CM Adventures

Wave Echo Cave Part 1

Session 10

The party headed back to Phandalin and Lienne thanked the party for helping her avenge Mirna’s death. The party began readying themselves for Wave Echo cave. Gundren informed the party he knows his brothers are there and to please hurry to try to rescue them and stop the black spider from accomplishing her goals there. Idris and Quinlan spoke with sister Garelle and Quinlan disclosed that he felt he was cursed ever since he joined the group and wished to repent. Sister Garelle offered him a place at Tymora’s side and a ritual which can let him be reborn as a Paladin of Tymora. Idris assisted him as a witness to the ritual and a great weight was lifted from him. The rest of the party got the supplies they needed and headed out as the initial party to hit wave echo cave with gundren and the rest of the crew in phandalin saying they needed to make some preparations but would follow suit.

The party arrived in wave echo cave but to everyone’s dismay they found the corpse of Gundren’s Brother Thardin at a camp site near the entrance to the cave. His other brother Nundro was nowhere to be found. The party descended into a chasm in the cave with prim slipping to the ground upside down and yue landing on top of him anime style both blushing. Idris quickly helped both of them up to break up the moment. As they explored the cave they noticed remains of dwarf skeletons and as they were inspecting them they were ambushed by stirges waiting for them on the ceiling. the party was able to dispatch them with a combination of Yue’s icy spells, and Draven’s eldrich blasts. Several latched onto quinlan and rowen tried to help dislodge them but the chaotic nature of how they fly caused her to slash into him twice leaving large gashes in his body wounding him. Prim was able to assist and actually dislodged them as the final stirges fell they were able to heal quinlan and seal his wounds. They explored a path to the south and fought through a room full of skeletons which Idris ripped apart as the Bear named Fat Jeff. The arty also discovered a surveyors office full of treasure.

Heading further into the cave they cave a cross a bio luminescent room but as they explored it discovered the fungus in the room was poisonous and the party was split to either half of the room with quinlan and draven by themselves and an Ocre Jelly took notice of them and a long range battle ensued with projectiles flying across the room glowing with green light in an effort to save their stranded friends, Rowan in an attempt to make up for her previous blunder charged across the room killing the ocre jelly and the rest of the party was able to join them after the battle ceased. Prim took samples of the poison material and put it into vials for later for Pookee.

The party found themselves exhausted but in a beautiful room filled with shining crystal rock on the ceiling and looked like stars in the sky. They decided to take a short rest before continuing deeper into the cave.


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