CM Adventures

Stone cold feelings
Session 57

The party decided to head to the giant mound called one stone next and so they packed their things and left the whitestone residence with Rowan bidding a farewell to her parents and butler and took a sac of food with them for the trip. As they exited the house across the street the Whiteshield’s neighbor Gertrude (also known locally as “the hawk” for her bounty hunting skills) noticed a figure exiting the house that she recognized from a guards description as someone who was wanted by the city guard. Worried for her neighbor she grabbed her grocery bag and headed outside dropping it on the ground near draven and asked for help. He came over and helped her gather up her the groceries and she asked him if he would help her deliver the lunch she packed to her son downtown who worked as an accountant which he agreed to.

Caryandra slipped away from the party while they were helping the old woman and she left a note in samuel’s hiding spot on the moonbridge where he kept his book. the note read:

“Sammy, I was please to find you remember me, but I must insist you let me go. It’s no longer safe for those who claim to know me, and so I must disappear. Do not attempt to find me. Forget me, forget your adventures, return to your little library and life.

Be well.
Sincerely, C.”

Draven and Gertrude both headed downtown and entered the bank where her son worked and she delivered the lunch to him as they entered there were 2 guards there protecting the bank and noticed draven. These were the same guards who he gave the slip to the other day and they crept up behind him and threw antimagic manacles on his wrists and led him downtown. They thanked Gertrude for helping apprehend him and tossed her a bag of coins and led Draven to the guard barracks. Gertrude left the bank and headed back to the Whiteshield’s home thinking to herself “Third criminal this week” pocketing the bounty money. She arrived and informed the party that their companion needed to get bailed out and they went downtown and Caryandra was able to talk the guard down from a 500gp bounty to 200gp and she paid to have him bailed out hoping to cash in a favor later down the road. The party departed Silverymoon and headed to One stone in search of the next giant relic.

As they set down at one stone the marking indent into the ground looked like what could be described as the mark on the sky pony tribe carved into the grassy landscape. The party came across a rushing river and norros created a land bridge for them to cross and upon reaching the top of the plateau they noticed that where the eye of the sky pony sat was a giant boulder which appeared magical and the party knew that that was their next target. But as they approached the ground shoot and a heard of bulette burst forth from the ground and 2 of them were mounted by riders who proclaimed “By the cult of the black earth we claim this relic. We can not allow knowledge of us or interference from strangers hinder our mission so we sentence you to death!”

The cultists called their herd of bulette to assault the party. Pokeman jones and draven attacked the cultist riders and fought their spells up close and personal knocking the riders off of their mounts and slicing through their mage robes. Draven recited the words he read in the book of bogentle and a summoning circle appreared on the ground and a hell hound puppy appeared out of it and cooked a bulette with its flame breath. Yue blasted cracks in their armor with her fire magic and Caryandra spun and slid celery into the crack in the tough hide striking the vital point of one before ducking behind the magic boulder and began to squee at the hell hound puppy.

Prim threw his spoons up in the air and animated objects trying to send them to attack but a bulette leaped into the air and landed on him and norros. Rowan kept a bulette at way and struck one down with light bringer before running to prim and norros to heal their wounds. as the bullette was about to crush down again Caryandra fired a crossbow bolt into a crack in its armor dropping it. Pokeman and draven finished off the remaining ones cracking through the armor. As the last of them fell the party check and saw they were all ok and claimed the magic boulder which shrunk down to a 6 inch diameter sphere. Prim proclaimed “ah this is much better to transport and immediately shoved it in his pocket but the small boulder was heavier than it looked still weighing about 25lbs and pulled his pants to the ground revealing prim’s boxers that were pattered with a print of prim faces. The party sighed and boarded the ship and decided to head to Beorunna’s well for their final artifact.

They made their way across the landscape and discovered a massive hole in the ground. as they gazed down it they saw an icy rope leading into a central forest area, to the west a running spring, to the right a camp site with fires lit and to the south an alter and totem poles. Norrs decided to turn himself into a Quetzalcoatlus that was able to fit everyone but Caryandra who setup her crossbow and readied it to pick off anyone from above. Prim flew down to the forest with a fly spell ahead of everyone else and met a shamen in the forest and used his golden fiddle to summon his succubi to try to charm the shamen into pacifying the tribe that lived in this well but the succubi were not prepared to be summoned so suddenly and were off their game and failed to convince the shamen to help and he sounded the alarm in the camp alerting the uthgardt tribe to come running weapons drawn. Prim sent the “this didn’t work signal and Norros flew down with his companions on his back.

As he descended the noise woke up 4 manticore living in the cave to the west who intercepted the Quetzalcoatlus. Caryandra clipped one of their wings from up above but the other 3 hit draven and petrified the Quetzalcoatlus sending it for a crash landing transforming the beast back into norros as the petrification took his body as he lay face down in the forest. The party engaged the tribe and ran to prim’s aid with draven and pokeman jones holding off the wave of tribesmen while Yue tried to fend off the manticore but ended up getting petrified again as did caryandra as the one she shot flew up to the top of the well and as she was reaching for celery a tail spike stuck in her shoulder and she was turned to stone. rowan rushed to norros and used greater restoration to remove the pertification and he immediately saw the rest of the manticore incoming and build a stone amphitheater around them and yue to shield from the next volley of deadly tail spikes. rowan used this time to remove the petrification from yue. Prim seeing that they were in trouble hypnotized a manticore. and then helped pokeman jones and draven fight off the remaining tribesmen.

The manticore above the well picked up caryandra and tried to drop her onto draven and pokeman. her stone form fell and picked up speed to terminal velocity and it appeared as if she would shatter on the ground or kill her companions in the impact but at the last second prim was able to cast levitate just in time to slow the fall enough for draven to dive and grab her stone form so it didn’t shatter on the ground. the party breathed a sign of relief but it wasn’t over yet as the manticore made their way around the stone wall and petrified norros a 2nd time. Having enough of this yue burned the remaining manticore with her fire magic and the well grew quiet.

Rowan was out of magic to de-pretrify anyone else so the party went over the remaining dead manticore and was able to salvage enough of their tail spikes for one potion but prim was able to use his knowledge and expertise and a trick or 2 he picked up along the way to make the ingredients go further and made enough antidote to treat both caryandra and norros returning them to flesh once more. The party caught their breath and searched the tribe finding several magical items including a ring. the checked the alter at the southern part of the well and discovered Beneath the altar was a rough-hewn niche containing the skeletal remains of a half-ogre and a relic of giantkind: a fossilized horn made from the tusk of a mammoth and engraved with images of giants battling dragons. The cracked horn weighs 250 pounds but had lost its magical powers.

The party was satisfied that they found their final giant artifact and debated on their next destination around the camp fire of the former tribe of Beorunna’s well.

The Heist
Session 56

The party gathered around a poker table that night and Prim somehow found a green visor and started the meeting by proclaiming his heist name “Primsy” and adopted the word “seeee” as the period to the end of all his sentences. Prim set a plan where they would case the joint 1st to see if anything changed since they received their information. Should everything be fine they will split into 2 parties to pull off the heist of magic weapons where prim would create a distraction by hosting a concert named “Prim Fest” in the center of town to draw as many away from that section of town as possible while Caryandra and Norros slipped in and got the goods and would ride out in the horse and carriage sending it in one direction and while anyone pursued it teleport to the Crimson tide which was now hovering over the city. The Party agreed that this was a good plan and they rested that night.

The next morning Prim set out making flyers for the event and was ready to distribute them throughout the city when they were approached by a skinny scholarly looking elf who introduced himself as Samuel Derfleaf and asked the party if they knew his beloved Caryandra as they were adventurers. Caryandra had still taken up the disguise of Seraphina. Caryandra’s eyes grew big and bigger as he approached and Yue tried to contain her laughter. Draven whispered to her that he looks like a nerd and she hissed back at him. Caught off guard the rest of the party said no they didn’t know her, some yelled out she is in Luscan and some proclaimed yes but she died leading to much confusion in Samuel.
He explained he once worked in the library until he met her when she came in one day and sent him off on a task should he complete they would be together and happy. When the party asked what the task was he told them he had to acquire the legendary tome the book of bogentle and the traveled far and wide and was given the book after being an apprentice to a necromancer named Tsernoth. The party except for norros recognized his name. Samuel said he waits on the Moon bridge every day watching for adventurers hoping one will have spotted her so that one day they can finally be together. Caryandra found the nearest pillar to go smack her head upon while Draven said that he was a scholar himself and appreciated Samuel’s profession and asked if he could take a look at the book of bogentle while everyone waited to see if his love would appear that day but who definitely wasn’t here right now.

Samuel agreed after Draven talked with him about the books he had written. They took a walk to the moon bridge and Samuel pulled the book out of its hiding spot and showed draven who began to page through it. Draven began to feel a sense of possessiveness over the book as soon as he began leafing through it and he cast darkness on Samuel and took off in a full sprint back to the party the Samuel not far behind yelling “THIEF THIEF STOP HIM!” Draven got back to the party moments before Samuel caught up to him and Norros polymorphed him into a frog. Caryandra quickly scooped him up and put him into her pocket.

Moments later guards appeared and questioned what the commotion was and prim explained that their were rehearsing for a show that day which the guards bought. Draven was like yes watch this and brought an eagle out of his shield which the guards asked him where his animal handling permit was and if he didn’t have one he would have to pay a fine down at the station. Draven began to argue and accused the guards of being racist and as the situation turned worse they were about to apprehend him for being uncooperative and he cast darkness on the guards and fled melding into the stone work of a nearby building. the guards regrouped and questioned the rest of the party who remained with most of them walking away during the commotion leaving yue xing and rowan to talk to the guards telling them they didn’t know him. The guards satisfied with their answer vowed to return to the station and put up wanted posters for a bounty on him to bring him in and they departed.

The party headed back to rowans house to find Draven there reading the book. Everyone made it back to the house with Caryandra much later than the rest. When they asked what had happened she claimed she had “Taken care” of the frog. Rowan’s mother saw the party return home and said that they had a guest waiting for them and upon entered the dining room they found Tsernoth there waiting for the party. He greeted his old friends and told them the tale of how Samuel came to his island under the guise of wanting to study under him but in reality stole his book during the night after he had gained his trust and he had come to reclaim it as the longer he was gone the longer the island was undefended as only Agatha is there guarding it and the infernal brazier. He came here to deal with his former “apprentice” and get his tome back. The party informed him they new of him and just dealt with him and brought Draven down to return the book to Tsernoth which his did after memorizing and writing down as much as he could from the chapters he read. Tsernoth thanked the party for their help once again and departed.

The party asked Draven what he was thinking and told him he was now wanted by the city guard. Rowan’s father said he would go to the station and see if he could smooth things over and get the wanted posters taken down as one of the guards is his friend and he has some pull in the city. Draven thanked him and gave him a bottle of fireflies as a gift which he put by a bunch of pictures of rowan as a child. The party decided to disguise draven so people wouldn’t recognise him during prim’s distraction concert and yue and xing also went undercover as caryandra and norros so they would have an alibi if they were seen. The party finished casing the house and everything seemed as it should and upon their final meeting prim proclaimed “THE HEIST IS ON!”

Prim set up his stage and began a massive performance in the middle of Silverymoon with the crowd cheering and even the head of the Margaster house was in attendance thanks to the advertisements given out earlier that day. The crimson tide flew high over silverymoon as a areal advertisement for Prim’s concert.

Caryandra and Norros approached the Margaster house from the west and Norros stone shaped a hole in the side of the wall leading them into the living room filled with grand chandeliers rather than the carriage house adjacent to the main house. norros immediately regretted his lack of direction started arguing with caryandra about where to go and had caryandra look at a door which she was about to pick and Norros cast dispel magic on the door disenchanting an alarm spell on the knob. The party heard talking from upstairs and footsteps coming closer so Caryandra quickly picked the lock and they got into the carriage house.

Norros dispelled the alarm magic on the carriage itself and Caryandra dug under a compartment in the seat to find the bag of magical items. At this time guards came down the stairs into the carriage house. Caryandra and norros ducked down low in the Carrage as to not be seen. The guards noticed the door ajar which made them investigate the living room and they saw a massive 5ft hole in the side of the building and they called out to sound the alarm and summon the guards as they have intruders. Norros realized he didn’t seal the hole he came into and went to their backup plan and told caryandra to hold on tight to the bag of items and grabbed her and used a teleport spell to try to get up onto the air ship.

Being flustered with the situation the aim of his spell was off and they appeared mid air and in a full plummet above the stage prim was performing on. Panicking Norros was just able to get off a fly spell which sent them rocketing past either side of prim while he was performing and they tried to improvise and made it look like part of the show. Caryandra landed on the stage and activated her bracelet of lies making many copies of her on the stage which all started performing backup dancer maneuvers. Norros join in as did yue and xing who were disguised as Norros and Caryandra.

The real Norros dove behind the stage and stashed the loot in a magical treasure chest and sent it into another plane of existence to be retrieved later and the party finished Prim Fest to the roar of the crowd. being high up on stage they could see guards rushing towards the Margaster house on the other side of town. As Prim fest concluded the party returned to the Whiteshield estate. They gathered and looked through their loot finding potions, a robe of useful items, an immovable rod, a knock spell scroll. and a ring with the symbol of Asmodeus on it. The party exhilarated from the events from the day decided to collect themselves and plan their next move.

The Freedom Festival of Everlund
Session 55

The party decided they were close to the city of Everlund and decided to drop off the platinum badge given to them by Darathra Shendrel to take to Danivarr’s House in Everlund and give it to Dral Thelev, the one-eyed half orc proprietor. The party arrived and knocked on his door and upon seeing what they had to give him he welcomed them in as friends of the harpers. They told him of the danger the giants pose to the land and he thought higher members of the harpers should hear of this and offered them elven wine which they accepted. The party drank of the wine and suddenly they were all transported instantly to the Moongleam tower which is the harper stronghold in Everlund. They party found themselves in a fancy parlor in Moongleam Tower which contained austere furnishings and a dozen domesticated tressym. Rillix immediately hopped out of Yue’s hood and began playing with his kind to her enjoyment. Upon their arrival they saw an old Wizard approaching them from down a set of stairs. He approached the party and introduced himself as Krowen Valharrow archmage of Moongleam tower and he appreciated what the party has done for the harpers and the sword coast as a whole. He told them he has a penchant for sponsoring adventurers who are doing good in the world and he summoned his page to bring him something and in a few minuted returned with a chest full of scrolls containing various magic spells including dispel magic, fly, magic weapon, sending, tongues, and water breathing. The party thanked him for his generosity and Yue asked him since he was such a powerful mage fond of tressym would he be able to help her make Rillix into her familiar which he agreed to and shared a secret formula to bind their souls together in a ritual that would only work if they were truly bound in close friendship and love. They agreed to try it and looking at the list of things they needed Yue had Norros fashion a necklace with a Tressym ornament hanging from it. Krowen took the necklace and said he would imbue it wit hthe soul binding magic throughout the day but it might take awhile so he suggested the party enjoy the freedom festival going on today in Everlund. he told them the story of the festival:

“Everlund was a member of the Lords’ Alliance. The five leaders who currently comprise the city’s Council of Elders voted three to two in favor of separation and, in a symbolic show of support for Sundabar, condemned the alliance for its failure to come to Sundabar’s aid during the War of the Silver Marches. The decision was touted as an opportunity for Everlund to chart its own course and now they celebrate each year commemorating that decision.” He told them some of the festivities include archery, tests of strength and cooking contests and that they should go enjoy themselves for the day while he works on their request.

The party thanked him and everyone decided to head off except for Prim who stayed in the tower requesting to study the magic teleportation circles the harpers had setup throughout the land.

The rest of the party ended up back in the streets of everlund after taking another gulp of their elven wine. They spotted Zem slate dust and Sildar setting up fireworks on the streets and they went to greet them. They found some of the goblin children running around playing with sparklers he created. he let the party know he was refining and making better things with his blackpowder ever since he got his hand made for him and thanked norros. He said that he made a bunch of fireworks for the end celebration and that the party would have a chance to win some of his creation if they participated in the festival activities. The party agreed that they should do just that and headed into a local bar which seemed to be hosting an arm wrestling contest. The party took part with Pokeman Jones and draven making it to the finals but pokeman jones taking top prize. He was awarded some grapes, a magical shield of freedom which he gave to draven for putting up a good fight in the arm wrestling match and some fireworks.

The party headed out into the street and saw the locals just setup an archery range and the party also took part in this contest with Caryandra and Rowan making it to the finals with Caryandra just winning out 3-2 in the final round in a thrilling battle of sharpshooters taking home arrows of dragon slaying, arrows of cold energy and fireworks.

The final event of the day had the party putting on their baking hats and making food in a variety of competitions ranging from survival rations, to crisp nature salads, to medicinal chicken soup, spicing up plain trout with exciting performances, and even making medicinal chicken soup. The party partnered up and Yue and Xing matched up against Pokeman and Caryandra in the finals with Caryandra and Pokeman taking home om nom berry pie, a scroll of heroes feast, some fire fruit and some fireworks.

The party having fun for the day returned to the Moongleam tower and retrieved the necklace and brought it to the town square just as the fireworks were finishing setting up. Rowan blessed the necklace mixing the soul binding power the arch mage imbued it with and cleansing it so Pure love and bond would come through clearly as they both began the ritual. The tressym ornament swirled in an arcane purple and white as Yue got Rillix out of her hood and asked him. “Do you want to become my familiar buddy?” Rillix mewed at her and placed his paw on the necklace and she placed hers on top of his paw and held it to her chest. Yue looked at norros signalling it was time to imbue the necklace with a final charge of power to complete the ritual and he sent a lightning bolt into it. Yue and rillix began to levitate and glow slowly circling in the air and at one point almost seemed to merge into one being before separating again and coming back down setting on the ground once again. Yue had never felt this close to rillix before and knew the ritual had been a success. The party all came to congratulate Yue as Zem’s fireworks began in Everlund. The party enjoyed the spectacular show or color and sound with some of the fireworks exploding into images like goblins and dragons and swords.

After the fireworks display ended the party decided they would not rest for the night but would take a teleportation spell direct to silverymoon and plan their next move. Caryandra seemed hesitant about heading back to that city but wouldn’t say why and the party convinced her to come along. Norros transported them there after asking the airship to start making its way there to meet them there. As they approached the gates the one old guard in his late 50’s named Rolim Herran saw Rowan and ran up to her giving her a hug asking how she has been and that its such a surprise to see her and that her parents would be pleased to see her safe back in town and he welcomed the party to the city.

The party decided to visit her parents 1st to have a place to stay and so Rowan led them to the Whiteshield estate in the high end district of the city. As the party crossed the moonbridge Caryandra kept looking around nervously and upon being questioned she finally opened up to the party that she had been in the city once before and that she had to get a book out of a library and had to trick the elf librarian to get this book who ended up falling in love with her and even brought her a rose on this moonbridge. She planned to kill him not to leave any loose ends but in the end didn’t have the heart to do it so she sent him away on a quest to find a stone she knew would be impossible to find so it would give her time to acquire the book and get out of town which she did and hasn’t been back since until this day.

The party felt like they knew Caryandra a little better after her story and arrived at the Whieshield estate and upon knocking Garen the butler answered and greeted rowan in his pajamas and a night cap wit ha little tousle on the end of it and slippers in the shape of an owl bear. His eyes opened wide with joy as he saw rowan and bid them to come in and make themselves at home while he awoke her parents. Rowan’s mother Lureene Whiteshield was 1st down the stairs to greet her followed shortly by her father Evendur Whiteshield who told her he was home from his business trip and was so glad they had such fortuitous timing. They asked Garn to go make rowan’s favorite pear pie and he went out into their back yard and picked fresh ones and began baking while the party told Rowan’s parents of their adventures and how wonderful Lor was and hopefully someday he could come to meet them. Garen brought out food for everyone and cut the pear pie and as he turned around to get utensils for everyone and returned to find Yue and Draven had pear pie all over their faces and the pie happened to be gone and he went back to the kitchen to prepare another one.

The party laughed and ate the night away enjoying a comfortable home and seeing where rowan had grown up. After the parents went to sleep the butler showed the party to their guest room and went to bed himself. The party gathered together one more time before retiring to bed to plan out how they were going to pull off a heist at the Margaster house the following night.

Race to the Grandfather Tree
Session 54

The party decided to spend the night in prim’s magical mansion and he sent out his spiritual servants to take care of the party and help them relax after a hard day. Several ate a meal of chicken and fruit where the feebleminded draven kept requesting doughnuts and so the staff led him to the kitchen to help him prepare some. A few minutes later the party smelled something burning and on investigation Yue and norros saw the over was on fire having none of the ingredients were taken out of the packages before being placed in the over and the kitchen was ablaze to Norros’s horror and Yue’s enjoyment. Norros ran around trying to conjure water to put out the flames and prim ran in asking why the servants didn’t watch him and they replies with that they did watch and are currently watching him. This is whee Prim realized his instructions needed to be more specific.

While this was occurring Caryandra slipped away to indulge her hedonistic side with a bubble bath. She thought about how long its been since she was able to property clean her body and hair and was enjoying it until Norros walked in on her bath. As he entered the door he was greeted with a dagger flung from the bath sticking next to his head implanted in the door. Panicking he cast Polymorph on Caryandra once again changing her into a cat submerging her into the water. coming flying out of the tub was a pissed off and wet cat that attempted to scratch Norros who ran out of the room yelling “I’M SORRY!” and shut the door behind him as a claw raked the door. Looking at the door he saw the tip of the dagger be removed and her glaring eye out the hole in the door. She proceeded to carve “prim sorry for the damage” into the door and proceeded to finish her bath. The party rested for the night and headed out in the morning.

The party boarded their ship and headed back to the village to reconvene with Xing and the child who lost his memory. They filled in xing with the information on what they discovered in the Hag’s cave and Xing said he was pretty sure that Shin Lan suffered from the same fate as this child. Caryandra gave the thought bottle to yue to see if she could figure out how it worked. Yue studied the bottle and saw a swirling white mist from within it. She uncorked the bottle and drew out a mystical white strand which she placed into the child’s ear and his eyes rolled back for a second and suddenly he proclaimed that he could remember what happened to him.

He said he was playing in the woods where he shouldn’t have been and the Hag lured him over and abducted him extracted his memory and the next thing he knew he was wandering the forest until he discovered the village and had been there until Caryandra found him and began her search for the hag. The child asked if he would be able to return to his mother in Luskan and Prim with his teleportation circle was able to open a portal to take him there. He gave him a note with instructions for droop to escort him to Luscan and the child was off.

The party rested the night in the village and set off for the grandfather tree in the morning. They arrived in the clearing north of the tree and as they approached they saw a tribe of centaurs arguing with some Dryads that were guarding the tree. the party attempted to be stealthy and crept close to heard the tribe’s leader telling the Dryads that they knew the grandfather tree had healing capabilities and that their tribe had fallen ill not being able to eat or drink for days and many were malnourished and to top it off several tribesmen had lost their memories to the damned hags in the forest. As they spoke the druids asked them to leave and the tribe leader looked as if he was ready to use force when Norros leaned against a tree not realizing it was rotted out and the tree topped over making a loud crash throughout the forest. The tribe rushed over to the area and discovered the party drawing their bows. Prim started to say something about how he should be the new leader of the centaur tribe but was muffled by Caryandra and Draven stepped forward and told the tribe that they were friends and they heard of their plight and that the party had powerful healers which might be able to assist in their sickness. Rowan stepped forward to help demonstrate her healing prowess. One of the tribesmen volunteered to let her try as the exhaustion of his affliction was becoming too much.

Rowan reached out and touched the Centaur and the healing light of Luruue cleaned a curse that was afflicting the member. He informed the tribe that he felt better. Their leader came over and saw what had transpired and made a request for to help the rest of the tribe. The party agreed to spend the day there and the Party’s healers methodically cleansed the curse from the tribe. As they were being healed the Centaurs who were feeling better wanted to stretch their legs and challenged their new 2 legged friends to a race around the grandfather tree. Caryandra and Pokeman Jones accepted the offer to race Dawill claiming they could outrun a centaur. Before the Race Yue patted them on the back casting haste on them. Prim refereed the match casting fly on himself to overlook and announce the race to the onlookers.

As the race stared Caryandra pulled out to an early lead using her frustration of not having to fight broke out into a full sprint leaving the other 2 in the dust. Pokeman Jones still adorned in his full plate armor slightly sunk into the grassy track he was chugging around but despite all the extra weight we was keeping up with the centaur as they rounded the 1st quarter of the track but ever with the haste the exhaustion set in for pokeman Jones and he was winded halfway around the track and the centaur started to pull away from him. Caryandra made it three quarters of the way around the track until she was winded but pushed on. in the final quarter of the track caryandra slowed down and the centaur gained on her but she had gained too much of a lead and crossed the finish line seconds ahead of the centaur. And the tribe cheered their efforts.

Grateful for all of the party’s help the Tribe leader gave the party a cloak and magical arrows as a gift for helping the tribe which pokeman jones donned. Dawill congratulated Caryandra on good race and gave her a gift of magical oil and a violet cinder gem. The Party spoke with the dryads who were grateful they resolved the matter peacefully and upon hearing of their quest for the giant relics allowed the party to search under the grandfather tree for any relics. Norros and Draven under a shrinking spell explored the roots of the grandfather tree and draven was able to locate an Electrum Torc that a giant once had used for a nose ring.

With their artifact in hand the party bid their new friends farewell and set off for their next location of Stone Stand. Back on the air ship Delsaphine congratulated Pokeman Jones on a good effort in the race and he showed her the giant relic they had found. Yue gave Xing the thought bottle that had Shin Lan’s memories in it and asked him to take care of it until they were able to return west to restore her and that they would have much to discuss if she got better. The party heard the voice of Zephyros calling out to them as they flew:

“Small ones we have learned more from the oracle. Listen well and I hope this information may help you.

What is Guh’s plan?
“To become the biggest giant the world has ever seen.”

Can Klauth be trusted?
“No ancient dragon can be trusted, especially not him.”

What’s up with the storm giants?
“The storm giant court is in chaos following the disappearance of King Hekaton.”

Where is King Hekaton? “Unknown.”

Who rules in Hekaton’s stead? “His daughter, Serissa.”

How can we find Hekaton? “Speak to Serissa, his youngest daughter. She has a clue to her father’s whereabouts, and she needs your help.”

The party responded with thanks for the information and told him of their progress. He also said he was going to try to ask the oracle more question but Harshnag was bored and played with the magical ruins outside of the portal to the oracle and the doorway shut and they haven’t been able to figure out how to get it open again. The party wished him luck and said they would see him soon. Zephyros bid them luck on their journey.

As the ship approached stone stand they set down outside of it and saw a tree in the middle of it and a bunch of burial mounds scattered across the hill. The party disembarked and asthey made their way up the hill they detected the strong presence of necromantic magic in the area and saw ghosts rise from the burial mounds and they prepared for combat. Pokeman jones cut though a ghost with his radiant staff and draven began firing upon them. Caryandra blasted one apart with her new crossbow Discharge sending lightning through them. Prim used a fire storm to cut through a line of them but damaged burial mounds in the process stirring up more ghosts. They charged and possessed Rowan and Caryandra. Yue blasted several apart with magic missile which only left a possessed Rowan and Caryandra. Pokeman Jones squared off with her as she tried to cut him with her longsword he smacked her unconscious with his staff knocking the ghost out of her which he finished off.

Norros build a stone dome around Caryandra forcing the ghost to leave her body to come at the party. As the ghost exited the walls the party was ready for it and turned it into ectoplasm. With the current ghosts quelled for the time being the party rushed to the tree in the middle of Stone stand and it seemed to be an old cutting from the grandfather tree. Norros magically moved earth out of the way and the party collected several long buried treasured from underneath the mound as well as a giant skull of Gurt, Lord of the Pale Giants. He was a frost giant that Uthgar defeated in single combat at the site of Morgur’s Mound. The party recalled this information about Uthgar.

Prim searched through the roots of the tree and found a branch which he placed in a Jade pot adorned with Green dragons and filled it with soil from the area to take with them. The party having acquired another Giant artifact headed back to their ship to plan the next leg of their adventure.

Missing Memories
Session 53

The party gathered at the air ship and decided to set off for the grandfather tree. They boarded and Pokeman Jones caught Delsaphine up on the events that transpired in Grudd Haug, Prim and norros worked on making a harness for Sir piggly with holsters so he could carry potions of healing to them in battle and were able to fashion one for him out of spare leather they had lying around. While they were working on this Rowan and Yue were contemplating how to cook sir Piggly before Xing brought Yue down below deck for some time together. Draven took some time to himself to contemplate the recent events and scout the landscape as they flew towards their next destination.

The party saw a clearing near the Grandfather tree and set down in this clearing. Carayandra was was walking through the forest spotted their big hot air balloon ship ship coming in and grumbled to herself not these knuckleheads again and thumped her head on a tree before heading out to the air ship calling out to them asking what they were doing here. In a panic Norros cast polymorph and transformed Caryandra into a cat which draven scooped up and took onto the ship despite her protest. He told Norros that he made a mistake that they knew her and he dropped the polymorph spell leaving the elf girl in draven’s arms and he set her down as she glared at Norros. She explained that one of her employees had a son who’s memory went missing and she was tracking down the source to this area. She said that she found the boy in a nearby village but his memory was gone.

Xing recalled this was a similar story to the woman he believes is his mother. Caryandra continued telling the party she tracked down some leads to a cave east of the grandfather tree which seemed to be inhabited by a hag who she ran into and she had a hard time admitting it but she was unable to handle it on her own and the hag turned her into a newt but she escaped. She told the party she could show them where the hag’s lair was and she could get revenge on her. The party decided to check out the village 1st and they found the boy but it was as Caryandra had described that he has lost his memory. Xing decided to stay behind and spend time with the boy hoping to gain insight into a cure for him and perhaps the woman who could be his mother. The party agreed and him and Yue parted and he asked her to be careful.

The party headed out to the cave that Caryandra had discovered and found it guarded by Trolls. Prim attempted to communicate with the trolls by drawing pictures in the ground and with him and norros working together told the trolls they were friends of the hag and wished to speak with her. The trolls decided to send one of the in to go inform the hags that their friends were here. The party hoped to lure her out into the open but after a few minutes they heard the sound of galloping and saw 4 manticore charging out of the cave with the troll saying “Boss says get rid of them!”

The party clashed with the now hostile forces before them Pokeman Jones and Rowan took on the front line of trolls while Caryandra slipped around back of them and ran one through with her rapier Celery pulled it out of the troll leaving him dead. The Manticore fired spiked tails down nailing norros changing him and Prim into stone statues with prim trying to take as seductive a pose possible laying down as he felt his body turn to stone. Yue has flashbacks of almost dying as a statue as she saw these beasts and instinctively slammed her glass staff down creating a shield repelling the spikes fired at her. She retaliated with magic missiles blowing one out of the air. Caryandra Tosses Celery up in the air spearing a Manticore under the chin killing it sending it crashing to the ground at her feet and she stepped on its neck and pulled the sword out looking for more targets.

Rowan seeing her friends turn to stone rushed over and began using greater restoration spells to undo prim and then norros from their stone situations. As Prim returned to flesh he got up and used hypnotic pattern to bring down the remaining manticore and Draven blasted through it with eldritch magic. Pokeman did battle with a troll but it seemed to keep regenerating its wounds until Yue and Norros brought dual fire storms which ripped through their ranks killing the trolls stopping their regeneration.

As the troll ranks thinned not just 1 hag but 3 hags in a covenant emerged from the cave with Troll reinforcements. As the trolls set upon the party once again pokeman Rowan and caryandra held the front line while norros yue and draven tried to cast magic upon the hags but ended up in a battle of casters and counterspells and they tried to force their spells through. They seemed at a stalemate when norros used wall of stone to encase the hags in a stone box at the entrance to the cave. The party finished off the remaining trolls and sent rowan to send her spirit guardians to assault the hags while they were trapped only to find they escaped the cage while the party took time to heal up.

Norros dropped the stone wall and himslef and draven entered the cave. Draven attempted to be sneaky and quiet but ended up not watching his feet and stepped into a circle of runes which lit up the hallway and fired a feeblemind spell which Nooros had just enough time to brace himself against but Draven was caught off guard and his intelligence and charisma were sapped from him leaving him drooling in the corner. The party head the hags call out “THERE ARE HERE SISTERS!” The rest of the party rushed into the cave to see if Draven was ok with Pokeman Jones and rowan taking point. A few moments went by when they pulled draven back but them Pokeman and rowan were set upon by Water elementals which tried to engulf them. Pokeman Jones pushed them away but rowan was swallowed up by one and was bashed by another. Caryandra Jumped in from and spun her rapier through one of the elementals scattering it across the wall. Rowan managed to back stroke her way out of the other and right as it was about to unleash a slam attack on her Yue froze the water elemental as a solid statue. The hags moved into view and began assaulting pokeman Jones with magic missiles and he started looking haggard until Prim cast mass suggestion on the hags convincing 2 of them to go hide instead of fight and they scattered north and south leaving 1 still there.

Rowan scrambled to her feel and ran to pokeman jones healing him giving him a second wind enough to blast through the other 2 water elementals. Draven in his stupor stuck his tongue to the frozen ice elemental getting it stuck there A Christmas story style until Yue shattered it up with more magic missiles creating ice cubes. Norros blasted the hag that was before them finishing her. The party searched for the other 2 only to hear Sir Piggly Squealing at the entrance to the cave blocking the escape route for one of the hags that slipped through an underwater passage in the cave to circumvent the party. Prim grabbed Caryandra and dimension doored to his trusty steed and Caryandra popped up behind the hag running her through with celery informing her that that was for turning her into a newt but she got better.

The rest of the party found the final had in the north chamber and Yue and Norros were able to finish her off. The party searched through the cave. Caryandra discovered some treasure a magical crossbow and some magical arrows. Prim and norros discovered the room they were keeping the manticore in and also a cauldron bubbling with black smokey liquid they determined to be a potion of shadow form. Yue, Pokeman Jones, and Rowan found the Hag’s chambers along with thought bottles lining the walls containing memories of those they had stolen as well as some empty ones yet. Rowan picked up the bottle and upon placing it to her ear heard:

“I wanted to be a great explorer but 1st I end up in a coma for ages thanks to that pipeweed and now I’m trapped here with these hags. Some paladin I am.”

She told the party she thinks this might belong to Lucius Artorius Castus, the paladin they rescued from slumber back in Neverwinter.

Pokeman searched through several bottles with nothing in them until he found one that caught his attention upon listening to it he heard the following:

“Just my luck my 1st real adventure on the sword coast and I get captured by these old hags. I just wanted to make Pokeman proud of me. I always heard tales of his great deeds and hoped someday I would be as heroic as him. I’ll escape from this somehow and destroy true evil.”

Pokeman told the Party that he had a brother and that he just found his memories in the bottle here and he hopes he is alright and that he wants to find him.

Yue rummaged through more treasure and found a bunch of gold but at the bottom of the gold she also found a bottle that caught her interest which said:

“I pray my children will survive this. She is safe but I never had time to properly hide Xing. I hope he will be ok. Oh no they are here I must flee to the cliffs. I hope Yunlong escapes and survives so we may return.”

Yue tucked this bottle away wanting time to process this and did not tell the party about what she had heard.

By this time Caryandra caught up with prim and Norros and saw they were partaking of the shadow potion and she emptied out 2 of her perfume bottles and filled them with the shadow potion. The party reunited and Caryandra found the thought bottle with the child’s memories in them and she took that back. Satisfied that their mission here was complete the party started to bandage their wounds and prepare to head out on the next leg of their journey.

Guh’s Gluttony
Session 52

Norros realized that they just had an arcane body swap as he looked up at himself and saw prim run off with his body spouting about how great and wonderful prim is. Norros tried to counter with self depreciation’s about the body he was currently inhabiting. As they were running around doing this to the confusion of the rest of the party they investigated 3 cages in the northern area of the pig holding room. They found a family of farmers in one of them who thanked them and wanted to get back to their land but weren’t sure it was safe yet. One of them was a tribesman named Gryhark from the elk tribe near flint rock. He said he sensed the smell on them that they were there recently but did not bear the elk’s curse and so he trusted them as friends and liberators and said he would fight with them to stop the Gluttonous Guh and free his land from her tyranny.

Gryhark tried to show his gratitude by biting his hand and rubbing the blood on Norros’s face which prim allowed him to do as he realized this was religious symbolism and also wanted to gross Norros out. The 3rd cage had a half elf named Dragonmoor in it who said he was part of a scouting party from Goldenfields but he got caught and would appreciate it if they helped him get out to see if his captain made it out ok. He said he ran as a distraction when they were spotted and he thinks he gave them enough time to escape. They party learned that his captain was Lor on a mission to find Grudd Haug. Rowan explained their connection and he looked at ease to realize that the rest of them made it out safely. He said he would help the rest of the farm family escape while the party and Gryhark tried to stop Guh. Prim in Norro’s body noticed a Pig was following him around like a pet and he picked him up and named him Sir Piggly. The farmers asked the party to find a halfling they just took to be Guh’s next meal and hoped they wouldn’t be too late to stop him from being devoured.

The party was warned of the hill giant butcher named Slub and Norros in prim’s body cast invisibility on himself and crept into the room down the stairs and found a slaughter room where Slub 2 other hill giants and his pet Otyugh were butchering some meat on a table, as Norros crept past and examined his back room filled with pilfered coins from the surrounding areas. Norros tried to make his way back to the party but as Slub hit an artery on an animal he was butchering the blood spray poured over Prim’s body and revealed his presence. The hill giants went to investigate and prim dimension doored over to his companions and they charged into the room and fought the butcher and his pet and slew them all. They quickly went through his things and found a gavel around his chest which was the size of a warhammer and took it them proceeded up the ladder in the room to what smelled like a kitchen. They saw 7 goblins in the kitchen hooking a halfling up to a spit and fire to be cooked. As they heard his muffled cries they Ambushed the goblins and took them out before they could raise an alarm. They untied the halfling who introduced himself as Roderik Hilltopple.

Roderik expressed his gratitude that someone came for him that he thought he was done for. He told the party Guh’s Throne was right on the other side of the wall of the kitchen that if they ambushed her they might be able to take her out before her guards could rally as Hill giants were slow and stupid. The party thanked him for this information and prepared the best they could They enlarged Pokeman Jones and prepared their hardest hitting spells and charged the throne room.

Guh was sitting atop a four-wheeled, flatbed wagon that bends and creaks under her great bulk. The wagon’s axles were cracked and bowed, its wheels canted inward. Piled around the wagon are bones and other refuse from Guh’s recent meals, as well as the treasures she has amassed. Guh was much larger and Obese than the rest of the hill giants. She declared “AH MY NEXT MEAL HAS ARRIVED” as the party burst through the kitchen.

They set upon the Giant Lord with great speed with Norros and Yue unleashing Lightning and fire upon her wooden throne catching it on fire and electrocuting her. The fire was put out with a cone of cold. With Gryhark the rest of the party intercepted the Ogre’s and hill giants guarding her an enlarged Pokeman Jones Leaped up onto the wagon and started smashing the Gluttenous Guh snapping her head back with his staff and then leaping and shattering the Wheel holding the throne upright sending her tumbling off of her throne onto the refuse hole that they would toss her garbage down. The X beams going across the hole could not hold her weight and they cracked sending Guh Tumbling down to the Bottom floor of Grudd Haug Dead. As Guh tumbled off her throne a Goblin fell out of her fat folds and got up coughing and sputtering and ran away yelling “SNERT IF FREE!”

Seeing their leader had fallen the other hill giants realized they were now free to return to their mates and lost the will to fight the party and they all fled Grudd Haug and the party did not give chase. They examined her throne and found her treasure with much coin and magic objects like an eversmoking bottle but the conch was nowhere to be found. Prim felt the box of fun’s spell wearing off and knew they would switch back soon and so he leaped down the hole landing norros’s body in the fat folds of Guh right as the spell reverted. Prim back in his own body laughed as norros found the magic conch in Guh’s fat folds. Draven seeing what occurred stung prim with his tail and whipped him down the hole to join norros in the disgusting Guh bean bag. He was greeted by norros and Sir Piggly down stairs.

The party wanted to convert Grugg Haug into a 2nd base for themselves so they searched out the remaining rooms and found a hobgoblin called the Watermaster who was making sushi out of the fish he caught in the dam and he gave the party 12 rolls in exchange for his life. They also found a hobgoblin and 2 goblins in the smithy making weapons and prim made a deal with them that they would be paid if they would stay and continue to work and take care of Grudd Haug which they agreed to. Roderik said that he was in charge of the sheep and pigs and he could continue to maintain them here should the party wished which they agreed to.

Gryhark expressed his gratitude to the party and rubbed his blood on Prim’s face and said he would always be a friend of the elk tribe and he would spread word of their kindness upon his return and would let his tribe know of their fight against the giants. The party bid Gryhark farewell. With the main threat passed and their 1st Giant Lord cut down the party caught their breath and began to plan their next destination with their new friends and Sir Piggly.

To Grudd Haug!
Session 51

As the Tournament came to a close Wes and Loralyn came down and congradulated Yue on her hard fought victory and Lorayln told Yue she always knew she was special and gave her a hug. She asked is she had seen Rowan around and went off to find her. Rowan was off in a corner of the arena speaking with Lor about what he would do next and he said that although he misses her terribly he just found this tribe of warriors that party sent to him and he needed to get them down to goldenfields to help protect the town and that he still felt badly for letting shalvus escape under his watch. They agreed and Lor departed after kissing his goodbyes with Rowan. Lorayln approached Rowan and told her how she never got that chance to properly thank her back when she died on the tower and Rowan had to make a choice to save either her or Seraphina that she chose to bring her back. Lorayln let her know she was grateful for the 2nd chance at life and is going to try to live it to the fullest now and asked if she would perform their wedding ceremony when the time came. Rowan let her know that she would be delighted to and she gave her a big hug and then headed off the share the news.

Prim told Wes that he has recently acquired some succubi he could use for a bachelor party at some point or after their ceremony and he sounded interested but then Gwen and Erelosa came running up to them cutting their conversation short. Erelosa told prim she had a lot of fun playing with Gwen today and that Gwen told her that she fights here in the thunderdome and she wanted to learn how to do that too so she could be cool and awesome like her daddy and mommy. They spoke with Wes about it and he said that droop would be able to watch after her here and there are plenty of people who come and stay here so she would certainly be welcome. Erelosa looked thrilled and told prim she was excited she would get to spend some time with people her own age for awhile although she would miss him, he wouldn’t have to worry about her being in danger all the time.

A guard approached Pokeman Jones and lethim know how much he enjoyed watching him fight and his reputation has been spreading across the land. The guard informed him that he has a fisherman friend who just returned from Luscan with a tale that he barely escaped with his ship and his life after being pursued by a Pirate ship known as the Hades Jewel. Pokeman recognized the ship as the one that chased them and tried to board when they were returning from the tower of Lolth. The Guard let them know they have been patrolling and attacking those around the sea of moving ice. Pokeman thanked the guard for the info and they went their separate ways. Pokeman set out with draven and Norros to do some shopping in town in search of an archanist to enchant his armor and Draven looked to pick up some magical artifacts like replacing his necklace of fireballs and norros got some scrolls made for himself. after they were done they set out for an inn.

Yue was surrounded with fans and praise about how awesome she was after the tournament. Everyone asking questions of her and about her pet Tressym was starting to get overwhelming until Xing and shin Lan pushed through the crowd of adoring fans and were able to congratulate her personally. Yue apologized to Shin Lan about hitting her so hard in the match. Shin Lan told her there were no hard feeling and it was all apart of the game and she hadn’t gotten to stretch out her magical abilities in quite awhile. They hugged and Yue felt a strange sense of warmth and familiarity from this woman and her brand began to glow a bit with this feeling. Xing suggested they go find an inn for the night and then head back out. Yue suggested they find Pooke’s potions and pillows so they set out in search of that.

Rowan went to go visit her sister in Law to see how her negotiations with the country of Burland were going and introduced her to Lor. She was impressed with how well Rowan was doing for herself and complemented her on her accomplishments. She said her merchant deal was unable to press forward and the missing children have not been found in Burland. She heard more have gone missing and its been getting so bad the king was even assigning the captain of his guard to the problem. She also heard whispers of terrifying monsters stirring over there and prophecies of great evil returning to destroy the world. She isn’t sure if she would want to go there herself until she knew the guards could focus on protecting the town rather than out searching for the missing children. So if at some point Rowan could offer them help she felt they would have more success but she understands there are many evils in the world and she is doing her best to help where she can. They talked for a while and got caught up and them Rowan headed to Pookie’s inn.

Prim spent some time buying a ruby and down at the fish markets gathering snow. he bought some off of a fisherman who was using it to pack the catch of the day and created a likeness of himself and animated it using simulacrum. It was standing there in the middle of the docks naked with his hands on his hips proud to meed someone as handsome as himself and they walked down the docks complementing each other and prim gave him a spoon to cover himself Austin powers style. They eventually made their way into an alley and prim took out his old leather armor and clothed his simulacrum properly. They talked of their plans for the coming months and headed back to pookee’s inn.

Pookee welcomed his friends back the inn and said that he has gained some popularity since the party had left with people knowing this is where they got their start and he showed off an improved version of the potion golem he created which the party bought one of. The party each got their own rooms except for both prims who slept in a magical mansion which prim created and were attended to by servants which looked like many of the women prim had met in his travels.

The party awoke in the morning and prim sent off his simulacrum on a mission they discussed while in the mansion and the rest of the party used the orb to get back to the air airship which was on the outskirts of Grudd Haug. They knew this was the last known hideout of the hill giant chief Guh who possessed one of the magical conchs that they needed. Grudd Haud appeared to be a massive beaver dam looking structure and they decided to approach the entrance through the east. as they rounded defensive posts that also had sheep grazing in it. they found an orc camp and were spotted. Norros immediately put up a wall of stone to block the warring parties off from each other. The orcs began launching javelins over the wall. Yue rained a fire storm over the wall and seared through their front lines and caught several of their tents on fire. Draven passed through the stone wall and cut off once of the orc’s heads and started shouting for them to surrender.

Norros dropped the wall and rowan ran an orc through and shouted curses at them in Orcish to surrender and seeing that they were greatly outmatched the camp surrendered. The orcs informed the party that they were pressed into service just like the male hill giants by Guh who has a voracious appetite and she is making them raid local caravans and farms to bring her more food so she can grow to be the biggest giant of all to raise her standing in the giant society. They told the party Guh drove out the other women so she was the lone alpha remaining. They asked the party to stop Guh so they may leave this place. The party entered the lower entrance to Grudd Haug and were ambushed by hill giants throwing rocks draven hellish rebuked one that hit him and they took the closest giant to the point of killing him and prim made a plea to them saying they want to free the giants from Guh jsut like they did for their friend Lob in Goldenfields. The 3 giants who were attacking knew of Lob and were friends with him and ceased their attack but they were too intimidated by Guh to stand up to her however they told the party she was to the west and upstairs part of Grugg Haug.

The party thanked them and followed the path taking a wrong turn with the Giant’s vague directions into the hill giant’s sleeping quarters, they awakened starting another confrontation which was ended with Prim using hypnotic pattern on the hill giants and pokeman jones binding them up with his endless rope. The party went the other way at the split in the hallway and came to a massive room filled with pigs and bugbears feeding them making them more fat. The walls of this filthy room were made of packed mud with logs jutting out of them. The river seeped through a gash in the north wall and formed a stream that cuts across the eastern half of the area before spilling out through a hole in the south wall, tumbling down logs as it goes. Tending to the pigs are mud covered bugbears and an Ettin the party heard referred to as Oinker-Boinker.

Xing snuck ahead and started stabbing the bugbears trying to take them out quietly but the party was noticed as soon as the 1st one went down and they Lanched a volley of attacks against Xing. Jumping in to protect him Yue rained fire storms and fireballs into the bugbears and the crowd of pigs. the smell of cooking pork and bacon was experienced throughout the room. The party fought off the defenders and took a break to catch their breath noticing in a northern room there were cages with prisoners being held. Most of the party went to investigate while Norros and prim searched the bodies and Norros found a birthday looking hat on Oinker-Boinker which magically attached to him. Prim also noticed their box of fun also was recharged and knowing how much Norros likes gadgets had him push the button that said migrate on it at the same time prim pressed the same one on his side of the box and they both levitated in the air and their souls and consciousnesses switched bodies. Prim began laughing in Norros’s body saying see isn’t this great! Right Norros! Right!?!

Conquest and Love: One year later, Thunderdome Part 2!
Session 50

The party lifted off on the Crimson Tide and began planning their next destination when prim noticed his message cylinder fill with a note in it. He open it and read it to himself then to the rest of the party:

Dear friends

I hope this note finds you well. In these dark times for the land we have an important announcement that will hopefully be a boon to everyone’s spirits. We are gathering our allies to Neverwinter to deliver the news. When your personal matters and quests are not pressing we request your presence at the Thunderdome. Stay safe my friends.

-Wes the Shield

The note came with an orb they recognized as similar to the one holly used to transport them during the wintersday holiday so they told the crew of the ship to get course for Guh’s stronghold at Grudd Haug and they would meet them there. the party all gathered in a circle and put their hands over the orb and concentrated and they found themselves in the thunderdome in Neverwinter surrounded by their allies from Phandalin. Their allies were watching Loralyn finish up a performance and as her song ended the crowd erupted in cheer. The party turned their attention to the center of the arena as they watched their Goliath friend come to the center to make an announcement:

“Friends As you all know we have all been through many challenges in recent times. With Dragons and Giants threatening the land, no tomorrow is assured for anyone and that is why we must live for today. Loralyn has been lifting spirits here in Neverwinter with her performances here as many of you in the crowd have witnessed. She has gathered many fans and admirers with her ability to make you all smile and forget your troubles if only for awhile. I am here to admit today that I have grown to be her one of her biggest fans and supporters and wish to prove that not only today, but every day. And that is why I am announcing our engagement."

He pulled out an ornate looking amulet and puts it around her neck which she accepts This was passed down in my family for generations. It has special properties that if either of us were injured we could be brought to the other’s side and forever watch out for each other.

With that they embraced each other and the crowd cheer and he turned to the crowd to say:

“And with that I am announcing a grand 2 on 2 tournament here in the thunderdome to celebrate our union! Anyone who wishes to compete register as a pair and show us the strength of your bonds!”

The crowd cheer once again as a prize list was posted for the top competitors in the tournament got the crowd excited and many warriors began scrambling looking for partners.

As the party looked through the crowd of their friends Rowan was the 1st to spot Lor standing in the crowd by the Great worm tribe who managed to make it this far south. She ran up to him calling out to her sweetie and they embraced and signed up as a pair to fight together in the tournament.

The great worm tribe saw prim and proclaimed CHIEF PRIM! CHIEF PRIM! we have made it thus far on our journey we hope we are doing you proud. We will enter the tournament and fight in your honor. Prim said he was proud of them for doing so well and as he was talking to them he saw a familiar goblin run up through the crowd to greet it. Prim called out and greeted droop and asked him to fight together just like in the old days. and they signed up as a pair. Erelosa expressed her excitement and told her daddy she would be cheering for him the whole time. She noticed another girl walking through the crowd and Gwen came up to her and introduced herself. Stars shown in Erelosa’s eyes as she saw the dragon on Gwen’s shoulder and asked if they could be friends and Gwen said she would love a friend her age that they don’t get too many coming through the Thunderdome so she would love to play with her today and they both ran off.

Yue spotted Thalia standing near the edge of the area listing to Lorayn’s next song and greeted her and they agree to fight together just like in their days of traveling as a merchant group.

Norros scanned the crown and being a new comer to the group looked out of place and he found another wallflower in Shin Lan who they just met in neverwinter and she said that she would do her best to help out and that it would be good to stretch out some old tricks she used to practice.

Draven Approached Sister Gaerelle and asked her to partner up and she remarked on how he looks different and would like to chat more with him about his experiences with the raven queen and would be happy to fight with him in this tournament.

Pokeman Jones approached Iarno and asked him to partner up and he responded with “With your penchant for bludgeon people and my magical aptitude we will take this tournament.” and they signed up.

Gundren looked around and found Zem Slatedust working on his pistols and they agreed to enter as a pair in the competition.

As the signups finished Wes announced that the thunderdome had been recently upgraded to include various terrain to make the matches more interesting and that each quadrant on the thunderdome could be set individually. they had a choice of fire, ice, desert, forest, boulder, graveyard, or spike pit. and that the pairs had been randomized and the 1st round match ups were set.

1st up was Pokeman Jones and Iarno vs Gundren and Zem Slate Dust. they surrounded themselves in forest and graveyard terrain and Gundren squared off with Pokeman Jones with warhammer clashing against a new hellish halberd while Zem took some shots against Iarno which scattered acros the trees missing. Iarno assisted Pokeman ignoring zem while behind cover and cast spells injuring Gundren and distracting him being assaulted on 2 fronts. Zem attempted to turn the tide blasting apart a grave stone but it backfired with the ghost possessing him and turning his gun on Gundren as well causing him to fall shortly after and them Pokeman and Iarno were able to team up and take out Zem with little effore winning the 1st round.

The 2nd round saw Draven and sister Gaerelle fight the great worm tribe. Draven called out that he could take on more of them and 4 of them joined the fray instead of 2 but they put him over a spike pit of begin the match and put sister Gaerelle behind the boulder obstacle. As the match began Draven tried to hop from post to post but fell into the pit and impaled his arm on a spike, pulled it out and then tried to do a flip out of the pit but ended up not getting high enough and ended up on another spike for a 2nd impale. The tribe moved to the edge of the pit and launched their spears down at him but the awkward angle only one hit him. Draven finally climbed out of the pit and was looking rough and the tribe tried to shove him down the pit once again but sister gaerelle got around the boulders and healed his wounds up enough he was able to shove back the tribe and blasted them into the wall of the arena winning the match.

The 3rd round saw Prim and Droop square off against norros and shin Lan where they squared off on spike pits and forest. Droop immediately jumped onto the spike pit posts and began attacking Norros yelling “DROOP IS BRAVE” and injured him and was about to throw him into the spikes when norros countered and droop plummeted down being taken out. Prim retaliated seeing his friend taken out by blasting Shin lan with his magic leaving only Norros and Prim reaining. Elelosa and Gwen Cheered from the stands for her Daddy to win. Prim and Norros squared off in a caster’s duel casting incantations and counter spells back and forth in a magical game of chess and strategy.they both stood on the pillars above the spikes wounded and exhausted and prim used some of the last of his magic to sink in a grovel spell dropping norros prone planking across 2 pedestals. Prim attempted an acrobatic move of jumping across the pedestals and knocking Norros into the spike pit but he slipped on the edge of the platform and as he fell only grabbed part of Norros’s clothing which ripped and gave way sending prim into the spike pit giving Norros the victory to move on to the semifinals.

The 4th round squared up Yue and Thalia vs Rowan and Lor. once again in forests and spike pits. Rowan immediately tried to jump the spike pits but fell in impaling herself and Lor ran to her Aid. As he was helping her out of the Pit Yue Rained fire down on both of them singing Lor and taking him out of the competition. In a rage Rowan cast banish and Sent Yue to another plane of existence for 1 minute and squared off with Thalia. Rowans Lightbring and spiritual weapons clashed with Thalia’s flaming fists but in the end Thalia connected with more blows and sent rowan to the ground securing the 1st round victory informing Yue When the banish Spell wore off and she returned to the area that they were moving on. She looked up to see Xing and Shin Lan cheering from the stands.

At the start of the Semifinals Pokeman Jones and Iarno Squared off against Graven and Sister Gaerelle. Pokeman Jones immediately tried to charge Draven but seeing the last match he banished him. leaving only iarno to fight who did his best flinging spells but was overwhelmed in a 2v1 scenario. Upon returning from banishment Pokeman Jones immediately made a dash for sister gaerelle and took her out after taking an initial wave of attacks from the both of them eliminating the healer. Pokeman’s Hellish weapon and draven pact weapon clashed in the middle of the arena and both were on the edge of defeat but battered and bruised pokeman’s action surge pushed him through with more attacks than draven could handle and he moved into the finals.

The 2nd semifinal match pitted Yue and Thalia Vs Shin lan and Norros. Yue felt strange standing across from the woman Xing considered might be his mother but she hoped she would know her better after the fight and might learn something about her. Thalia did not hesitate though and squared off with Shin Lan distracting her land enough for yue to bring a fire storm down and take her out. Norros countered by blasting thalia with his magic and Norros once again found himself standing on a spike pit in a casters duel attempting to counter spell Yue’s fireballs, 1st time he succeeded but nd time the spell was empowered enough that it blew through his ability to stop it and he was toasted sending Yue into the finals. As they brought the competitors out she gave Shin lan a hug and told her she did a good job and Xing cheered for her victory.

The crowd went wild for the finals as the hype built from the exciting preliminary matches seeing Yue and Thalia Square off against Pokeman Jones and Iarno. Pokeman jones set himself behind bounders and yue set her side behind forest for cover. Erelosa and Gwen Cheered for yue on the eastern side of the arena and you could hear the great worm tribe throwing down a Pokeman Jones chant telling him to “Get the Fire Witch!”. As the match began Yue immediately brought down her strongest firestorm spell and being trapped behind boulders the heat quickly overwhelmed Iarno putting pokeman jones in a tough position. Pokeman countered by ramming into one of the boulders sending it rolling plowing through the trees opening a path straight towards Yue. He came out of the supeheated area on fire and lighting up his Hellborn halberd charged straight at her screaming a terrifying yell “RAAAAAA” taking gashes out of her which she tried to parry using blurred image and shield spells to deflect some of the blows but a few got through cutting her badly.

Thalia rushed out from the forest and unloaded a series of punches and kicks into pokeman Jones injuring him but nothing would keep his blood lust from his true target and he continued a barrage of hacks and slashes one catching Yue across the chest cutting deeply and the crowd saw the light go from her eyes with her collapsing to the ground. Loralyn jumped up from her seat shouting “YUE!” into the roar of the crowd with her hands over her mouth. 3 seconds went by as Pokeman Jones began to eye up Thalia taking a “your next” battle stance. Suddenly he noticed a fiery orb began burning in Yue’s chest and burst forth igniting her Phoenix Spark and picking her up from the ashes of defeat. She spark sent fire out of her mantle of flames burning Pokeman Jones backing him off just long enough that she was able to unload as many magic missiles as she could muster into his chest piece dropping him to the ground and then piercing through it with a yell and a fire bolt finishing him and winning the tournament!

The crowd jumped to their feet and cheered at this thrilling conclusion with the crowd chanting her name she took a bow and congratulated her opponents on matches well fought. The prize pools were brought out and Yue chose a magical bag of notus. As the day came to a close the party took a few moments to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate their accomplishments they achieved over the last year with their friends.

New Alliances and old friends in Phandalin!
Session 49

Auctorias led the party back through the hell they came through sending the Zhentarim to fight any hell spawn they encountered. They watched the mages dispatch some fire elementals and Psaro tear apart some remaining fire giants until they reached the portal which they came in and suddenly everyone was back in the bar the Styx Oresman. The party breathed a sigh of relief as they saw their friends rush to them. Erelosa ran to prim saying how she was glad he was ok and was scared at how beat up he looked. He assured her he was ok as she stated to bandage his wounds. Delsaphine ran to Pokeman and asked if he was ok and he reassured her he got his soul back and she said she was worried they were gone for so long she looked for help but the only ones who were willing to jump into that hell portal were the zhentarim. The Zhent clerics began to patch up zuriel and he dropped off some of his gear with the party and then left with Auctorius and his crew to be used as collateral for their contract.

As they left a gnome approached the party and introduced himself as Norros Graveltoes and said that he was a tinkerer of sorts and he had heard of all the great deeds the crimson mercenaries had done throughout the land and that he was their biggest fan and was hoping he could be of assistance to them in their fight against the giants. Yue immediately noticed he had a Tressym with him and that he and Rillix were playing together. She pulled him aside and they discussed their animal companions. Norros’s companion was actually a familiar which could take several shapes and he gave Yue some instructions on a ritual she could perform in order to help bind Rillix to her so if he fell in battle he would not perish permanently. It would take several steps but she would need to do the following.

-carve a figurine for a necklace in the likeness of the desired familiar (dex DC)

- infuse it with spell of soul binding
- Purify it with holy aura so the binding of 2 souls is consensual
- Both touch the necklace as it gets powered by the lightning and she makes an animal handling dc check to complete the ritual.

She thanked Norros for his knowledge and welcomed him to join in on their adventure to help save the sword coast. Norros showed off several of his deviced he tinkered with just as a time piece and a watch work mechanical hand held dragon which was sort of steam punk in theme. Rowan was impressed with his devices and the party took a moment to gather their thoughts and the innkeeper offered them rooms for the night as well as some devil’s water that the man in the white suit had left behind which they immediately dumped into Everfull. The party all tried some as they needed that having such a close encounter with death and they all went to sleep.

As Yue was about to drift off she heard a knock on her door and the familiar voice of Erelosa. She welcomed her in and she said she had a note that came from a messenger for her while they were gone. Erelosa gave her the message and then headed off for the night. Yue opened the note which read:

“Yue I have good news and bad news, I believe I have located my mother. Meet me in Phandalin when you can and I will explain further. I miss you so much.

Yours Always
- Xing”

With that the whole party finally got a well deserved rest. They awoke that morning and Yue revealed the info she received last night as she cooked steak and eggs with her hands at the breakfast table. The party decided their next stop should be Phandalin to deliver the weevil to Halia Thornton and from there they could plan their next move in retrieving giant relics. The party spent some time shopping in phandalin restocking on health potions and Harvey sold a gem encrusted staff for a 1/3 of its actual worth as he didn’t understand money but he finally conquered his old nemesis the clean window. The Party boarded the Crimson Tide and set off for Phandalin.

On their Journey on the airship they introduced Norros to the crew and he excitedly wanted to explore every inch of the ship like an excited fan wanting to know everything about their lives if it was the same as he had read. As they were sailing Harvey spotted 5 dots on the horizon and recognized them as his people who had brought him to the party and knew that they had been successful in their mission. They were carrying Draven who’s wings had dissipated and his skin tone was now a pale white color. He greeted his party members and told them of his Journey:

“He found a Paladin with the silver mirror Roam Arniman and his party who were on a quest to prevent Orcus from returning to the world. They tracked a cult to the keep on the Shadowfell and while his party ventured inside to stop the cult, the raven queens forces acted as rear guard for the keep and they fought off waves of Orcus’s forces until the ground shook and a scream was heard throughout the keep as the silver mirror was shattered and Orcus’s plan to return were thwarted. His forces scattered and with their mission complete The raven Queen’s forces returned to the north and searched out Draven’s companions with their mission complete.”

The party welcomed back Draven and Erelosa ran up to him giving him a hug asking if he brought her anything from the south. He said he did not and she said that that is ok she was just glad that he was back. Harvey addressed the party now that his mission was over he was ready to depart and the Aarokroca flew off into the sunset. The party celebrated the return of their companion and drank throughout the night until they arrived in Phandalin.
As they came down the road to the north they 1st spotted Sister Gaerelle sitting at a table in the field having tea with a woman. As they approached she introduced herself as Halia Thornton of the Zhentarim and that she had heard a lot about them and their deeds throughout the land. The party told her of the trouble they had with Auctorius and Halia knew him as Auctorius the Calculating, powerful mage and current leader of the Zhentarim. She informed the party she was not fond of his leadership that she found him heavy handed with his invasion plans and thinks he is pushing too hard and is making too many enemies for her faction. She informed the party that she wants to supplant him.

Halia presented the party with her plan. She believes that Auctorius needs to be made to look weak in front of his benefactors so they abandon him and make his position easier to make a play for. halia wanted to make this happen on several fronts. She wants to make it look like she cares more for the people by securing the Weevil and bringing him back and that she would gladly pay the party for retrieving him. The party agreed and cut him loose to her and she paid them their 5000gp. Next she wanted to secure trade with goldenfields to help the Zhentarim profit. This would show she succeeded in gaining influence wheree Auctorius’s heavy handed ways failed and spilled Zhentarim blood where she would get better results without losing 1 soldier proving her negotiating skills. Then finally to get those who only follow him due to their fear of his military prowess she plans to stage a fake attack on nightstone and then have her forces show up and drive away the assault making her look good in the eyes who value military prowess. She feels that all of these would weaken his position and then she would call for a vote of no confidence in his leadership and attempt to supplant him as leader of the Zhentarim. In return for the party’s help she would make sure that the Zhentarim coming to take Phandalin were under her control and it would all be for show so they can get their companion Zuriel back. She told the party that she has no interest in his military conquest only the influence and growth she can get monetarily with diplomacy. Halia told them they can work together to make this land a better place and she felt Auctorius is an egotistical maniacal warmonger who will run the Zhentarim into the ground and she doesn’t want that to happen.

The party agreed to her plan and Rowan shook on it asking to read the contract to which Halia replied that she is staging a coup and its not wise to have things like that written down before you go do them. Rowan agreed and went to go cast a sending spell to zuriel to try to tell him their plans but Halia stopped her again asking why she is going to tell the captive their recently created plans potentially letting it fall to the enemy as Auctorius is a powerful mage and could read minds or even torture information out of captives to further his position. Halia Urged Rowan to be more careful in the future as it was her head on the line as well that has a stake in all of this. The party reached an agreement with Halia and they went to go visit the rest of their friends in phandalin while the Weevil sat at the table with Sister gaerelle and Halia asking if they had anything hard to drink. The told him sadly they only have tea and offered him a dainty cup ornate with flowers. He half grunted in dismay but pulled out a flask from his pocked and poured some liquor into it and sipped on it with his pinky up in the air not because he was fancy but because of a broken finger that was malformed.

They sat and continued their conversation as Draven and Norros visited Zem Slatedust. Draven knocked on the door and upon crashing and rummaging he finally opened the door yelling “WHO ARE YOU!” and Draven replied “Don’t you remember me?” to which Zem shouted “NO!” and shut the door. Draven knocked again and Zem opened once again and draven told him who he was how he got the cursed pistol off of him long ago which jogged his memory. Zem said he didn’t recognise him becaue he was white now and he didn’t recognize the stranger Norros who introduced himself and stared in wonder at the chaos that was his black powder shop. Draven checked on the goblin kids who seemed to be having a good time with all of their limbs still attached. One was rummaging through some junk piles and the other 2 were playing outside. When Norros shook Zem’s wooden hand he said he could make a mechanical one for him that would be more functional. Thrilled at the sound of this Zem offered draven his latest invention called the shrapnel shot for his pistol which he gladly accepted. Zem offered the pair some coffee which they got in cracked cups which Norros was able to repair for him. Amazed with the new friend he just made he whipped up some coffee quickly for the party which unfortunately was a little gritty with gunpowder. They both poured it into a house plant and out the window when he wasn’t looking and bid him good day and that they would have his arm done for him soon. The goblin kids followed draven and norros back to the center of town to see the rest of the party.

While Draven and Norros were gone Yue found Xing in town with Thalia Dr. Droknar and another woman who introduced herself as Shin Lan. As soon as Xing saw her he ran and embraced her telling her how much he missed her. Xing told Yue he had been tracking this woman since the Harpers claimed they believed he was his mother and that she was part of a traveling merchant group which led her here to Phandalin. Unfortunately she seems to have lost her memory and cannot recall him or the circumstances around her memory loss. Xing stated he started searching for information and found that there has been a string of amnesia cases happening to the northeast of Phandalin and east of the Grandfather Tree in the High forest. He was hoping to meet up with the party if they were headed that way as it might be the fastest way to get answers. The party said they would be passing by that area anyway and would gladly accept his help and company and Xing reunited with the party.

The party celebrated the reunion of so many old friends and new allies and celebrate the night away in the Stone Hill Inn. They drank and Sang with Pokeman Jones and Everfull and got a good night’s rest in proper beds and filled their bellies with a good meal before setting out once again on the Crimson Tide. Yue and Xing were especially happy to be able to reconnect for the night after being apart and everything seemed to be looking up.

Heading to the grandfather tree they 1st encountered a giant burial mound called Flint Rock which looked like a massive elk pressed down into the grass from the sky. The party set down on the outskirts of flint rock and Draven spotted a magical object underneath the alter in the center of flint rock. Norros built a stone bridge so they could just walk up and get right to the alter. 2 Elk stood atop the mound just grazing on grass and the party was on edge the whole time as the elk minded their own business.

The party knew the item was underneath the alter and so Norros devised a plan to lift the alter using an A frame and pulley system which they hooked up and all of the party members tried to lift it to no avail trying one by one and they looked in despair as how they could make it out of hell but be defeated by a heavy slab of rock. They decided to all pull at once and several members pulled muscles and injured themselves lifting this rock eventually they got it upright but not before it sounded like the elk were making bleating noises almost as if they understood their not quite so heroic show of strength. They dug into the earth and found a giant’s Mithril spear tip and added it to their collection before returning to the crimson tide with only their pride wounded from this adventure.

In the darkest Pits of Hell!
Session 48

The party ventured deeper into the next layer of hell and paw an imp perched on a sconce on the wall near a torch. It spotted them as harvey fell down the stairs. it started to make a break for it and zuriel shadow stepped in its way and tackled it to the ground before it could alert anyone. They questioned it as to where the man in the white suit was. and he told then off to the north down the stairs and to avoid the fire giants that zalto traded to the man in the white suit for a piece of a giant mechanical construction. the party let the imp go and it flew back upstairs as the party pressed onward. Zuriel scouted again after having invisibility cast upon him and directed the party around fire elementals, hell hounds, and helmed horrors until they cam across a pool of running magma that they had to get across. Zuriel shadowstepped across and spotted 3 fire giants guarding the stairs. With the wintersday orb and brought the rest of the party with them and they jumped the giants. a battle ensued and the party was victorious getting the element of surprise on the giants. to their dismay when they got to the north part of the cavern they saw the north route split into 2 ways, a clean path to a stair case and one filled with a river of magma in the way. they brought out the reindeer flute and summoned a flying reindeer to check the magma river 1st.

They went down the southern staircase and came across a riddle written on a door

I begin eternity,
And end space,
At the end of time,
And in every place,
Last in life,
Second to death,
Never alone,
Found in your breath,
Contained by earth,
Water or flame,
My grandeur so awesome,
Wind dare not tame,
Not in your mind,
Am in your dreams,
Vacant to Kings,
Present to Queens.

After much debate Harvey being good at riddles figured out the answer was the letter E. and the door opened. Zuriel and prim descended below into a room that seemed impossibly cold compared to how hot the other room was. it was filled with 5 pools of liquid and a seemingly dead adventurer in the middle of the center pool. Zuriel walked around the edge of the pool and prim poked the body with his mage hand to no effect. He dipped the mage hand into the cold water and it rippled and forms began to coalesce in the waters and abominations wrapped in black puddings began to emerge from the waters so they both hauled ass out of the room and back upstairs. to tell the party they didn’t find anything good down there.

The party inspected the clean pathways staircase and discovered another riddle door which read

What is it which builds things up?
Lays mountains low?
Dries up lakes,
And makes things grow?
Cares not a whim about your passing?
Ans is like few other things,
Because it is everlasting?

Harvey was also able to solve this riddle yelling out TIME as he heard the words off of the door and it opened into the hottest level they have been to yet. the chamber was an I shaped platform and the rest of it was filled with a pool of running hot magma. standing at the end of the room was the man in the white suit. He turned around and said “prim pressleaf so nice of you to come down here and bring me your soul after all. That is mighty sporting of you.” Prim tried to convince him to return pokeman’s soul but to no avail as he explained that is the way devils gain power in the hells and ascend to having more authority so he couldn’t do that but he would gladly make the party apart of his rise to the top. And with that he summoned 6 bearded devils which appeared adjacent to the party and activated a stone golem which began marching down the pathway to them. Fire elementals began to rise out of the magma. The man in the white suit dropped his illusion and revealed his true form as Barathrum the Pit fiend of this plane of hell.

Feeling outnumbered the party called the reindeer to fight and Prim summoned his succubi which were bound to the fiddle to stand against their old master. They knew how they had been mistreated by him before with him killing them again and again only to re-spawn here in hell with their souls having nowhere else to go. They were willing to do their part. Pokeman Jones and rowan took on the fire elementals, zuriel jumped in the way of the statue to try to block its progress, Yue the reindeer the succubi and Harvey began to fight the bearded devils while prim squared off with Barathum trying to pin him to the ceiling with his illusions.

The party fought bravely but things began to look dire a few bearded devils fell but the Pit fiend broke free of prim’s grasp and mauled harvey out of the sky who dropped to the ground and was knocked unconscious while on fire and began to slowly cook. Prim tried to stop the Pit fiend but was slashed by his claw and was engulfed by a fire elemental and sliced open by a bearded devil. the infernal wound was too much to bear and Prim Pressfleaf died in battle there. Barathrum took out a soul gem and proclaimed “Now I will have your soul after all Mr. Presleaf” and laughed while he watched his foes start to fall. Zuirel took heavy damage from the stone statue and was almost smashed by it but one of the succubi took the golden fiddle from prim’s corpse and used it to a fire storm shattering the golem sending pieces into the magma. The Pit fiend noticed him and struck zuriel unconscious with a tail swipe. Pokeman jones fought through a fire elemental and was helping the rest through some bearded devils. the reindeer was cut down in this conflict while the pit fiend struck down Jade. rowan attempted to resurrect prim but to no avail as yue kept the bearded devils at bay pulling out missiletoe after missiletoe sending magic missiles screaming all across the battlefield and pushing them away with thunderwaves.

Pokeman jones squared off against the pit fiend angry he has seen 3 of his companions fall and thinking about how he needs his soul back to help everyone he put everything he had into lashing out at the pit fiend and they had a knock down drag out fight with both heavily injured and bleeding but it just wasn’t enough and the pit fiend crushed him into the ground with his mace and he stood above him gloating about to deliver a killing blow on his unconscious form when Rowan’s Lightbringer made a sickening thud and smashed in the back all the way out the chest of the pit fiend with radiant energy as she screamed FOR LURUE!

Yue finished off the remaining bearded devils and fire elementals and the room grew quiet the exception of the magma bubbling. Yue and Rowan almost collapsed from exhaustion but found the energy to feel potions to those unconscious unfortunately harvey and prim seemed to have died. They quickly gathered Pokeman’s soul off of the dais and took back prim’s off of the pit fiend’s body and quickly searched for any useful loot. as they were looting they heard the sound of marching down the stairs and discovered an entire force of Zhentarim were standing before them. They recognized Shalvus Martholio from goldenfields but he called a creepy looking albino cloaked figure in robes “boss there they are, thats them I told you about.”

The cloaked figure introduced himself as Auctorias and explained that a little girl and a pirate woman asked if anyone was willing to venture into a hell hole to rescue their friends who had long gone missing. Auctorias said “upon hearing your description we knew who you were and came down here to offer you a deal. It looks like you are pretty beat up with some of your friends dead over there and so I have my priests resurrect them and we will escort you out of here in exchange for you helping us take territory on the sword coast. in particular we want Goldenfields Bryn Shander or perhaps Phandalin.” Rowan protested in her weary state and said they would be fine to handle themselves that they could just leave. Auctorias clarified that they would not make it out of hell without them and if they tried they would make sure of it. Zuriel coming to realize the situation that they were in signed a contract assuring that they would help the zhentarim get a foothold in one of those location and that his body and soul would be help as collateral for this agreement. And with that business agreement signed Auctorias was satisfied his business arrangement would benefit his cause and instructed his priests to revivify. the fallen and instructed his hired muscle an elf named Psaro to go search any of the remains of the devils for anything useful the party may have left.

Harvey was revivified immediately and the priests noted there was no soul tether to bring prim back until Zuriel gave them a soul stone to use to bring him back and they reinstated Pokeman Jone’s soul as well. With the party bloody but very much alive and victorious they made their way out of hell with their new acquaintances.


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