CM Adventures

Party time in Waterdeep
Session 28

The party decided to play another round of snowball fight with Holly with free for all rules with Zuriel winning again. He was awarded a pouch of magical snow and a reindeer whistle. Holly thanked the party once again and bid them farewell. She sent them back to where they left Waterdeep. The party saw Lor and he asked them where they went and they informed of all that transpired and he said he didn’t understand as they were only gone 10 seconds. They surmised that time passes differently in different planes of existence.

Rowan went to go collect her plate armor and Yue searched the city for a place to bake her om nom berry pies having gathered all the ingredients. She found an Inn called the Raging lion and set up in their kitchen. Not being an experienced baker she almost burnt both of the ones she was making but she was able to salvage half a pie and shared it with her party. The rest of the party gathered at the inn. The owner was a tiefling named Zawala and she hit it off with Draven and as they talked they revealed they knew Zem Slatedust from when they met him near icespire peak. She informed the party she was his apprentice but he left after an accident and hasn’t seen him since and so she converted his workshop into an inn and has been running things since but times have been rough.

Prim suggested that they advertise and perform there to give the inn a boost and Zawala was receptive to the idea and offered the party free room and board for their efforts. Prim went to work acquiring stationary and making eye catching posters of himself looking glamorous. They posted the ads all over town and that night the inn was packed and Prim performed with the rest of the party cheering/heckling him from the crowd or helping him with rainbow flourishes. The performance was a big hit and the party earned a lot of tips. Zawala took Draven upstairs to their pent house to celebrate and the rest of the party took to their rooms, Rowan and Lor went to one room, Yue had her own, and Prim, Pokeman Jones, and Zuriel shared a room.

The party went to bed for the night but in the middle of the night 2 drow came in through Prim’s window. They drew blades and drove them into Prim and Zuriel. Their shouts awakened Pokeman Jones, Yue, Lor and Rowan. Draven was far down the hall in the penthouse and did not hear the commotion. The party grabbed for their weapons and ended up killing one of the assassins in the ensuing fight and knocked the other out and stuffed him into a trunk for the night that they kept guard on. Zawala ran to their room and saw what transpired and apologized for what happened and recognized that the markings on the Assassin was a member of the order of the clean hand which was an assassin’s guild in the area. she suggested that they turn them into the waterdeep guard in the morning as there are bounties on the heads of anyone operating in this guild. The party checked on their prisoner to interrogate him in the morning but forgot to punch air holes in the trunk they put him in and he suffocated. The party sought out guards and turned them in for a reward. The party decided to head to Nightstone next to help out the friend of sister Garaelle and deal with their goblin problem. The party went and gathered supplies and while they did Prim had a messenger boy run up to him and gave him a note:

Hi Prim its Droop. Weis haveing lots of fun on the road and made it back to phendlin. Wes and lorln are learning me how to right and reed common. We even had a party at stone hill inn. Everyone was singing and dacing and we even had pie. Dinner must have been filling because lorylyn didn’t eat her pie but gave it to duchess and went up to her room and sounded that she was laughing for most of the night. She must have thought of a funny joke. I miss your jokes Prim. Anyway Ductchess loved the pie and even ate the pie tray. more iron in the diet right. We are heading for Neverwinter after this sleep. Stay safe Prim


Prim took out some of his remaining parchment and wrote back to him:

Dear Droop,

I’m impressed by your writing its very good. After arriving in Halenshire we actually ended up having to save winters days. We were listening to the story when an elf ran up and teleported us to another realm. After an epic fight with Kringle we moved to his workshop where we fought the Grinch himself!!! After and epic fight, I finished him off dodging forward around several of his fireballs slide on my knees and pointed my crossbow up at his head and finished him with “Your heart is 3 sizes to small” and he fell to his knees. I got some pretty cool fireball spells from him as an early witersday gift. Hope you got some cool stuff for wintersday! For now were heading to Nightstone to deal with a goblin problem, hopefully everything goes well. As for loralin try talking to her and tell her that your there for her. I know she sounds like shes good but I have a feeling that she might want to talk to someone.

Stay well,
Prim Pressleaf

A human, a half orc, and an elf walk into a bar. The dwarf walks under it”

The party finished gathering supplies and headed out for Nightstone. after a week of travel they saw the town in the distance. They heard a bell ringing throughout the town and the drawbridge was down. Other than that it was quiet and the party was overcome with a feeling of dread that there was something wrong so they ran to the bridge and saw wargs and goblins in the town and engaged in battle with them. they cleared the town square and ran into a church of Lathander and cleared more goblins from there. they looked out the window and saw boulders peppered throughout the town and discussed how they could have gotten there as the bell continued to ring incessantly in down the party prepared themselves for what else remains in town.

Session 27

The party brought Sunah’s body back to Halenshire where they broke the bad news to her father and brother. His father was inconsolable for awhile and wanted to be left alone and her brother Lor became more resolute and decided to embark on a new path in life joining the knights of the unicorn to better learn how to protect others. They buried Sunah right outside the city gates and made a nice memorial to her. Roam and Ardra met with the party in a tavern and they discussed that Wintersday was upon them and that the city of Waterdeep always throws a big celebration for it that they had gone there as children and it always cheered them up when they were feeling down. So the party agreed to head there after they finished some business in the city. Draven collected his armor from the armor smith and the party recieved a letter from Sister Garaelle informing them that an old friend of hers, Lady Velrosa Nandar was offering a reward for anyone willing and able to deal with the goblin threat plaguing her city of Nightstone which is south of the Ardeep forest. The party decided to spend some time in Waterdeep at the festival and then head off to there.

The party arrived in Waterdeep with no incident just in time to see the city finishing preparations for Wintersday. They came upon a storyteller in the city and listened to his tale.

“Every Winter Corellon and the Raven Queen have a wager to see which of their subjects are more loyal with the stakes being 4 more weeks of winter or an early spring. The festival of Wintersday sprung up around this tradition. One of Corellon’s most beloved servants is elf named Nicholas Kringle. He had won an early spring for Corellon the last 3 Wintersdays delivering good cheer and presents to every child in Iceville, brightening their dark days and long cold nights. It is believed by many, that Kringle travels into town on a red sleigh full with presents, drawn by eight flying reindeer. Kringle silently enters each house without ever being seen by children, or their parents. In exchange for the gifts, the children leave treats for Kringle, which are always gone when they awaken to find their gift. For nearly 500 winters, this ancient elf has spent each year creating gifts in his workshop with his helpers. Kringle’s workshop is said to be full of clockwork wonders and magical treasures, but it’s exact location is a secret. Over the years, Kringle put on lots of extra padding, thanks to the treats, and he is no longer the young hero who saved Iceville nearly five centuries ago. All of you children better be good because This year, The Raven Queen has gained strength and decided it is time for winter to remain.”

As he finished his tale an injured elf girl ran up to the party and yelled “You must be the heroes of Phandalin! Please you must help me Save Kringle!” With that she pulled out a Christmas ball and crushed it in her hand and with that the party felt a blast of cold air and found themselves transported to a cold village with the wind blowing steadily. The elf girl fell to her knees and collapsed in the snow. The party rushed to her and Draven gave her a potion bringing her back to consciousness. She thanked him for helping her and explained that her name is Holly and that she worked for an elf named Nicholas Kringle but he recently began acting strange and she realized he had been possessed by an evil monster named the Grench. She asked the party to come with her and help her save Nicholas from his grasp. The party agrees and they headed out from Iceville.

They traveled through a snowy forest and were assaulted by a bunch of animated snowmen. But being great adventurers Draven took out his frame dagger and melted half of their forces away with a mighty blast. The rest of the party did battle with them smashing through their snowy forms and almost had them routed when they heard an evil “HO HO HO”. The party looked to the sky and saw a sleight being pulled by 8 monstrous reindeer with an even larger beast at the front with a shining red nose. As it flew by it launched a fireball into the party scattering them. Holly decked the halls through the remaining snowmen and yelled to the party to bring down the sleigh just as another fireball ripped through the snowy landscape. Draven reached towards the sky and banished the red nosed field to another plane of existence and without his guidance the sleigh crashed to the ground.

The reindeer all rose up into a bipedal pose and unsheathed a spear and set upon the party while the Possessed Nicholas Kringle drew his great sword and started to hack. The party blasted and slashed through the reindeer. As they defeated the last of them they transformed back into normal looking reindeer and with their combined effort they were able to subdue the crazed elf as well. Right as they knocked Kringle onto his butt the banished reindeer returned and immediately transformed back to normal with the Grench’s spell seemingly broken. Nicholas Kringle apologized from his actions as his body was not his to control and asked the party for 1 more favor of rescuing the elves still remaining in his workshop where he makes his gifts for all the children of the world. The party agreed and they headed deeper into the woods and eventually came to the workshop.

The Workshop was now surrounded by toy soldier guards. The party attempted to sneak up as quiet as they could on the workshop but they were spotted and they solders began firing their muskets at the party. They got a good few shots in but once the party got close enough to the toys they made quick work of them but not before one managed to slip inside and warn the Grench of their arrival. He made his way outside and was about to give a malevolent speech but suddenly Zuriel appeared from the shadows behind him hitting him with a stunning fist cutting his monologue short. Using this opportunity Prim ran to the front lines and fired frost arc through the Grench’s throat destroying the creature and breaking his hold he had on all of the elves inside the workshop.

Nicholas Kringle grateful for all the help gave the party presents for all of their hard work with pokeman jones getting a peppermint shield, draven getting special snow ammo for his pistol, Rowan getting a beautiful dress, Yue getting missiletoe, Zuriel getting special gauntlets, and Prim being on the naughty list but getting to look at it and seeing the name of who he was naughty with “Nendra”. As he spoke her name the ring which has been plaguing him fell off of his finger and he decided to keep it.

Holly took them back to Iceville and suggested they celebrate wintersday with their traditional snowball fight. The party thought that sounded like fun and split up into teams with Pokeman Jones, Rowan, and Zuriel on one side and Yue, Prim and Draven on the other side. Snowballs flew, buckets of water were thrown on the ground and placed on opponent’s heads, and many snowball piles were pushed over burying their opponents. But in the end Pokeman Jones, Rowan and Zuriel won by 1 point in the end winning some magical candy canes and some more gifts. The party’s spirits seem to have been lifted as they had some fun, did some good in the world and were able to blow off a little steam in the process and look forward to whatever comes next.

Session 26: Life, Love, and Death
Life goes on

The party awoke in the morning atop the tower and gathered themselves for what needed to be done today. Once everyone felt strong enough to assist Prim carried Loralyn’s body over to the Forge of spells flame and let it warm her. He sang a song of inspiration about life and 2nd chances. Rowan having got some rest felt divine energy flowing through her once again and felt ready to attempt to bring her back. She searched through the party’s belongings and pulled out a bag of diamonds worth 300 gold and called everyone over. Yue came up to Loralyn, help her hand and asked her to come back. The rest of the party joined into the song stuck up by prim with even Dutchess howling in perfect key. Rowan opened the bag of diamonds and sprinkled them onto Loralyn’s body and they evaporated. Loralyn began levitating off the ground as Rowan’s eyes turned white. Suddenly Rowan found her consciousness above the tower. Looking around she saw the Essence of Loralyn hovering above her body tethered to it by her gentle repose. Rowan quickly moved over to it and as she reached for it it teacher snapped but Rowan quickly grabbed onto her essence tightly and brought it back to her body pressing it into her material form.

Rowans eyes return to normal and a gasp of air is heard from Loralyn as her eyes shoot open and she looks around confused. She asks what happened and the party tells her they won and she looks relieved. They then tell her she died and Yue avenged her killing not only the cambion but also the shadow of Lolth. She manages the strength to stand up and goes and gives Yue a hug and thanks her for caring but as she lets go of the embrace she almost falls down and the party helps her back to the ground. She agrees that she might not be fully recovered yet and should take it easy for now. Draven gives her a potion which she takes. They inform her that Seraphina did not make it through the battle and she looks much more somber and a little guilty that she was the one who was saved. The party tells her to rest and that Seraphina went out like the warrior that she was and they will show her respect later today. Loralyn sits by the forge of spells and attempts to warm herself and prosess what just happened.
Tsernoth informs the party there may be more slaves in the tower that are yet unaware of their victory and they head below and search finding a room of them that heard battle but were afraid to go investigate. The party told them they are free and they were welcome to come back with them on their ship which they accepted. A tall athletically built middle aged man with black and yellow eyes was seen in the corner of the room. When questioned he told the party his name was Zuriel and he would also like to get away from this island and would take them up on their offer of passage back to the sword coast. Gwen recognized all of the villagers who were captive but couldn’t recall him although she states she was young at the time. Zuriel also said he never met her in particular but remembers the attack on her village and went to help out and that is where he was taken into slavery by the fiends which has given him no love for them. The party introduces themselves to him and he is cordial but speaks few words.

The party debated how Seraphina would want to be remembered and ultimately decided that they would build a raft from parts of the construction site downstairs and give her a warrior viking’s funeral as noone in the party nor the harpers knew her wishes. Everyone headed out to the beach and Prim played a song for her as Rowan found some local flowers and decorated her raft. They drifted it out to sea as prim got choked up and could play no longer he took a bow and dipped it into the flame from the forge of spells He hands were shaking and was about to fire way off target but Rowan came up to him and steadied his hands and they fired true and struck the raft which burned a brilliant blue-green flame. The party exchanged stories of Seraphina’s time with them and started to deal wit htheir grief of losing a party member. Duchess tried to run out into the ocean after her but prim and rowan caught up to him and prevented him from doggie paddling out to sea with and as he howled the beach was brought to tears.

As the ceremony finished the party decided to leave the infernal flame brazier here on the island while taking the Forge of spells and the unlit celestial brazier back with them. Their new companion Zuriel could read celestial and the marking on the unlit one read “Divine Brazier” and under that it read simply the word “Zenithia”. Prim from his study and knowledge of tails recalled a story about a chain of islands to the west of the sword coast named the Zenithian isles and that they have a tale of a divine heavenly region where their Dragon deity lives. But only those of Zenithian heritage have access to their gates. Rowan recalls that her sister was starting to have talks with that very providence to set up business between the Zenithian Isles and the Sword Coast.

The Party is able to get all of the rescued villagers and themselves back aboard the next adventure and they start sailing for home. Rowan Reunited with her Husband Lor and realizes that she missed him more than she anticipated and she looks at the piece of cambion that Gwen gave her to dissolve the marriage ritual she underwent in Halenshire and just puts it aside realizing he has grown on her throughout the trip. They spend their days on the ship improving his skills with the longsword and they talk how he will begin his paladin training in waterdeep so one day he may join her in her adventures and make her proud. Prim and draven train with droop trying to teach him some new skills as well but the motion of the seas doesn’t seem to sit well with Droop and he has a hard time concentrating past his sea sickness.

Yue pulls Loralyn aside when she is starting to look better and tells her she is glad that she survived. Yue tells her after she died she found the letter and earring she left for her. Loralyn wanted reassurance that Yue didn’t read the note but she told her she did already. Loralyn was a little pale since being resurrected but suddenly turned several shades of red and admitted that she was embarrassed and wanted to know what they do now that she knows. Yue told her that they will always be friends but she does not feel for her in that capacity. Loralyn looked crushed for an instant as she heard the words she was hoping not to hear but put on a smile for Yue and told her of course we will. Yue gave her back the note and the earring and Loralyn walked below deck. After she passed from anyone’s view and found the most solitary place of the ship, she breaks down crying.

Later that night after she thinks everyone is asleep she makes her way to the back of the ship and sits on the edge. She takes out her note and reads it:


If you are reading this I have died and this note made its way to you. I decided to write this down after I almost fell from the lighthouse. Seeing as how we are constantly in mortal danger I knew any day could be our last. You made a difference in my life when you helped cured my Lycantropy when all others turned me away.
Everyone else in my life shunned me and you brought joy to my life. I cannot express what that meant to me. I regret not being able to eat that pie with you I know it will turn out great. Since I am not around to watch your back I had this set of earrings enchanted to protect you. What we are doing is special and you should never stop trying to help others and make the world better. I was always afraid to tell you to your face how I really felt as I feared rejection. The realization of the briefness of life had given me courage to write this.
I love you Yue and I always will, please don’t forget me.

After reading the note Loralyn tears it into 4 pieces and lets them blow away into the ocean. She takes the Earring she had made and drops it overboard and she she is watching it sink and flow away from the ship she hears a voice behind her.
“So what are you going to do after all this is over?”

Loralyn jump a bit snapping back from being lost in her thoughts. She sees Wes standing there. She tells him she isn’t sure that the adventuring life is for her having almost died several times and actually dying now that it has been a lot to process and she doesn’t want to feel like a burden to everyone and might return to Phandalin after they return to shore. Wes offers her a job in the Thunderdome as a performer saying they could use some variety in entertainment. She says she will think on it and let him know by the time they reach Phandalin. Wes notices that she looks like she has been crying and asks if she is ok but she insists that she is fine just been through a lot lately. He accepts her explanation telling her “yeah I guess we all have been lately”. They both retire back below deck.
About 3 days into the the trip back to shore the captain signals the crew to be on alert they as he spotted a ship on the horizon that he identified as the Hades Jewel which was notorious for having rogue illithids on it which press other races into service of their crew and they plunder the seas. They spotted row boats headed their way and prepared for battle. As the 1st boat hit the Next adventure the party’s spellcasters were on it. It was full of lizardmen warrors and casters and an illithid handler. Yue and Draven broke the ship and sent it to the bottom of the ocean with everyone on board except the illithid who scrambled onto their vessel. He unleashed a mind blast that stunned the crew and allowed the 2nd assault boat to arrive and crew of human pirates boarded the next adventure. The crew was battle hardened though and fought back sending magic missiles across the deck, Zuriel joined the party in the struggles and showed off his combat prowess by disappearing into shadow and reappearing behind the Illithid and striking him down with his blades and fists.

With their handler down Prim tried to reason with the remaining pirates to surrender but the mind conditioning and torture the illithids must have put them through was too much in the heat of battle and they fought to the death. Pokeman Jones slammed with his staff and Draven finished off 2 of the remaining ones with his back flame dagger. As the ship became quiet again the party composed themselves checkign there were no losses. Draven wanted to pursue the ship but the rest of the party decided to keep their coarse and hit halenshire as soon as possible and that is where they headed. The pirates left them with some gold and a magical bag and a special arrow which they gathered. The remaining days on the ship were uneventful and Prim spent them crafting and testing potions having some great success making some new ones to the party’s delight.

The party arrived in halenshire and the captain of the next adventure wished them luck in future journey and if they ever have need of him just get word and he will be there to assist. The Mayor came up to greet the party and although he was relieved to hear that they arrived back safely and embraced his son, he also had grave news that his daughter (and pokeman’s wife) Sunah had gone out picking om nom berries in the swamp to the north despite his warnings and had not returned in 3 days and he was getting worried. He begged the party to go search for her and the party agreed. The rescued villagers and Rowan brought the villager that was slain but saved by gentle repose to a cleric in halenshire and the party and gwen all chipped in to pay the cost to attempt to have him resurrected which was successful. He told the party his name was Abel Chiv and the was the smith for Gwen’s village and he was at their service. Draven and Prim commissioned him to make armor which he said would be ready in a few days. Wes, Gwen, Droop and Loralyn told the party they were ready to head back up north and would keep an eye out for Venomfang. Duchess seem to take a liking to them on the boat and they said they would stop by Phandalin 1st and leave duchess with sister Garaelle before returning to Neverwinter. They said their goodbye’s to the party and headed north.

The party upon gathering some fresh supplies and healing potions set out for the swamp where Sunah was last seen. As they entered and started to slosh through the murky water a bunch of undead skeletons arose from the water and jumped the party slashing at Yue and draven. With Quick thinking Rowan now more in touch with her diving powers unleashed a mighty aura that destroys undead and every skeleton that rose up in the pool of water they were in shattered.

The party was able to search the area and found small bushes with berries that Yue was certain were om nom berries and she collected them and found a trail of berries on the ground that lead to more bushes of berries of a slightly darker shade that Yue was also certain were om nom berries. The swamp path eventually led around the corner where the party found sunah and Pokeman Jones called out to her and rushed to embrace her. Sunah looked happy and called out “My love you have returned to me now we will never be apart again!” But as they went to embrace she passed right through his physical form and his eyes rolled back in his head becoming possessed by her spirit. As this happened more spirits of the swamp of people who died here arose and tried to possess the party. But seeing what just happened to pokeman jones they were more ready and most were able to fight off the ghost before it touched them except for rowan where the ghost entered her form but before the possession could take hold she called out to lurrue and forced it out through sheer devotion.

The party squared off with their ghosts finding ice and poison ineffective against them. Rowan tried to turn undead which frightened a lot of the ghosts and almsot cast out sunah from pokeman jones but her devotion to him in life held her strong and she made him turn his focus onto Rowan and Yue who where attacking him viewing them as trying to take him away on another adventure. Yue took a strong staff across the face and was looking shaky until draven came up seeing she was in trouble and made both of them invisible to pull her away from the front lines. Rowan stood her ground and did her best to cast everything she knew to knock this spirit out of her and they had a knock down drag out slug fest in the middle of the swamp and Pokeman jones getting the better of the shots in but both of them ended up bleeding heavily and exhausted. Prim and Zuriel were able to finish off the rest of the ghosts in the swamp with Prim’s summoned steed and frost arc and Zuriel’s magical fists they dissipated the ghosts. Pokeman jones knocked Roawn to the ground and was about to deliver another smashing blow onto her when draven came up behind him and grabbed him by the neck and used shocking grasp live an electrified vulcan neck pinch conducting the current all throughout his body with his metal plate mail and dropped him unconscious to the ground dispelling sunah from his body.

As Sunah lay next to him. she said “i’m sorry my love we can’t be together I tried my best to make you happy. Take this at lease and remember me.” And with that her spirit form passed on leaving a necklace on the ground which was Inscribed with the words “I hope they miss you as much as I do.” The party healed pokeman jones’s wounds and he came back to consciousness. The party searched for the body of sunah and found her near a bush with some berry juice on her lips. Draven and Zuriel both put together what happened and saw Yue about to eat one of the berries that was of the poisonous variety. Zuriel got there right as she was about to put one in her mouth and slapped it out of her hand yelling “THOSE ARE DEALDY WOMAN.” Yue thanked him for the close call and they sorted the berries they picked so far with 20 being actual om nom berries but 40 of them being poisonous with prim taking those for potion crafting and yue taking the real ones for her pie crafting. The party made their way back to the edge of the swamp bringing Sunah with them they take a Short rest at the edge of the swamp and prepare for their trip back to Halenshire to deliver the news to her father and brother.

The Price of Victory and Truth
Session 25

On the Beachfront guarding the boats Seraphina contemplated to herself the hatred she had for the undead and fiends. As she mulled around how dare the party ask her to work with them she remembered the times they shared and fought together. She sensed both the undead and fiends dropping in numbers and with a sigh and new determination she bounded for the tower of Lolth at full speed instructing Duchess to aid Droop in protecting their only means of escaping the island. She caught up with the party right as they bounded up the stairs to the top of the tower.

The Cambion noticed the party arriving and spoke through an evil grin:

“Ah you have arrived just in time. Our slave sacrifices were not enough. Thank you for delivering the final piece to us. We searched for it for so long. After breaking you we may keep a few alive to witness the rebirth of Lolth into this world as thanks for your service. Behold her shadow already manifests here as we speak.”

The shadow of a gigantic spider arose from the ground and manifested shape and writed in between the 3 braziers.

Tsernoth stepped forward his book of Bogentle at the ready and stated:

“You will have nothing from us Fiend, I am going to enjoy making a servant out of your corpse.”

As Tsernoth was about to continue Gwen charged in front of him with rage in her eye screaming:

“You think you can do whatever you want? Abduct everyone I cared out? Kill my parents? Its ends now. Die Monster, you don’t belong in this world!”

As she shouted she split into 4 copies of herself surrounding the cambion and they all fired a torrent of magic missiles at him. The cambion swung back with his spear shattering one of her illusions and she moved back staff at the ready. The rest of the party engaged the devils. Rowan attacked the chain devil and struck true but was ensnared by its grasp and lifted aloft. Pokeman Jones and Draven charged the Shadow of Lolth Spider and struck into its form dissipating some of the shadow. The priest who was performing the ritual to summon the spider continued to chant and the shadows knocked away from the spider seemed to reform. The Giant spider reared back and spit a noxious dark liquid at Pokeman Jones was able to shunt it off with his shield. As it hit the ground it formed up into sentient corrosive black pudding.

The Cambion stared down Yue and upon locking eyes cast a charm spell telling her “I need your help my darling” her eyes glazed over. She pointed her ring of spell storing at Prim and fired off 3 scorching rays. The 1st one hitting him catching his attention letting him dodge the 2nd and the 3rd one he called out to her distracting her enough to send the ray wide. Prim began trying to cast a counter charm spell as Loralyn saw the cambion take control of her. She ran to Yue and said “Yue snap out of it we need you!” and she slapped her across the face. “ I need you”. and she planted a kiss on her. Yue’s eyes returned to normal as the cambion’s spell was shattered. Loralyn pulled stepped back from her with a smile and was about to say something but the Cambion took flight and landed right behind her and drove his fiery spear straight through her chest and she dropped to the ground convulsing. Yue in a rage conjured a Chromatic orb and flung it at the cambion just whizzing by his head. He sneered you need to do better than that. Rowan still held aloft by the Chain devil called out a War god’s blessing intercepting the path of the chromatic orb putting a spin on it and sent it careening into the Cambion slamming him into the wall electrocuting him as he slumped into a heap.

Tsernoth noticed the extra reinforcements being spewed forth from the Shadow of Lolth and wanted to turn the tides, flipping to a new page he recited:

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize your neighborhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpse’s shell

As he finished a portal sprung open above the infernal flaming brazier and 2 hellhounds burst forth and began attacking the spiders biting and clawing and spewing flames. They halted those reinforcements before they could reach the party.

Agatha guarded tsernoth and kept some of the black pudding at bay as they approached. One struck Prim and the toxicity of it started corroding his armor. Pokeman Jones and Draven saw the priest helping to maintain the Shadow and they turned their attention towards him. Pokeman got his attention with a frontal assault beating him with his staff while Draven blinked to the infernal brazier and drew power from it with his dagger unleashing a torrent of flames overwhelming him burning him to a crisp.

Rowan tried to break free of the chain devil but it continued to squeeze tighter and tighter and the light faded from her eyes as she went unconscious and it dropped her to the floor. Wes the shield and Gwen ran over and gwen blasted it with a ray of frost while Wes poured a healing potion down her throat bringing her back.

The Bearded devil seeing his boss was killed rushed to where he was fighting and struck a spiteful blow driving his glaive through Loralyn who was convulsing on the floor: Her eyes sprung open wide looking at Yue and with her last breath manged to get out “I’m sorry I guess we won’t get to make that pie.” and her eyes faded.

Seraphina rushing to their aid and in a rage cleaved the beaded devil in half and unleashed a torrent of arrows at the shadow piercing it and scattering much of its form. The shadow retaliated with black poison striking true burning through her armor and she fell to the ground unconscious. Rowan looked in horror as she saw A black pudding approach Seraphina attempting to finish the job. Prim rushed to her aid and tried to stand in between the two but the pudding maneuvered around him and struck a pseudo pod blow to her neck snapping it and she ceased to breathe. Rowan let out a scream as she knew she only had enough time and magic to save one of her friends and allies. She Broke out of the Chain Devil’s grasp and just stared at both of them for a second trying to sort out the horrible dilemma of which of her friends to save and which she had to let die. As the chain devil was about to recover and attack again Draven and Pokeman Jones intercept it and take run it through.

With only a minute to decide who to save before the thread that binds their souls would be severed, Prim runs up to Rowan and yells “THERE IS NO TIME” grabs a hold of her and dimension doors over to Loralyn. Rowan performs Gentle Repose tethering Loralyn’s soul to her body.

Exhausted of her normal magic Yue turns and Looks down at her friend dead on the ground and with tears and fire in her eyes pulls out scrolls from her bag and reads them with passion firing Lightning sending it coursing through the Spider burning the scroll up. She takes out another and conjures a massive fireball. She hurls it striking true causing a massive explosion in the center of the 3 Braziers. As the smoke cleared from the fireball The Shadow was dissipated and the Party was finishing clearing out the remaining black pudding but the threat appeared to be over. But at what price?

Yue ran over to Loralyn and checked examined her but she was dead. She noticed a note on the floor next to her and she picked it up and walked off by herself to collect her thoughts and read it. The party assessed that everyone else was ok but they were unable to bring Seraphina back nor stop her soul from leaving her body as Rowan was tapped on magic. The party began to mourn for her and Prim set out and brought Droop and Duchess back to the top of the tower. Duchess ran over to her sister and tried to wake her up nudging her and licking her face and then let out a mournful howl tried to lay down next to her to warm her body.

The party could only watch this with tears in their eyes and each thought of how she overcame her prejudices to come help her friends in their time of need. There was discussion on what should be done with her inquiring if Tsernoth could help. He declined as he knew the only way he could help would be to bring her back as undead and only knowing her a short time realized that would be against her wishes.

The rest of the party took stock of the area and found some magical artifacts at the top of the tower that the fiends had been collecting. Tsernoth stated they should take the rest of the night and rest here and they could form a plan in the morning and the party agreed. They each took some time to themselves to figure out what today meant for everyone and what they wanted to do next. As night fell on the Tower, light and warmth from the magical braziers washed over the party and they took hope and solace in knowing that having stopped the resurrection Lolth, there will be a sunrise tomorrow.

Breaker of Chains
Session 24

The party headed south in the tower to search for more slaves to rescue but cave upon a graveyard which they started to look at when 2 hands burst from the graves and grabbed Draven and Pokeman Jone’s ankles as 5 phase spiders descended on the party. Both of them ripped free as Prim, Yue and rowan did combat with them holding them at bay. As they smashed through the last phase spider they inspected the graves and found they used the bodies of the slaves who perished there as a trap for anyone coming through. Gwen inspected one of the graves and found her parents name and broke down crying. Wes led her away to console her and her sadness turned to rage as she vowed to end those who did this. Tsernoth offered to raise the dead here to make them into extra minions to fight with but the party decided against it as it would be insensitive to Gwen knowing these villagers.

The party continued deeper into the tower coming upon a wide open cavern finding themselves high up on a ledge looking upon what was the work site for the slaves the demons captured. The cavern was full of chain devils who had themselves latched to the slaves who were working to keep any from making escape attempts. The party debated a plan of action and decided to use the belt of featherfall to descend to ground level with some of the party and engage them while their casters and ranged fighters stayed on the ledge to fire from above.

The party engaged the Chain devils who put up a tremendous fight against them. Draven and Rowan got ensnared by the Devil’s free chains and began having the life choked out of them with tremendous constricting pressure. Pokeman Jones and the party remaining on the ledge were able to free draven in time but they reached rowan just too late and light faded from her eyes right as they were able to knock her free from the devil’s grasp and she clattered to the ground motionless.

Three more chain devils headed in to finish the job as they approached Rowan, Tsernoth rushes to the side of the cave and brushed off some ruins inscribed there and muttered an arcane incantation cauing a magnetic hum to be heard throughout the tower. Ruins appeared on the floor and a chain devil was flung to the ceiling pinning it there and electrocuted it sending the slave attached to it in a free fall. Draven caught him with his belt of feather fall ensuring he did not die.

Others were not so lucky as Pokeman Jones stepped in front to protect rowan’s body he swung his staff at the devil who placed one of the slaves in front of him as a shield and the slave did not survive the blow. Prim jumped onto a conveyor belt and attempted to fire frost arc repeatedly but lost ground and disappeared into the dark hole the rocks were being carted too periodically popping back out to take pot shots. The remainder of the team on the ledge was able to finish off the Chain devils as Wes used lay on hands and let his diving energy flow into Rowan and brought her back right before her final thread of life was severed and she regained consciousness.

The party collected themselves and send the remaining slaved to meet at the tunnel where they sent the other prisoner and they continued into the tower. The party ascended two sets of stairs and at the top they came into a large space at the top of the tower. There they saw 3 Braziers, one green with the light of the forge of spells, one glowing an infernal red color, and one remaining unlit placed in a triangle around a giant shadow of a spider. Surrounding this center piece in the room The party noticed the Cambion they have sought for so long surrounded by his devil allies and they steel themselves for this confrontation.

Storming the Beach
Session 23

The main party continued their journey to the island. in their down time Rowan trained Lor using a long sword and Yue continued to search the ship for any ingredients which might help her bake an om nom berry pie discovering some lemons on the ship they use along with oranges and limes to prevent scurvy. Pokeman Jones headed up to the top deck and asked the captain if he could steer the ship and the reminisced about sailing. The captain Johny Smesalt gave him a turn to steer the ship while he took a nap in his cabin. Pokeman Jones spotted the island and they launched their smaller boats and began to row to the island as the big ship could’t get any closer without beaching the ship.

On the way rowing to the island the party was intercepted by 4 water elementals which tried to flow into their boats and whelm them drowning the occupants. The party worked together with pokeman jones kicking one off their boat preventing it from washing up where Yue got enveloped and began to drown until Loralyn grabbed it and threw it overboard. Gwen revived Yue pouring a potion down her throat. Wanting revenge Yue electrified the water and shocked the remaining elementals. Prim used frost arc to freeze one solid while draven blew it apart with an eldrich blast. Rowan concentrated and used her aura to enhance everyone’s attacks. Eventually the water elementals were defeated and the party finally reached the shore.

Upon hitting the beach they discovered a necromancer with an undead army at his command. The party brought forth Agatha and The necromancer recognized her from their adventuring days when they were in the same party. He stated his name was Tsernoth and that the cambion had driven him out of his tower with his army of demons but he survived due to the Book of bogentle that he acquired from agatha years prior. He was able to convert the undead army to follow his commands and was trying to wage a war against the devils but was being pushed back and was looking for a way off the island or reinforcements to take the tower back.

The party agreed to help him as they had a common enemy. Droop seraphina and dutchess stayed behind to guard the boats as that was their only way to get off the island and Seraphina had no love for the undead, refused to work with them and decided to stay behind. The rest of the party stormed the beach and fought along side Tsernoth and his undead forces to overtake an army of giant spiders and phase spiders. Yue’s fireball’s erupted kicking up large amounts of sand on the beach and pokeman jones crushed many of them beneath his Staves. As the spiders fell Tsernoth informed the party there was a secret water entrance to the tower the cambion probably doesn’t know about and shouldn’t be guarded. They decided to head that way and emerged in a jail cell which Tsernoth has a key to.

As the party emerged into a dungeon Gwen found one of the kidnapped members of her village, Padar Sadz. He begged her to find the other and they had a brief moment of reuniting before the party sent him into the tunnel to prepare to head out as soon as they find the rest of the captives. Questioning him they learn that the cambion was using the villages as slave labor to build additions to the tower and was also sacrificing them to help summon lolth back to this plane of existence.

The party knew they had to hurry to stop this plan and they patched their wounds to prepare for the next fight Prim noticed a ring on his finger and a note in his pocket which read:

I’ll always cherish our time in wave echo cave. The password for the ring is my name.


The Dragon and the Eagle
Session 22

As The secondary party fought fiercely vs the dragon’s spawn the cultists threw a torch onto a bonfire as a signal. The dragon spawn unleashed poison breath on the party and fought tooth and nail to defend their hoard. Two of them fell in battle and the third one was under assault when Venomfang returned and spewed poison breath as she flew over the keep knocking out several party members. All looked dire until an Eagle swooped in and fought the dragon in the aerial combat distracting it enough so the party could finish off the cultists causing the remnants to flee the keep. The finished off the last of venomfang’s spawn and sensing the tide of battle was turning she cut her losses took her revenge on the eagle and flew away. The party rushed to the eagles side to find out it was the Druid Reidoth who they knew from thunderhead keep when they 1st encountered venomfang. they stabilized him and prevented him from succumbing to the woulds vemonfang inflicted on him and they untied the hostages, made sure they were all ok and them dug into the dragon’s treasure hoard.

Taking their loot they loaded it up onto the cart and took it back to phadalin and decided to use it to upgrade the town and started brainstorming ideas on how it could best be used. They celebrated their victory that night having a successful rescue mission with no more tragedy striking their town. maybe things are looking up for the city after all.

Lizards Assault and Dragon Spawn Surprise
Session 21

Back in Phandalin after Venomfang’s assault on the town Sister Garaele goes around and recruits volunteers to mount a rescue mission to save mirna’s children and daren addermath who were taken in the assault. She discovers Iarno used a seeming spell to impersonate nars and was taken instead of the boy and that they now had a voice on the inside to help plan the rescue attempt. She contacted gundren rockseeker who had made progress in wave echo cave and he informed them that they were able to dredge out the remaining power from the forge of spells which they could use to arm themselves for this rescue attempt. Gundran, Idris, Quinlan, Thalia, and Sister Garaele headed to the forge and met nundro and sildar there. They each dipped an item into the glowing green coals that were the remainder of the forge’s power and enchanted their weapons. They discussed options for bringing back their friends when the flameskull of wave echo cave came rushing in and informed them that intruders had found the entrance to wave echo cave and that they needed to repel them.

They left Sildar and Nundro to guard to forge of spells and the rest of the party headed through wave echo cave until they ran across a tribe of lizardmen warriors spellcasters and 2 leaders and they sprung into battle with idris and quinlan shaking off the rust from their prior adventuring days cutting through the warriors, Gundren bashed through their front lines to assault the wizards who used heat metal to cook his plate armor causing him to collapse after he got a few good hits in. Thalia Slammed her knuckles together and they erupted in flames as she unleashed a volley of punches and kicks tearing through their scaly numbers. Sister Garaele caled upon tymora and healed the injured through the fight and supported them until they tasted victory for the 1st time fighting together. With their new found confidence they received a message from iarno with important information that he was being held in cragmaw keep, the south entrance was the least guarded and most vulnerable and that venomfang tends to go out and hunt at dusk. Using this information they group planned their assault and entered through the south door. they were able to find the room iarno was being help captive in and released him.

During the rescue attempt some of the cultists discovered the party and a battle erupted in the hallway resulting in idris becoming Fat jeff in the hallway, getting himself wedged in and quinlan ended up getting stuck under his butt trying to squeeze under. With a little effort the party dealt with the initial wave of cultists and asked iarno if he knew where the others were being held but they did not. The party searched through the room which was previously inhabited by a grick but nothing was to be found until they opened a curtain revealing mirna’s child and daren addermath tied up. unfortunately there were cultists in the room as well and they sounded the alarm that there were intruders. as they did this the party noticed a big pile of gold in the room that venomfang was keeping as her hoard. It began to shake and 3 baby dragons burst forth spraying the gold coins across the floor. They Hissed and screeched as they flew around the room as the rescue team steeled themselves for a fight with Venomfang’s Spawn.

Hitched in Halenshire and the Next Adventure on the Highseas!
Session 20

The party exited the lighthouse down the stairs except for Draven who leapt from the top of the lighthouse and used his belt of feather fall to slow his fall and impress Ardra who gave the the nickname of pelican. The Mayor congratulated and thanked the party for saving the town and gave them gold as a reward and said they would throw a party in their honor that night. He introduced his Son Lor and Daughter Sunah to the group who looked at the party with stars in their eyes imitating their battle cries they heard from the light house. “For Larue and you god damn right!”

Prim Draven and Pokeman Jones went shopping in the town. Prim and Draven picked up Potions from the local shop negotiating a good price. Pokeman Jones had some plate mail built for him at a local weapon shop. Loralyn whispered to yue that she saw a local bakery shop with some deciduous smelling chocolate cake and they scurried on into town in pursuit. along the way they found a recipe book for om nom berry pie and purchased it.

Ardra and Roam showed the rest of the party around the town until it was time for the party. Agatha met with the captain of the next adventure and booked passage to take her to the island where she scryed the location of the book of bogentle. At the party the party discussed this with the captain and discovered that the ship hijacked from the port during the undead invasion was headed in that direction as well so it appeared that their paths would still be aligned.

As the party began they built a bonfire in the center of town and food was brought out with dancing and music a plenty. Lor and Sunah brought Rowan and Pokeman jones weathers of flowers for their hair and bears and offered them their family home made soup and asked them to dance around the fire together. Unaware that this was the Halenshire Marriage ceremony and they were being propositioned both completed the ritual to the tune of Yue Loralyn and Prim playing music throughout the town square.

Seraphina sulked and wandered through the town. prim went after her and they ran into yue and loralyn. together they convinced her to come back tot he party and enjoy herself which she agreed to to duchesses pleasure as he smelled food. At this time some familiar faces of wes gwen and droop arrived in town and met up with the party catching up learning the cambion who was last seen here escaped. They shared that they planned to go after it and the captain of the next adventure, Johny smesalt, offered them passage to the island to get some vengeance for almost wrecking his ship.

As the festivities went on the mayor setup an egg toss contest with the party participated in. Roam and arda paired up, yue and loralyn, draven and pokeman jones, prim and seraphina, and rowan and Lor. Draven and Pokeman Jones emerged the winner and were awarded the magical tankard Everfill whic hencouraged them to drink into the night. One of the crew of the next adventure a dwarf named boatmurdered got into a drinking contest with pokeman jones. Pokeman drank him under the table with Sunah cheering him on. Prim challenged Sunah to a drinking contest and she drank him under the table and she and droop helped carry him back to him room.

The party was ready to turn in for the night and Rowan and Pokeman Jones were surprised to find Lor and Sunah in their room warming up their beds where they revealed to them that the were married now according to Halenshire Law. Rowen demanded they talk to their father in the morning but let Lor stay the night to enjoy some new adventures with her. Rowan had a terrible night sleeping having nightmares of dead unicorns and rainbows turning black and dripping black vicious ooze off of it. She woke up exhausted. In the morning when all was revealed the father was angry with his children in that they didn’t reveal their intent more clearly to the heroes of halenshire and gave them 3 options how the marriage could be undone should they wish it so.

A Halenshire Marriage can end if:
If one voluntarily strikes their spouse(s) with violent intent
If one is publicly exposed for producing children outside the marriage
If one performs a ritual designed to end the marriage. Offer a piece of a devil up on unholy ground where devils have entered this world where the rift between plains is weak will dissolve their bonds.

Prim woke up with with window slightly ajar but didn’t notice anything else unusual so he continued with his day finding it hilarious that some of his companions got hitched the previous night. Ardra Roam and Boatmurdered all headed towards Waterdeep as they had some sort of business there. The party discussed who would board the ship and rowan decided to take Lor along with her to get to know him better and see if he would like to become part of the knights of the unicorn where pokeman jones left Sunah behind but gave her money to live on. So the party, Lor, Agatha, Wes, Gwen, and Droop all boarded the next adventure to ail towards the island. Agatha told the group of her scrying revealing a dark tower on the island where the book of bogentle also resides and a feeling of great conflict there which worried her that they may be attempting to bring back lolth into this world.

The party sailed for a day and a half and Rowan looked awful until several people made medicine checks on her and found she was cursed and Draven was able to remove it. She felt much better although she was still thoroughly exhausted. to cure their boredom Pokeman Jones and Draven sparred in the hull of the ship resulting in draven punching a hole through the hull with a eldrich blast. They worked quickly to cover up the damage and did a patchwork job but was functional but ugly and it soaked 2 of the beds in the hull which they decided to take to cover up their accident. Prim sat and watched the entire incident and is the only one who knows.

One of the crew of the next adventure shouted a warning that they had incoming and a school of Merrow charged to the ship and engaged in combat with the party. The party fought them off and the ships crew loaded steel ballistae and fired at reinforcements swimming to board the ship sticking steel both through them downing several and severely wounding other foes. Those that made it on the ship were dealt with by the party but Pokeman Jones almost lost Nezzza’s staff off the side of the ship in the process. as he dove for it Sea hags also appeared and frightened several of the crew, droop, Gwen and Serephina. Using a death glare and a flurry of claw attacks droop serephina and dutchess were unconscious on the deck of the ship. Rowan rushed to their aid to stabilize them. Draven jumped from the upper deck of the ship backing through some of them. Pokeman jones smashed some into the ground with the staff he nearly lost. Yue Blew several off the edge of the ship with magic missile and lightning magic while Loralyn sang pirates of the Caribbean music to inspire her allies. Prim rushed to droop to pick him up and rage fired frost arc in vengeance for hurting his ally. Wes agatha and percy rushed to the upper deck and helped clean up the remaining sea hags and the sea grew quiet again. The party was able to bring their companions back to consciousness and they reconvened below deck for a much needed rest. Loralyn searchign through the ships food storage smuggles a bag of starch into her bag for the om nom berry pie recipe and showed Yue as they lay down to sleep put a smile on her face.

The Party sailed for 6 days and the island was in sight As they headed below deck to discuss the plans for hitting the beach Seraphina received a message:

It appears we were a little too overconfident. The last attack was a feint to test our defenses. Venomfang has appeared. She flew right over our walls and assaulted the town directly. Several are injured. She took mirna’s children and Daren Addermath who tried to protect them. Barthan was severely injured. All she said was “I will trade your spawn for my spawn. Make a rescue attempt and I will eat them”. The worst part is the rest of her eggs have hatched and fight with her. The situation grows dire.

-Sister Garelle

As the party discussed what to do about this Gwen was adamant that she won’t let that beast have Percy again and noone is going to take him from her. The party tended to agree and wondered if they should turn back to help when they received another letter 20 minutes later.:

I think we can slip in a rescue attempt with a few volunteers. Iarno was more clever than i gave him credit for and made himself look like Mirna’s child Nars with a seeming spell and was taken in his place so we have a voice on the inside. He can communicate with us through a message spell. We need to act and it must be done quickly. I gathered volunteers for this rescue attempt and the rockseekers drained some remnant power out of the forge of spells to arm 6 of us. We think that may be a small enough team to slip unnoticed and rescue them. May Tymora be with us.

-Sister Garelle

The party realized they wouldn’t make it back on time to help out with this and chose to leave this rescue attempt in the hands of the allies they have trusted. 8 volunteered and they decided 6 would make the attempt as they could be properly fitted with a magical weapon. the 8 volunteers were:

  • Sister Garelle
  • Gundren Rockseeker
  • Sildar Hallwinter
  • Iarno Albrek
  • Lienne Graywind
  • Thalia
  • Quinlan
  • Idris

(mechanic wise we did a school yard pickup as to who will play who for next game and the 6 chosen)
Rowan = Gundran (fighter)
Pokeyman = Idris (druid)
Prim = Iarno (wizard)
Yue = Thalia (monk)
Draven = Quinlan (rogue/paladin)
Seraphina = Sister Garelle (cleric)

A Battle of Wills atop the Lighthouse!
Session 19

The party Charges further into the lighthouse and as they go around the corner Seraphina senses undead to the north and even more undead to the west. She informes the group the western path is safer wanting to hunt down as many as possible. The party heeds her advice and heads west except for draven who runs north. Both groups encounter undead Wight’s skeletons and ghasts. As they engage in combat the party notices draven is missing and agatha and loralyn go looking for him and reach him jsut in time as he is under assault and surrounded by undead. The wights bring 2 stone statues to life which march towards the main group. Pokeman Jones and rowan formed phalanx in the hallway while yue launched fireballs dealing massive damage to the approaching undead. The statues almost cut down Pokeman jones but with a second wind he gave Prim the present on a new stone head for his bag of holding as they decimated their foes.

Draven accidentally shattered one treasure chest spilling potion of healing all over the floor which duchess and pokeman jones licked up happily. and he also opened another failing to spot a trap which caused an explosion catching himself and a scroll of call lightning inside on fire which may or may not still work. The party made their way up the stairs and discovered a room with decimated undead and the torch to the lighthouse missing and 3 sets of stairs as well as a trail of undead. They followed the path of destruction which lead to the top of the lighthouse. They heard a male voice calling out to their companion to hold fast that by Lathander they will relight this beacon. The party ran around the corner to come face to face with a Rakshasa and some remaining undead followers. A human male and a female elf were desperately trying to fight them off but were being pushed back. The party jumped to their aid and engaged the undead in battle.

Prim squared off with the rakshasa in a battle of wills trying to dominate each other’s mind while Rowan called out to Larue and frightened a mummy who was about to strike the Human male with a rotting fist. Using this opportunity he communed with his deity and began to purify the dark flames coming out of the beacon on top of the lighthouse. He call out to his companion Ardra to guard him and that they will win the day. Undead flanked the rest of the party pokeman jones burned through several with his glorious quarterstaff while Yue and draven held more back with their magic. Agatha charged the Rakshasa breaking the stalemate prim and he were in and began decaying its fur and flesh with a corrupting touch. Loralyn tried to hold off the onslaught of the undead with her crossbow but several swarmed her and pushed her off of the lighthouse. As she fell barely grabbed the side and screamed out for help.

Prim rushed to the edge and offered his hand but as she reached for it he was not down far enough and her grip started to give way but yue rushed to the edge and grabbed her wrist just as her grip gave out holding her but not strong enough to hoist her up. Pokeman jones quickly fastened a silk rope loop and hooked it around her arm to grab and together they were able to pull her back up to safety.

As the undead and Rakshasa were defeated The Human Male introduced himself as Roam Arniman and he purified the flames at the top of the tower and with light finally shining outward the dark flames dispelled. After the combat ended Seraphina was still enraged that Agatha was there and wanted to destroy the banshee as well but the rest of the party intervened and she stomped off. Roam and Ardra introduced themselves to the party as they watched the Next Adventure Sail into harbor from the top of the lighthouse. Roam gave Ardra a hug and told her that he knew they would do it just like when they would adventure together as kids.


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