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Wave Echo Cave Part 3: The Black Spider Revealed!

Session 12

The party brought the captured drow into a remote northeast corner of wave echo cave where the water crashes loudly giving the cave its namesake. As the party took a rest and waited for the drow to awaken they heard a crash from the marble trap they set up the stairs with several zombies tumbling down. They clashed wit hthese undead on a narrow ledge near the crashing waves. Pokeman Jones treid to push past Rowan but ended up knocking her into the water and a zombie threw quinlan in right after her. The rest of the party rallied and were able to fend off and defeat the zombies. Rowan being a good swimmer having spent time in the water previously came to Quinlan’s rescue and Pokemon Jones lowered a rope to help them back up which they managed with no further issues.

Seeing the potion of love wore off they interrogated their drow prisoner learning of the black spider Nezza’s plan to seek the power to the forge of spells to help bring back their god Lolth to this plane of existence. They also learned she was keeping Gundren’s brother Nundro to be used as a sacrifice. Idris let everyone know that while he was scouting he heard ritual noises coming from a room to the west but he became stuck in a spider web before he could investigate further. The group decided they needed to make haste and they threw the drow into the water and make haste to try to rescue nundro while the drow swam away with fury in her eyes struggling against the ebb and flow of the current in the cave.

The party arrived in the westernmost chamber of Wave Echo Cave and noticed the spider webs Idris got caught in. Draven blasted them with an eldrich blast dissolving the ones in their way. But this shook a network of webs that led further into the room. The party heard a deep female voice beckoning them to come in and talk. The party hesitated and felt it would be a trap but Prim confident in his abilities dealing with drow strode into the room. Seeing Nezza in the middle of a circle he attempted to charm her and playing along she beckoned him to come closer and they could negotiate slamming her dark spider staff on the ground 4 giant spiders descended from the ceiling. Playing it cool he approached Nezza and offered an embrace which she accepted. But as she wrapped her arms around him he felt electricity running through his body as she attempted a paralyzing shocking grasp. Prim was able to withstand this attack but Nezza pulled him in tightly and her spiders sank their teeth into him spilling his blood all over the circle of runes on the floor. Nezza laughed and stated that she was so glad they could become so well acquainted that he would become her new sacrifice. Nezza proclaimed “ From Hell’s Heart I stab at thee!”

The party sprung into action and did battle against Nezza’s spider hoard slaying them while nezza chanted and spread Prims blood throughout the circle. When they finally reached Nezza it was too late and the ritual completed and the runes glowed crimson opening a portal and the room grew very hot. 7 red orbs placed throughout the room began to glow a dark blue and black color giving off searing heat. The party felt dizzy and they all collapsed to the floor. As they began to lose consciousness Idris saw Quinlan’s necklace began to glow as the world went dark around them and they felt their consciousness leave their bodies.

Nothing but darkness surrounded the party as they tried to perceive what was happening to them. Were they dead? All they noticed was all around them an ether like material composed of blue and black flames. As they peered into nothingness they saw a figure staring back at them. But it was not their companions. It was themselves.

Draven was the 1st to spot this. The image of draven spoke to him and said:
“Our party will never accept us as a tiefling. We will never truly be one of them. Cambion understands our kind. Lets turn on them now and join our demon breather-en.”

Draven refused to give into his insecurities and did battle with this mirror image and defeating these urges to give in. as he Blasted them away he felt his consciousness returning to his body and heard the voice of Gundren Rockseeker shouting:

“I found them hurry they are in trouble!”

As Quinlan saw his mirror image it came up to him and said:
“The party only finds us an inconvenience. They talk about how stubborn we are and only keep us around to hopefully step on the next trap so they won’t have to put up with our advice anymore. Cambion appreciate the shadows, we should join Lolth and have our wisdom and talents utilized to their fullest potential”.

Quinlan fought against these urges knowing he shouldn’t but his mirror image took him by force and he felt his resolve slip away and his consciousness returned to his body with him in reluctant service to a new master. As is eyes began to open he hears the familiar voice of Sister Gareele shout:

“No! I won’t let you die! Harpers Defend them!”

Hearing her voice Quinlan’s heart felt torn and conflicted but pressed on compulsively in service of his new master.

As Pokemon Jones encountered his insecurities they told him:
“Everyone thinks we are reckless and crude. They don’t respect us or our cherry slurpies and only keep us around for a human smashy ram. You god damn right Cambion appreciates strength so we should join Lolth.”

Pokemon Jones’s heart remained true to his party and he told the insecurities that “YOU GOD DAMN WRONG” and dispelled them easily. As his form returned to consciousness He heard Sildar Hallwinter shouting orders:

“Form a perimeter around them. I won’t let you touch them!”

Idris came across another beautiful man who looked just like him. He was very convincing and charming as he looked him in the eye and said explained that
“Everyone thinks we are vain and none of them truly accept us for who we are. Prim will never love or accept us but Cambrion understands us. We must go to him.”

Idris saw the logic in this argument and gave himself fully to the service of Lolth. As he returned to consciousness he heard his former ally Iarno Albrek shouting:

“I’ll watch your back Sildar and we will defeat these demons yet!”

Yue came across her insecurities which told her:
“Everyone judges everything we do and thinks we are shy and awkward. They only use us for our magic. Cambrion appreciates talent like ours we should join him reach our potential.”

She politely declined the Mirror image’s offer and did battle dispelling her insecurities thinking of her friends and how she could never betray them. As she returned to consciousness she heard the familiar voice of Wes the Shield:

“We won’t let you destroy this land! On guard everyone, For Neverwinter!”

Prim came across his mirror image which told him:
“The party only laughs at us not with us. When we leave the room we are the butt of their jokes. They don’t appreciate our talents, We should join Cambion and none of them will laugh at us again.”

Prim knew in his heart he truly was funny and wasn’t about to let these insecurities sway his judgement. He did battle with them and dispelled all doubt he had. As he returned to consciousness he heard his companion droop speak to him:

“Droop will make you proud Prim. Watch how much I have learned! I will protect you!”

Rowan came across her insecurities which told her:
“Everyone thinks we are foolish and naive. They all talk about how we will get them killed one day with our recklessness we call adventurer spirit . We should leave them now and join Cambrion before their fears come true and they all die because of us.”

The words hurt Rowan and she fought and struggled with them in a great battle in her mind. But her faith won out in the last moment and looking at her symbol of faith call out to Larue and with a might ranbowed swing dispelled her insecurities and came back to consciousness to hear Gwen’s voice shaking her and saying:

“Get up! We can’t let the bad guys win. Go get um Percy!”

As the party regained consciousness They looked around seeing what had transpired finding Nezza chanting in the portal she opened. 5 of the 7 orbs faded in power and began to show cracks in them. 3 devils with beards and 1 more slender looking devil poured out into the room. The parties companions were fending them off guarding their bodies. Gundren yelled out that they needed to break the crystals to close the portal as he smashed one with his mighty warhammer.

The party bagan to clash with the devels. Sildar charged one with pokemon jones and they both struck true but sildar was cut open with a dangerous infernal wound which would not close and he began gushing blood.

Sister Garelle rushed to see if Quinlan was alright. He sat up and looked at her before driving his rapier the void through her chest. She grabbed her wound and backed up quickly realizing he was under Cambion’s power. She called out for him to fight it. Pokemon jones wielded his quarterstaff and shattered 2 more weakened crystals. Quinan realizing what he had done his heart sunk and shook off cambrion’s control. With fury in his eyes he charged the Cambion devil.

Wes blocked a devil from Yue while she assaulted them with magic missiles and rays of frost pushing them back far enough that he shattered the 4th crystal with his greatsword.

Draven attacked the cambion which tried to injure him with hellish rebuke. But Draven’s tiefling heritage allowed him to take the heat and used the gloves of Hi Nun to blast him and the 5th crystal.

The 6th crystal faded as the hold on Quinlan was broken. The Bearded devils turned toward Gwen Percy and Rowan. Gwen created multiple copies of herself and the devils only managed to hit the illusions. She called upon percy who unleashed a poison dragon’s breath attack burning the devils allowing Yue to shatter the 6th crystal.

Seeing Sildar hurt Iarno rushed away from Idris who tried to take a swipe at him but missed so it went unnoticed that Idris was no longer on his side.

Rowan took this opportunity the throw a javelin at Nezza but it was disintegrated in the portal surrounding her. She called upon larue to create a spiritual weapon to attack the final crystal. but it disappeared into the void as it approached as it was still pulsing with power.

Prim coming back to consciousness was picked up back to his feet by droop and he told him he could handle the devils to go save Idris. Droop drew his staff and called down a witch bolt enveloping the devil approaching them allowing Yue and Pokemon jones to finish it off.

Quinlan continued a vicous attack against cambrion slashing at him repeatedly with the void getting in a few deep cuts but his attack was reckless in his fury and he took several deep wounds. Sister Garelle sealed up Sildar so he didn’t bleed out but took an infernal wound in the process herself. She hid her wound and rushed to aid Quinlan as he backed off the Cambion with them both gushing blood.

Cambion fought his way to the southern door and darted out as the battle raged on. Prim recognized Idris’s mind was being controlled and created several shirtless copies of himself which combined with the departure of Cambion was enough to break the charm he had on Idris. The final crystal’s power faded and the portal began to flicker. Rowan threw a Javalin at the crystal striking true shattering it.

Nezza’s portal collapsed as she screamed and was incinerated by the heat of the portal collapsing around her. The room grew quiet as the last of the foes fell. sister garelle rushed to heal Quinlan before collapsing onto the ground. Quinlan shouted for help and Gundran ran around shouting for his brother. Rowan, Prim, and Idris came to tend to sister Garelle and stabilized her while Gundren and Pokeman Jones attempted to break down the door to the northeast they through Nundro may have been behind. Quinlan was able to pick the lock of the door and it swung open and Gundren rushed inside to discover his brother was alive and well and they embraced as the waves of wave echo cave once again became prominent and the group was able to breathe a sigh of relief and they felt as through they won the day.


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