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Wave Echo Cave Part 2: Idris and Prim’s Interlude

Session 11

After patching up their wounds with a short rest the party Attempts to enter a set of double doors to the east. Draven tries to push the door but find it has been melted shut by presumable some great heat or explosion. Pokemon Jones helps to break down the door and Draven enters, he sees a chest on the ground and goes to inspect it but a Wraith rises out of the floor. He speaks to them in a harsh whisper saying “Your presence is offensive to me, your life forfeit. My treasures are mine alone, not yours to plunder!” Draven offered him a nothic eye in exchange for the chest in his room and the Wraith stated he would take it in exchange for letting them leave with their lives. Draven exclaimed bullshit enraging the wraith and he attacks draven draining his life force. The rest of the party jumps in and did battle with the wraith after suffering necrotic damage from its life drain. Upon its defeat the Wraith told the party they would fall to the Spectators before it returned to the ether.

As the party ventured north they discovered another room unlocked this time. As they entered this room they found it guarded by 2 floating eyeball creatures with 4 stalks coming out which turned out to be these very Spectators which are a lesser form of beholder. They quickly tried to shut and brace the door but they were flung open before they could complete their task. As the party entered battle with these creatures the Spectators fired multiple rays out of their eye stalks. A confusion ray caused Draven to attack its allies. Wounding rays struck Idris and Pokeman Jones, Yue attempted a snow spell against it only to have it reflected back at it. Things were looking dire for the party until Idris used his bear form and was able to take out one of the Spectators clawing and ripping it apart. While Yue distracted one by shooing it in the eye with a fire bolt, Quinlan, slid his rapier into the back of the remaining spectator while Pokeman Jones knocked off an eye stalk and Rowan finished it by thrusting through it with her blessed longsword. The party explored the room they just cleared and discovered these spectators were guarding a green brazier in this room which the party came to the conclusion that this was the forge of spells the black spider was after.

Examining this magical construction they found that anything they placed into it would have magical energy seem into it even in its weakened state from being dormant for so long. They decided to rest there for the night. Prim took 1st watch and upon inspecting the benches in the forge of spells discovered the lost mace lightbringer and upon rowan’s shift she discovered the breastplate dragonguard. Upon morning they dawned their newly discovered treasures and set off north through the cave.

The party discovered a massive pool of water to the outside of the cave where they viewed the source that which gave wave echo cave its name. A cliff with waves lapping into its edge echoed loudly throughout the room. they continues across what appeared to be a dried up stream bed. As they made their way along they heard voices giving orders. Idris transformed into a bat to scout ahead and discovered a female drow giving orders to bugbears who seemed to be digging for something. The drow informed them that if they didn’t find the forge of spells soon Nezza would have their heads. continuing further into the cave past the drow Idris heard a ritual being chanted but as he went to investigate became tangled in a spider web.

Being late to return the party began to worry for Idris’s safety and sent prim ahead to scout. He let his presence be known to the drow who ordered the bugbears to bring him to her. Not resisting Prim used his charisma and slight of hand to convince the drow to drink from a philter of love potion which charmed her into falling in love with him. She ordered the bugbears to carry them somewhere more private so they could talk, they descended to the stream bed around the corner to where the party was waiting. Yue and Quinlan observed them from a distance. The drow slammed Prim into the wall and was more aggressive with him romantically than he was used to but he did his best to keep the drow’s attention. Yue blushed with the things the drow was saying to prim and quinlan rolled his eyes and motioned for the rest of the party to pass by them quietly.

Idris struggled in the web trying to shake himself free but only suceeded in attracting the attention of the spiders who set the webs. they attacked idris in bat form causing him to turn back breaking the web. the spiders began biting into him and swarming him and he though he was done for until a stroke of inspiration hit him and he transformed into a giant spider himself which made the others hesitate long enough that he ran back towards the group.

Meanwhile the Drow was distracted by Prim’s charms the rest of the party did battle wit hthe bugbear dig party and dispatched them. as the last of the bugbears fell the party saw a giant spider crawling over the cliff side and they assumed that this was the black spider come to exact her revenge and Yue and several others began hurling projectiles at it. luckily after a few volley’s Idris was able to speak with Quinlan to explain that it was him and the party halted their attack. The party seemed to relax and returned to find prim stripped of his armor and the drow asleep. Idris bobbed up and down excitedly on the edge of the cliff side as the party shared a brief moment of levity before they knew they had to fight a dangerous foe.


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