CM Adventures

Rosa’s Resurrection and Alucard’s Ashes
Session 92

The party set out from Gwen’s hometown and while traveling along the road they noticed their box of fun glowing. and upon opening it the helm of celebration placed itself on Drifting Cloud’s head in recognition of his birthday. inside the box he also found a traditional tabaxi finger trap which he placed prim’s fingers into and watched him struggle to release himself while Gwen told them she remembers solving one of those when she was 5. Drifting cloud also found a note from his family members Lne Bird and Busy bee stating they may have a lead where his family was taken to and enslaved. They were meeting with a pair of sisters names Mara and Nara in the town of Monbarba in 3 weeks time and they were sailing there now to scout the area. They included a map to the town there were to meet in.

Drifting cloud shared the news and the location and the party decided they had enough time to check out rosaville, the cave of betrayal and then the shrine of the breaking waves before they would set sail for the continent to the south. Prim stopped by endor and picked up the 25000gp worth of diamonds from taloon who came through for with with his connections in the merchant guild and then contacted norros who created 2 more simulacrum of prim who he instructed prim3 to take care of all the shops he was opening and prim4 to begin recruitment for CM. He then returned to the party and they set sail for rosaville.

The town of rosaville seemed like a very modest village with a small population. 1 man bernard was running the entire marketplace putting on different hats depending on what he was selling and he got the party a few potions of healing. The most prominent place in town was the tower in the center names Rosa’s tower. on asking some of the vilalgers they learned this was where she was layed to rest after the tragedy that took her life and that psaro did all he could to preserve her body and protect it so should he find a way someday he could bring her back to him. Alucard was previosly allowed to see rosa in order to do a portrait of her and he knew of a secret passcode on the side of the tower that went up to her true chambers. He spoke the phrase crimson tears in elvish and a panel on the floor outside the tower opened and he led the party up many sets of stairs to a locked door.

The party knocked and told the guard behind the door it was housekeeping who had come to cleanup the room. Knowing this was not part of the usual schedule the guard refused to open the door. Then Prim knocked and repeated that they were recently hired to come clean up as housekeeping and the guard finally opened the door to chase them away. As soon as the door opened drifting cloud punched the guard in the face. He turned out to be a death knight and a battle ensured in the small corridor with everyone being injured before finally taking out the death knight.

Drifting cloud proceeded to the room containing Rosa’s body who lay on a bed perfectly preserved still showing the piercing wounds that ended her life. in the room was a slime who was trying to put on a brave face telling the party who outnumbered him that he wouldn’t let them harm rosa. The party explained to the slime that they were here to help bring her back. After some convincing the slime allowed the party to try a true resurrection ritual on her. The entire party assisted in setting it up with pokeman setting the mood lighting. Prim singing her favorite song, yue warming the room to a comfortable temperature to thaw her cold body, Alucard presenting the painting he did of her capturing her vigor while she was still alive and rowan sprinkled the 25000gp worth of diamonds onto the bed and pleased to lurue that this romance should not have ended the way it did and that Psaro needs her and is lost while she is gone and to return her spirit to her body.

Through the open window the clouds parted and a rainbow shot through and crawled across the floor until it lit up rosa’s body and slowly her eyes opened and she saw up in bed having been restored to life. The party introduced themselves and told her of the resent events that transpired and how they needed her help in stopping psaro from committing horrible acts in his grief. She agreed to came with them and asked them to help save him from him grief. She told the party that the day the bandits known as the grey vipers came to attack she noticed they were being led by Psaro’s childhood friend Laureen.

Rosa believed that Laureen had an unrequited love for psaro and told Rosa to leave him be to herself as They were elves and her life as a human was but a blink of an eye in terms of how on they lived so her and Psaro could be together. Rosa told the party she refused and she believes in her jealousy she sought out and killed her while prompted Psaro’s descent into madness. She told the party she believes he can still be saved and to please try for her. The party agreed to take her along so she could meet with him. Rowan then used divine intervention to discover the location of Psaro where she saw him passing through Bahamut’s divine gates where the signal was lost. Upon asking Lurue she learned she needed the rest of the zenithian equipment in order to climb the tower to zenithia but she showed her exactly where the tower was located should they find all of the pieces.

The party took rosa back to the ship and then set out for the cave of Betrayal in search of Alucard’s father. As they entered the cave they saw it was blocked off by a boulder with writing on the wall which stated. “Keep out, nothing but sadness and betrayal waits you beyond this boulder.” Taking heed of the warnign the party removed the boulder from the entrance and proceeded int othe next room with a dragon relief on the floor. prim animated the dragon and had it step on a pressure plate in the room which activated its flame breath which blew at the party. He quickly turned the head to face the ceiling and the party passed through the room only slightly singed.

Around the corner the party saw another dragon trap and most of the party tried to spider walk on the walls to great success around the trap until rowan stepped on a pressure plate she didn’t see the dragon statue emitted a bright light engulfing the party separating them into different rooms. drifting could aethil and prim in 1 room and yue pokeman jones and rowan in another room. they each saw illusions of the other half of the party and upon approaching what they thought were their friends the copies told the party that they wouldn’t leave here alive and began attacking them. As the party in one room attacked the evil clones the clones on the other side mirrored their attack and the party fought one another for a long time to exhaustion until prim saw there was a lever behind a pillar on the upper floor and he pulled it opening a trap door sending the clone rowan down the floor where the real one was located.

Upon making eye contact with each other the clone rowan disappeared. The party on the upper floor all eventually made they way to join up with their actual party eventually dissipating the betrayal clones. they party questioned each other to make sure that they were actually who they said they were and then they proceeded on into the cave.

They discovered Alucard on the next floor looking distraught telling them he had to fight wes and gwen as they attacked him but upon defeating them they just disappeared. The party reminded him that those two left for burland and didn’t come with them on this journey and then prim confirmed Alucard was actually who he said he was with some puppet work from Nekozawa.

The party dove further into the cave and discovered Alucard’s father Vlad and made a plea to him to reunite with his son. Vlad told his son of course he forgave him to come and give him a hug but as they embraced Alucard’s eyes went wide as the party saw a wooden stake travel out the backside of his chest. He grabbed his chest proclaiming “Father why.” And Vlad told him he was no son of his betraying the family. Alucard looked back to prim and Thanked him for being his friend and had just enough time to say goodbye before turning to ash. The party all stared down Vlad with rage in their eyes and prepared for Battle.

Alucard and the Home of the Hero
Session 91

Prim decided to go secure the inn they were staying at in case the art dealer they were going to meet was a vampire. He asked the innkeeper if she had a bunch of pillows he could use to make a pillow fort and upon recieving them he headed upstairs and she siad they already had a guest upstairs too if they didn’t mind. Prim went up to the 2nd floor of the inn and saw a hooded figure sitting on a bed painting with one hand but had what looked like a cloth on the pother hand. when Prim announced himself the figure looked up quickly and popped the hand with the cloth out and talked to prim through the hand puppet that he now saw was a cat. he introduced himself as Alucard and that the hand puppet’s name was nekozawa.

Alucard said he was an artist in town and was selling his paintings to the castle and making money that way. Prim asked him if he had any friends here and he said that no he doesn’t really have any friends at all and in fact he had left his home because his family didn’t understand him and his artwork and his father wanted him to follow in his family line of business. all the while he gave off the impression of being reclusive and shy talking without eye contact and mostly through Nekozawa.

Prim told Alucard he would be his friend and he was invited to dinner with the party where he could make lots of friends. Prim asked him what he was going to do with all that money and he said he wanted to buy a statue that was rare in the area because it had a magical property that would let him go out into the sun as his skin was very pale and he tends to burn really easily in the sun and if he had it he might be able to get out more and make friends. He told prim recently there has been a recent string of people getting their life force drained in the town and they are all on the lookout for a vampire.

Upon questioning if Alucard was a vampire he admitted to it but said he wasn’t the one doing the draining of people in town so he has had to keep to the inn more than usual and he has been lonely here. Prim told him that he was invited to their hero’s feast that night and he would be able to make lots of friends there. Alucard excitedly agreed to join him and followed prim out into the street where he met the rest of the party. The rest of the party met alucard with a lot more skepticism than prim did except drifting cloud who was won over by the kitty hand puppet Alucard wore on his hand.

After a discussion in the street as to who prim’s new friend was they all headed to talloon’s place for dinner. Alucard sat himself next to Yue and Prim and had nekozawa play with rillix feeding him food. The party noticed alucard seemed to avoid anything with garlic in it and was drinking a red liquid out of a glass. when questioned as to what it was he told the party it was tomato juice. He told the party his story of how he didn’t like what his family was doing so he left and came to endor to become an artist and why he wanted the statue.

Rowan was skeptical and asked him if it was ok to cast a zone of truth around the building which he agreed to and they asked him if he was evil which he said he doesn’t consider himself evil but sometimes other people judged him for his past. They asked him if he ever ate or bit anyone and he said he had but that was growing up and not since he left his parent’s place looking for a fresh start. they asked him if he still gets urges to do it and he says that he does but he has gotten pretty good at controlling them. They asked him if he knew psaro tha manslayer and he said that he heard of him as he was an old legend on the isles of zenithia where psaro fell in love with an elven woman named rosa but she was killed by bandits and no matter what psaro tried he couldn’t bring her back to life and so he turned cold to the world as a whole and slowly went mad to the man that just recently returned to zenithia who is bent on destroying humanity for taking his beloved rosa back. He told the party that the town she was killed in was named after the incident then and was called rosaville.

The party asked if he had ever been there and he said he did visit once to see where she was laid to rest and even did a painting of her. Rowan asked if she could see it and he said of course anything for my new friends and he pulled out a beautiful photo realistic looking image of an elven woman sitting on a hillside. They asked alucard if he could show them where rosaville was and he marked it on the map for them. At that moment prim remembered he left his succubi running loose in the city and went out to retrieve them.

Prim found out that they were responsible for draining the townsfolk and playfully told him that they didn’t kill anyone just had a little fun and then they went back to his golden fiddle. Talloon told the party of the cave called cascade cave where the next piece of zenithian armor lay at rest and marked it on the map for them as well but he said he knew they needed a rare rock called a karstaway stone in order to traverse the dungeon.

Taloon said one of his friends benjamin dug out a tunnel from endor to branca just to the east of endor and he came across one that they should go ask him for it on a loan. The rest of the party was finishing their meal when the ground itself shoot with an earthquake and the party ran outside hearing guards shouting that the brancha tunnel had just collapsed and they all started running toward it in a rescue effort. The party all ran that way as well but with the sun starting to come up prim slipped alucard the silver statuette in order to protect him from the sun’s rays.

The party ran 2 hours east and arrived after the guard got there and were digging out. they got there just in time them to see them drag Benjamin out of the rubble unconscious. Rowan quickly revived him and they found out that a vampire flew threw the cave and collapsed it behind him taking out the support structure for the tunnel. he told the party he spent his life digging this tunnel and now in 1 fell swoop his dream was taken away. Prim got to work quickly and animated every pick and shovel with animate objects and set them to work clearing out the tunnel. after a few hours of everyone digging they rescued survivors and were able to re-open the tunnel that it only partially collapsed in and they were able to revive all of the victims of the cave in. Benjamin recognized talloon and rewarded him with the karstaway stone upon request but since the way was clear now to Gwen’s hometown they decided to collect her and Wes from burland and investigate her hometown 1st since they were so close.

After a trip to burland and back the party arrived on the outskirts of town with Gwen and Wes in tow. They met Alucard and caught up with the party as to recent developments. through study they think they might have tracked down where another piece of equipment was but before they could discuss that Gwen saw her town and took off running toward it. She was surprised when she saw it intact and spoke to a guard standing on the outskirts of it. Gwen knew his name but he didn’t seem to recognize her. They enetered the village and she ran into a meadow looking around confused telling the party that this isn’t how the vilalge was that night it was attacked it was in shambles. Her jaw dropped as she saw a figure she knew called cyn laying on top of a hill she ran up to him before the party could stop her and said CYN your alive how is that possible I saw a monster run you through with a spear. He looked up at her and said “don’t worry i’m fine just come and lay down here next to me the sun feels great”. The party caught up with her and she told them her friend was alive and she wondered if that meant her mother was alive too and she took off in a sprint to her house and ran inside yelling for her mother and found the woman she remembered there and exclaimed mom you aren’t hurt either! The woman inside the house didn’t seem to recognize her and she went up to give her a hug.

Outside prim touched one of the buildings and it seemed to shimmer and he felt that something was off with this village. The elder came over to greet the party and said that they could stay the night but then they should leave as there was nothing here for them. At that moment they heard gwen shriek from her old home and heard Wes yelling GWEN GET AWAY from her! The party ran inside to see the woman who appeared to be Gwen’s mother was actually a doppleganger and the party began to fight her off to break the grapple she had on Gwen. The party looked outside and knowing the jig was up the other villagers started dropping their disguised form and started making their way to Gwen’s home. The party burst from the house and began fighting off the hoard of dopplegangers. with fury and rage of her home being turned into a trap for lost adventureres Gwen ran out of the house blasting as much magic into these creatures as possible and the party made short work of these creatures.

As the last of them fell the illusion on the village dropped and a flood of memories came back to Gwen the night which she had to flee the village. It was destroyed beyond repair with fire damage and blood stains on the ground from those who fell to protect her.

She led the party to the cellar she hid in and explained the worst night of her life when the monsters came for her claiming she was the hero of prophecy the vilalgers hid her in the cellar and her best friend cyn came and calmed her down and told her he wouldn’t let them lay a hand on her. he then muttered an incantation to make himself look just like her and went back above ground to fight the monsters. after killing a few but seeing they were hopelessly outnumbered he let himself be stabbed and killed. From the basement Gwen heard the monsters talking saying that the chosen one had been destroyed and to report back. She told the party she ran and ran through the night until she ran into Wes who heard her story and brought her back to the sword coast where she met the rest of the party in the thunderdome.

The party comforted Gwen who was crying her eyes out and they found some magical objects in the cellar as well as the village elder’s journal which stated that he had a vision from the platinum dragon bahamut himself saying he needed him to take care of this girl and keep her safe from harm that there were those who wished her harm and she must be hidden away and kept safe until the time is right. They raised her in that village until the day of the attack and then the village protected her with their lives. The elder also talked of how they would tell her one day on how to get home as she was to visit all of the kings of the land and get the zenithian equipment entrusted to them for safety and then finally return to her rightful place in zenithia. It contained a map to the zenithian tower where she was to go as well as a list of those who were entrusted with the equipment.

Gwen saw this and told the party that she now knows what she has to do but she needs their help as she can’t do it alone with so many dangerous monsters trying to end her. The party promised to protect her and to get the equipment she needs to return home. Gwen tol the party there was nothing but sadness for here now and that she wanted to leave. The party decided they wanted to have talloon gather diamonds for a true resurrection spell to attempt to resurrect rosa and they also wanted to track down alucard’s father and he said he might be hiding in a cave near here called the cave of betrayals and the party also knew of the location of another piece of equipment so they plotted out a course and set off.

As they left the village with gwen in tow the party all had a vision of the platinum dragon himself instructing them to bring Gwen to him and he would lend them his power. When the vision faded Yue looked down at her wrist and saw the bracelet her father gave her glowing faintly and prim noticed the stones were actually magical boon stones that seemed to have been triggered. The party steeled themselves with new resolve and left the ruined village with the chosen one in tow.

The cave of the Silver Statuette
Session 90

Three vampires rounded the corner and saw the party who had entered without invitation and were making a racket. They looked deeply into the parties eyes and asked told them that they were friends to kindly remove the other intruders. Most of the party resisted except for Aethil and Yue who fell under the charm of the vampires stares. The vampires summoned forth shadow demons who set upon the party. Drifting cloud and Pokeman Jones charged ahead to assault the vampires themselves. Aethil tried to stop them with a hold person but was only able to stun Prim with it who was stuck up against the back wall of the cave.

The vampires dueled Pokeman and Drifting cloud parrying their strikes and grappling them sinking their teeth into fur and flesh which seemed to regenerate their wounds as they drained their blood. Yue Threw Fireballs and Chromatic orbs at Drifting cloud and Pokeman Jones in an effort to get them to stop hurting her friends. Atheil summoned a large shadow booming hammer to fight rowan but in doing so she released Prim who cast forth a sunlight beam from his chest as he tore his shirt open blinding the vampires and making them recoil hissing at the party and unable to regenerate. Taking advantage of this Drifitng cloud Rowan and Pokeman damaged the one vampire heavily enough that he turned into bats but as soon as he did he was still in the sunlight beam and vaporized into ash Freeing Yue’s charm spell.

Aethil used her booming hammer on prim which knocked out his sunlight beam but Yue was able to damage the 2nd vampire into bats who fled deeper into the cave. Leaving only 1 remaining. Pokeman and Drifting cloud fought the last vampire who tried calling a swarm of rats on them but pokeman just played a round of golf with his staff with the swarm and Rowan cut through the final vampire’s bat form with her radiant blade glowing turning that vampire to ash as well and breking the spell on Aethil.

Taloon expressed his pleasure with how well the party fought and even more pleasure learning prim had a magic mansion from which they were going to rest and eat and recover from their last battle with the vampire which left them drained. They found treasure in this floor in the from of some magic arrows, a pink bead, 2 pair of boots with one of them being cursed and trying to eat drifting cloud’s foot until pokeman and Aethil poured booze into the boots making them cough up his foot and a magical rock. While the party was playing the the magical nature of this rock a bat slipped by the party only spotted by brighteyes as it made a beeline escape By the time Aethil heard the warning and responded the bat was out of site.

The party eventually found a ziggurat which led deeper into the cave and to the inner sanctum of the cave. They found a cavern mostly flooded but with an alter in the center with replicas of the silver statuette. on top of the alter were 4 coffins. pokeman used his deck of merry things and brought out a toy soldier and whittled it into a stake. He gave it to drifting cloud who methodically went from coffin to coffin checking for empty ones until he found one which was full with the vampire they just fought who was slumbering recovering from the recent battle. Drifting cloud drove the wooden stake through its heart and it let out a scream and disintegrated into a pile of ash in the coffin.

The party noticed a treasure chest in the middle of the alter and upon opening it saw the silver statuette resting on a pressure plate. the party formulated ideas on how to switch out the statue for something of similar weight so it wouldn’t trigger but they eventually settled on just grabbing it and using the wintersday orb to get out of there. The party went out taking with them a body they found who was part of a merchant’s guild that Taloon knew who had been drained of all of his life blood and was dead. Taloon told them his name was Jeromy and his family and guild would appreciate having him back. They carried him to the entrance of the cave and Aethil grabbed the silver statuette and floor trapped activated swinging blades at her as the large statue replicas began flooding the whole cave. Aethil teleported out as the rest of the party ran away from the cave watching it collapse in on itself.

The party took a moment to celebrate their victory and Taloon praised the party for helping him succeed and now his dream of finally opening a pizza shop instead of having to run weapons for the king of Endor was nearly at hand and that his wife Netta would be so proud of him that now all he needs to do is sell the statue to the art dealer in Endor for 60000gp and his dream would be complete and that the party had fully earned their reward of the rumor of where the zenithian equipment was. He told the party they should return to Endor sell the statue and they would celebrate and go over the details. The party suddenly became skeptical of Taloon and wondered who the art dealer was. They had Rowan cast a zone of truth around Taloon and they questioned him but he didn’t seem to be hiding and deception against the party and his motives seemed true but they were worried when he described the art dealer as only meeting him at night and offering up such a big reward for this statue.

The party has prim investigate the statue and they found that the statue contained very special eyes that would give creatures who were vulnerable to sunlight immunity towards it and they suddenly knew why the vampires in the cave held it as a highly guarded treasure. They asked what the art dealer looked like and they were told he wore fancy noble clothes and spoke as it well educated and that his name was Alucard. The party decided that they wanted to meet with this art dealer and they all headed back to Endor and prepared their plan for this meeting. Prim gave Taloon money to go start up his pizza shop back in Lakanaba his home town and he gladly traded it for the statue. With a tear in his eye he thanked the party for their kindness and that he was going to run off and tell Netta right away that their dreams were finally coming true and he would spread the good name of the crimson mercenaries to every customer he meets.

Taloon’s Task and The Minotaur’s Mystery
Session 89

The party celebrated on the deck of the Hades Jewel that night and Pokeman Jones and delsaphine got reacquainted with the crew before leaving gunner horrick at the helm of the ship while pokeman and delsaphine retired to the captain’s quarter’s for some well earned rest. Yue focused on bringing Rillix back and Drifting cloud made Rillix some armor for when he returned. the rest of the party just enjoyed the remainder of the voyage and they docked in endor.

The sought out Gwen Wes droop and loralyn and took them to Burland castle where they met again with King Ronald Burland and showed him the shield and guantlets with their powers unlocked and he told them he believes that Gwen was the child of prophesy spoken of and that she must be kept safe and if she wished to stay in the castle he would do what he could to protect her. The party told the king of what happened to santeem which deeply disturbed him as King Ivan Tsarevna was a good friend of his and he decided to send scouts to check out the castle as well. Wes and loralyn offered to stay with Gwen and look up any more leads on this zenithian equipment in the castle library while the party was busy hunting down any leads they could find. They figured if they could gather more equipment maybe more of Gwen’s memories would be unlocked.

The party left Wes Lorayln droop and Gwen at Burland and set out back to Endor and found taloon ready to take him up on his offer to find the silver statuette in exchange for information on a piece of zenithian equipment. He took them to the cave and they were presented with a room that had stairs covered with a grate, 3 portraits of a Minotaur one looking aggressive with an axe, one with a key over its heart and one with a keyhole in its stomach. There was also a transparent Minotaur in the middle of the room with a shadowy key over where its heart would be.

The party immediately took out the paint bursh and absorbed the color from the aggressive looking painting and the Minotaur turned into a solid stone looking creature and it attacked the party. The party smashed it threw fire at it and punched it as hard as they could to no avail and avoided its charging horns until suddenly it faded and became transparent again. The party tried to take a harder look at the paintings and debated what they meant.

While they were looking at the paining Drifting cloud poked the transparent minotaur in the foot causing it to solidify and it attacked them once more for a longer time catching prim in the gut with its axe as he touched the painting with the key. A light started to glow from within the solid Minotaur but the blow forced prim to disconnect from the painting. After a few rounds of fighting pokeman jones took the minotaur off its feet and draven stunned it and it became transparent once again. Rowan water walked out to the painting with the keyhole on it and touched it causing a keyhole to appear on the wall next to it. She ripped the painting off the wall and with brighteyes’s help they carried it back to the party.

The party tried to grab the shadow key from the back of the minotaur but it turned solid once again and attacked them for a time with the party trying to contain its attacks by knocking it off balance until it eventually turned transparent once again. This time while transparent Aethil touched the key painting causing the key to solidify and fall to the ground out of the Minotaur. Prim summoned his spoons to go pick up the key. The party touched the keyhole painting causing a hole to open on a nearby wall and they put the key into the keyhole and the grate retracted revealing stairs that they could travel down.

Down below the are looked like it was soaked with water. they found a few treasure chests which included a flute that could summon loose coins and cause them to follow like the pied piper. Drifting cloud found a belt that made rillix want to sit inside it s well as a button which he pressed which caused the whole room to start filling up with water. Water elementals began emerging from the rising tide and the party started to get engulfed by them. Drifting cloud quickly ran back to push the button again and it shut off the incoming water and the party were flanked with shadow demons as well. Through use of electric and radient spells as well as some extra elbow grease from pokeman jones they finished off their foes on this level and found stairs that went downward further into the cave. Here they argued loudly about whether they should rest or not before continuing on alerting everything on the level to their presence. Around the 1st corner the party discovered the inhabitants of this cave were in fact vampires and they arrived to come see who disturbed their lair.

Captain Pokeman Jones’s Catch of the day
Session 88

Prim2 ate dinner with Anastasia and then they took a walk in the royal garden getting to know one another. Prim learned that her father was building up his forces because he feared threat of invasion from a kingdom to the north Bonmalmo and from the growing threat of monsters which have been more bold since Psaro the manslayer began passing through the lands. Upon asking if she knew anything about him she told prim2 the tale of how Psaro was an elf who lived for a long time already and generations ago his love Rosa was killed by roaming bandits who attacked the town of Elfville. He tried everything in his power to bring her back, however the loneliness of the years slowly drove him mad as attempt after attempt to bring her back failed. Anastasia believes he now seeks to destroy all of mankind as a revenge for all he has suffered after losing his beloved Rosa who was still buried in a town named after her tragic tale “Rosaville”. Prim and Anastasia continued to talk through the night and prim 2 conveyed this information to the party later that night.

In the pit bar Delsaphine bought pokeman another drink and tried to cheer him up from the tournament telling him he was more suited for a life of adventure and didn’t belong cooped up in a castle anyway that was more suited for a Priss like prim. She told him to get off his ass that they were going to go get her ship back that she had a boat chartered already in the harbor and she wasn’t letting it get away this time was he with her? Pokeman told her she was god damn right he was with her and he went out to rally the party.

The party told Alena about the castle and that they had allies there looking at it. with a worried look on her face she bolted out of town with Christo and Brey to go check on her home.

The party boarded a small ship and Pokeman sailed them out into the harbor west of Endor. After a few hours sailing they spotted the Hades Jewel of a course west. Darkness was falling and they were able to saddle up next to the ship undetected. Drifting cloud took a rope and walked up the back of the Hades Jewel and tied it down and the party all prepared to board and retake the ship. Prim flew into the air and with his fiddle and went for the main deck high in the sky as delsaphie called lets go take my fucking ship back! and she scrambled up the back of the ship and ran a lizardman through with a spear. As the rest of the party boarded the alarm was sounded that there were intruders above deck and the mind flayers came to see what the commotion was about. they mind blasted prim out of the sky and he landed among the bulk of their forces.

The rest of the party boarded from the back of the ship as quick as they could and started to fight their way past the cannons and tried to reach prim as the crew was holding him down and beating him with heavy clubs as a mind flayer was going for his brain trying to eat it drifitng cloud arrived on time and punched the mind flayer driving him away. Pokleman noticed the gunpowder everywhere that the ship was highly volatile and Yue’s eyes lit up as she wanted to take the whole place out until delsaphine told her her crew may still be alive and she would prefer them not charred and she had to hold back on her fire magic.

Rowan looked over the side of the ship as the battle raged and gasped as she saw a large creature coming toward the surface and she knew what it was and tried to hold the monster back with a hold monster spell but it was coming too fast and the Kracken breached the surface of the water its tentacles whipping around at the party. Prim was about to be crushed by the tentacle but he finally snapped out of his stun and dimension doored away from those holding him up to the crows nest.

The party began to split their attention between the lizardmen crew mind flayers and the Kracken itself. He Hade’s Jewel crew began to fall one after another but the Kracken brought down lightning strikes on the party. Rowan tried to hold the monster once again but he shook it off and grabbed her with his tentacle and flung her off of the ship into the bay where she sunk like a rock in her heavy armor. A Mind Flayer grabbed Pokeman Jone’s face and he didn’t see Rowan hit the drink but Drifting cloud did and he ran to the side of the ship and dove off immediately getting to rowan and trying to swim up with her in her heavy armor but they continued to sink. Rowan was able to cast walk on water and she created solid stairs out of the water itself with strong current and she clomped herself out of the water soaking wet with Drifting could’s help and he got her back into the boat.

On the ship Prim was casting disintegrate at the Kracken while yue was unloading all of her magic missiles while eating lightning strikes from the Krackenand Aethil was smashing tentale after tentacle with her booming shadow hammer while trying to tend to the party’s wounds while rowan got back on the ship. Pokeman crushed a few mind flayers but got grapped by one of them and stunned and it was about to extract his brain when drifting cloud made it back onto the ship and hit it with a stunning strike ceasing its carnivorous action. He punched through its head and took out its brain and taunted with Kracken with it only to gather its attention and hear telepathiclly the power word kill “oh fiddleysticks”. as the magic incantation took hold Drifting cloud dropped over onto the deck dead.

Rowan screamed NO! and tried to run over to him as the newly freed Pokeman Jones Jumped onto the kracken and hit it with all his might with his radiant staff striking vital point after vital point that were opened up with his partie’s magical assaults on it and he finally stuck a killing blow on the beast and it collapsed and sunk back into the ocean.

The party gave up a cheer and Prim cast animate object and brought the corpse back onto the ship and rowan ran over and called for divine intervention to help drifting cloud even though he was already dead. she called out NO not like this Lurue please help more sincerely than she ever has in her life after being just rescued by drifting cloud and this time Lurue heard and answered her calls. The storm clouds the kracken brought into the sky parted and a rainbow shot down from the sky instantly returning drifting cloud’s soul to his body. As his eyes opened he and rowan saw a glimpse of the Face of Lurue and as they blinked it was gone but they felt her warm embrace. The party harvested the Kracken and Pokeman made a necklace out of one of its teeth and enhanced his staff with another.

With everyone safe delsaphine took pokeman below deck and they searched room after room until they found her crew with many of them still safe. They told them the Kracken was dead as were all of his minions and the crew celebrated and proclaimed Pokeman Jones the new Captain of the ship for killing the Kracken. Delsaphine asked if she could be his 1st mate and he told her they were Co-captains that this was her ship too. At that moment delsaphine knew this was the man she loved and they went back above deck and introduced the crew to the party. They Celebrated on the deck of the ship that night with Aethil shooting off light based fireworks Rio fired off rainbows and Pokeman and Delsaphine stood at the head of the ship and pokeman put his arm around her and told her this is her ship to sail until he gets back from saving the world and then they are going sailing around the world finding adventure and would she do that and wait for him. She told him he is god damn right she will and she kissed him there as the fireworks and celebrations went off above the ship celebrating the newly christened Captain Pokeman Jones.

Prim’s Potential at Endor’s Ender Tournament
Session 87

The party all gathered in the Pit and prepared for the matches of the day. The fights were set and in the 1st round Alena Fought against a knight named Serge and after trading blows she won the day and moved onto the quarter finals.

In the Quarter Finals Alena fell to Prim Pressleaf stunning her and blasting her with lightning, Aethil got her revenge of Danvin for being insulting to women the night before, Drifting cloud’s stunning strikes were too much for vivian who brushed him off the previous night and they had to stop the fight, and Pokeman Jones faced off against Psaro the manslayer who brought a vorpal blade to the fight and attempted to cut his head off with it. Pokeman took heavy damage but hung in there and as he beat down Psaro he became even more crazed and spouted things like “I will kill all you humans” “You will pay for what you did to her.” As pokeman drove the butt of his staff through Psaro his form crumpled into snow revealing a simulacrum and moving him into the semifinals.

In the semifinals Prim rode into the arena in spectacular fashion on his griffon and charmed Aethil with his succubi and had her drink a potion of feign death which had her collapse to the arena in the 1st round dazzling the crowd with his guile and he moved onto the finals, In a much more heated battle Pokeman jones and drifting cloud battled across every inch of the arena with wall walking and boots of spider climb being used. Pokeman jones ate grapes of wrath and raged through the battle while drifitng cloud tried to play keepaway staying at a distance and plinking away at pokeman while trying to stay invisible and hidden. The crown witnessed pokeman swinging at the air until one of his shots finally rang true and his followed the blood trail and eventually wore drifitng cloud down and he submitted to defeat and pokeman moved onto the finals.

In the final round of Prim vs Pokeman Jones Prim came bursting out of the ground with his gauntlets of ground smashing creating a big hole and tried to hide in it with invisibility. But with his previous experience with an invisible attacker pokeman went into the hold and beat prim heavily. Prim realized this plan was flawed and he wouldn’t stand up to that for much longer and he called his griffon and flew up to the sky above pokeman’s reach. From there he unleshed all of his lightning and battle magic heavily wounding pokeman until he ate his candy cane from wintersday and all of his wounds healed.

Prim only had his control and illusion magic left so he took advantage of Pokeman’s lack of mental defensed and created an illusion around him of a labyrinth maze and taunted him at the end of the maze. Prim made it seem like the maze was filling up with lava behind him and pushed him through the maze to the end where he was waiting for him with a mass suggestion spell that he give up hopes of winning the tournament and marrying Anastasia as his last wife didn’t go well. The suggestion rung true to both a charmed and un charmed Pokeman Jones and he lost the will to fight and none of his defenses held up and he went up to the king and forfeited the fight telling them he could not continue and went back to the pit leaving Prim pressleaf as the winner of the tournament.

The crowd cheered and upon looking around Prim saw many familiar faced Wes Loralyn Eralosa droop Nendra Halia Delsaphine Taloon Christo and Brey were all in the crowd watching. He saw Taloon sharing a giant turkey leg with Yue and Rillix Delsaphine was running to the pit to comfort pokeman jones. Erolosa and Droop were cheering their hearts out for Prim with Wes and Loralyn standing and applauding and Nendra was just looking on from her seat. Eralosa and droop were the 1st ones onto the arena floor and gave the battered and black eyed prim a hug as the King of Endor congratulated prim and told him to enjoy the moment and after he was done celebrating to meet him in his chambers so they could talk about his daughter’s marriage.

Eralosa looked confused but Prim covered it up and told her to go get some snacks and ice cream with her mom while he finished talking with his adoring fans. She ran off with droop to go find Nendra. Prim quickly saw the danger he was in with Nendra there and a potential new bride and began sweating more heavily than when he fought pokeman jones. He quickly devised a plan and teleported to Prim 2 telling him of the situation and that he planned to live a double life with Prim 2 marrying the princess of Endor and Prim spending time with Erolosa and Nendra and them periodically they would switch places so he could be at two places at once. Prim2 excited with the idea of being married to royalty quickly agreed to the plan. Prim sent Prim2 to go meet with the King while Prim caught up with Eralosa and Nendra jsut in time to see ice cream in one hand and candy in the other.

Eralosa Polished off the ice cream and popped the lollipop in her mouth and held both Prim and Nendra’s hands. She told them how nice it was to be a family again and that since daddy helped make the sword coast safe again now mommy was able to spend time with her in neverwinter and that she hopes when daddy is done saving the world they can all be a family again. She told prim of the adventure they had going up to Luskan and how she got to see a dragon. Nendra looked at prim for the 1st time in a long time and told him that maybe she was wrong about him that he was able to make the world safe for her and her daughter with defeating Auctorius the calculating she doesn’t have to watch her back constantly now and she is grateful and maybe they can make this work when its all over with. They walked and talked for the rest of the night.

Back in the pit Delsaphine consoled Pokeman Jones with some Ender’s Ender booze and told him he didn’t want to marry that royal slut anyway when in fact he could have a much better life of adventure with her and in fact she found the Hades Jewel and chartered a ship that was ready to go when she was. She asked Pokeman Jones for help taking back her ship and he agreed and said he would try to get the rest of the party there as well so the mission would be a success.

Lor arrived in Zenithia with the barbarian tribe at the guild headquarters outside of Santeem castle. upon looking around he sent a sending to Rowan “Hey sweetie are you sure you sent us to the right place? there is no castle here just a hole in the ground and there are no townspeople in the village. I think we might be lost” Rowan was confused by the message and went to tell everyone what she heard.

Drifting Cloud took the time after the tournament to talk to Wes Loralyn and Gwen and when he brought the Zenithian equipment near gwen the pulsing on the equipment got brighter and more rapid. He had gwen try on the shield and a bright light shot out from the shield towards the sky and the shield reformed to the arms and it seemed as if the hidden potential of the shield was unlocked. after proclaiming “holy shit” he ran over to prim and brought him nendra and Eralosa and had Gwen try on the Guantlets which also flashed brightly and shot light up towards the sky unlocking new potential that the guantlets could do.

Drifting cloud told Gwen he thought she was the chosen one of prophecy in this land and she said she didn’t know what that meant and what was she supposed to do. Her eyes glazed over and she held her head saying that she was starting to remember some things about a castle in the sky that she was from there but it was like when waking from a dream and much of it had slipped away. She told the party that she was from a village near there until monsters attacked and she was rescued by Wes and brought to the sword coast where she met the rest of them. Wes said he knew where the village was if they wanted to investigate it.

Prim2 entered the hall with the king and Anastasia. The King of Endor spoke “Yes Prim Pressleaf you have proven yourself to a warrior to be reckoned with. Allow me to properly introduce you to my daughter Anastasia. he motions to the princess sitting in her throne who stands and timidly nods. Anastasia spoke softly Its nice to meet you Prim. Prim cast minor illusion to create a rose and goes to hand it to Anastasia, right before she grabs it it explodes into an array of different butterflies. Prim uses the moment of confusion and awe to grab the Princesses hand and give it a kiss The pleasure is all mine Anastasia’s eyes grew wide with amazement. Anastasia said my Mr. Pressleaf you are full of surprises. You are nothing like who I imagined would would win the tournament. I was afraid I was going to be betrothed to some rough barbarian. Would you please join us for the feast she motions to a table set with with a Hero’s feast presented. They sat down and began to eat and get to know each other.

With so much happened the party gathered together to discuss their options on what to do next. Do they investigate santeem and who was going to tell alena? do they go after the Hades Jewel? Take taloon up on his offer to get the statue and see if they can earn his info on where another piece of zenithian equipment is. Or investigate gwen’s home town? They all meet in the Center of Endor’s Arena.

What Rises from Phoenix Ashes
Session 86

Surprised at seeing her father transform into a Phoenix and take off into the sky Yue let out a cry for her father and sprouted Fiery wings of her own realizing previously untapped powers and gave chase. Drifting cloud Alena and Aethil jumped on the magic carpet and chased after Yue and Prim took out his golden fiddle and played the fly spell for himself pokeman jones and Rowan.

As the Phoenix rose up into the sky crackling bits of energy came off it and pulled chunks of the broken birdsong tower up with it until they rested high up in the sky above the tower. The Phoenix sat in the middle of the rubble floating in the sky. Yue was 1st to catch up with the Phoenix and Yunlong was able to get a message to her telepathically before the Bestial form took over. “ Yue stop me please before I hurt anyone, I am losing control”. The rest of the party caught up as the phoenix let out a screech and set upon the party blasting fireballs out of its mouth scattering bits of rubble across the sky. Pokeman flew up and caught up with the party and tried striking the phoenix but ended up burning himself with each touch.

The party tried to keep their distance and attack the phoenix from range as it flew back and forth shooting rays of fire at the platform and the party members on the carpet. Prim tried a disintegrate but being unsteady in the air he only hit the rock the phoenix was on obliterating it. The phoenix took to the sky again and started to dive towards the party once again but Aethil caught it with several necrotic blasts that the phoenix wasn’t able to heal through and it hit the central platform hard with pokeman jones and Alena dodging out of the way at the last second.

As the Phoenix began to turn to Ash Yunlong regained consciousness for a few seconds and told Yue Telepathically to stop Psaro’s experiments before they hurt anyone else. The phoenix crumbled into a pile of ash. Yue immediately ran to the pile screaming out her father’s name. She searched the pile and found an amulet with a family portrait in it and an egg about the size of a beach ball that was quite warm. She hugged onto both of them tightly and began to cry.

The party went to comfort her but the magic that was holding the rubble in the air began to fade and the platform they were on listed and everyone on it was thrown off. Drifting cloud quickly leaped onto the magic carpet before the platform plummeted. Yue with her free hand used her fire wings to guide her to catch Alena as they all fell, Drifting cloud went and drove the carpet under Aethil to catch her and them dove off to grab rowan with his jolly boots granting him flight. Prim played his fiddle once more and cast fly on the remaining party and they halted their descent as the rubble smashed back into the tower making a large booming noise. The all set down on the ground floor outside birdsong tower.

A few minuted later after collecting themselves they saw an old man coming out of the rubble of the tower asking what all the commotion was. The party grabbed for their weapons but Alena ran up to him explaining this was her mentor Brey the grey Wizard and they caught each other up on events that Brey made it this far on his way back to the castle but christo was captured by beholders. They told him that he was rescued already and they all camped in the tower for the night and then headed back to Santeem castle in the morning with both of Alena’s heralds now safe.

Upon entering samteem castle they were greeted wit ha royal welcome as Alena returned and they presented the birdsong nectar to the king along with a safely returned Christo and Brey. The king was heartily impressed and told Alena he was wrong about trying to keep her cooped up in the castle and told her she needed to follow her heart and go out there and make the world safe as she saw fit. He told her they were holding a tournament in the castle town of Endor to the east that he thinks she would enjoy testing her strength there and that was also the last known direction psaro was seem heading. They even caught rumor that he may be bold enough to show himself at the tournament. That was all the party needed to hear and their next destination was decided.

Before they left santeem castle with king presented the party with Zenithian gauntlets which were a family heirloom for generations and a gold reward for helping the kingdom. They thanked the king and prim asked if he could set up recruiting soldiers for the kingdom to help protect this area and strengthen their alliances. With how thin the guard was in Santeem following recent events King Ivan gladly accepted. They spent the night at santeem and Rowan went outside and was able to summon the moon door under the full moon and talk with Gwyn who gave her a light bottle as a present. They sent time getting to know each other learning of Gwyn’s lonliness waiting for adventure as they set off for Endor. The party sent out a call to Lor to being prim’s barbarian tribe to help fortify the castle then the party set off for Endor.

With the few days travel the party had Yue was still trying to come to terms with what the egg they found in the Phoenix’s ashes mean. What exactly happened to her father, is he still contained within the egg somehow or is it still a bestial phoenix form? Either way she knew she wanted to take care of the egg for now and only time would tell.

The party arrived to the Castle town of Endor and began exploring the town. they discovered the streets were busy with citizens scrambling around shop keeping were doing business left and right with all of the influx of people coming to see the tournament the next day. Alena suggested they go see the king and anyone who wanted to go register themselves for the tournament. They went to the castle itself and were presented before the king Rothas Endor and the Princess Anastasia Endor.

The King explained the rules of the tournament and that he was seeking the most powerful warrior in the land to join his kingdom and strengthen his domain and to make sure there was incentive he put his daughter’s hand in marriage up as the prize for the tournament. Alena proclaimed her desire to prove her strength and he proclaimed if it were a woman to win the tournament Anastasia would not be bound by this deal but would be free to choose a husband on her own. He wished the party luck as Alena Pokeman jones, Drifting cloud, Prim, and Aethil signed up for the tournament. Anastasia suggested they investigate the competition in the “Pit” which was a training area they go before they start. Most of the party except for prim went to the Pit, Prim heard rumors of a casino in Endor and went to investigate that instead of training for the tournament.

At the casino Prim took some bets on monster fights and lost some gold he ran into an obese man names Torneko Taloon. They spoke of recent events around Endor and how Taloon was also a merchant who dreamed of opening his own pizza shop but right now had to make his way selling weapons to the Endor Empire but if he could acquire a rare and valuable statue in a cave north east of Endor he would have enough money to open up his own shop and he wanted to hire prim’s party for such an endeavor. Prim said they would be happy to help and they would meet again after the tournament. Prim called out his succubi and enjoyed the rest of the night at the casino losing money while the rest of the party trained.

At the pit the party saw mostly brawlers smashing training dummies. Upon talking to one of them named Danvin they learned that the king has been trying to up his army with a hostile neighboring castle town and with dangerous monsters on the rise. They asked Danvin about his battle strategy and he told them they would just have to wait and see him on the field tomorrow rather than give it out to his competition beforehand. Drifting cloud saw a female tiefling mage in the corner practicing spell incantations. She caught him staring at her and stopped what she was doing and asked what the fuck he was looking at, they got into a confrontation and she stormed off saying she would see him on the battlefield tomorrow. The party trained in the pit hard that day and went in search of prim that night finding him drinking with Danvin at the casino. The party got Danvin and Yue drunk on a particularly strong Ale called Endor’s Ender and gave it to Everfull to taste. Alena slung Yue over her shoulder and took her back to the inn to rest as it looked like she had enough.

The party questioned Danvin and he said he heard Rumors that Psaro the Manslayer himself was said to have signed up for the tournament and there was speculation as to whether or not the king would allow him to marry his daughter should he win. He then began to drunkenly hit on Rowan telling her how pretty she was and how he would want to take her if she was not married before he passed out onto the table. Rowan and pokeman carried Danvin back to his inn and they all went to settle in for the night as as they did Drifting cloud noticed the Zenithian shield and gauntlets they were carrying were starting to pulse and glow slightly.

Birdsong Tower Business
Session 85

In the morning the party decided to set off for birdsong tower. Christo decided to set off for Santeem castle in search of Brey in case he made it back there. The party headed west and found the crumbling tower on the edge of the archipelago of land. They entered the tower and immediately came upon a bird floor trap. they saw an old body was crumpled near it. The spirit of the body warned the party not to venture into the tower as it was full of traps and they would never reach the top if it is the bird song nectar that they sought it was best to turn around and forget they ever saw this place. Yue decided to set the spirit free and incinerated the corpse laying near the trap.

The spirit thanked them as he faded away and warned them of another group of people who came in before them that they went up the tower to the west. As the party began to explore that way they heard hoof beats coming their way and saw ghostly horses being ridden by skeletons. Rowan stepped forth and used turn undead and a bright light flew out from her and she destroyed most of them. Drifting cloud found one of the horses and touched its Ki finding without its rider it was just scared and sought to be free. He took its reigns gently and was about to relate this information when pokeman smashed the undead horse in with his staff.

The party came upon a door that was locked and drifting cloud began constructing a key with his smithing tools while the rest of the party explored the 1st floor. they found a set of stairs going downward and disabled the bird trap. after about 20 minutes drifting cloud fashioned a key that worked in the door and heard a satisfying click as it unlocked the door. Pokeman drifting cloud and rowan put their shoulders into the door as hard as they could but it wouldn’t move until yue came up to the other part of the door and pulled instead of pushed and the door swung open easily. The party proceeded through the door and saw a set of stairs they proceeded upward.

On the 2nd floor they encountered foul smelling beasts called Catoblepas. They laid down food in hopes that they would take the bait and be distracted so they could slip by but only one of them seemed interested in the food while the others charged the party. they fought these foul smelling beasts and coughed and gagged their way to victory taking several death rays in the process but holding together. Prim managed to tame a beast in the process of fighting them and lead it back to the 1st floor. Back on the 2nd floor the party discovered 3 orbs and 3 gates. upon arcane inspection Yue discovered that they would work if subjected to certain magical energy. She used fire magic on a red orb and it opened, cold magic on a blue orb, and lightning magic on a yellow orb and all of the gates opened before they party.

With the gates opened the party found 2 sets of stairs leading upwards one to the east and one to the west. they chose to go east and found a pillar with a button on it. upon pushing the button part of the wall slid away revealing a cache with treasure in it a magical paintbrush and a silk scarf. The party proceeded to the 3rd floor.

On the 3rd floor the party found beholder type monsters known as Death Kiss who electrically shocked them if they stuck it with melee attacks. Prim stunned them with hypnotic patters and they defeated them taking one at a time with Alena gaining confidence in her fighting skills after her traumatic battle with the deadlier form of beholders. The party continued deeper into the tower discovering big holes in the walls of the tower blown away by battles long past presumably by siege equipment. They began to hear a low hum in the room to the west and discovered a rod attached to the wall. Drifting cloud threw a metal dart into the room and it stopped midway reversed course and stuck to the magnet. 90% of the room was just a large gaping hole and the only path through the room looked crumbling and sketchy.

Prim came up with the idea of empyting his pockets and he stripped down into his tighty whities and activated fly on himself with his golden fiddle and flew past the magnetic rod not spotting any way to turn it off. He did take the wintersday orb with him. He flew around the corner and found stairs up to the 4th floor of the tower where he was halted by 3 guards. He pretended to be lost and the guards took him up to the roof of the tower to meet their boss and a man tied up on the roof. Prim conversed with the boss telling him he was just lost and somehow was good at running and made it past all of the monsters. After conversing with prim for awhile the boss became frustrated and told his guards to take care of him back downstairs where he couldn’t bother him anymore.

The guards took prim back to the 4th floor to run their swords through him but as they all swung at the same time prim activated the wintersday orb and teleported back to his friends. He told them of what he saw and drifting cloud took the orb and ran along the wall and the rest of the party joined him through the orb as they gave him a short time to get upstairs. They ambushed the guards and took them out easily and knocked the final one out. They tied him up and asked him who the man they had tied up on the roof was. upon answering that it was Yunlong. Yue recognized that as her father’s name and said they needed to rescue him. Prim jumped up stating that that was no problem and dimension doored up to the roof to Chung Wah’s surprise and grapped Yunlong and dimension doored back down to the party and gave Yue’s father back to her. they quickly untied him and they greeted each other with surprise with him saying how grateful he was that his daughter had come to rescue him and wanted to know how she got here.

As Yue was starting to explain Chung Wah and his Aarakocra guards came down the stairs and told the party they would not interrupt his experiments. and he set upon the party who clashed with the body guards handling them after a short time but Chung wah moved lightning fast and was fending off drifting cloud pokeman and Alena parrying blow after blow and whittling them down. They managed to get a few blows in here and there to weaken him giving Prim enough time to charge his disintegrate. Yue threw a chromatic orb which he dodged but fell right into prim’s line of sight and he nailed him in the chest with the disintegrate ray turning him to ash.

Catching their breath Yunlong gave Yue a big hug and told her how proud he was of her and what a beautiful young woman she became. He brushed her hair out from her ear and showed her the earring she wore and explained that the only reason she looked as old as she did not was because of the earring she wore. normally her people would age much slowly but whoever adopted her must have recognized that and given her this give as to not be outcast from her friends in the human world. Yunlong explained the night Yue Xing and her parents were separated.

Yunlong explained that he supposedly had the blood of the Phoenix tribe in him but he fell in love with a commoner Shin Lan and their union was not approved of by the rest of their clan. They didn’t care and kept it a secret and soon after shin lan gave birth to the twins Yue and Xing. Chung Wah upon discovering this set out with the clan to kill the children but one of their friends in the village tipped them off that he was coming and they ran to hide the children away. Yunlong was captured while the children were hidden away to lead separate lives. Shin Lan ran to the cliffs and fell off after being pursued while Yunlong was dragged away to a prison to rot.

The clan assumed Shin Lan died from the fall but she lost her memory after encountering hags in the woods and she joined up with Thalia’s troop. Yue was hidden well and taken care of by her grandmother where xing was raised to be an assassin by Chung Wah because he wanted to see Yunlong’s son be corrupted and tried to brainwash him to kill Yunlong who was in prison. Chung wah fed lies to Xing his whole life about how the man in the cell killed his father and now it was time to take revenge. He Eventually told him to kill him when he felt the time was right. Xing never ended up doing so and eventually reunited with Yue and fell in love with her later learning they were related. Suddenly the pieces of Yue’s life began falling together like a puzzle’s picture becoming clear.

While Yunlong talked the group traveled to the roof of the tower and collected birdsong nectar for the king of Santeem. Yunlong said he didn’t feel good and had to lay down. they party gave him the flying carpet to lay on and he stared up at the sun. He gave Yue a bracelet and told her it was special to hold onto it. Yue asked her father what Chung Wah wanted with this place here and he said a man names Psaro was conducting experiments to discover the secret of evolution whatever that meant and they injected him with things trying to test a theory out, using Chung Wah to carry out the experiments. Yunlong told Yue he felt strange like he was going out of control and he sat up suddenly and grew brighter and brighter and when the bright light cleared before them sat a Phoenix which took off into the sky with a loud screech.

Midnight at the Oasis
Session 84

Prim comforted Alena and told her that she did great for fighting evil that even as experienced they were that that was really dangerous even for them. She seemed to feel a little better. The party continued to search the room and found a stockpile of treasured the beholder had. a ring an amulet and a potion. They kept searching for the golden bracelet but were blocked by the boulder that crushed the beholder. Pokeman and drifting cloud tried to move it to no avail but then Aethil and Rowan slammed into the huge boulder getting it to roll enough that it kicked up over some rocks and cleared a path. They made their way deeper into the cave and heard some muffled struggles. they discovered a man tied up in the back of the cave and a chest.

Alena pushed through the rest of the party calling out “CHRISTO!” And she rushed to untie him and gave him a hug. Christo expressed his concern as to what she was doing out of the castle and she explained her father’s dark premonitions that something bad was going to happen and he asked her to go with this group as he felt she would be safer. Christo thanked the party for protecting her that they knew each other since they were children. Rowan went up to christo and healed his wounds and drifting cloud found the golden bracelet in the treasure chest.

Alena and Christo looked at the bracelet in amazement proclaiming that this was a treasure that was passed down in their lore called the armlet of transmutation which was supped to help rituals complete more easily and negate poor effects of failed rituals. The party went back outside the cave and had to hurry back to Frenor as the time was getting late to meet the kidnappers to try to get the fake princess Cindy back.

The party arrived in Frenor and planned an ambush for the kidnappers and were going to steal back the fake princess. When the midnight hour came drifting cloud stood in the graveyard with Yue perched in a tree across the river. The Kidnappers arrived and declared that they were here for the golden bracelet. Drifting cloud demanded that they see the princess 1st that she was unharmed. The kidnappers told him, that they were the black dagger and hired to get the golden bracelet and that they know that woman isn’t the real princess so they don’t care if she lives or dies all they care about is completing their contract and that they haven’t harmed her.

They let Drifting cloud know that the princess wasn’t here but they know her location and will reveal it once they have completed their end of the job. Drifting cloud pulled the bracelet back and wasn’t sure whether to give it to them or not and the kidnappers made a demand of give it to them now or she will die. He went to hand it over to them but then turned and nodded to yue who flung a fireball into the graveyard shattering the grave stones and sending the kidnappers flying. They quickly grabbed flasks from within their cloaks and quaffed them disappearing proclaiming they will regret them as they teleported away badly burned.

Rowan scryed on the fake princess and saw the burned men pull her out of a house and they saw a vast desert. They saw them take her out into the desert and kill her with a sword which cut the scrying spell. The party looked on with horror about the fate of the fake princess and asking around town about the black dagger gang they discovered that they were a nomadic people located in a large desert to the south west of the frenor cave. The party sent brighteyes off with the wintersday orb to cross the mountains and restocked on supplies and slept that night in frenor. The next morning brighteyes made it to the edge of the forest by the desert and the party caught up with him. They navigated through the forest with rillix stopping yue from eating something poisonous and rowan stopping Aethil from doing the same.

The party finally reached the desert and tracked down the camp site of the nomadic black dagger guild by following their peridot markers through the desert. Prim used the unending bottle of water and his chest of colding to save the party from the heat of the desert as they went and the party used their newly purchased sand shoes to avoid sinking into the shifting sands. The path led them to an oasis and some ramshackle buildings they had thrown together at the site of an oasis.

But as they arrived in the town they could tell that something was wrong as there was little noise other than the sound of the wind blowing sand throughout the town. As they explored the town they discovered every inhabitant had been beaten or torn to shreds. On inspection it looked like bludgeoning, poison and piercing damage killed the inhabitants of this town. Alena looked on in horror as they explored asking who could have done such a thing while Christo tried to protect her from what she was seeing but she insisted she needed to remember this.

Prim looted the camp site’s inn and yue inspected the stables getting her head stuck in a pot as she smelled food but only found a chewed bone at the bottom of it but realized it was magical and caused good smells to cover up the stench of the stables. Prim found a magical pen and several coins with black dagger symbols on it as well as a coin with a mouth on it. As they explored the town prim felt his coin purse getting lighter and lighter and he found out the coin was a coin of hunger and was eating through and coin it was coming in contact with. He quickly took it out and threw it on the ground and the party destroyed the coin.

Prim took to his griffon to search for the fake princess. Rowan pulled several of the bodies together and cast zone of truth and speak with the dead on them. They learned that they were attacked because they failed their mission to their client and he rode in on a massive dragon with a dark priestess and slaughtered them all. They asked who their client was and they replied Psaro the Manslayer, they asked who the dark priestess was and they replied his dark priestess Garaelle. They asked where the body of the fake princess was and he pointed west of the sign post and replied buried in sand. Prim flew that direction with the griffon and discovered a freshly made grave in the sand which was quickly being covered over by the shifting sands but he was able to retrieve her. He brought cindy the fake princess back to town. They asked how they contact Psaro the Manslayer and he says they use dead drop zones and then the speak with dead spell ended and he collapsed back into the sand.

The party attempted a resurrection spell of cindy with alena begging her to come back prim singing a song of her bravery and yue apologizing for throwing the fireball but the thread of her spirit still slipped away and they were unable to resurrect Cindy. Alena asked that she be taken care of like all who dies in the zenitian isles do with a pyre burning and have her spirit sent up to Bahamut in Zenithia. The party gathered what they could and as night fell on the desert they burned the bodies who fell victim to the slaughter. and rowan said prayers over them. Aethil took time to go swimming in the lake and used magic to create orbs above her head attracting fireflies and dragonflies for brighteyes to play with.

Alena proclaimed she was cold and Christo gave alena his cloak and Christo walked along the shore with Alena. Prim jumped into one of the nearby shacks and watched them as they talked about the days events and how they were glad to see each other was safe. they stood on the shore of the oasis and watched the fireflies dance through the night. Christo was going to put his arm around Alena but became too nervous as they had only been friends up until that point. Drifting cloud casually walked by and discretely bumped Alena into Christo who caught her and then kept his arm around her. Prim knew he had to do something quickly if he were to have a chance with the princess so he began to cast a spell but did not notice Yue creeping up behind him and she hip checked him into the window causing the spell to dissipate. Christo leaned over and worked up the courage to give Alena a kiss. Yue chastised prim for trying to disrupt their time together but prim continued his plans to win her heart.

As everyone settled down from the days events prim cast his magnificent mansion and everyone entered. Alena was enthusiastic to show Christo around they passed by Yue’s room where she was happily setting things on fire in a room prim created just for her. and they proceeded down the hall to their respective chambers. Prim devised a plan where he animated a bowl of warm water and a towel and wanted to make Christo pee himself while he slept but upon entering his chambers the objects found it empty and they found Christo in Alena’s chambers sobbing and unloading her emotions telling Christo of their events so far and he was starting to comfort her when the magic bowl and towel came into the room. they were confused and took it as a part of their culture that they should wash up before turning in for the night so they began using the towel and water to clean themselves.

The magic did not last though and when the spell ran out mid cleaning the bowl fell from its levitated position and spilled all over Christo’s pants. Alena jumped up and proclaimed on no Christo you are all wet this will never do and started taking off his pants. A very flustered Christo turned bright red and could only stutter out a but but…. Princess! The night concluded with Prim being unaware of his plans outcome but was convinced that everything went according to plan.

Bravery is in the eye of the Beholders
Session 83

The party decided to go to the cave south of Frenor wanting to save the fake princess as that seemed like the most pressing matter time wise. The party rested in Frenor that night and then headed south and entered the cave.

Drifting cloud took the lead into the cave moving down a set of stone stairs. Around the 1st corner he spotted a box being guarded by 2 griffons, he tried to move stealthily and saw a trip wire which he tried to jump over but his excitement in getting to the ox caught his paw on it as he stepped across causing rocks to fall on him and alerting the griffon’s to the party’s presence. the party fought the birds eventually exploding them into a pile of feathers and the party found a magical painter’s pallet. Aethil caught up to the party and told them that the king of santeem had continued to have horrible dreams getting worse and foreshadowing of something terrible about to happen to the castle and asked her (who he thought was alena) to seek out the adventuring party as he thought she would be safest there. Shortly after he lost his voice and the advisers suggested that alena search for birdsong necter in the birdsong tower to help the king which she agreed to do. From there Aethil tracked down the party to deliver the news.

Up ahead the party found a room filled with goblins ogres and boggles. Drifitng cloud tried to make himself invisible and tap one boggle on the shoulder to get the patrol to move a different direction but they noticed he was there and sounded the alarm. The foes rushed the party and the boggles drenched the floor with oil which was a bad timing for aethil who cast a wall of fire which lit rio ablaze who was standing in the oil. Alena jumped through the fire and began attacking the ogres proclaiming what fun she was having with prim behind her trying to put out where she was ablaze and to continue to impress her. Yue fire magic missiles through the flames and then attempted to douse the fire to her chagrin. The party defeated the foes on this upper level and discovered stairs heading downward with an iron grate across it. they noticed 2 pressure switches with a red orb on one of them. The party searched the upper level and discovered a blue orb in a chest in another party of the upper floor and used it on the pressure place and the gate retracted allowing entrance to the lower level.

Below the party were in a small rectangular room with a metal door and a big pile of wood in the middle of the room. Prim took a piece of the wood and lit it on fire with a makeshift torch he made out of an ogre greatclub cloth and fire from yue’s hands. He lit the wood on fire and the light cast from it shed everyone’s shadows onto the wall and the door to the south began shifting and making noises. Prim quickly doused the stick of wood but the shadows on the wall began wriggling and moving tearing themselves from the party members turning into shadow demons and the party engaged in battle with them dodging their claws and slashes they eventually dispelled them with radiant magic.

Prim saw the door to the south was only open a crack so the party placed the piece of wood on the stairs and had yue use a firebolt to light the wood while the rest of the party was upstairs. they heard the door below grinding and shifting. They sent an Aethil’s invisible familiar brighteyes down to investigate and seeing that the door was now open had him take the torch through the now open door and hid it around the corner so the party could now enter the room.

The party proceeded further into the cave and went the opposite way brighteyes did at a split in the road to avoid the lit torch led by the light from rowan’s shield . Prim gathered that the wood had an evil enchantment placed upon it and took 5 pieces for his bag. The party found themselves in a room with 4 black obelisks arranged in a square with hundreds of ruins scrawled across them and 4 pressure plates in the middle. 3 walls in the room were covered with a raidant barrier and skeletal remains of those who tried to pass through it were littered on the other side. prim yue alena and pokeman went to look at one each prim and yue saw most of the ruins were just gibberish except one that was the symbol for activate/deactivate. and they both touched it and the ruins slithered onto their hands.

Pokeman touched the incorrect ruin and was blasted back into the radiant field but held together with his armor protecting him taking only moderate damage. rowan stepped on a pressure place and was blown backwards by force damage. Prim quickly got to Alena before she touched a ruin and showed her the correct one to touch and she received a mark on her hand as well and yue did the same for pokeman. they all stepped on their corresponding pressure plates and the radiant field went down. There were 2 passages one to the south and one to the west. Aethil sent brighteyes to the west and was quickly snuffed out and the party heard “I SEE YOUUUU” whispered into all of their heads. The party readied themselves for battle. The skeletons arose from their crumpled positions and hooded bodaks rounded the corner to confront the party who began to charge them but stopped in their tracks when they saw a beholder rounding the corner from the west and from the south.

Alena and rowan took on the skeletons and shattered them. The beholder screeched and fired beams at the party picking yue up and slamming her into the incorrect pressure plates causing them to injure her with force damage. This turned back on the radiant field burning alena and rowan who back up into the southern beholder’s sight. the beholder fired its disintigration ray at rowan who dodged and the a chunk of one of the obelisks turned to ash while Alena was not a nimble and took a death ray to the chest and fell to one knee in shock of the pain she experienced.

Bloodied and trying to hold on prim rushed to Alena’s side and gave her a potion and then used his illusion magic to convince some of the bodak to jump ont othe pressure plates which killed them. This was the 1st time he saw fear in her eyes instead of her normal enthusiasm for adventure. Seeing her still with hair that looked like erolosa’s he felt an overwhelming desire to protect her and He reassured her things would be ok. Pokeman confronted the remaining bodaks trading blows with their necrotic fists as they burned him with each touch and gaze. Aethil and rowan tried to heal the party but found their magic fizzled in while in the beholder’s gaze in its antimagic cone. The beholders fired petrification rays striking Aethil who turned to stone running back to her new friends and Yue froze with Rillix on her shoulder in attack position ready to fire another spell off.

Drifting cloud got the western beholder’s attention firing crossbow bolts at it and sensing his opportunity with the gaze averted from him with his magical armor and weapons working once again pokeman set upon the beholder smashing its eye stocks and when the eye turned to see him he stuck his staff through the eye of the western beholder killing it.

Prim sensing the danger from the south told Alena to stay behind the corner. and he dimension doored right behind the southern beholder. and took out a potion he had been saving and waited until the beholder shut its eye and attempted to use its contents to glue the beholders eye shut but instead the beholder rocked and the potion fell in its mouth and its mouth sealed shut with the exception of a few crooked teeth. Thinking on his feet prim dodged 2 blasts from the beholder and charged its mouth with the boulder they recovered from their quest with the storm giants and shoved it into the beholder’s mouth and activated it so the baseball sized boulder turned back into its full 2 ton size and it expanded within the beholder who tried to open its mouth to spit it out but it was so firmly shut the boulder exploded out to the back of the beholder dropping it dead to the ground.

The party exhausted and bewildered about what just happened urged rowan to use her diamond dust to cure the pertrification from Yue and Aethil and the party caught their breath and reassured a shaken and crying Alena that she did fine as they all looked around at 2 dead beholders in the room.


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