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The Battle for Bryn Shander!
Session 39

Session 39 The Battle for Bryn Shander!
During the night Yue and Xing lay in the griffon’s nest together. She removed his clothing but when she went to take off his glove he asked her to keep it on as he told her he had a traumatic injury to it and it still hurts him and he didn’t want her to see it. Yue left the issue alone and they connected until they heard Rowan Yelling about an incoming dragon.

Rowan saw an Adult silver dragon land on the cloud top and drop off 6 dwarves who looked ready for battle. The dragon flew to the top of the Aeire and scared away the griffons and Surprised Yue and Xing. The dwarves took note that there were humans and not giants on this cloud top and questioned them demanding to know where the giant was and if they were being held captive. Draven denied that there was a giant in the tower at all and rowan stated “no he is a good giant he is helping us. The conflict between the two stories made the dwarves suspicious and they told the party to stay put and they would investigate the tower. They drank potions of gaseous form and floated up to the 2nd floor. Zuriel thinking quickly cast darkness to hide zephyros. The dwarves were unable to see but were suspicious that something was going on.

Xing spoke to the dragon and introduced himself. The dragon stated his name was Clarion and to please don’t let him disturb their human mating rituals and peered down into the 2nd floor spotting Zephyros through the magical darkness. Clarion called to his dwarves that the giant was here. Zephyros piped up himself and made a plea to the dragon that he was here to stop the madness going on in the giant realm and he offered the party’s involvement in defending 4 cities from giant attack as proof as well as the fire giant’s knife.

Clarion being an intelligent being recalled the news that an adventuring party was able to assist in the defense of giant attacks down south and deduced that these crimson mercenaries had enlisted this giant for help. He called off the attack on the tower and explained that He owed a favor to Queen Dagnabbet of Mithral Hall and she requested that he help disable giant strongholds in the area as they were causing problems by transporting a Lord’s alliance strike team to sensitive targets. They were unaware that the party was able to befriend some of their kind and will be more cognizant of such nuance in the future. The dragon said they will continue to search out rogue giant strongholds and bid the party farewell and took a note from the party to give to the queen to express their thanks and to perhaps get an audience should they ever visit mithril hall explaining they have similar goals and enemies in this matter. Clarion bid the party farewell and took to the skies with 3 dwarves in each claw.

Yue and Xing finished getting dressed and they met up with the rest of the party to discuss what happened and they finally arrived back at wave echo cave. They entered to the guards standing watch. The party explained who they were and were greeted coldly by an elven woman who introduced herself as Caryandra Nailo. She claimed the mine was hers and the harpers sent the her to watch over it. She seemed to talk with the flaming skull head who patrols the mine and convinced him she was the real owner of the mine. Zuriel said nothing but turned white as a sheet seeing her and remembering his past. The party requested they speak with gundren and she said he left but his brother was here and wanted to speak with them. They proceeded to the forge of spells and noticed construction was done and water was once again turning the wheel and the bellows were working with high function causing the forge to pulse with magical green fire. Nundro greeted the party and showed Zuriel what they were able to made for him with the material from the void rapier. They presented him with a claw which he was thrilled with. The party questioned him about Caryandra and he said that the harpers sent her to help protect the forge and she got here and seemed very cold and bossy like she owned the place and they creepy skull thing seems to have taken to her. But they have been safe since the harpers arrived so he was happy with the current arrangements.

The party went to set out and Caryandra stopped them and said she wished to come along with them as she didn’t like owing debts and she felt like she owed the party something. She didn’t elaborate when questioned but being with the harpers and knowing sister gaerelle the party decided to take her with them to Bryn Shander and then she said she might head to Luscan or somewhere else in the north. As they were exiting wave echo cave Caryandra asked to speak with Xing pulling him to the side and started whispering in his ear. Yue’s hands started blazing with fire but then Xing came over to her and said he needed to take care of some family business dealing with his mother but he would find a way to catch up with them in the north. They said their goodbye’s and the party departed on the tower. Along the way Rowan attempted to scry once more on the fire giant and broke through this time. She saw North of the Silver Marches is a range of towering, snow-covered mountains known as the Ice Spires. The great dungeon-forge of Ironslag is under the one known to dwarves of the Silver Marches as Mount Hamarhaast (“hammer of ashes”). Carved into the base of a 500-foot-high mountainside cliff is a pair of 50-foot-tall adamantine doors-airtight valves sealed by ancient magic. She saw the fire giant entering the doors and presenting the piece of the vonindod to someone he called Duke Zalto. He ordered his goblin minions and fire giants to get to work on it and the bellows of the forge sprung to life as the scry cut out. Rowan recognized this place from a book she read and marked the location on the map for the party.

The party arrived in the frigid north and they departed the tower. Erelosa decided to stay in the tower while rillix ducked into the back of Yue’s hood as they set into town. They walked to the gates and Zuriel confided in Yue taking off his mask and showed Yue his face. After showing Yue his face, he explained he’s ashamed of his face. “I don’t deserve it after my previous life. I was actually born a devil in the 9 hells. it’s hard to explain and long, but I met with a group of adventurers after being tossed out and attempted to use them to my will but during my time with them i became changed. I didn’t care anymore about my revenge, i actually cared for my group. During our adventures we saved a mage and he in doing so he returned a favor and gave me 1 wish, which was to become an angel, but he couldn’t do that much so I started life over as an Aasimar .”

Yue followed his story and said And so that’s why you doesn’t look like a devil anymore. Zuriel replied “ The black wings are my reminder, and my life is my burden that I have not earned yet I have lived this life for over 40 years now, and still haven’t done enough to clear up my past life. Yue responded I think that, you need to look forward… If you only think of the past…you’ll only get trapped by it. As they spoke they arrived at the entrance to Bryn Shander.

At the gates they they met and welcomed by a woman named Augrek Brighthelm. they asked where they might be able to find the mayor of the city and she told them that would be her husband and she led them to his office. As the party was explaining the situation with the Giants a booming voice was heard outside throughout the town “We demand Parley, Surrender Artus Cimber or die!” The mayor went outside and was face to face with 3 frost giants. The leader introduced himself as Drufi and once again demanded Artus Cimber be delivered to him. The party had never heard of such a man and neither had the mayor or his wife so upon their denial of knowing him and noone else in the town stepped forward so a conflict broke out with the giants deciding to tear the town to pieces to find him. A villager Sirac of Suzail heard the demands of the frost giants and knew they were looking for his father but he did not know where he was as he had not seen him since he was a baby but he suspected the giants were after the ring of winter.

Drufi attempted to take off the mayor’s head with a greataxe but he parried it with his longsword and the party jumped in knocking him off balance and Caryandra hamstrung him with her rapier spinning it as she moved throughout the battlefield. as the party set upon the frost giants Drufi pulled out an ivory hon and blew it signalling the rest of his tribe to set upon the village. From every direction frost giants came over the horizon and began throwing rocks into the city hitting the knight Sir Baric Nylef and knocking unconscious a woman Beldora who he rushed to help. Sirac of Suzail knew the leader was after his father and even though he had never met him knew he didn’t want them to find Artus and so he rushed the wounded Drufi and killed him with his long sword before being knocked unconsious by Drufi’s bodyguard. A giant threw a net over Caryandra and prim insulted her which seemed to be the last straw for her that day as she tore the net off and set upon 3 frost giants stabbing ones eyes out with her rapier and keeping them as souvenirs, they other 2 slashed at her but she used mirror image to create duplicates of herself. One dropped a rock on his foot, then swung at her with his axe too hard and cut himself before his ally missed with a rock slammed him in the back on the head. Caryandra walked up to him and pierced his lung in the chaos. She dueled the last one slashing the last slashing throat leaving the snow crimson behind her with the west part of the city clear.

Zuriel did battle with the giant’s inter wolves and slashed them with his new claw until they pounced on him they were about the breath cold breath when an arrow from Prim’s frost arc and Augrek’s crossbow and Rowan’s Laruue horn drilled through their open mouth and out the back of their head dropping the beasts. Pokeman and Draven held the south part of the city while yue lit up the winter scene with fireballs and magic missiles. Yue took a deep wound with a great axe but lit the giant ablaze with her mantle of flame. The giants poured in from around the city wall and were about to deliver a finishing blow to her but she activated her arcane shield and deflected the axe blows and with fire running in her veins she she finished one with a firebolt and chromatic orb, Several villagers went down in the fight but Rowan used spare the dying and stabilized them before anyone died. and held several giants in place with hold monster so pokeman and draven could smash them down. Bryn Shander finally grew quiet and the party knew they had won the day. Some began searching the giants for loot and clues while others rushed to help tend to the injured.

Old Gnawbone!
Session 38

The party arrived on the outskirts on Phandalin and as they approached the town they noticed some upgrades to the wall and Zuriel noticed the sound of like a bell or chimes ringing from within the city. The party sprang into action not knowing what to expect but as they approached the shrine of luck they found a new golden bell there ringing with a gentle wind chime melody and the party heard laughter coming from the Stonehill in. They entered to find their friends eating, drinking and laughing from their successful adventure. Loralyn and Droop were doing face painting with her having a heart on her cheek and Droop having a full dragon scrawled across his face Mike Tyson tattoo style.

Their friends greeted them and offered them drink and they shared stories of their latest adventures. Rowan checked on their guild hall and found Mirna’s kids taking care of it and told them to come celebrate with them. Prim and droop reconnected and he introduced his daughter Erelosa to him and they bonded over the luck dragon droop found in the temple of Tymora. As Yue and Xing came in Loralyn was surprised by her presence and asked her how she was. Yue told her Xing and her were now together and Lorayln told her she was happy for her and stepped outside for a second.

Yue followed her outside and asked if she was ok. Loralyn Questioned Yue about how they met and the things she liked about Xing. Yue told her the story of how they met and ask she described her feeling for him Loralyn could be seen noticeably wincing and gripping over her heart as if it was breaking but she urged her to continue that she needed to hear what she was saying. She Asked Yue if she loved Xing and upon Yue saying that she thinks she does Loralyn let out a sign and she seemed like she was hurt but was expecting that answer and told Yue she was glad she was safe and happy.

Yue went inside and Loralyn thought to herself that she was glad she became strong enough to not break down now and she looked up to the sky and saw it was raining and walked out into it and let the rain wash her face and it ran down her cheek cutting the heart painted on her face in half. She stood there for a second and just listened to the sound of the rain hitting the bell on the shrine of luck when suddenly she felt a blanket be wrapped around her. Yue came back out so she wouldn’t catch cold. Loralyn turned around surprised and said. AH no fair, a surprise attack, that is not fair, you can’t be sweet to me now. and at that time she broke down and cried but was glad the rain was coming down harder that noone would notice except for Yue. Yue realized she was trying to force her to break her heart so she could move on and they talked until Loralyn got a hold of herself and they returned to the inn having cleared the air.

At the celebration Zuriel spoke with Gungren Rockseeker and convinced him to use material from the void and attempt to make him a claw weapon out of it in the forge of spells. Draven spoke with sister Gaerelle and informed her of the dealings with the giants down south and she suggested trying to scry on their foes if they had seen them and she would keep in touch with harper agents and let them know if they received any information he also learned that zem slatedust moved into the outskirts of town from icespire peak in order to continue his experiments with gunpowder and he set off to meet with him. Prim and Loralyn gave a performance that night and Loralyn seemed ok as she played her newly discovered doss lute. Prim asked where she got such an instrument and she told him of their adventure and said if she heard of any other ones she would send him a message, She told prim that she felt she would be able to help a lot of people with this instrument back in neverwinter and it has given her a renewed purpose and drive in life.

Draven found Zem slatedust on the outskirts of Phandalin and knocked on his door and was welcomed in. They discussed his cursed gun and Zem stated he was glad he was able to free it that his own hand got blown off before he really noticed what was going on. Draven made a request to see if Zem would be willing to watch some of his goblin kids who were interested in his gun and gunpowder. and he said sure that he could always use a hand around the shop and 5 of the golbin kids remained with him seeming thrilled to get to play with explosives. Draven pensively turned them over and told them to not blow themselves up or shoot their eye out.

After the celebration the party had rowan try to scry on the fire giant and old gnawbone and felt resistance with the fire giant but some push back and counter scrying with old gnawbone. The party got a good night’s sleep with the white noise of the rain bringing some precious valuable down time where they weren’t fighting for their lives. Rowan was determined to try again in the morning and was still unsuccessful with the fire giant but managed to slip through old gnawbones defenses and saw her in a large circular field in the kryptgarden forest. She informed the party and they set out for the Kryptgarden forest landing on the outskirts after a day and a half travel via Zephyros’s tower. Rowan pulled out the dragon sentinel amulet and between that and the locate spell she was able to pin point the meadow she saw in the scry. The meadow was filled with fey creatures and prim was able to recognize them as cupids. They all hid and let them pass through the meadow and began their search for Old gnawbone.

They did not have to wait long as prim peered around a rock the face of an ancient green dragon sprung forth from the brush and greeted them. The rest of the party tried to hide in front of a rock leaving prim as the face man to speak with her. Old Gnawbone towered over the rocks though and saw all of them easily and introduced herself as Claugiyliamatar. She is chewing on the body of an Uthgardt barbarian and clamps her jaw down snapping him in half sending the lower extremities to Prim’s feet. She informed the party she is aware of the world’s events as they are not the only ones who can scry and she pulls out a crystal ball. She tells the party she is aware that giants have become nuisances once more, and that adventurers have their work cut out for them. She lets them know they have a common enemy and she wishes the party not allow the fire giants to reconstruct the vonindod. She says she will attempt to locate them but suggests the party to travel north to the Valley of Khedrun and search for a giant temple called the Eye of the All-Father. “Therein,” she says, “you’ll learn what must be done to end the giant menace.” She also tells them to keep an eye out for a frost giant wearing a helm made from a white dragon’s skull, as he can help them. She says his name is Harshnag and he travels near the Spine of the world and if anyone can lead them to answers it is him.

The party thanked Claugiyliamatar for her help, Prim reuested a trinket for his daughter as she was a big fan a dragons and as a show of good faith Claugiyliamatar exfoliated a scale and put it on the ground near him. Prim picked it up burning his hand with how acidic it felt and quickly wrapped it up and Claugiyliamatar returned to the forest.

As the party was leaving they encountered another roaming group of cupids and needed to fight them off but prim was struck with an arrow of attraction which made him defend the creatures and Xing was struck with an arrow of revulsion which made him frightened of draven and he said some offensive things to him. Yue Zuriel Rowan and Pokeman jones were able to take care of the cupids and together they removed the arrows returning their companions to normal after a struggle with them. They collected the remaining cupid weapons and found a bouquet of flowers and they headed out of the forest.

Returning to the tower Zuriel requested they set off for the forge of spells to see how gundren was fairing with the claw weapon. on the way Erelosa suggested going camping under the stars on the cloud material of the tower and invited Zuriel to come which he obliged with some hesitation. Zephyros made some popped corn for everyone and Pokeman jones broke out everfull and they shared different alcohol which Zephyos enjoyed the goldengulp mead and the party got to try some cloud giant ale which everfull remembered. Yue Burned through her consumption with her new found metabolism but it seemed to hit xing a little harder and he asked Yue to dance despite no music, Zephyros used some light magic to dim the lights of the tower and Prim consistently spying on them played some music and then they danced for awhile and enjoyed a kiss at the end of it.

Being a little tipsy Zephyros still decided to pilot the ship but it listed slightly sending Zuriel and Erelosa skidding toward the cloud top edge. Prim held his ground but when he saw Erelosa slip off and grab the edge he sprinted towards her just in time for her grip to fail and she began to fall. Prim jumped off of the tower after her grabbed her and dimension doored back up onto the could top. Erelosa thanked him for saving her and told him he was amazing and that maybe they should play inside for the rest of the night which he agreed.

Yue and Xing went to the Aerie of the tower to spend the night together while Rillix played with Zephyros’s griffons flying above the tower. The rest of the party rested on the lower floor until Rowan as awakened by the sound of flapping wings in the middle of the night and looked outside to see a Silver Dragon heading their way.

Meanwhile in Phandalin: Quest to the Temple of Tymora!
Session 37

After the party quelled the flames in Triboar they took a breather and assessed any casualties from the battle. They discovered the one dwarf Ghelryn Foehammer fell in the battle at Triboar. Rowan brought him to the center of town and they took up a collection for him and she performed a resurrection ritual returning his spirit to his body and saving him. The town was thrilled with their efforts and ocver the next few hours they had a celebration for them. They all sampled the box of chocolates they found which had a variety of effects on the party with the most notable being that pokeman jones was polymorphed into a mimic chest and draven became adhered to him because he thought it was funny and poked him only to discover mimics are very sticky and as he flailed it was like putting himself deeper and deeper into a Chinese finger trap until the whole mimic was stuck to his arm and chest. Each one of the townsfolk came to them and offered them thanks and some information that they thought would be of interest to such great adventurers.

DARATHRA SHENDREL’S QUEST Darathra doesn’t have much contact with her fellow Harpers, but it strikes her as odd that fire giants would make it this far into the Dessarin Valley without her receiving some kind of warning. She wants to make sure her organization is aware of the gravity of the situation. She gives the characters a platinum badge (worth 50 gp) bearing the Triboar insignia (three boars charging forward) and urges the characters to travel east along the Evermoor Way, visit Danivarr’s House in Everlund, and give the badge to Dral Thelev, the one-eyed half-ore proprietor.

DARZ HELGAR’S QUEST Darz relates to the characters that he was recently visited by an old acquaintance, a merchant from Mirabar, with an interesting tale to tell. The merchant saw a dwarf cleaning stables in Xantharl’s Keep, a fortified village on the Long Road, and later recognized him from a wanted poster he saw while traveling south through Longsaddle. The merchant is sure that the dwarf he saw is a wanted brigand known as the Weevil; according to the wanted poster, whoever delivers him alive to the authorities in Mirabar can collect a reward of 5,000 gp. Darz briefly entertained the idea of going after the Weevil himself, but then admitted to himself that he’s too old for such things. Passing this information along to the characters is his way of thanking them for their help during the attack.

URGALA MELTIMER’S QUEST In the aftermath of the battle, Urgala relates to the characters that one of her former adventuring companions, a wealthy knight named Harthos Zymorven, had a giant slayer greatsword. (Change the weapon to a giant slayer greataxe if that would be more desirable to a party member.) The last time Urgala spoke with him, Harthos was living in Zymorven Hall, his ancestral keep on the Rauvin Road northwest of Silverymoon. Urgala thinks Harthos might be willing to part with the weapon if the characters mention her name to him and explain their reason for needing it.

OTHOVIR’S QUEST After his close call during the giants’ attack, Othovir expresses his gratitude to the characters by sharing a secret with them: he knows the location of a stash of magic items that the Margaster family, his kin, keeps locked away for emergencies. If the characters ask him how he came by this information, Othovir tells them that he has a history with the Margaster family, which he despises for reasons he’d rather not discuss. The family owns a three-story tower in Silverymoon that has a detached carriage house on the property, and it is here that the characters must travel. He provides the following details:

• The carriage house is a 30-foot-square stone building with two floors. The windowless ground floor that holds the carriage has a big wooden sliding door in the front. The upper floor is an apartment with a floor made of wooden planks and a barred window set into each wall. An open wooden staircase in one corner of the building connects the floors.

• Two human guards with spears are stationed in the upstairs apartment.

• An arcane lock spell protects the sliding wooden door.

• The carriage has two draft horses harnessed to it, ready to leave at a moment’s notice. The carriage is protected by an alarm spell, set to go off when a carriage door is opened.

• The magic items are hidden in a compartment under the passenger seat inside the carriage.

GHELRYN FOEHAMMER’S QUEST As a reward for their efforts, Ghelryn writes the characters a letter of recommendation and suggests they present it to King Morinn or Queen Tithmel should they find themselves in Citadel Felbarr.

After receiving the advice from the people of triboar the party decided they wanted to check in on their guild hall in Phandalin so they boarded Zephyros’s tower in order to set off. Upon arriving they discovered Elerosa was having fun playing with the goblin children and that she mentioned Zephyros kept forgetting who she was after he was casting magic into the crystal ball upstairs. Upon questioning him he initially didn’t seem like he remembered who they party was and upon reminding him of what they did he recalled what happened to him and explained when he tries to contact the planar beings if he fails it wracks his mind and he can lose memories but he thanked the party for the reminder and seemed resolute to restore the ordning and thanked the party for what they did in triboar. The party set off for Phandalin.

Meanwhile in Phandaline:

While the party has been out fighting giants down south, Loralyn has been singing songs in the Thunderdome working on her craft and seemed happy for awhile but as time went by started becoming more depressed even though she sang happy songs night after night. She bottled it up until one day she wrote a note for Wes and Droop and set off to find a sleeping potion which she planned to take and throw herself off of the Thunderdome roof. Wandering through the halls Droop stumbled upon the note and luckily Loralyn and Wes had taught droop how to read and write common on the way back north from halenshire. He rushed to show it to Wes and with quick thinking he was able to get a message to Pookee to switch the potions she was seeking to a potion of featherfall.

That night loralyn returned and climbed up to the apex of the Thunderdome, downed the potion and launched herself off of it. Wes saw this transpire and caught her at the bottom of the arena and was able to play it off as her practicing for her new act. Over the next few weeks they talked and became much closer and promised he would help her through her rough times. They discussed her ambitions and insecurities of not feeling good enough and come up with a solution. Through some digging they discovered the existence of some legendary bard instruments that really seemed to peak her interest and she wanted to seek them out. They both thought this would be a good idea to give her a heroic purpose once again and satisfy her longing for adventure and help prove to herself she has worth. Loralyn researched these instruments and found rumor of one buried in a an old temple to Tymora at old owl well. she also heard rumors in a tavern in neverwinter that followers of Beshaba have been gathering in that area. She knew sister gaerelle would be the one to contact and she might be able to throw together an adventuring party.

Loralyn set off for phandalin with droop and they met with sister garaelle and discussed the details of how this temple would be of interest to them both and she agreed that it was worth looking into. She rounded up some volunteers in the town and Gundren rockseeker, Iarno albrek, Zem Slatedust, and herself seemed interested as well as loralyn and droop. She introduced Zem to the group saying he came from icespire peak and had wanted to setup shop in town to sell and experiment with his gunpowder but they decided it would be safer if they found him a residence on the outskirts of phandalin and he has been experimenting there ever since with the occasional explosions heard throughout the area.

The party prepared and set off for old owl well. Upon their arrival they discovered two followers of Beshaba attempting to break into the newly uncovered entrance to the temple They were able to get the jump on them and were able to dispatch them quickly with only droop taking a poisoned blade to the arm. Sister Gaerelle was able to heal his wounds and they proceeded down the stairs into the old Temple.

As they descended they ended up in a hallway lit by a magical torch which read “Humble yourself before Tymora and Pass.” The party made their way down the hallway with droop taking point until he felt his foot press into a pressure plate and axe blades came swinging out of the wall head and torso level catching his shoulder and part of zem’s prosthetic hand before the rest of the party hit the dirt. Droop tries to crawl the rest of the way and as he did more and more traps were triggered but the party figured out if they crawled through the hallway the blades were not high enough to cut them and they proceeded deeper into the temple.

The 2nd floor presented the party with a trial of luck where they came to a door with 4 holes. Droop using the lucky eenie meenie miney moe technique stuck his hand in and pulled a lever which dropped two treasure chests, the 1st one they opened contained treasure and a magical coin, the 2nd treasure was a mimic which attacked them and bit droops hand but was eventually dispatched. The party tried a 2nd hole in the door and were able to open it. The party proceeded deeper into the temple.

The 3rd floor they discovered a dragonborn spirit who informed them he was trapped there and bound by these servants of beshaba and asked for their help in releasing him but warned them it would be dangerous. The party agreed to help him and fought a room full of ghosts who attempted to possess the party but only one of them reached droop who rejected the ghost and Loralyn was able to fear the ghosts away from the party and they were able to pick them off as they trickled back into the room. The dragonborn spirit thanked the party as he was released and vanished. The party satisfied with helping found a blue orb in the room and they proceeded forward.

Moving to the bottom floor of the temple they discovered a room with the trial of harmony in it. Droop played a sweet song but it reminded loralyn of her past and she was unable to sing a song but she played her flute with all the emotion she had building up and it moved the earth and water elemental guardians who were guarding the legendary bard equipment and she acquired the doss lute. Droop searched the rest of the room and found a 2nd blue orb, a deck of cards, and another magical coin.

Sister Gaerelle recognized another door of luck and felt that the inner sanctum was just behind it. Loralyn feeling invigorated from her victory tried 1st but got an electric jolt which made her hair stand on end. the party used 2 mage hands 1 of them getting destroyed but one of them finding the correct lever and the door swung open into a beautiful inner sanctum with a waterfall and statues to tymora. Droop placed the blue orbs into their hands and the waterfall parted revealing a magical golden bell which sister gaerelle determined she could use to help the town of phandalin. Sitting atop the bell was a luck dragon which seemed to take to droop as they approached. The party took its hardiest members of the party and carried the bell out of the temple disabling the blade traps as they went. Sister gaerelle blessed the chamber to help protect it from further intrusions from Beshaba acolytes They were able to call for a cart to help them bring it back to Phandalin.

With their quest successful they arrived back in Phandalin just in time to see a flying tower headed their way.

Straife Steps Into the Hot Seat
The Hag

To be filled in later.

Session 36 Trepidation in Triboar!

The party walked down the long road into Triboar and came upon a tower where they met Darathra Shendrel. They asked where they could find Alaestra Ulgar and were directed to the lionshield coaster just to the east of the tower. The party visited the residence and met a simple man named Narth and he introduced them to Alaestra. They informed her of the sad new of her ex husband Darthag Ulgar’s passing. She looked sad but thanked the party for coming all this way to deliver the news and offered them a reward but the party told her to keep her gold as she may need it now that the town was in danger from giants. they filled her in on the situation and Alaestra had Darathra try to round up any defenses that she could. She also had Narth start filling barrels with water in case of the rumored fire giant attack.

Alaestra recommended the party stay at a local inn called the Northshield house where a former adventurer lives. They heeded her advice and met Urgala Meltimer who bought the inn from the Phorndyl family a little over ten years ago, after her wife (a wizard) vanished in the Underdark on an expedition. Rowan and Urgala hit it off talking about their adventures. Urgala has three mastiffs (hunting dogs) that sleep in the ground floor common room, and she employs a staff of six loyal commoners from the village and the party was well tended to while they were there. Pokeman Jones broke out his ever-fill mug which persuaded Yue and Xing to drink with them with consistent shouting and nursery rhymes. The alcohol seemed strong to everyone in the party but them who was ready for bed after a few mugs full but yue and xing’s metabolism seemed to burn it off easily as they drank together and fire kept flickering and dancing around Yue’s hand as she watched Xing throughout the night.

The night passed without incident but just as dawn broke the town is shaken from its peacefulness by the screams of women and children, followed by a man yelling, “Giants! Run!” Perplexed residents and shopkeepers emerge from their domiciles in time to see a large rock fall from the sky and crash onto an old cart, splintering it. As a cloud of dust erupts from the wreckage, a second rock hits the ground, tumbles through a fence, and slams against the wall of a building, startling a pair of mules tethered to a post nearby. All around you, people begin to shriek and scatter.

The party ran out and saw 2 fire giants marching towards with town. in front of then was a front line of armored Orog and behind them galloping were orcs riding axe beaks, both clearing the way for the fire giants who were commanding 20 magmin to light the surrounding buildings and woods on fire to create havoc. The giant leader commanded his forces to “Retrieve the Vonindod”. Narth strapped a keg of water to his back and dashed into the fray to try to put out fires. The blacksmith of the town Ghelryn Foehammer stood bravely against the incoming hoard and saved many lives stalling the incoming invaders but fell in the attempt. This gave the party enough time for Zuriel to hand out the cookies they recieved during wintersday and the entire party felt like they could move quickly and were able to intercept the Fire Giant’s forces before they hit the center of the village.

The magmin set fire to several buildings and Yue found a strange admiration for the flames as she watched them consume the buildings and nearby woods. She used haste on Draven and pokeman jones and sent them into the fray and fired magic missiles from a distance. Draven Zuriel and Pokeman Jones hit the front lines and began tearing through their armored foes and knocking the orcs off of their axebeaks to finish them. Rowan was able to paralyze one of the fire giants pokeman jones unleashed a flurry of attacks damaging it heavily before yue blasted a hole through him with an acidic chromatic orb. Prim was able to use newfound ice storm magic to douse hoards of the magmin which all exploded.

The leader of the fire giants was able to slip past the party’s attention in the chaos of the town burning and dug up the Vonindod. Prim and Zuriel noticed him and tried to dimension door across Triboar to catch him but as they approached he appeared to recite an incantation and disappeared. The party finished off the stragglers and Rowan and Narth put out the remaining fires in town. Rowan discovered Ghelryn and was able to place a gentle repose on him . The party searched their foes and found a giant’s fire knife on the leader and a box of chocolates in one of the axebeak satchels. The party was able to catch their breath from the struggle and started to look around town to assess the damage and figure out what just happened.

Session 35: Antics in Amphail!

As Prim lays eyes on his daughter for the 1st time he runs up to her and takes pick her up with a big hug to her surprise and despite her efforts to remain on the ground picks her up spins and and dotes on her as his introduction. They speak for a few minutes and Nendra introduces prim to her guardian, a half elf woman named Zira. Nendra tells prim she is the only one she trusted to watch over her while she was growing up in another plane of existence. Zira introduced herself to prim and gave Erelosa a brass whistle and told her is she ever needed her help to just blow on it and she would be there. Nendra told Prim that her daughter was the only thing that still brings her any measure of happiness in this world and if he can keep her safe there may be a chance they may still get along even after all that has happened. She suggests they spend the night in Daggerford getting to know each other and then find somewhere safe for her to be.

Prim takes her for a shopping trip around daggerford and buys her a nice dress that is not too skimpy and some food and candy. They return to the happy cow and explain to everyone who the little girl with him is and they treat her to some moo moo milk. The party mentions how they threw nendra off a cliff and prim had to quickly hypnotic pattern the entire room so Erelosa did not remember that particular fact but did a good job of wiping everyone’s memory of the statement even his own. After a long day everyone decided to turn in for the night.

As Yue laid down to go to bed she heard a knock on her window and as she looked outside she saw Xing outside and asked to come in, being surprised she almost hit him with the window opening it but he entered without falling off of the roof. He explained the reason for his visit. He told Yue that much of his life he has been lost. He stated for a time he found purpose with his work which has brought his this far. But things started to change when he met Yue in Waterdeep. He felt he has finally fulfilled his duties here and is once again seeking purpose. After hearing what the party was trying to accomplish he feels that it would benefit the world to try to help their cause. And not only that but he had began developing feeling for Yue and didn’t want to think about her leaving to go fight giants without him there to help her. He complemented how he liked her hair messy having just gotten out of bed and brushed some of it out of her eyes with the back of his hand. Yue’s brand began glowing more brightly and she felt a massive heat well up inside her as They kissed and Yue felt warmth and arcane energy release within her as she had never felt before. As they released the embrace they noticed the arcane experience and that was probably enough excitement for the night. Yue told Xing she would ask the party the next morning if they would allow him to join their quest.

Morning came and Yue convinced the party to allow Xing to come along and they all boarded Zephyros’s tower and set off for Amphail. Over the 8 day trip the party got to know more of Xing even though he spent most of his time with Yue. Erelosa bonded more with Prim and watched him as he brewed potions and played with the goblin children. They arrived in Amphail just in time for Tylandar Roaringhorn’s sixty-third birthday. Upon asking they found he was party of the noble houses in Amphail and some more cynical guests viewed Tylandar’s birthday banquet as a blatant attempt by the noble to warm hearts before he takes over as lord warder when current ruler, Lord Ilzimmer’s, tenure is concluded. But the party was to commence and food was being brought out in front of the Great Shalarn, a black stone statue of a famous war stallion bred in Amphail long ago.

The party ventured to the Stag-Horned Flagon and sought out Arleosa Starhenge and delivered the greeting Miros gave to them. She seemed pleased that they would come all this way to deliver it and it reminded her of her adventuring days when The two performed together in a traveling carnival troupe many years ago together. The party got to talking with her and she recalled that she captivated a few adventurous admirers in her day. One of them, Arleosa says, was so enchanted with her that he gave her a wooden ring adorned with dancing nymphs and told her that it represented a special favor. Should she need anything, all she must do is whisper his name (“Keltar Dardragon”) into the ring, and he would appear and provide assistance. She never found the need to do so, But having listened to her story and Draven having offered her books to read that he wrote she gave him the ring as thanks for being such good company.

As the party joined the other nobles for the feast a rumbling was heard and the cry of food in giant was heard shouted throughout Amphail. As the party looked around they saw Hill giants incoming and sprung into action. pokeman jones, xing and rowan took to the front lines to stomp the tide of hill giants from reaching the citizens, Draven leaped up on the feast table and began firing eldritch blasts at the giants, prim told Elerosa to run with the villagers to safety and used animate objects to make the huge statue of the Great Shalarn come to life as well as 2 of the spoons on the feast table and sent it after one of the hill giants.

As the party fought through half of them prim tried to have the Great Shalarn hop over the feast table but it didn’t quite make it and it broke half of the legs catapulting draven through the air. and the Great Shalarn fell on top of prim. Erelosa stopped in her tracks and started running back to him to see if he was ok. Yue Stepped up and conjured fireballs and lighting storms and bought prim time to get the horse off of him. Prim sent the spoons after the giant but one of them just ate one being so ravenous but it was enough distraction for rowan Xing and pokeman jones to finish off the rest of the hill giants.

With the village safe and their duty complete the party was rewarded by the nobles of the village. Elerosa inquired if her daddy was always sad when his spoons get eaten and the party departed for Triboar to try to prevent the visions of Zephyros from coming to pass.

Session 34: Dangers and Daughters in Daggerford!

As the Party set off for Goldenfields the request for help poster they setup in waterdeep fell on the eyes and ears of the Knights of the unicorn and they dispatched their newest recruit, Lor Halenshire Whiteshield, on his 1st mission to protect the citizens of Goldenfields and to prevent the spread of Zentarim influence throughout the area. He arrived jsut in time to meet with the abbot who gave him full control over negotiations with the Zentarim should they arrive and the 2nd day of his arrival they did just that.

The Zentarim road into town on horseback lead by Shalvus Martholio who previously blended in as a citizen of goldenfields but joined them and sold them out to the Zentarim informing them when their defenses were at their weakest due to the hill giant attack. Lor attempted to negotiate with them to get them to leave but most of the crew was dead set against returning empty handed to their boss and violence erupted after negotiations failed. the battle was bloody on both sides with oren and miros almost losing their lives but due to Lor’s protection, naxene’s magic, the will of the citizens to fight for their land, and some assistance from a new hill giant guardian named Lob, Goldenfields was able to repel the attack sending one of the Zentarim fleeing back with the other members killed but Shalvus survived the attack having his wounds cauterized by a lightning bolt he was struck with by Naxene.

As the battle was wrapping up the main party arrived at goldenfields and Rowan and lor were reunited and they shared stories of what transpired and she told him how proud of him she was of his progress and 1st successful mission. They told them that they returned to help resurrect the original guardian of goldenfield Lifferlas and they setup a ritual with many of the party and citizens working together they brought their guardian tree back to life just in time and he was able to join the newly founded guardian which the citizens strangely have been more accepting of after the encounter with the zentarim. The party celebrated that night and the Whitesheilds bid each other goodbye once again as they parted ways as the party sailed on the cloud tower to daggerford to fulfill orens request.

The party arrived in daggerford and upon asking around they arrived at the happy cow tavern was a halfling owned establishment with the owner Koggin Hardcheese welcoming them and beckoned them to have a drink. The party asked about Lily and found out that was his wife and called her out. They gave Lily Oren’s letter and she thanked them and told them she wasn’t surprised he was in need of money but the black network and the zentarim were putting the squeeze on the small businesses in the neighborhood and wanted the party to help by convincing them to back off. She told them that Nelkin “the Snail”Danniker was currently in charge of their operations in daggerford and he would be one with enough authority among their group to help their business from struggling.

The party decided to throw a performance that night as that had in waterdeep as an attempt to draw the snail out to be able to speak with him. Prim set out posting flyers around town, quinlan found a temple to tymora to pray in, Pokeman Jones and draven found themselves in a dwarven barber shop “the clean chin” where Daggerford’s most eligible dwarf bachelorette Hunnett Honestone inherited this combination barber shop and undertaker service when her father died 20 years ago. Pokeman Jones got his beard cleaned up and looking dapper while Hunnett tried to set up a date with him and they decided to go see prim’s performance that night which they planned to spend drinking. Yue and rowan remained in the happy cow tavern where Yue was surprised by a visit from Xing was was also surprised to see her in this city. He told her he had some business here but he was glad that fate once again brought them together and bought her some food. He asked how her companions were and if prim was with them to perform again. He then told her he had to leave after they finished their meal and kissed her hand and then departed.

As prim was going down a back alley putting up posters for his performance he spotted a hooded figure who he tried to convince to come to his show. Upon learning his identity the figure pulled their hood back revealing himself to be a drow assassin who signaled to his associate hiding in the shadows to jump him. Prim was stabbed with poison blades from the front and back, Prim staggered against the wall of the building with blood gushing out from the wounds and poison coursing through his veins. His eyes started to blur but wit ha moment of clarity he cast dimension door and fell upon the floor of the Happy cow tavern near the stool Yue was sitting on. He informed her of the assault and she tried to help him to his feet.

Pokeman jones was coming around the corner from his trim at the barber shop when he saw prim get stabbed out of the corner of his eye and them disappear. He could not let this assault go unanswered and attacked his assailants slamming them with his staff. His armor and shield parried off most of the blows but with both assassins working in tandem they were able to slip a few blade strikes in between his armor and their poisoned blades venom coursed through his veins and he felt himself fading.

Prim being helped back to his feet grabbed a container full of spoons from the counter and hearing the battle going on outside the tavern used animate objects to surround and assault the assassin finishing one off in the confusion and eliminating the other one with a frost arc bolt to the face. He reminded them that they should have just come to his performance and they would have had a better time.

Determined to find out why these assaults kept happening the party used speak with dead on the assassins and learned that Nendra was still after Prim and she was using a dead drop zone to communicate with them which they learned the location of.

At this time the patrons came in for prim’s show which was a success. Koggin motioned with his eyes when he saw the snail come into the tavern. Prim was able to use a charm spell on him with enthralling performance and was able to convince him to Leave the Happy Cow alone so their business could once again thrive. The owner was so pleased with his efforts he gave him a cask of goldengulp ale and a cask of moo moo milk as a reward.

With the dead drop info in hand the party set off for the location. The party found the symbol of the assasin’s guild on a hallowed out tree. There were no messages inside the tree but prim wrote his own note and left it there:

Dear my loving Nendra,

I appreciate that you are trying to get into contact with me, however I believe that there are better ways to get in contact with me, like a letter. Anyways I would love to get in contact with you so that we can talk about everything and maybe we can squeeze some smooching in there (maybe a little more). I was thinking I could make you a nice dinner, maybe in some sexy naked apron stuff. But if you want to get in contact with me I will be staying at the Happy Cow. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face again and catch up.


The super sexy, best bard in the land, top level lover, and got his eyes on you
Prim Pressleaf

As he put the letter into the tree it was whisked away as if by an arcane force and a few minutes later a letter returned stating

“River Shining Tavern and Inn, come alone”


The party returned to Daggerford and prim had a lengthy discussion with his party about whether or not he should go in there alone and how long it would take before they went in after him. Yue gave him an orb that would let him return to her if the meeting went south. Prim entered the meeting room which was dimly lit by candles and saw Nendra sitting at the table. She beckoned him to sit. She told him she has been looking for him for a long time since Wave Echo Cave. She told him that she hated him for a long time after what transpired there but something important happened which she realized afterwards. She then met a girl names Sunah in halenshire and deceived her into putting a ring on his finger so that she would start getting money from him. Eventually Nendra knew that the world and life she lived in was too dangerous to have a child and she fled to another plane where time accelerated until the child was self sufficient.

When the money stopped coming in Nendra knew that prim figured out the ring and that his daughter would start having questions about him and wanting to see him. That is why she sent assassins after him. She believed he was horrible and if he could be eliminated it would prove to her that Erelosa was safer off with her. But after every failed assassination attempt Nendra felt her resolve breaking and her confidence in those around her failing. She began to feel that with the world was falling apart with dragons and giant’s rampaging everywhere and her being involved with some of the shadiest people on the sword coast. She started to see even they might not be able to protect her as well as Prim might be able to. So she called this meeting to look him in the eye and see what kind of person he really was. Nendra then called out their daughter so she could look at him as well. A half elf girl who looked about 14-15 years old emerged from the darkness and Prim and Erelosa saw each other for the 1st time.

Session 33: Reunion at the Raging Lion!

After the party rested for the night they headed downstairs to discover Zuriel was missing. Rowan was the 1st to notice this and asked the innkeeper if he has seen him. He said that he headed off early and left a letter for everyone which read:

“My new friends, I need time after that last battle and will meet you in Triboar when you make it there”

The party also recieved a message from Sister Garaelle stating with all the troubling news of giants she was sending a harper emissary to meet them in waterdeep.

The party warned Goldenfields about a potential Zentarim threat and told them how they took over nightstone and might be thinking this would be the next place to do so. The Abbot of goldenfields thanked the party for their assistance and warning and asked them to post a flyer in waterdeep and see if any knights of the unicorn would show up to help. They agreed to do so and prim created the quest flyer.

“Come hither all ye flowery heroes, for i have a ye pretty and noble quest for the. A village in turmoil asking for a flowery and pretty flock of noble souls to defend them in the name of the unicorn. Head to Goldenfields if the is truly noble and flowery and pretty and one with the unicorn!!!”

The party boarded Zephyros’s tower and decided on their next plan of action was to return to waterdeep to restock on supplies and deliver the pendant Zi lang gave to the party. They arrived in waterdeep and Yue, Prim and pokeman jones spoke with Cauldar Marskyl who recognized the pendant as Zi lang telling them that the servants were now the ones to receive her inheritance as she wanted a more rural life where she could be one with nature and not pampered. They were pleased to found she found happiness in her life and presented the party with a wooden chest full of treasure. Prim deceived the servants that Zi lang also told them that they would receive part of her inheritance and they received an additional reward.

Rowan went shopping throughout the city and was able to purchase diamond dust and diamonds to help cast greater restoration spells and was able to heal herself of her injury after invoking Laruure’s blessing. She also posted the Quest poster at the knights of the unicorn headquarters and it got some attention with prim’s help.

Draven traveled back to the Raging Lion inn to setup rooms for the night there and agreed that Prim would perform once again as it was a big hit last time which Prim was enthusiastic about. He set off creating posters to advertise the performance that night.

As night came the crowd filtered in and an athletic looking human male with purple hair entered the inn and recognized Yue immediately and introduced himself as Xing. He told he has seen her perform a long time ago and always admired her talents and asked if she was one of the ones performing tonight. She denied that she was going to perform tonight but prim overheard her and said of course she was that she was just being modest and Xing went from looking disappointed to much more interested. They sat down at a table and spoke until the performance started.

A former team member Quinlan also arrived at the raging lion and reunited with his former adventuring party and they shared stories of what has transpired since wave echo cave and how they have both had some close encounter. Quinlan explained how he was the emissary sent by sister gaerelle to help stabilize the area with all the reported giant activity. He let them know dutchess arrived at phandalin just fine and sister gaerelle was taking care of him and they shared a drink over seraphina’s passing.

The performance started and Prim used dimension door to send himself and Yue onto stage with their instruments and they played some songs while back lit by moonlight created by quinlan. Yue tripped up a lot being nervous especially with her new friend watching her from the crowd but prim was able to cover for any missteps with her fingers and the performance went over great. Prim them told the tale of how they slew a white dragon on top of ice spire peak with draven acting out the part of the dragon with a seeming spell and it was a big hit with the crowd as they acted out the scenes.

Yue sat down next to Xing and he asked how Thalia and the rest of the group was doing and they conversed some more when Xing asked Yue to go for a walk and tell him the sorceresses version of the ice dragon fight as he knew bards tend to embellish the story. As they walked around the raging Lion and down the streets of waterdeep Xing shared some of his stores with Yue about some adventures he has been on and Yue began to open up to him and they talked about their companions.

They continued on down further than they anticipated and came across 2 hooded figures demanding their gold but xing informed them their threats were not a good idea and half unsheathed his blade. The hooded figures took a look at him and then scattered back into the darkness. Xing sheathed his blade and asked if Yue was hurt and then said he would escort her back to the raging Lion where maybe they could get something to eat. Yue agreed and they arrived back to the inn without further incident and Xing made some food in the kitchen and they ate as Prim’s performance concluded. As they finished their meal Xing thanked Yue for the wonderful time and that he hoped to see her again and he walked out of the inn.

Prim was quick to press Yue for information on how her date went and she was vague with him until draven drug him off and the party collected their tips from the nobles throwing coins at prim from a job well done. The party decided to turn in for the night.
The party decided to sleep in shifts due to how things went last time. During the night the window rattled as Assassins tried to enter the window of the inn but this time they found it more heavily locked and as they tried to pick it they set off an alarm spell on Nawala’s bracelet waking her. She slipped out of the inn taking one of Zem’s pistols and watched as they attempted to pick the lock and she fired a shot which whizzed past their head. She kept her weapon trained on them and watched as they fled knowing the building would be alerted and Nawala returned to the inn with the party being none the wiser.

The party awoke in the morning and followed Naxene’s advice and sought out the dragon expert of waterdeep, an Illuskan human mage named Chazlauth Yarghorn. Rowan told them of their plan to get the Lord’s Alliance to help them find dragons to fight giant threat. Chazlauth had a noisy cluttered apartment filled with cats and other strange noises and he laughed off the idea of the Lord’s alliance wanting to work with dragons but proposed an even crazier idea which he believed would work. He suggests that the characters travel to the Kryptgarden Forest and seek out Old Gnawbone, a powerful and eccentric green dragon rumored to possess a collection of crystal balls that she uses to scry on everyone and everything. Based on what Chazlauth knows about green dragons, and Old Gnawbone in particular, he doesn’t think the dragon will harm the characters if they seem intent on ending the giant threat. Upon questioning whether or not he thinks Old Gnawbone would listen to them or work with them he informed the party he’s willing to risk their lives to test this theory. The party thanked him for the lead and bid him good day.

The party finished resupplying in waterdeep and decided that some of the goblin children would be happier staying with Nawala and she was able to take in 5 of them who seemed eager to stay there. The rest of the party boarded Zephyros’s tower. They introduced quinlan to him and were about to decide where to take off when Zephyros was attacked by an invisible stalker sending a gash across his cheek. the party engaged in battle with their invisible foes. With this ambush they were able to knock Yue unconsious but Zephyros was able to use telekinetic powers to throw his giant table at the Stalker before he could bring down a finishing blow giving rowan time to heal her. A battle raged inside the tower with some of the giant statues toppling over but the party was eventually victorious over this surprise assault and they check their wounds finding everyone survived including rillix and the remaining goblin children who ran and his behind the massive throne. the party gathers their thoughts and decides where to go next.

Session 32: Defense of Goldenfields

As the Hill giants began to lumber through the breach in the south wall Yue created an ice storm making the path through the breach difficult to move through and pelted the Hill Giants as they broke through the city’s outer defenses. The captain of the city guard, a half orc named Strog Thunderblade, finally arrived on the scene with 3 other guards he managed to rally. They called out a rally cry to defend Goldenfield and the abbot and smashed through the remaining line of goblins and assaulted a hill giant. One of the guards was injured in the fight and Strog struck down the hill giant and pulled the injured guard to safety. The remaining guards pushed another hill giant back to the wall while 2 more came through the breach who fell to Prim lobbing lumps of coal at them which exploded in a firey blaze.

Draven transformed himself into a mighty t-rex and the resident mage of goldenfield, Naxene Drathkala, cast fly on him and he was able to fly to the foes who already made it through the breach and were ravaging the town and he tore them apart with his sharp toothed maw and tail. One Hill giant managed to knock Zuriel unconscious throwing rubble from the wall at him but pokeman jones was able to revive him with a potion. Rowan stayed in the tower away from harm while she directed her unicorn horn to attack and she summoned a flame skull with her green cindergem but blinded herself in the process.
The hill giants fell one by one and the remaining goblin forces saw the tide was turning and ran for the hills. 2 hill giants remained the one inside asked the party not to kill him but Yue fried him with a fireball and the one outside draven returned to his normal form and cast banish on him sending him to another plane giving the party time to surround him and he surrendered winning the day for the defenders of goldenfields. The party interrogated the hill giant named Lob. Learning they are not creatures of great intelligence could only get a few responses out of him

“Guh want food.” • “Me get food for Guh.” • “Guh big. Real big. Bigger than me.” • “Grudd Haug. Home.”

The party learned that Guh killed his mate and was forcing the other hill giants to gather food for her as a show of her power and influence she wanted to grow as large and obese as possible. The party asked the hill giant to lead them to Guh but he couldn’t remember where his home was and he became distraught and broke down crying. Prim tried to console him and said he would help him become the new guardian of goldenfields. Prim attempted to dress him up like the tree which was just slain but it was not very convincing at all and then he brought the giant into town and gave what he thought was a stirring speech but the townsfolk were just too tired from the battle to argue for now but they figured they would deal with it later and they were just glad they made it out of that battle alive.
The villagers each came up to the party and thanked them and gave them requests now seeing them as heroes who travel throughout the land.

The party attempts to speak with dead with Lifferlas who urges the characters to seek out its creator, a moon elf druid named Aerglas. The awakened tree tells them that Aerglas was not only a member of the Emerald Enclave but also an adventurer who slew many giants in his day. Aerglas left Goldenfields thirty years ago on a pilgrimage to Shadowtop Cathedral
Zi lang spoke with yue and told her In addition to being an acolyte of Chauntea and an Emerald Enclave sympathizer, Zi is the beneficiary of a considerable inheritance from her parents, who traded in silk, whale oil, fine glass, maps, and other commodities. They were based in Baldur’s Gate but owned several businesses in Waterdeep. Zi gives yue a black pearl pendant (worth 750 gp) that she keeps hidden among her belongings and tells her to bring it to Cauldar Marskyl (male Illuskan human commoner), the head butler of House Thann in Waterdeep, where he will give them a gift in exchange.

Miros suggests that the characters travel to Amphail and “give his regards” to Arleosa Starhenge, the proprietor of a local tavern called the Stag-Horned Flagon

Every bone in her body tells Naxene that the attack on Goldenfields is just the beginning. She’s heard “rumblings” that other settlements have been impacted by the sudden appearance of giants-and not just hill giants but also stone, frost, fire, and cloud giants. Naxene is convinced that now is not the time for half-measures. She has read books about the ancient conflict between dragons and giants, and she urges the characters to seek out a powerful good dragon, convince it to contact other good dragons, and use them to combat the giants. Naxene is confident that the Lords’ Alliance will support this plan, given the gravity of the situation.

Oren is spooked by rumors that giants are rampaging throughout the North. He asks the characters if they could check on his sister, Lily, who works at the Happy Cow tavern in Daggerford. He also wants them to deliver a hastily written letter to Lily that tells her he’s doing fine, and would she please send him some more money.
After conversing with all of the villagers the party searches through the fallen hill giant army and their possessions and take a well deserved rest for the night. In the morning they get a message from Zephyros that he is glad they were able to save goldenfields but he currently has the strange feeling he is being watched.

Session 31: Zephyros' Tower and Hill Giant Havoc!

As the party set out for Nightstone Morak took stock of the losses the village had suffered and asked 3 things of the party as they were well experienced travelers

The Xelbrins were killed in their home when the giants bombarded the village. Morak recalls that the elderly couple had a son, Miros, who lives in Goldenfields. Morak asks the characters to visit Goldenfields and let Miros know what has happened. If the Xelbrins’ tressym is still alive, Morak asks the characters to deliver it safely to Miros.

Morak’s friend and neighbor, Darthag Ulgar, was eaten by giant rats. Darthag ran the Lionshield Coster trading post in Nightstone, and his ex-wife runs a similar trading post in Triboar. Morak asks the characters to travel to Tri boar and deliver the sad news of Darthag’s passing to Alaestra Ulgar.

Morak’s friend and neighbor, Semile Southwell, was killed in the giant attack. Although she had no family in Nightstone, Semile spoke often about her brother, Markham. Morak knows that Markham is the sheriff of Bryn Shander and asks the characters to travel to Icewind Dale and deliver the sad news of Semile’s passing.

The Party agreed that they would try to head back north after delivering the villagers back to Nightstone and they would try to stop by those villages along the way.

As the party approached Nightstone they noticed the village was being guarded by a sizable force of Zhentarim. It seems as if the Xolkin’s backup had arrived and occupied Nightstone. the party had Prim hang back with the goblin children as they didn’t want any altercations with the Zentarim who were originally sent there to exterminate the goblins from the area. The party approached and saw some of the original guards from Nightstone guarding the bridge. They welcomed the party back and informed them that they found their pay missing from Lady Nightstones quarters and having no other option they joined forced with the Zentarim and allowed them occupation of the city so now at least they have work to provide for their family and they are glad to see the villagers returned safe. The party met with Xolkin and Kella in the middle of the city and they congratulated the Crimson Mercenaries on a job well done and he said if they ever considered working for the Zentarim to contact him as they could use more mercenaries of their talent. The party remembering Sister Garaelle’s warning about them being a more selfish organization more worried about profit and power they declined for now but were offered a room in the temple to stay the night as thanks for their work. The party accepted and took a long rest and patched up their wounds from the Dripping caves.

Rowan and Zuriel woke up very sore the next day still not fully recovered but the party decided to head out. They met up with Prim who camped out for the night with the goblin children entertaining them and set out upon the road. About a half hour on the high road and the party spotted an enormous tower floating on a billowy cloud a thousand feet overhead. The tower must have been hundreds of feet tall, and its spire looked strangely like a pointy wizard’s hat. As the tower drifted closer, stairs made of clouds begin to form underneath it and descend toward them.

The party tested the stairs which were made of firm cloud stuff and spiral downward, stopping just short of the ground. They are sized for humans and upon testing were found safe to climb. After climbing the stairs for 1,000 feet, the party stood in front of the tower’s entrance, on a cloud that feels as firm and safe as solid ground. They entered the Tower and were greeted by an eccentric cloud giant with windswept white hair, a wispy white beard, and a billowy purple robe adorned with gold stars. He introduced himself as Zephyros and claimed that the party were the small folk he was looking for that he saw in his vision.

The party asked him to explain what he was doing here and did he attack Nightstone? He looked surprised and denied attacking Nightstone saying he is not a violent Giant and he has always liked and appreciated small folk. He tell the party he knows terrible things are happening in their society ever since the ordning shattered and all of the Giants want to push themselves higher in their caste system. He tells the party he knows storm giants were always on top on and Hill giants on the bottom and everyone else in between but now with the Ordning shattered they are all trying to prove their worth and move up in their society so they are taking extreme measures to show that they are worthy of their place. He stated he has been using using contact other planes for advice on how to stop both of their societies from falling into ruins and the planar beings have shown him visions of small folk restoring order to their society but cautioned him about direct interference in the Giant’s jockeying for position. They showed him a vision of Goldenfields being razed to the ground and stripped of its crops so Zephyros offered to take the party there in his tower which would get them there twice as quickly as they could go by caravan. The party agreed and they set off.

Zephyros enjoyed the company of small folk on their journey and even pet Yue’s Tressym with his pinky finger stating he loved kitties and offered to show the party his. He cast levitate on anyone who wanted to and showed them the Aerie of his tower which had 4 griffons in him which he was keeping in there as his pet cats. As the party got comfortable rowan was looking out the window of the tower and saw 9 vultures land on the cloud they were ridden by lightly armored humans with steel helms that cover their eyes and resemble stylized bird heads. One of them is equipped with a shoulder bag adorned with a smiling face. They entered the tower and called out for Zephyros who came down to greet them excited to see more small folk than he ever has in his life.

Two of the riders introduced themselves as Amarath and N’von and they offered him a bag saying that if was a tribute to him and they were hoping he would help them “return the world to its primordial state, as it was at the dawn of history.” Zephyros looked a little confused and asked for a brief recess to think about it and called the party to the 2nd floor of his tower where he asked the party what that meant and if they thought that would be a good idea to help bring peace to the small folk. The party advised against him accepting that offer and Zephyros returned to the 1st floor and declined their offer. They seemed to begrudgingly accept his decision but chastised him as they left for being "foolish and shortsighted” and they took off.

Zephyros looked at the bag they left and said he felt guilty for keeping their present and gave it to the party as he thought they might be able to use it more than he could. The party cautiously opened it and found 4 pinches of pixie dust in the bag. The party setup camp for the night.

The party reached goldenfields without further incident and Zephyros dropped them off saying he would await their return and hovered on the outskirts of the city with his tower. The party entered the city and walked past a farmer named Zi Lang. She cautioned to the party to avoid stepping on the plants. the party asked her where they could find Miros and she directed them towards the tavern in the north east part of town. As the party headed there they passed by a tree which the goblin children began to play around and the tree spoke with them stating his name was Lifferlas and he was a guardian of the village and the children were no bother he loved kids and exists to keep the people and plants of goldenfields safe. The party left the goblin children with him while they headed to the tavern. There they were greeted by the owner who introduced himself as Miros.

The party delivered the sad news that his parents were killed on the attack on Nightstone and he seemed like he was in shock. Yue showed him that they found the Tressym Rillix but Miros seems still too much in shock of the news that his parents passed and asked that the party take care of him as he didn’t feel he could right now but he was glad to see him again. Pokeman Jones were getting a drink at the bar and a halfing named Oren Yogilvy got into an argument with Zuriel and they stared each other down but Zuriel blinked first and walked away from the confrontation.

The party noticed a shady character in the corner of the bar speaking to a hooded figure and Pokeman and Zuriel followed them outside. Listening to their conversation they learned their names to be Shalvus Martholio and Nalaskur Thaelond. and that Nalaskur hired Shalvus to watch goldenfields and find a way for the Black network to make its way and get a foot hold in goldenfields just like how they took advantage of the situation in nightstone. With this information Zuriel and Pokeman headed into the bar to inform their party but as trhey were explaining the situation the alarm bells in goldenfields started ringing incessantly. They were under attack.

As the party ran outside they saw a horrible site as goblins and ogers were being hurled over the walls by Hill Giants and defenses of a goldenfield were caught off guard. the ones over the wall began rampaging through the town stealing crops and attacking any who got in their way. The citizens who were capable of fighting began grabbing arms to fight back. The party charged out to engage the attacking forces. Yue began hurling fireballs while Prim tried his bard magic to command several to about face and march towards the village exit. the rest of the party engaged in melee combat with the invaders. The ones that slipped through the citys initial defenses made it deep into goldenfields until they ran into Naxene Drathkala who was a powerful human spellcaster who fried several waves of goblin and bugbear invaders with her lightning bolts proclaiming that they needed to “get off her property”. Lifferlas protected the goblin children and wrestled with the ogers invading the town. Unfortunate after fighting through several ogers they struck true and splintered the tree with their maces and he fell in battle.

Miros crushed one of the ogers in a giant bear hug as Oren fought with him driving his daggers into those he had distracted. The party fought through wave after wave and their seemed to be turning the tide when they heard repeated loud banging on the walls and cracks began to form. Then Pieces of the wall started to crumble. The Hill giants were beating down the wall of the city with their clubs like giant battering rams. The assault continued until The party noticed a beach form in the wall to the south and they saw huge lumbering creatures start to file into the city and they steadied themselves for an even more fierce battle to come.


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