered the party food to try and prim thought it was delicious and told them that it was dangerous to be here as intruders were in the castle and they needed to escape and take their kitchen to the cm guild hall.

Prim complemented their abilities and convinced them to jump in the portal he created and they abandoned their posts and headed to a portal to phandalin to begin their new jobs. The party smelled a tantalizing aroma coming from a room adjacent to the kitchen and they discovered the largest pumpkin pie they have ever seen baked onto a magical shield, prim draven and yue all took a piece of the pie and saw there were dwarven runes written upon it. they wanted to see the rest of it and didn’t know how they would finish the rest of it until Felgolos lumbered in behind them and consumed the rest of it in 2 bites. They discovered it was a dwarven thrower shield after wiping the dragon slobber off of the shield.

The party continued upward to the 3rd level of the castle discovering an art room with paintings and many art objects in the room including a legendary bardic instrument the Anstrum harp. in an adjacent room they discovered Contess Sansuri’s potion room. They found a massive key in the room. Draven and Pokeman jones climbed up on a table and tried to jump and grab it off of the wall, Draven jumped and missed but pokeman jones snagged the massive key off the wall and they took it with them.

They then went outside and discovered a magnificent garden with a chessboard with all of the humanoid sized pieces set with different headpieces with crown for the king and queen piece and griffon helms for the knight pieces and spears for the pawns. they decided to leave the board alone as well as a greenhouse they saw on the lawn and headed inside again finding themselves in a hallway. they searched another room finding only gardening equipment but upon returning to the hallway and continuing deeper into the castle found a hearth and fireplace and mantle with an Aarakocra head mounted above. The party studied it and it looked exactly like the guards that countess sansuri used. Upon thinking about it they all seems to be exact replicas of the one mounted on the wall which creeped the party out and they took the head off the wall, threw it in the fireplace. Yue noticed dwarven script on the fireplace which read “Ild”. as she said those words the fireplace lit and incinerated the stuffed head.

The party continued on finding another giant who warned them to stay back away from the room he was guarding and he wouldn’t let them touch the children. The party told them they had no interest in harming the cloud giant children(alastra and kaaltar) but they needed to leave right now and offered them a portal to phandalin. The guard introduced himself as Count Thullen. He told them he would never forgive them for what they did to the countess and was ready to send the children away and try to avenge her until he saw Felgolos stomp around the corner and he knew he would just be throwing his life away so he left with the children to go protect them knowing he had to abandon his home. He left through the portal prim setup and the party found themselves next to a door that had a big keyhole. they used the key they found earlier and opened the door discovering themselves now in sansuri’s library.

Norros and draven’s eyes grew wide with wonder as they ran around the library like kids in a candy store discovering many books chronicling the rise and fall of Ostoria and a one-of-a kind book of original plays written in Dethek, the Dwarvish script, with Common translations, by a legendary and long-deceased cloud giant poet named Delevarius weighing 50 pounds. A thorough search of the library yielded Sansuri’s enormous spellbook, which is 5 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 2 feet thick. It had bronze covers inlaid with sixty gemstones. Norros could barely move it but the party together was able to get it into their bag of holding.

The party finally made their way up to the next floor outside once again discovering a room with the navigation orb to the castle in it. Draven decided to study it while the rest of the party moved to the top spire of the castle. going up the final set of stairs the party found a room full of masks created for every mood sansuri was in that she would interchange and the stairs finally lead up to her room. the party searched and searched but couldn’t find the magical conch anywhere. Night fell of Lym armaal and finally Norror sat on her bed and noticed a false opening in her headboard. upon opening it he noticed a slot for the tiny chest he found on her body. Upon placing the chest in the slot a floorboard opened up bringing a leoman’s secret chest out of the ethereal plane and they found the magical conch within as well as several giant sized gemstones and golden tapestries.

The party gathered up the riches of lym armaal and prim went to investigate the greenhouse with felgolos only to be attacked by awakened shrubs which the dragon tuned into a quick salad. Prim then investigated the chessboard and upon stepping on the board and touching a piece all of their eyes turned red and the pieces shifted to face him.

Unicorns that fly and Castles in the Sky
Session 63

As midnight fell upon Phandalin Rowan was awakened in her room by the box of fun rattling. She went over to the box and opened it and a cylindrical birthday hat appeared on top of her head. As it did she looked out the window and saw a wonderful moon in the sky and felt compelled to go visit the apple orchard and pray to Lurue. As she took a stroll outside she found Norros soaking in the Magical hot tub. As she approached he was just about finishing up but as he exited the tub the gender swap ability has taken hold and he was sporting the body of a woman.

Having seen this before but knowing Norros had no idea what just happened Rowan kept a straight face and wished him goodnight as as they passed she giggled to herself as she entered the apple orchard. There she found Nilsa walking through the orchard and she greeted her. Nilsa told her she sometimes walks here out at night when she can’t sleep and was thinking of her mom. She asked if Rowan would mind if she came with her while she prayed in the moonlit glade. Rio told her of course and they found a nice spot. They knelt down and Nilsa prayed for her mom and Rowan Prayed to Lurue for guidance on the next step of their journey.

As the moon shone down upon the two of them the cylindrical hat on rowan’s head slid down onto her forehead resembling a unicorn horn and the moonlight reflected off of its angle revealing a doorway in the moonlit glade. As rowan looked up at it her eyes widened in awe as she looked at it she noticed symbols relating to lurue all over it. She passed her hand through the doorway and the chilly night air was replaced with a warm comforting and welcoming breeze. They stepped through the doorway.

On the other side Rowan found herself in this beautiful meadow with a waterfall directly ahead of her pouring into a crystal clear lake with a small island in the middle. On this small island she saw a creature standing on it. She blinked and rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn’t still dreaming but standing before her was what she always imagined a Unicorn would look like. She approached it to say hello.

The unicorn noticed rowan and trotted up to her. Telepathically she heard its words in her mind:

“Hello Rowan, Yes I am Gwyn, I am a symbol of hope, joy, salvation, and protection for the needy, forlorn, and forsaken. You have been a champion of these causes and Lurue has heard your prayers and bid me to summon you.

Life is to be relished and lived with laughter. Quests are to be taken on a dare and gifts are to be made on a whim. Impossible dreams are to be pursued for the sheer wonder of the possibility of their completion. Everyone, no matter how unique, is to be praised for their strengths and comforted in their weaknesses. Evil melts quickest in the face of a rapier wit and unshackled joy.

Search for adventures and in your pursuit find happiness.”

And with that the unicorn dropped off a cloak off of its back and took to the skies flying across a rainbow created by the waterfall.

Rowan stricken with awe and happiness grabbed the cloak and noticed the Unicorn pattern on the back and felt an immediate connection to the unicorn she just encountered knowing they would meet again and her heart was filled with renewed determination for adventure, Nilsa looked up at her and smiled saying oh my gosh rowan this is what you have been looking for since you were as old as me right? Rowan nodded and they headed back through the portal and returned to the Stonehill inn in Phandalin and slept well until the dawn came.

The next morning the party bid farewell to those in Phandalin and took off on the Crimson Tide setting course for Lyn Armaal. On the trip After being started when others pointed out his appearance Norros reverted back to his normal self over night and then began working on the adamantite they salvaged from Ironslag making armor out of it borrowing some of the flame from the airship’s furnace and his fabricate spell. Prim tried to convince norros to make sir piggly some battle armor with his skills.

Xing Pulled Yue aside and he told her that in speaking with their mother and learning the story of how she described their home village was attacked by the “Spirit bird people” and that their parents tried to hide them and she Hid Yue well the father Yunlong tried to hide Xing but was captured in the process. She fled to the cliffs and fell off where she ran into a hag coven and was stripped of her memory. From there she was fortunate to run into Thalia’s company who took care of her and they traveled in search of business and her memory in the process where they eventually found each other. Xing let Yue know that when he was captured and grew up he never knew that Yunlong was his father and he was always chained up and the Spirit bird tribe always tried to get him to kill him but he never could bring himself to do it but couldn’t figure out why. The last place he knew they were was in an old base called the Harpshield castle. He said that would be a decent place to look if they wanted to search him out and rescue him from his prison if he was still alive. Yue agreed that this would be a good plan. They also talked about letting the rest of the party know about their relationship before they let it spill to their mother as it might be too much for her to take in right now.

They called a meeting with the party on the deck of the crimson tide and informed them that with the recovery of Yunlong’s memory they discovered that they were twins but that had not changed their feelings for each other and they would appreciate it if they didn’t mention it in from of their mother when they were in Phandalin as she was still recovering and dealing with the fact that her kids are still alive. The party agreed with some giving Yue a ribbing about the revelation and Rowan being very excited for their new adventures together and the romance involved. As they spoke Captain Laz called out that they could see Lyn Armaal ahead. Even though they were still miles away floating above the high moore they could see a floating castle in the sky. in the distance they could hear bone chilling roars of pain that they only heard when fighting and inflicting pain upon dragons. They approached the castle with caution and set down on the cloud substance that was similar to Zephyros’s tower. They approached the giant sized doors and decided to knock.

A few minuted past by and they knocked harder trying to get a sound through over the roars of pain heard within. Finally the doors opened and 2 could giants emerged and asked the party to state their business. They told him that they needed a meeting with Countess Sansuri that it was important to the safety of the sword coast. The told the party to wait there. A few minutes went by and the sound of painful howls died down. A few more minutes went by and the cloud giant emerged from the doorway once again and told them they were granted an audience with her to proceed inside.

The party was led to the Countesses throne room which was very opulent with huge cloud giant statues marble bleachers adorned with gems and many Aarakocra guards. There they found her sitting upon her throne. They leaned why she was nicknamed the Lady of masks as she wore ones that reflected her feelings and currently she wore a Shakespearean theater frowning mask. The party asked what the noise was coming from the castle and she told them that was none of their concern and what was their purpose for contacting her as she was quite busy. They told her that the ordning was broken and of their journey with Zephyros to try to restore it and needed her magical conch to accomplish it and asked to borrow it. She told the party that they thought Zephyros has gone crazy looking into that crystal ball of his too long and that the cloud giants were almost on top of the ordning and she wants to place her people in charge and couldn’t trust that task to puny folk.

The party asked if they could do anything to earn her trust to show that they were worthy of helping her and she said that there was one thing. She said she believed her destiny lies buried in the past, waiting for her to unearth it. She told the party that her ancient ancestors, anticipating the fall of their great empire, reportedly hid their magical knowledge and wealth in vaults and left markers for future generations to find them. The greatest of these troves was a cache of “dragon magic”—spells and artifacts plundered from the lairs of powerful wyrms. Sansuri wanted to find this cache and use her newfound power to destroy her ambitious rivals and convince the rest of giantkind to kneel before her. Sansuri told the party she believes the gods will reward her appropriately for doing so. When that day comes, all other cloud giants will thank her for doing what they could only dream of.

She said that they had captured a dragon but he was being stubborn in revealing this information to her but if the party could get the information out of him she would reward them with what they seek. The party agreed to go speak with the dragon and were led to the chamber where all of the roaring was coming from. Inside they discovered an adult bronze dragon who was cut bloodied scarred and chained to the wall. The party asked to be left alone with it to be able to extract the information they needed.

The dragon breathing heavily asked told the party if they were coming to kill it just do the job and put and end to its suffering he doesn’t know the information sansuri seeks. He only knows the location of a few other dragons but not the magical horde she keeps asking for. He said he was about ready to just make up a location to get her torment to stop. The party asked for his name and he said his name was Felgolos and they told him that they met another bronze dragon in their travels names Zirazlem to which his eyes perked up telling them that Zira was his daughter who ran away to join the Zhentarim which he hated them for. He said he used to do strafing runs on Zhentarim caravans to frustrate Auctorius and hopefully find her again but to no avail and he just wished to see her one last time. He pleaded to the party to help him get out of here and he would aid them in whatever way he could.

The party agreed and Norros dispelled the magic runes on the shackles holding the dragon and then picked the locks to the neck restraints. Felgolos looked like he was in rough shape so rowan draven and several other party members began to patch up his wounds and fed him healing potions so he seemed fit to travel. The Party prepared themselves with bigby’s hand by norros’s side and unicorn protectors around rowan and burst through the giant door setting upon the cloud giants there. A great battle ensued with Yue getting set upon and surrounded by giants and their griffon pets. She fell to the ground about to be crushed by them only to be saved at the last minute by Draven’s eldrich blasts taking them both out.

Enough noise was made to draw the attention of the countess and her Aarakocra guards. The party fought the bird creatures but as them thought they struck the final blow they seemed to shatter into ice and snow and crumbled to the ground instead of spilling blood. The countess attempted to use her magic upon the party but norros was able to counterspell it and bigby’s hand punched the mask off of her face as she scrambled to recover it yue lit her on fire and Felgolos set upon her tearing at her throat in retribution for the pain she inflicted upon him. With the other guards defeated he watches as she burnt and bled out. The ground floor now quiet the party quickly searched for the magical conch but only discovered a tiny treasure chest on the countess and began to plan their next move.

A Feast for the Vain
Session 62

Each giant statue stood with its light ready for questions.

Draven approached the Frost giant statue, presented with broken shield and frost giant skull and asked where the Conch of the Frost Giant’s resides: the statue spoke:

You seek Jarl Storvald

“Travel west, o’er mountains, to the Sea of Moving Ice. There, among the glaciers, you’ll find Svardborg-the berg of the frost giant jarl. The conch you seek rests on his icy throne.”

Yue approached the Fire giant statue and asked Where is Zuriel? The statue responded.

“Traveling north along the high road passing the Mere of Dead Men.”

Rowan approached the Cloud Giant statue, presented the Mithril Spear tip and asked where the Conch of the Cloud Giant’s resides. the statue spoke:

You seek Countess Sansuri

“Travel southeast to the untamed moors, and look to the sky for Lyn Armaal-the castle of the cloud giant countess. The conch you seek is in a secret chest. Search the highest spire.

Prim approached the hill Giant statue and asked where is harshnag and zephyros? The statue responded

“Beyond my site.”

Norros approached the Stone Giant statue, Presented the boulder giant relic and the cracked horn and asked where the Conch of the Stone Giant’s resides. the statue spoke:

You seek Thane Kayalithica

“Travel southeast, o’er lands high and low. Cross the great forest to the gray peaks, and search for Deadstone Cleft, canyon of the stone giant thane. The conch you seek is in her possession.”

Pokeman Jones Approached Storm Giant statue, held out a keepsake from Digiman Jones and asked “Where is my Brother?” The statue spoke.

Being held in a cave of waterfalls in the Korinn Archipelago by the Kraken society.

After all the lights went out the party realized they had gained much knowledge about their foes and started to form a plan on where to go 1st. as they were discussing this plan Draven touched his pocket and realized there was a bag placed in his pocket. Opening it he found a note within:

“Draven never forget you are my champion as well. Use these to keep you safe. Give them hell hero and come back to me


Contained with in the bag were custom charges for his pistol and a potion of luck she acquired for him. He asked rowan to send her a sending which said:

“Nawala, Thank you so much for the Gifts you left me, I didn’t notice I had them until now and after I fought the fire giants but I’ll put them to good use! PS. Im not a Dad am I?”

After a few minutes Nawala responded with:

“ I am glad they found you well I know they will serve to keep you safe. As for your inquiry we will talk when you return to me. Until then stay safe my champion.”

The party decided to head out to face the frost giants in the Sea of Moving ice 1st as it was the closest location when studying their map. Caryandra turned to the party and told them that it was her time to go for now as she needed to check on the child who should have arrived in Luskan for now and until next time. She departed for her home city without waiting for individual goodbyes.

As they boarded the crimson tide Prim noticed his harper tube was filled with a note which he read:

“Halia Thornton’s Zhentarim have arrived here in Phandalin and putting on a show to demonstrate their occupation of our town. All seems to be going according to plan. Stay safe.

-Sister Garaele”

Prim informed the rest of the party as they set off and arrived at Svardborg which was a massive floating iceberg with giant sized wooden lodges build on the ice and ships sailing around the harbor. Several appeared to be returning back fro ma hunting trip. The party spotted one incoming with at leave 20 frost giants on board as well as a massive frost giant who seemed to be directing them. The party had a tail wind and landed on the glacier 1st and sent the airship away while they quickly darted into the closest lodge they could find.

The party found themselves in a giant mess hall for the Frost giants. it currently seemed empty but pokeman jones noticed a flock of ice mephits in the rafters so the party was careful not to disturb them. they ducked behind some curtains and found a hallway leading to the back kickens and storage areas for the food. Norros sent his familiar up in the rafters to watch the main hall to make sure they wouldn’t be ambushed.

The party rummaged through the crates of meat and fish and barrels of wine and ale only to discover some magical cleaning supplies in a back room. By this time they heard a warhorn sound and giants calling to prepare the feast as the Jarl had returned. Several giants came into the mess hall and began carving up a mammoth into steaks for the feast. Thinking quickly prim crushed up some poisoned om nom berries and put them into a vial he cast invisibility on the vial and animate objects on it and sent it into the main hall. The party locked themselves into a closet and barred it with the immovable rod.

Using Norros’s familiar as eyes in the great hall the party waited until the Jarl enteres and sat at the head table. He congratulated the giants on a successful hunt and proclaimed that they would find the ring of winter yet and bring about an age of everlasting ice. The Giants toasted to him, as he looked out upon them prim had his animated vial dump the poisoned liquid into the Jarl’s goblet. Storvald drank deeply and finished his wine and began the meal as the giant ate and drank and discussed their hunt. After a few minutes Storvald began looking more pale than usual and slumped in his chair and collapsed onto the floor. His advisers rushed to his side and helped him up a stairway to his throne room where he could be ore comfortable and they called for the local mage wizard to come heal him. The mess hall went into a frenzy with the latest developments.

The party seeing this happen knew that somehow they had to get to his throne room and get his magical conch and that going through a room of 20+ raging frost giant was likely suicide. Dravan searched the locked room they were in and discovered a mouse hole with a tunnel chewed into the back wall of the lodge. The party polymorphed into mice and charged through the hole and up the stairs after the Jarl passing by undetected until they came across a human wizard working with vials and potions frantically. He noticed the mice scurring up the stairs and proclaimed “I don’t have time to deal with these vermin!” He pulled out a wand of fireballs and fired it at the group of mice incinerating their form leaving the party in their original form surrounding him slightly charred.

Started he demanded to know who they were. They said they were doctors here to help the Jarl as they heard he was sick. Suspicious the mage took them to the throne room and told the Jarl they had unexpected guests. Prim stepped forward and proclaimed that he knew of the assassination attempt against the Jarl and he had the antidote to save him and if he was given access to the potion bench he would make it right away. At a loss as to how to help their leader the frost giants wearily allowed him to try threatening death if he was lying.

Prim took out a sack of random materials from his bag 2 ghouls teeth, 1 pinch of magma ash, 1 dragon scale, and mixed it into one of the most disgusting liquid the party has seen in awhile. He fed the potion to the Jarl and wrapped him in a mummy bandage and told the frost giants he would recover in 24 hours and to also give him this greater healing potion in the morning.

Prim looked around the room and also saw the Magic conch on the seat of the throne and he proclaimed to the room that usually a poisoning of this kind could infect objects especially one that the target would keep at his side and even play with as an instrument. One of his advisers knew he might be referring to the horn and showed it to him. Prim proclaimed “PUT THAT DOWN GOOD MAN DO YOU WANT TO BE INFECTED TOO?” The giant dropped the horn quickly and prim ran over and wrapped it in bandage and proclaimed that this might seal the poison for now but he needs to take it and make sure it is not harmful to anyone else.

As the giants began to protest Prim made the accusation that the mage was the one who tried to poison the Jarl and that he has been plotting against him for years. The mage denied such accusations but upon searching his belongings they found a diary with a plot in it with damming evidence of his plan to take the ring of winter for himself and overthrow the Jarl. The frost giants executed him on the spot after the evidence was revealed and gave the party his wand of fireballs and his journal as payment for their assistance and asked if they would take away the magic conch so noone else would be infected and so the Jarl may recover. They proclaimed the party as friends to the frost giants and bid them a good day.

After the party left they ran to the air ship as fast as their legs could take them to get out of there in cast the Jarl took a turn for the worse and soared high above Svardborg. Upon reading the diary of the mage they discovered that the frost giants captured some Adult white dragons named Cryovain and Isendraug. They learned they were shackled by magical restraints that could be unlocked with the magical gnomish phrase “uvenfetter”.

Prim dove off the airship and played his golden fiddle on the way down casting fly on himself and invisibility and went up to Cryovain trapped on their great viking like ship and unlocked the dragons shackles with the phrase. The dragon blasted the giants with frost breath and smashed into one of the lodge buildings and suddenly 2 adult white dragons made a strafing run on the camp ripping apart another building before flying off. Satisfied wit ha job well done prim returned to the Crimson Tide.

The party’s next destination was back to phandalin to check on how the feigned Zhentarim occupation was going. They discovered Jasper who they rescued from Ironslag had made it back to Halia’s forces and was now stationed in Phandalen as well as some other guards loyal to Halia.

Halia was in the central field having a meeting with the Weavil, Jasper and Sister Garaelle when they saw the party approach. They informed the party that Auctorius was here and that he wasn’t happy about her success in taking phandalin. She knew that she felt his position weakening within the Zhentarim and felt like her plan was on track. The party took this brief moment of peace to check up on their companions and guild hall in the town.

The weavil called out Pokeman Jones into an arm wrestling contest to which Halia and Sister Gaerelle took bets on with sister backing pokeman jones and after a hard fought struggle won 15 gold from her.

Draven checked on Zem and the goblin kids and saw they were playing in the yard and helping Zem with his gunpowder. He asked Zem if he could make a bomb that would create a big explosion if they are goign to feign an attack on Nightstone so Halia can look good militarily that would be a help as well as some enlarge potions for pokeman jones. Zem looked thrilled to be able to make a gigantic keg to explode and he got to work on it. Draven then went back up to the apple orchards and spoke with Daren Addermath and they reminisced about his adventuring days speaking of the weirdest creatures they have seen and sharing sorrows about not being able to save Mira in what seemed like so long ago.

Xing excitedly disembarked the Crimson tide with Yue and they found Shin Lan and let her know that they think they found her lost memories and would be able to restore them. Working together they removed the delicate white strands in the thought bottle and were able to pass them back into Shin land’s mind through their arcane knowledge and study. Shin Lan’s eyes rolled back and suddenly flashed open once again. Tears filled her eyes as she Looked at the two of them but this time with deeper recognition. she spoke:

“Xing, Yue…. oh my darling children you are both ok and yet more you have come to rescue and heal me.”

Xing and Yue both snapped looks at each other to see if each other heard what they thought they had heard. Shin lan continued.

“I know this must be shocking to you having a mother again after so long. That night we were separated our village was attacked by Spiritual Bird people. I hid Yue away safely while Yunlong tried to hide Xing but they were both taken. I fled to the cliffs and fell off before they could take me. I realize now I survived the fall landing in bushes but I ran into a Hag coven which stole my memory away and left me wandering the forest. I met up wit h a traveling caravan and they were kind to me but I always knew there was something missing. Oh how I have missed you my twin children I love you both so much.”

Shin Lan embraced them both and they hugged for a second before Yue saying she needs some time to process this and ran down the road. Xing told his mother he would go talk with her as she probably just needs some adjustment time but they really are glad to be a family again.

Xing caught up with Yue at the Stonehill inn and they went inside and Xing told Yue that he was surprised to find out the news that they were siblings and suddenly the mark that has been on his hand makes sense. and he unwrapped it sowing the same brand that was on Yue’s forehead. He told Yue he doesn’t know whats going on in her head right now or how she is feeling but his feelings for her have not changed and he will always still love her. Yue took a deep breath and cleared her head and told Xing she she still loves him too and doesn’t care what other people will say that she never felt as close to anyone as she did to him and now that she knows more about their past that she hopes it will bring them closer together.

Xing looked very happy hearing Yue speak those words and told her he loves her and they kisses and embraced. They decided not to tell their mother for now as it would be a lot to take in with their recent developments but to tell the party members in private as word would probably get out soon so they didn’t make a mess of things.

As the Twins embraced, Pokeman Jones celebrated his arm wrestling victory, Draven and Darren looked upon Mira’s grave site, as Prim Norros and rowan scouted out the improvements to their guild hall they all got to enjoy a moment of peace.


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