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Session 27

The party brought Sunah’s body back to Halenshire where they broke the bad news to her father and brother. His father was inconsolable for awhile and wanted to be left alone and her brother Lor became more resolute and decided to embark on a new path in life joining the knights of the unicorn to better learn how to protect others. They buried Sunah right outside the city gates and made a nice memorial to her. Roam and Ardra met with the party in a tavern and they discussed that Wintersday was upon them and that the city of Waterdeep always throws a big celebration for it that they had gone there as children and it always cheered them up when they were feeling down. So the party agreed to head there after they finished some business in the city. Draven collected his armor from the armor smith and the party recieved a letter from Sister Garaelle informing them that an old friend of hers, Lady Velrosa Nandar was offering a reward for anyone willing and able to deal with the goblin threat plaguing her city of Nightstone which is south of the Ardeep forest. The party decided to spend some time in Waterdeep at the festival and then head off to there.

The party arrived in Waterdeep with no incident just in time to see the city finishing preparations for Wintersday. They came upon a storyteller in the city and listened to his tale.

“Every Winter Corellon and the Raven Queen have a wager to see which of their subjects are more loyal with the stakes being 4 more weeks of winter or an early spring. The festival of Wintersday sprung up around this tradition. One of Corellon’s most beloved servants is elf named Nicholas Kringle. He had won an early spring for Corellon the last 3 Wintersdays delivering good cheer and presents to every child in Iceville, brightening their dark days and long cold nights. It is believed by many, that Kringle travels into town on a red sleigh full with presents, drawn by eight flying reindeer. Kringle silently enters each house without ever being seen by children, or their parents. In exchange for the gifts, the children leave treats for Kringle, which are always gone when they awaken to find their gift. For nearly 500 winters, this ancient elf has spent each year creating gifts in his workshop with his helpers. Kringle’s workshop is said to be full of clockwork wonders and magical treasures, but it’s exact location is a secret. Over the years, Kringle put on lots of extra padding, thanks to the treats, and he is no longer the young hero who saved Iceville nearly five centuries ago. All of you children better be good because This year, The Raven Queen has gained strength and decided it is time for winter to remain.”

As he finished his tale an injured elf girl ran up to the party and yelled “You must be the heroes of Phandalin! Please you must help me Save Kringle!” With that she pulled out a Christmas ball and crushed it in her hand and with that the party felt a blast of cold air and found themselves transported to a cold village with the wind blowing steadily. The elf girl fell to her knees and collapsed in the snow. The party rushed to her and Draven gave her a potion bringing her back to consciousness. She thanked him for helping her and explained that her name is Holly and that she worked for an elf named Nicholas Kringle but he recently began acting strange and she realized he had been possessed by an evil monster named the Grench. She asked the party to come with her and help her save Nicholas from his grasp. The party agrees and they headed out from Iceville.

They traveled through a snowy forest and were assaulted by a bunch of animated snowmen. But being great adventurers Draven took out his frame dagger and melted half of their forces away with a mighty blast. The rest of the party did battle with them smashing through their snowy forms and almost had them routed when they heard an evil “HO HO HO”. The party looked to the sky and saw a sleight being pulled by 8 monstrous reindeer with an even larger beast at the front with a shining red nose. As it flew by it launched a fireball into the party scattering them. Holly decked the halls through the remaining snowmen and yelled to the party to bring down the sleigh just as another fireball ripped through the snowy landscape. Draven reached towards the sky and banished the red nosed field to another plane of existence and without his guidance the sleigh crashed to the ground.

The reindeer all rose up into a bipedal pose and unsheathed a spear and set upon the party while the Possessed Nicholas Kringle drew his great sword and started to hack. The party blasted and slashed through the reindeer. As they defeated the last of them they transformed back into normal looking reindeer and with their combined effort they were able to subdue the crazed elf as well. Right as they knocked Kringle onto his butt the banished reindeer returned and immediately transformed back to normal with the Grench’s spell seemingly broken. Nicholas Kringle apologized from his actions as his body was not his to control and asked the party for 1 more favor of rescuing the elves still remaining in his workshop where he makes his gifts for all the children of the world. The party agreed and they headed deeper into the woods and eventually came to the workshop.

The Workshop was now surrounded by toy soldier guards. The party attempted to sneak up as quiet as they could on the workshop but they were spotted and they solders began firing their muskets at the party. They got a good few shots in but once the party got close enough to the toys they made quick work of them but not before one managed to slip inside and warn the Grench of their arrival. He made his way outside and was about to give a malevolent speech but suddenly Zuriel appeared from the shadows behind him hitting him with a stunning fist cutting his monologue short. Using this opportunity Prim ran to the front lines and fired frost arc through the Grench’s throat destroying the creature and breaking his hold he had on all of the elves inside the workshop.

Nicholas Kringle grateful for all the help gave the party presents for all of their hard work with pokeman jones getting a peppermint shield, draven getting special snow ammo for his pistol, Rowan getting a beautiful dress, Yue getting missiletoe, Zuriel getting special gauntlets, and Prim being on the naughty list but getting to look at it and seeing the name of who he was naughty with “Nendra”. As he spoke her name the ring which has been plaguing him fell off of his finger and he decided to keep it.

Holly took them back to Iceville and suggested they celebrate wintersday with their traditional snowball fight. The party thought that sounded like fun and split up into teams with Pokeman Jones, Rowan, and Zuriel on one side and Yue, Prim and Draven on the other side. Snowballs flew, buckets of water were thrown on the ground and placed on opponent’s heads, and many snowball piles were pushed over burying their opponents. But in the end Pokeman Jones, Rowan and Zuriel won by 1 point in the end winning some magical candy canes and some more gifts. The party’s spirits seem to have been lifted as they had some fun, did some good in the world and were able to blow off a little steam in the process and look forward to whatever comes next.


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