CM Adventures

Wave Echo Cave Part 4: The Forge of Spells

Session 13

The Rockseeker brothers, now relieved to have found each other discuss how they should find and secure the forge of spells and clear out the rest of wave echo cave. At this time Gwen falls to her knees post battle with angry tears in her eyes shouting to Wes the shield that the Cambion they fought was the one that destroyed her village and took all those she knew prisoner. She heard his name was Dormundread. She wanted to run after him right away but Wes held her back as most of the party was beaten up and they needed to recover before engaging another opponent. The party took a short rest and Prim found a Hand crossbow named frost ark on Nezza. The party cautiously proceeded to explore the rest of wave echo cave. They cave against a barracks of bugbears and cleared out the remaining forces Nezza had stationed there. The party barricaded themselves in the barracks room and took a long rest there. As they awoke they heard a crackling of fire next door. Meanwhile Draven broke off from the group and explored the forge of spells room and discovered the frame was out. The rest of the party looked through the door and saw a floating flaming skull head who told them he was the guardian of wave echo cave and he wouldn’t let anyone but the masters through. Rowan suggested that the rockseeker brothers claim they now owned the mine and with her and prim’s help they convinced the fameskull of their legitimate claim to the mine and it decided to obey their orders. He informed them of foul undead still roaming the halls and together they blasted them into oblivion revealing a room wit ha dry creek bead and an still waterwheel. the party surmised that water might have been powering the forge in this mine and they would have to redirect the water in the stream above to get the wheel turning again. By this time draven caught back up to the party and informed them that the forge of spells had gone out and the party investigated. Wes and Gundren debated what should be done with the forge of spells going forward. The Rockseeker brothers felt they should have claim to the mine as they lost a brother in the fight and had the map in the 1st place. They want their dwarven clan to coem build the mine back up. Wes wanted to inform neverwinter of the mine so they would be able to guard it as they have more forces to protect it from further evil. Sister Garelle pulled Quinlan aside and told him that she thinks the cave should not be known to the masses as a great war was fought over it in the past and they should use the harpers to guard it and keep the mine close to the chest. The group eventually decided to go clear out the rest of the cave and think on it once they knew they were safe. They took out the remaining undead in the cave but as they were going down a smooth clean hallway Draven and rowan were ambushed by Gelatinous cubes. fighting as a group they were able to burst one open but the other engulfed Rowan and she fell to the floor paralyzed and unconscious. Pokemon jones pulled her out of the gel and Yue fired volleys of magic missiles and Prim used frost ark to freeze the last one. Quinlan jumped in and shattered it with the void. The party caught their breath before continuing securing the forge of spells from all threats this cave had to offer.


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