CM Adventures

Hitched in Halenshire and the Next Adventure on the Highseas!
Session 20

The party exited the lighthouse down the stairs except for Draven who leapt from the top of the lighthouse and used his belt of feather fall to slow his fall and impress Ardra who gave the the nickname of pelican. The Mayor congratulated and thanked the party for saving the town and gave them gold as a reward and said they would throw a party in their honor that night. He introduced his Son Lor and Daughter Sunah to the group who looked at the party with stars in their eyes imitating their battle cries they heard from the light house. “For Larue and you god damn right!”

Prim Draven and Pokeman Jones went shopping in the town. Prim and Draven picked up Potions from the local shop negotiating a good price. Pokeman Jones had some plate mail built for him at a local weapon shop. Loralyn whispered to yue that she saw a local bakery shop with some deciduous smelling chocolate cake and they scurried on into town in pursuit. along the way they found a recipe book for om nom berry pie and purchased it.

Ardra and Roam showed the rest of the party around the town until it was time for the party. Agatha met with the captain of the next adventure and booked passage to take her to the island where she scryed the location of the book of bogentle. At the party the party discussed this with the captain and discovered that the ship hijacked from the port during the undead invasion was headed in that direction as well so it appeared that their paths would still be aligned.

As the party began they built a bonfire in the center of town and food was brought out with dancing and music a plenty. Lor and Sunah brought Rowan and Pokeman jones weathers of flowers for their hair and bears and offered them their family home made soup and asked them to dance around the fire together. Unaware that this was the Halenshire Marriage ceremony and they were being propositioned both completed the ritual to the tune of Yue Loralyn and Prim playing music throughout the town square.

Seraphina sulked and wandered through the town. prim went after her and they ran into yue and loralyn. together they convinced her to come back tot he party and enjoy herself which she agreed to to duchesses pleasure as he smelled food. At this time some familiar faces of wes gwen and droop arrived in town and met up with the party catching up learning the cambion who was last seen here escaped. They shared that they planned to go after it and the captain of the next adventure, Johny smesalt, offered them passage to the island to get some vengeance for almost wrecking his ship.

As the festivities went on the mayor setup an egg toss contest with the party participated in. Roam and arda paired up, yue and loralyn, draven and pokeman jones, prim and seraphina, and rowan and Lor. Draven and Pokeman Jones emerged the winner and were awarded the magical tankard Everfill whic hencouraged them to drink into the night. One of the crew of the next adventure a dwarf named boatmurdered got into a drinking contest with pokeman jones. Pokeman drank him under the table with Sunah cheering him on. Prim challenged Sunah to a drinking contest and she drank him under the table and she and droop helped carry him back to him room.

The party was ready to turn in for the night and Rowan and Pokeman Jones were surprised to find Lor and Sunah in their room warming up their beds where they revealed to them that the were married now according to Halenshire Law. Rowen demanded they talk to their father in the morning but let Lor stay the night to enjoy some new adventures with her. Rowan had a terrible night sleeping having nightmares of dead unicorns and rainbows turning black and dripping black vicious ooze off of it. She woke up exhausted. In the morning when all was revealed the father was angry with his children in that they didn’t reveal their intent more clearly to the heroes of halenshire and gave them 3 options how the marriage could be undone should they wish it so.

A Halenshire Marriage can end if:
If one voluntarily strikes their spouse(s) with violent intent
If one is publicly exposed for producing children outside the marriage
If one performs a ritual designed to end the marriage. Offer a piece of a devil up on unholy ground where devils have entered this world where the rift between plains is weak will dissolve their bonds.

Prim woke up with with window slightly ajar but didn’t notice anything else unusual so he continued with his day finding it hilarious that some of his companions got hitched the previous night. Ardra Roam and Boatmurdered all headed towards Waterdeep as they had some sort of business there. The party discussed who would board the ship and rowan decided to take Lor along with her to get to know him better and see if he would like to become part of the knights of the unicorn where pokeman jones left Sunah behind but gave her money to live on. So the party, Lor, Agatha, Wes, Gwen, and Droop all boarded the next adventure to ail towards the island. Agatha told the group of her scrying revealing a dark tower on the island where the book of bogentle also resides and a feeling of great conflict there which worried her that they may be attempting to bring back lolth into this world.

The party sailed for a day and a half and Rowan looked awful until several people made medicine checks on her and found she was cursed and Draven was able to remove it. She felt much better although she was still thoroughly exhausted. to cure their boredom Pokeman Jones and Draven sparred in the hull of the ship resulting in draven punching a hole through the hull with a eldrich blast. They worked quickly to cover up the damage and did a patchwork job but was functional but ugly and it soaked 2 of the beds in the hull which they decided to take to cover up their accident. Prim sat and watched the entire incident and is the only one who knows.

One of the crew of the next adventure shouted a warning that they had incoming and a school of Merrow charged to the ship and engaged in combat with the party. The party fought them off and the ships crew loaded steel ballistae and fired at reinforcements swimming to board the ship sticking steel both through them downing several and severely wounding other foes. Those that made it on the ship were dealt with by the party but Pokeman Jones almost lost Nezzza’s staff off the side of the ship in the process. as he dove for it Sea hags also appeared and frightened several of the crew, droop, Gwen and Serephina. Using a death glare and a flurry of claw attacks droop serephina and dutchess were unconscious on the deck of the ship. Rowan rushed to their aid to stabilize them. Draven jumped from the upper deck of the ship backing through some of them. Pokeman jones smashed some into the ground with the staff he nearly lost. Yue Blew several off the edge of the ship with magic missile and lightning magic while Loralyn sang pirates of the Caribbean music to inspire her allies. Prim rushed to droop to pick him up and rage fired frost arc in vengeance for hurting his ally. Wes agatha and percy rushed to the upper deck and helped clean up the remaining sea hags and the sea grew quiet again. The party was able to bring their companions back to consciousness and they reconvened below deck for a much needed rest. Loralyn searchign through the ships food storage smuggles a bag of starch into her bag for the om nom berry pie recipe and showed Yue as they lay down to sleep put a smile on her face.

The Party sailed for 6 days and the island was in sight As they headed below deck to discuss the plans for hitting the beach Seraphina received a message:

It appears we were a little too overconfident. The last attack was a feint to test our defenses. Venomfang has appeared. She flew right over our walls and assaulted the town directly. Several are injured. She took mirna’s children and Daren Addermath who tried to protect them. Barthan was severely injured. All she said was “I will trade your spawn for my spawn. Make a rescue attempt and I will eat them”. The worst part is the rest of her eggs have hatched and fight with her. The situation grows dire.

-Sister Garelle

As the party discussed what to do about this Gwen was adamant that she won’t let that beast have Percy again and noone is going to take him from her. The party tended to agree and wondered if they should turn back to help when they received another letter 20 minutes later.:

I think we can slip in a rescue attempt with a few volunteers. Iarno was more clever than i gave him credit for and made himself look like Mirna’s child Nars with a seeming spell and was taken in his place so we have a voice on the inside. He can communicate with us through a message spell. We need to act and it must be done quickly. I gathered volunteers for this rescue attempt and the rockseekers drained some remnant power out of the forge of spells to arm 6 of us. We think that may be a small enough team to slip unnoticed and rescue them. May Tymora be with us.

-Sister Garelle

The party realized they wouldn’t make it back on time to help out with this and chose to leave this rescue attempt in the hands of the allies they have trusted. 8 volunteered and they decided 6 would make the attempt as they could be properly fitted with a magical weapon. the 8 volunteers were:

  • Sister Garelle
  • Gundren Rockseeker
  • Sildar Hallwinter
  • Iarno Albrek
  • Lienne Graywind
  • Thalia
  • Quinlan
  • Idris

(mechanic wise we did a school yard pickup as to who will play who for next game and the 6 chosen)
Rowan = Gundran (fighter)
Pokeyman = Idris (druid)
Prim = Iarno (wizard)
Yue = Thalia (monk)
Draven = Quinlan (rogue/paladin)
Seraphina = Sister Garelle (cleric)

A Battle of Wills atop the Lighthouse!
Session 19

The party Charges further into the lighthouse and as they go around the corner Seraphina senses undead to the north and even more undead to the west. She informes the group the western path is safer wanting to hunt down as many as possible. The party heeds her advice and heads west except for draven who runs north. Both groups encounter undead Wight’s skeletons and ghasts. As they engage in combat the party notices draven is missing and agatha and loralyn go looking for him and reach him jsut in time as he is under assault and surrounded by undead. The wights bring 2 stone statues to life which march towards the main group. Pokeman Jones and rowan formed phalanx in the hallway while yue launched fireballs dealing massive damage to the approaching undead. The statues almost cut down Pokeman jones but with a second wind he gave Prim the present on a new stone head for his bag of holding as they decimated their foes.

Draven accidentally shattered one treasure chest spilling potion of healing all over the floor which duchess and pokeman jones licked up happily. and he also opened another failing to spot a trap which caused an explosion catching himself and a scroll of call lightning inside on fire which may or may not still work. The party made their way up the stairs and discovered a room with decimated undead and the torch to the lighthouse missing and 3 sets of stairs as well as a trail of undead. They followed the path of destruction which lead to the top of the lighthouse. They heard a male voice calling out to their companion to hold fast that by Lathander they will relight this beacon. The party ran around the corner to come face to face with a Rakshasa and some remaining undead followers. A human male and a female elf were desperately trying to fight them off but were being pushed back. The party jumped to their aid and engaged the undead in battle.

Prim squared off with the rakshasa in a battle of wills trying to dominate each other’s mind while Rowan called out to Larue and frightened a mummy who was about to strike the Human male with a rotting fist. Using this opportunity he communed with his deity and began to purify the dark flames coming out of the beacon on top of the lighthouse. He call out to his companion Ardra to guard him and that they will win the day. Undead flanked the rest of the party pokeman jones burned through several with his glorious quarterstaff while Yue and draven held more back with their magic. Agatha charged the Rakshasa breaking the stalemate prim and he were in and began decaying its fur and flesh with a corrupting touch. Loralyn tried to hold off the onslaught of the undead with her crossbow but several swarmed her and pushed her off of the lighthouse. As she fell barely grabbed the side and screamed out for help.

Prim rushed to the edge and offered his hand but as she reached for it he was not down far enough and her grip started to give way but yue rushed to the edge and grabbed her wrist just as her grip gave out holding her but not strong enough to hoist her up. Pokeman jones quickly fastened a silk rope loop and hooked it around her arm to grab and together they were able to pull her back up to safety.

As the undead and Rakshasa were defeated The Human Male introduced himself as Roam Arniman and he purified the flames at the top of the tower and with light finally shining outward the dark flames dispelled. After the combat ended Seraphina was still enraged that Agatha was there and wanted to destroy the banshee as well but the rest of the party intervened and she stomped off. Roam and Ardra introduced themselves to the party as they watched the Next Adventure Sail into harbor from the top of the lighthouse. Roam gave Ardra a hug and told her that he knew they would do it just like when they would adventure together as kids.

Save the Good Boy! Duchess in danger!
Session 18

The Party searched the bottom floor of the lighthouse and discovered a potion of healing and some coin that probably belonged to the lighthouse. Draven and prim scooped both up and the rest of the party met with the lighthouse keeper Ketil who was able to make it to the bottom of floor before being cut off by the undead. He told the party he would have been dead if it wasn’t for Aicha’s Brother and his friend who went in search of the torch to relight the beacon located halfway up the lighthouse. He asked the party to help drive out the undead from the lighthouse and make sure the next adventure did not crash onto the shore as it was schedule to arrive shortly.

The party ran up the stairs and right into a hoard of powerful undead ghasts ghouls and mummies. Rowan was able to turn several of these undead but those who resisted her light set upon the party. Seraphina’s brother Duchess charged into the fray to protect her but was quickly surrounded and struck with a rotting fist from one of the mummies and was cursed rendering all wound healing impossible. As duchess began to be heavily wounded from the undead onslaught the party rallied around the battle cry “SAVE THE GOOD BOY!” and fought through the undead lines avoiding being stuck themselves by their cursed fists and were able to form a perimeter around duchess moments before he would have turned to ash from another blow. After an intense fight the party cleared the 2nd floor of the lighthouse.

The party discovered 2 sets of stairs going upward and they sent draven to stealthily scout ahead and they upon inspection they took the stairs leading to a room full of zombies which they got the jump on and cleared out quickly. From this room they found a scroll of light and a gem as well as a lookout window from which they saw a dot on the sea horizon which they determined was the next adventure and knew they had no time to rest so they ventured up the stairs and fought through another room of mummies who were accompanied by Imps. in the ensuing battle Pokeman Jones lost his glorious quarterstaff down a hole in the floor and Yue was cursed and paralyzed and thrown down the stairs taking falling damage on the floor below.

As the enemies fell to the rest of the party prim and Loralyn rushed to make sure she was ok. Rushing down the stairs Loralyn tripped and landed on yue anime style and blushed but gave her some healing and helped her out of her paralysis state. Together they found Pokeman Jones’s staff. They found their way back up the stairs and discovered a familiar figure trapped in a magic circle. It was Agatha the Banshee who was in search of the book of Bogentle. She made her way to this port city to get a ship to its location only to be bound in this circle when the undead attacked. She asked the party to release her so she could unleash vengeance upon her captors.

Working together with quite a bit of difficulty the party was able to free her and they looked to hurry further up the lighthouse to relight the beacon and save the Next Adventure.

Steamy hot tubs and the battle for Halenshire!
Session 17

The party looted the dragon’s hoard and harvested as many party of the dragon as possible. As the party left the cave and headed down the mountain they encountered a traveling caravan containing a hot tub. A male half orc named Dr. Droknar and a female human named Thalia were running it. Yue knew Thalia from their past when she traveled around with their merchant group and they were able to catch up. Thalia explained that Dr. Droknar wanted to try to stir up some business for his traveling magical hot spring and wanted to come somewhere cold. After discussing the lack of potential clients they decided to let the party relax in the hot spring before continuing on their journey. the portable hot spring came in 2 tubs one side for males and one for females. everyone jumped in and enjoyed warning up after their cold adventure. Thalia teased yue about finding such attractive companions and informed rowan that she talked with her sister in law, Esvele Whiteshield, when she was in neverwinter and she had a request that she wanted her to help her set up a business deal with the kingdom of Burland in the Zenithian isles.

While the girls were laughing and having a good time on their side Dr. Droknar was sneakily informing the guys that if they were curious one of the bricks divining the two hot tubs could be removed if they wished to take a peak at the girls side to see what the excitement was about and perhaps some swimwear. Prim drank the potion they created from in the redbrand hideout and he turned invisible but got a terrible stomach ache. As he removed a brick from the wall Rowan playing with her rainbow magic shot rainbow light through the hole making him even more nauseous and he began vomiting gold coins over the side of the hot tub. Refusing to take part in the peeping draven hopped out of the hot tub but upon contact with the cold the other effects of the hot tub were revealed. it affected each party member differently in that Draven and duchess swapped gender, Pokeman jones turned blue, prim and yue shrank to half their normal size while loralyn doubled in size, seraphina turned into a wolf, and rowan turned into a lynx.

The party had fun with their new forms for a bit until seraphina’s message tube filled with a message stating the undead were marching on Halenshire being lead by a cambion. Thalia told the party she would wait for them in phandalin as they were preparing to head off. Loralyn told Yue she owes her for helping her out and if she wanted so she would come with her to save halenshire which she agreed to. So the party set off for halenshire getting used to their enchantment from the hot tub realizing being wet and cold activates the enchantment while hot water reverses it.

The party loaded up their caravan and headed down the highroad and arrived at the gates of halenshire in about a week. The sound of alarm bells ringing could be heard throughout the town as well as townsfolk screaming and guards fighting. The party joined the fray and cut their way through the line of undead to the center square. Dutchess was injured along was way and knocked unconscious but was healed up by rowan. Prim saved a young lady names Aicha Arniman by firing frost arch through a fountain creating a bridge of ice freezing a pursuing undead in its tracks. Aicha told the party that when the undead attacked they forced their way to the docks and commandeered a boat and sent some of their forces into the lighthouse who corrupted the beacon so no light would shine out to sea. She told the party her brother rushed into the lighthouse to try to relight it and she feared for his safety. The party escorted her to the lighthouse and they met with Erik Halenshire who is the mayor of the city and Bergthor the captain of the guard. as they looked around they saw the guards had cut a safe zone near the lighthouse and pushed most of the undead forces back into it where they were using it as a stronghold. The mayor asked the party to help relight the beacon as a ship named the next adventure was due into harbor shortly and if they cannot see they will surely crash into the shore.

The party headed off into the lighthouse and did battle with undead on the first floor rescuing the keeper of the lighthouse as he said that Aicha’s Brother and his friend ran up the stairs and saved him allowing him to get as far as he did almost out of the lighthouse. The party decided to search this floor before continuing onward.

Icespire Peak part 2: What a horrible night for a curse!
Session 16

As the party ventured into a room north they noticed the crystals in this room were very shiny and reflective but upon closer inspection Pokemon Jones and Rowen notices a senescence about some of these crystals and that they were actually ice mephits which descended upon the party blowing their ice breath upon them. Pokemon Jones smashed 2 with his staff while the rest of the party shot the remaining ones out of the sky with their crossbows and magic.

The party then ventured west in the cave stumbling upon magic pressure plate traps causing the ice stalactites to come crashing down on any of those who dared venture onto them. Evenutally Yue discovered runes on one of the ice crystals written in draconic which read "arm, disarm and activate. She was able to disarm the ice traps and the party found a room where more winter wolves made their home. Seriphina being tuned to animals and nature discerned they were hungry and offered them rations gaining their favor and they did not attack. The wolves did not spare one of the cultists previously though and the party was able to recover a belt of featherfall from his corpse. the party continued north in the cave spotting a frost giant guarding the room with the herbs Loralyn was looking for.

While debating on how to be sneaky the frost giant spotted them and engaged the party in combat. Yue was struck with a rock during the combat knocking her unconscious. Loralyn charged into the room in a rage to defend her friend. Taking in the room which had a natural skylight had full moonlight bathing the area. As Loralyn gazed up at it her eyes became yellow and she shape-shifted into her full werewolf form and set upon the frost giant garnering its attention. Rowan rushed to Yue to heal and awaken her. Draven shot at the frost giant’s pet wolf but missed and almost struck Yue who awakened just in time to throw up her mage armor to deflect the bullet. She threated to take off Draven’s arm if he was not more careful. The cursed gun spoke more loudly in draven’s head as the hunger for bloodlust grew. He fought it but after missing another target with the gun due to its distracting demands it sent him into a blood rage. The party did not notice this as they were fighting the frost giant. Loralyn claws and bit deeply into the giant inflicting it with lycanthropy before it caught her smashing her into the wall causing her to lose consciousness and revert to her normal form. Rowan rushed to heal her as well and some of the party noticed draven was now taking aim at anything closest to him in order to satiate the bloodlust. Upon waking Loralyn charged right back into the fray and put a dagger through the throat of the frost giant killing it.

The rest of the party noticed Draven acting strangely and prim was able to cast suggestion causing him to go lay down in the corner and take a nap. The party discussed what to do about his cursed gun as it was grafted to his hand. Yue was in favor of cutting it off but rowan’s suggested trying to remove the curse and the party agreed to let her try. Upon the spell a shadow creature arose from the gun and the party mustered all of its radiant ability to strike at it cutting big swaths through this shadow. It fought back sapping the strength of the party but in the end the shadow was dispelled and the curse was lifted from the pistol.

The party found the Wolfsbane growing in the back of the cave and the party had a discussion whether or not loralyn should keep her powers as they proved useful in the last battle or even give some of the party lycanthropy but loralyn revealed the reason why she was travelling was she was shunned from everywhere she stayed because one villaged found out what she was she was welcome nowhere. She expressed her gratitude that this party was the 1st to treat her so nicely and she gave them a special coin that was passed down in her family. The party asked her to join their party which they thought of as a family after this and stay with them in their guild hall in phandalin which she gladly accepted. Loralyn asked Prim to made the necessary antidote with his potion crafting skills which he did and loralyn was cured of her lycanthropy at the top of ice spire peak.

As the party was leaving they were curious as to the rumors of an ice dragon living on top of the peak and so they explored the rest of the cave and found its lair. Prim went in to negotiate with the dragon but it went south when he let it slip that they killed the frost giant that the dragon was using to guard the herb garden. A battle ensued and Prim made up for his diplomatic blunder by using his illusion magic to prevent the ice dragon from unleashing his cold breath attack on the group and after a fierce battle they beat back the dragon into its lair and were able to slay it. The party winded took a breather and gazed around the room ready to sort through a dragon’s hoard.

Warm Goodbyes and Cold Hellos, The Journey to Icespire Peak
Session 15

As the party finished watching the fireworks over Phandalin they decided to make plans for what happens next.Sister Garelle felt that some members of the party should stay and watch the forge of spells and asked Quinlan and Idris if they would consider the job due to their connection with the harpers. Quinaln agreed right away and Idris wanted to think about it. Wes decided he was going to take the baby owlbear the party recovered back to neverwinter with himself Droop and Gwen. Sildar and the Rockseeker brothers were heading out for wave echo cave in the morning to bolster their defenses. Iarno and Lienne were staying to guard the newly rebuilt Pandalin. And sister Garelle would be around Phandalin for a bit but be keeping an eye on the progress of the forge of spells. The party readied themselves back in stonehill in and spent one last night celebrating before going to help Loralyn Wintersong on her quest to remove her disease. To show her appreciation Lorayn mischievously beckoned Yue to her room upstairs in the stonehill inn stationed next to Draven’s room. Laughing and loud pounding on the wall could be heard from the room throughout the night making Draven uncomfortable keeping him awake.

In the morning the parties friends wished them luck on their next adventure and Quinlan said his goodbye’s with the party informing them he would guard the forge with his life and not let anything happen to it. He gave them some of his equipment and told the party to take good care of it they would need it more than he would. Sister Garelle spotted a Harper ranger she sent for to act as a replacement for the loss of a party member. She introduced Seriphina and her wolf Dutchess to the group and they all made her acquaintance before heading out. Idris lagged behind still not able to make a decision.

The party packed up their caravan and set off for ice spire peak. they reached the base of the mountain and snow started to fall. Idris caught up with the group to inform them of the decision that although he would love to keep adventuring with them he felt it best if he stayed to help secure the forge of spells. He left the party with some gear and planted a kiss on a reluctant Prim before setting off into the wild.

Loralyn mentioned there was a base camp she spotted to the east and the party set off and found it without much trouble. At the camp they found an old miner named Zem Slatedust who had 1 wooden prosthetic hand and spoke loudly as if he was going deaf. He told the party he mines black powder from icespire peak. Prim and Draven bought some and he offered the party shelter in his tent for a bit. they party went in and a pistol caught draven’s eye which he bought from the old man in exchange for one of his hi nun gloves and 210 gold. he even threw in fur cloaks to keep the party warm up on icespire peak. He warned the party of trolls guarding a bridge and of beats and a dragon which lived high up on the mountain. The party thanked Zem for his help and set out up the mountain.

Finding the bridge leading up the mountain the party encountered the troll brothers named Seshi and Beshi. They were charging a toll of 50 gold to cross the bridge but prim convinced with to take useless weapons and 20 gold instead convincing them they were magical. the trolls moved aside and the party was able to proceed further up icespire peak.

The temperature began to drop dramatically and the party was grateful for the fur coats provided earlier which fought off the majority of frostbite damage that could have occured in scaling the mountain. As the party approaching a cave mouth on top on icespire peak they were set upon by Winter wolves who’s cold breath cut deep into them even harder than their bites. The party was battle hardened though and they worked well with their new ranger companion to dispatch the wolves. During the fight Draven used his new pistol and it grafted itself to his hand and during the fight he noticed any blood spatter on the gun immediatly soaked into it. He began hearing voices in his head speaking to him speaking of Hunger and how blood is satiating to it as well as its desire to be fed more. Draven began feeling possessive of the gun and had to shake off feelings that he should continue fighting even after the wolves were slain.

The party harvested fur off of the wolves and found a dead frozen cultist with the same markings from thundertree in the snow apparently taken by these wolves. They found his boots useful and resistant to the snow. The party decided to try to get warm in the cave mouth and set up a bonfire. The cave was large with giant ice crystals lining the walls that were reflective in nature. It was somehow even colder in the cave but the fire did help. They patched up their wounds and began exploring after warming up. They overheard 2 humanoids taking:

1: I am freezing my ass off up here
2: eh its not so bad
1: no it is, everyone else got their cushy assignments taking that abandoned keep while we got sent away to this ice box. I heard someone just slaughtered the hobgoblin tribe in the area too so they had no resistance. And here we are going to end up frozen statues like those wolves either by the dragon’s breath or due to how fucking cold it is here.
2: Maybe you would be warmer if all the hot air stopped coming out of your mouth.
1: You are the worst I’m going to get some firewood and maybe we will survive this night.

As one of the humans rounded the corner they ambushed him knocking him out for interrogation he cried out for help and his companion also came only to run into a very outnumbered situation and was also knocked unconscious after a short struggle. Upon interrogation the party learned they were from the same cult as they found in thundertree but they were sent here as punishment to be subservient to the white dragon who resides in this lair. They also learned herbs tended to grow in the northern part of this cave. They also learned the group they found in Thundertree also took over cragmaw keep with no resistance as the hobgoblin tribes in the area were broken and scattered. The cult was going to try to lure them there as tribute to Venomfang. Duchess broke one of their necks and Draven executed another one with his pistol absorbing more blood giving Draven positive reinforcement to keep firing and he barely shook off the urge to turn on his companions and asked them to keep moving so he could focus on the mission. The gun continued to speak words in his head asking to be satiated with more blood no matter where it came from. His companions asked about his health and he insisted everything was fine and that they should get the herbs and get out of here. Prim recognized that the gun he was carrying was cursed and Rowan offered to help remove the curse after the mission was done but Draven refused insisting he was fine and the party pressed further into the Icespire peak cave.

The Claimed Mines of Phandelver
Session 14

The party finished scouting out wave echo cave finding no more threats. They decided to find an unoccupied room to discuss among themselves what they thought should happen with the forge of spells. Quinlan came clean about him and Idris being members of the harpers and stated that they were probable going to side with sister Garelle in trying to keep the mine safe. they discussed different options and at least came to a consensus that the rockseeker brothers should be the owners of the mine. They decided to go meet up with their allies and have a meeting about the forge. As they approached they heard Sister Garelle yelling in the room. “Noone is arguing the need for a plan but your plan is just stupid and won’t work” as she exits the room and slams the door. She tells the group that she thinks the harpers should keep the forge secret and Wes wanted to have neverwinter guards come with military force to secure it. The rockseeker brothers wanted to discuss whether or not to bring mining dwarves in to redirect the water to power the waterwheel and see if that restarts the forge of spells which is currently cold but sister garelle wanted to just use harpers to accomplish this to keep less people knowing about the forge even though it would go more slowly. The parties allies turned to them and eventually agreed to trust in their judgement. The party discussed their options and decided to side with the harpers protecting the secret of the forge instead of having the city of neverwinter find out for fear that politicians would get involved, start a war and have history repeat itself. They also decided to compromise on the dwarves opting to take dwarves from Gauntlegrim but only the ones who were secretly harper agents. All of the party agreed to this plan sister garelle sent word to harper agents to come secure the area. While waiting the party returned the boots of striding to the rockseekers which they took with thanks to the party for helping avenge their brother and they promised to use the forge to further all of their goals and to use it to maintain balance in the realm. The rockseeker brothers returned to the cave entrance and recovered their brother’s body and buried him outside. By the time they were done harper forces arrived to secure the cave wit hthe help of the fameskull. The rest of the party returned to phandalin.

As they arrived back in phandalin they were surprised to see the walls had been rebuilt and the town was fortified. Lienne graywind and Mirna’s kids greeted them and showed how they bolstered the town’s defenses so there wouldn’t be a repeat performance of the undead attack. The group and their allies decided to throw a party to celebrate their victory. Lienne informed the group they rebuilt a lot of the manor in phandalin and found several treasures that they could use as prizes at the celebration as friendly wagers. The party rested up while the citizens of phandalin set up some contests for the party to take part in. As the party was relaxing in the stonehill inn they met a female elf bard names loralyn wintersong. She took a liking to yue finsing out about her recent deeps becoming a hero of phandalin and struck up a conversation with her and the rest of the party telling them she was from waterdeep and was going to play at the inn but would love to spend time with the party and participate in the competitions with them.

The celebrations started with a drinking contest with Wes getting Gwen some grape Nehi but not having drank in a long time went out in the 1st round. Draven ended up taking 3rd place in the contest with Sildar Halllwinter drinking everyone else under the table.

From there the party went to the addermath orchard for an archery contest. Most of the drunken party members found a comfortable spot on the grass to observe quinlan, prim, lienne graywind, yue and sildar show off their skills with the bow with Quinlan taking the top prize and some arrows of the hydra.

The party then proceeded back to the stonehill inn for a pie eating contest. Droop quinlan yue gwen and mirna’s kids all dug into pie after pie until just quinlan and yue were left with their voracious appetites. quinlan bluffed becoming sick into the pie dish and yue took top prize in the final round gaining a delicious om nom berry pie.

The party getting fired up cleared off the table for an arm wrestling competition. Lienne graywing beat draven in the 1st round, pokemon jones lost to Idris who transformed himself into Fat Jeff making a huge comeback, Wes lost to rowan in their match and Prim defeated Gundren in a surprising show of strength. Lienne managed to defeat Idris in fat jeff form in the 2nd round and rowan defeated prim so it ended up with Lienne and Rowan in the finals. A massive back and forth battle took place in a battle of wills but in the end Lienne took top prize with rowan taking 2nd and their party members cheered them on.

They finished up the day enjoying the battle of the bards with loralyn and prim on flute, yue idris and draven on lute, and rooster and droop singing. loralyn caught some dust in her flute and exited early and yue snapped a lute string during a performance shortly after. Droop surprised everyone with his singing but prim still took the top big and won the battle of the bards. Not to be outdone Pokeman Jones wrote his own inspirational song to commemorate the party’s adventure:

To the tune of New York State of Mind-Billy Joel
“Some folks like to get away, take a holiday, from their knight hood
Hop a cart to Waterdeep, or the Elvenwood
But I’m dungeon crawlin’ in a rocky, Dwarven mine…
I’m in a Phandalin state of mind…
It was so easy gamin’, day by day
But after Bugbears, I’m black and blue
But now I’ve got some Gold and Gear to take
…the +1 Staff
…and Draven’s stuff too! Whoah whoah
…I’m with my buddies, in a rocky, Dwarven mine….
I’m in a Phandalin state of mind…
You gahd dam right

The crowd gave him a standing applause and with the noise loralyn whispered to yue asking her to go for a walk. they walked out together and down the streets she took her behind a building and she offered to repair her broken lute for her and she talked about how she needed yue’s help breaking a curse on her as she was bitten by a werewolf and can transform into one but feels as if she is losing control as time is going by. Lorayln told her that she did research i nthe waterdeep libraries and found an herb which could help cure her but it only grows on icespire peak and she tried to venture there but it was too dangerous to go alone. So she was hoping a strong band of adventurers would come through and be willing to help her. Yue agreed to this and said she would try to convince her party to help. Loralyn also had a mischievous look in her eye and told yue she noticed how the bard and tiefling were looking at her and wanted to know if she wanted to mess with them so they returned to the inn holding hands and sat next to each other.

At this time quinlan got a message from the harpers that the remains of the undead from old owl well were sighted near a village called halenshire near waterdeep and they seemed to be more organized than a regular shambling horde. The party concluded the devil they found in wave echo cave may be headed that way. Yue pitched the idea to help loralyn 1st but the party countered it might be better to check out the undead. Yue whispered to loralyn asking her how much time she had left using going in for a kiss as an excuse to hide her question. Loralyn kissed her and then whispered back telling her she had 2-3 weeks maybe at the rate she felt she was losing control. Yue had the party pull out a map and convinced them to go to icespire peak 1st due to the distance needed to travel. Having decided their next coarse of action the party enjoyed a hero’s feast and then went outside to watch Iarno setting off fireworks gandalf style and the whole party felt inspired watching them explode in the phandalin night sky readying them for their next adventure.

Wave Echo Cave Part 4: The Forge of Spells
Session 13

The Rockseeker brothers, now relieved to have found each other discuss how they should find and secure the forge of spells and clear out the rest of wave echo cave. At this time Gwen falls to her knees post battle with angry tears in her eyes shouting to Wes the shield that the Cambion they fought was the one that destroyed her village and took all those she knew prisoner. She heard his name was Dormundread. She wanted to run after him right away but Wes held her back as most of the party was beaten up and they needed to recover before engaging another opponent. The party took a short rest and Prim found a Hand crossbow named frost ark on Nezza. The party cautiously proceeded to explore the rest of wave echo cave. They cave against a barracks of bugbears and cleared out the remaining forces Nezza had stationed there. The party barricaded themselves in the barracks room and took a long rest there. As they awoke they heard a crackling of fire next door. Meanwhile Draven broke off from the group and explored the forge of spells room and discovered the frame was out. The rest of the party looked through the door and saw a floating flaming skull head who told them he was the guardian of wave echo cave and he wouldn’t let anyone but the masters through. Rowan suggested that the rockseeker brothers claim they now owned the mine and with her and prim’s help they convinced the fameskull of their legitimate claim to the mine and it decided to obey their orders. He informed them of foul undead still roaming the halls and together they blasted them into oblivion revealing a room wit ha dry creek bead and an still waterwheel. the party surmised that water might have been powering the forge in this mine and they would have to redirect the water in the stream above to get the wheel turning again. By this time draven caught back up to the party and informed them that the forge of spells had gone out and the party investigated. Wes and Gundren debated what should be done with the forge of spells going forward. The Rockseeker brothers felt they should have claim to the mine as they lost a brother in the fight and had the map in the 1st place. They want their dwarven clan to coem build the mine back up. Wes wanted to inform neverwinter of the mine so they would be able to guard it as they have more forces to protect it from further evil. Sister Garelle pulled Quinlan aside and told him that she thinks the cave should not be known to the masses as a great war was fought over it in the past and they should use the harpers to guard it and keep the mine close to the chest. The group eventually decided to go clear out the rest of the cave and think on it once they knew they were safe. They took out the remaining undead in the cave but as they were going down a smooth clean hallway Draven and rowan were ambushed by Gelatinous cubes. fighting as a group they were able to burst one open but the other engulfed Rowan and she fell to the floor paralyzed and unconscious. Pokemon jones pulled her out of the gel and Yue fired volleys of magic missiles and Prim used frost ark to freeze the last one. Quinlan jumped in and shattered it with the void. The party caught their breath before continuing securing the forge of spells from all threats this cave had to offer.

Wave Echo Cave Part 3: The Black Spider Revealed!
Session 12

The party brought the captured drow into a remote northeast corner of wave echo cave where the water crashes loudly giving the cave its namesake. As the party took a rest and waited for the drow to awaken they heard a crash from the marble trap they set up the stairs with several zombies tumbling down. They clashed wit hthese undead on a narrow ledge near the crashing waves. Pokeman Jones treid to push past Rowan but ended up knocking her into the water and a zombie threw quinlan in right after her. The rest of the party rallied and were able to fend off and defeat the zombies. Rowan being a good swimmer having spent time in the water previously came to Quinlan’s rescue and Pokemon Jones lowered a rope to help them back up which they managed with no further issues.

Seeing the potion of love wore off they interrogated their drow prisoner learning of the black spider Nezza’s plan to seek the power to the forge of spells to help bring back their god Lolth to this plane of existence. They also learned she was keeping Gundren’s brother Nundro to be used as a sacrifice. Idris let everyone know that while he was scouting he heard ritual noises coming from a room to the west but he became stuck in a spider web before he could investigate further. The group decided they needed to make haste and they threw the drow into the water and make haste to try to rescue nundro while the drow swam away with fury in her eyes struggling against the ebb and flow of the current in the cave.

The party arrived in the westernmost chamber of Wave Echo Cave and noticed the spider webs Idris got caught in. Draven blasted them with an eldrich blast dissolving the ones in their way. But this shook a network of webs that led further into the room. The party heard a deep female voice beckoning them to come in and talk. The party hesitated and felt it would be a trap but Prim confident in his abilities dealing with drow strode into the room. Seeing Nezza in the middle of a circle he attempted to charm her and playing along she beckoned him to come closer and they could negotiate slamming her dark spider staff on the ground 4 giant spiders descended from the ceiling. Playing it cool he approached Nezza and offered an embrace which she accepted. But as she wrapped her arms around him he felt electricity running through his body as she attempted a paralyzing shocking grasp. Prim was able to withstand this attack but Nezza pulled him in tightly and her spiders sank their teeth into him spilling his blood all over the circle of runes on the floor. Nezza laughed and stated that she was so glad they could become so well acquainted that he would become her new sacrifice. Nezza proclaimed “ From Hell’s Heart I stab at thee!”

The party sprung into action and did battle against Nezza’s spider hoard slaying them while nezza chanted and spread Prims blood throughout the circle. When they finally reached Nezza it was too late and the ritual completed and the runes glowed crimson opening a portal and the room grew very hot. 7 red orbs placed throughout the room began to glow a dark blue and black color giving off searing heat. The party felt dizzy and they all collapsed to the floor. As they began to lose consciousness Idris saw Quinlan’s necklace began to glow as the world went dark around them and they felt their consciousness leave their bodies.

Nothing but darkness surrounded the party as they tried to perceive what was happening to them. Were they dead? All they noticed was all around them an ether like material composed of blue and black flames. As they peered into nothingness they saw a figure staring back at them. But it was not their companions. It was themselves.

Draven was the 1st to spot this. The image of draven spoke to him and said:
“Our party will never accept us as a tiefling. We will never truly be one of them. Cambion understands our kind. Lets turn on them now and join our demon breather-en.”

Draven refused to give into his insecurities and did battle with this mirror image and defeating these urges to give in. as he Blasted them away he felt his consciousness returning to his body and heard the voice of Gundren Rockseeker shouting:

“I found them hurry they are in trouble!”

As Quinlan saw his mirror image it came up to him and said:
“The party only finds us an inconvenience. They talk about how stubborn we are and only keep us around to hopefully step on the next trap so they won’t have to put up with our advice anymore. Cambion appreciate the shadows, we should join Lolth and have our wisdom and talents utilized to their fullest potential”.

Quinlan fought against these urges knowing he shouldn’t but his mirror image took him by force and he felt his resolve slip away and his consciousness returned to his body with him in reluctant service to a new master. As is eyes began to open he hears the familiar voice of Sister Gareele shout:

“No! I won’t let you die! Harpers Defend them!”

Hearing her voice Quinlan’s heart felt torn and conflicted but pressed on compulsively in service of his new master.

As Pokemon Jones encountered his insecurities they told him:
“Everyone thinks we are reckless and crude. They don’t respect us or our cherry slurpies and only keep us around for a human smashy ram. You god damn right Cambion appreciates strength so we should join Lolth.”

Pokemon Jones’s heart remained true to his party and he told the insecurities that “YOU GOD DAMN WRONG” and dispelled them easily. As his form returned to consciousness He heard Sildar Hallwinter shouting orders:

“Form a perimeter around them. I won’t let you touch them!”

Idris came across another beautiful man who looked just like him. He was very convincing and charming as he looked him in the eye and said explained that
“Everyone thinks we are vain and none of them truly accept us for who we are. Prim will never love or accept us but Cambrion understands us. We must go to him.”

Idris saw the logic in this argument and gave himself fully to the service of Lolth. As he returned to consciousness he heard his former ally Iarno Albrek shouting:

“I’ll watch your back Sildar and we will defeat these demons yet!”

Yue came across her insecurities which told her:
“Everyone judges everything we do and thinks we are shy and awkward. They only use us for our magic. Cambrion appreciates talent like ours we should join him reach our potential.”

She politely declined the Mirror image’s offer and did battle dispelling her insecurities thinking of her friends and how she could never betray them. As she returned to consciousness she heard the familiar voice of Wes the Shield:

“We won’t let you destroy this land! On guard everyone, For Neverwinter!”

Prim came across his mirror image which told him:
“The party only laughs at us not with us. When we leave the room we are the butt of their jokes. They don’t appreciate our talents, We should join Cambion and none of them will laugh at us again.”

Prim knew in his heart he truly was funny and wasn’t about to let these insecurities sway his judgement. He did battle with them and dispelled all doubt he had. As he returned to consciousness he heard his companion droop speak to him:

“Droop will make you proud Prim. Watch how much I have learned! I will protect you!”

Rowan came across her insecurities which told her:
“Everyone thinks we are foolish and naive. They all talk about how we will get them killed one day with our recklessness we call adventurer spirit . We should leave them now and join Cambrion before their fears come true and they all die because of us.”

The words hurt Rowan and she fought and struggled with them in a great battle in her mind. But her faith won out in the last moment and looking at her symbol of faith call out to Larue and with a might ranbowed swing dispelled her insecurities and came back to consciousness to hear Gwen’s voice shaking her and saying:

“Get up! We can’t let the bad guys win. Go get um Percy!”

As the party regained consciousness They looked around seeing what had transpired finding Nezza chanting in the portal she opened. 5 of the 7 orbs faded in power and began to show cracks in them. 3 devils with beards and 1 more slender looking devil poured out into the room. The parties companions were fending them off guarding their bodies. Gundren yelled out that they needed to break the crystals to close the portal as he smashed one with his mighty warhammer.

The party bagan to clash with the devels. Sildar charged one with pokemon jones and they both struck true but sildar was cut open with a dangerous infernal wound which would not close and he began gushing blood.

Sister Garelle rushed to see if Quinlan was alright. He sat up and looked at her before driving his rapier the void through her chest. She grabbed her wound and backed up quickly realizing he was under Cambion’s power. She called out for him to fight it. Pokemon jones wielded his quarterstaff and shattered 2 more weakened crystals. Quinan realizing what he had done his heart sunk and shook off cambrion’s control. With fury in his eyes he charged the Cambion devil.

Wes blocked a devil from Yue while she assaulted them with magic missiles and rays of frost pushing them back far enough that he shattered the 4th crystal with his greatsword.

Draven attacked the cambion which tried to injure him with hellish rebuke. But Draven’s tiefling heritage allowed him to take the heat and used the gloves of Hi Nun to blast him and the 5th crystal.

The 6th crystal faded as the hold on Quinlan was broken. The Bearded devils turned toward Gwen Percy and Rowan. Gwen created multiple copies of herself and the devils only managed to hit the illusions. She called upon percy who unleashed a poison dragon’s breath attack burning the devils allowing Yue to shatter the 6th crystal.

Seeing Sildar hurt Iarno rushed away from Idris who tried to take a swipe at him but missed so it went unnoticed that Idris was no longer on his side.

Rowan took this opportunity the throw a javelin at Nezza but it was disintegrated in the portal surrounding her. She called upon larue to create a spiritual weapon to attack the final crystal. but it disappeared into the void as it approached as it was still pulsing with power.

Prim coming back to consciousness was picked up back to his feet by droop and he told him he could handle the devils to go save Idris. Droop drew his staff and called down a witch bolt enveloping the devil approaching them allowing Yue and Pokemon jones to finish it off.

Quinlan continued a vicous attack against cambrion slashing at him repeatedly with the void getting in a few deep cuts but his attack was reckless in his fury and he took several deep wounds. Sister Garelle sealed up Sildar so he didn’t bleed out but took an infernal wound in the process herself. She hid her wound and rushed to aid Quinlan as he backed off the Cambion with them both gushing blood.

Cambion fought his way to the southern door and darted out as the battle raged on. Prim recognized Idris’s mind was being controlled and created several shirtless copies of himself which combined with the departure of Cambion was enough to break the charm he had on Idris. The final crystal’s power faded and the portal began to flicker. Rowan threw a Javalin at the crystal striking true shattering it.

Nezza’s portal collapsed as she screamed and was incinerated by the heat of the portal collapsing around her. The room grew quiet as the last of the foes fell. sister garelle rushed to heal Quinlan before collapsing onto the ground. Quinlan shouted for help and Gundran ran around shouting for his brother. Rowan, Prim, and Idris came to tend to sister Garelle and stabilized her while Gundren and Pokeman Jones attempted to break down the door to the northeast they through Nundro may have been behind. Quinlan was able to pick the lock of the door and it swung open and Gundren rushed inside to discover his brother was alive and well and they embraced as the waves of wave echo cave once again became prominent and the group was able to breathe a sigh of relief and they felt as through they won the day.

Rio’s Birthday and Thunderdome adventures!
Session 11.5

As the battle calmed down in Wave echo cave Rowan sat on the edge of the cliff thinking to herself about the dangerous foes they were about to encounter and if she would survive to see another birthday. BIRTHDAY… it was her birthday today. She rummaged throughout the bag of holding and saw the box of fun and knowing no one remembered it peeked inside. She saw the birthday hat that Idris had for his now glowing and she reached for it but it de-materialized. Curious she looked further into the box and found a ring in the box and she immediately knew what it was. She had wanted one as a child but no matter how many cereal boxes she went through it always eluded her grasp. She placed it on her finger and sprung up to her feet placing the box of fun back into the bag of holding ready for what ever adventure held for her next and wondering how the group knew she liked rainbows?

Meanwhile in the thunder dome 4 goblins were ready to prove themselves. They were captured as remnants of the cragmaw tribe that was scattered after Klarg and King grawl’s deaths they were disorganized and easily taken prisoner. These goblins chose the fate of fighting in the thunder dome rather than execution.

Rizget Fizbolt a magic using goblin in a robe, Nixeez Pickleclamp, a goblin dressed in a dragonborn costume, Gizigle Wrenchwizzle a goblin adorned in many gold bracelets and necklaces, and Bazemiz Hardsnipe a goblin with simple robes and a shortbow emerged from the tunnel. As Rizget emerged from the tunnel the Birthday hat appeared on her head. The announcer introduced them to the crowd who was excited to see matches again after the dragon attack. The 4 goblins faces off against several opponents including hobgoblins, their former taskmaster bugbear from the cragmaw tribe, a pack of wolves, and some skeletoms salvaged from the ones that leaked from old owl well. The crew fought valiantly and was able to clear their opponents one by one. The day grew later and the Thunder dome clamored for a bigger challenge for these golbins so they unleashed their finally, a simulated dragon attack on the thunderdome. They let the goblins fight with an owlbear (Ivan) they had managed to wrangle.

The group fought bravely vs the dragon with the owlbear hitting hard wit hits beak and claws, Nixeez and Gizigle and Bazemis picking at it with their shortbows and Rizget unloading Magic missiles and firebolts into it. The dragon slowly wore the new combatants down using its poison breath deeply hurt the old bear and knocked Bazemis out. Rizget was in the line of fire but a magic wall appeared in from of her as one of the jewels on the hat went dull. The dragon finished off the Owlbear as the rest of the crew continued their assault. Nixeez and Gizigle ran to the dragon only to be clamped down upon and thrown into the wall needed healing from the clerics. Rizget ran in a circle and kited the dragon until it was exhausted and when it finally caught up to her it grabbed her and flipped her into the air but the last jewel on her head activated and she landed on the back of the dragon which decided to carry her off back down the tunnel to the cheer of the crowd. The new combatants got healed up and were rewarded with showers of cheers from the crowd and the mood in neverwinter seemed to be lifted with the new spectacle available to them.


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