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Venomfang’s revenge

Session 6

The party returned to neverwinter to find alarms going off and they see a venomfang limping away from the thunderdome. they rush to the thunderdome see if anyone is hurt and see carnage there with several dead and more wounded. Wes offers to show a replay of what happened from the scry o tron:

* * * * *


Gwen and glassjaw josepe are having a battle with percy and an owl bear named bertha, As the battle rages venomfag crashes down onto the stands where the crowd is sitting and roars, the crowd jumps up to flee, the dragon pursues one about to eat it while droop who was serving drinks to the crowd runs between the dragon’s legs, jams his quarterstaff into the seat catching venomfang’s ankle right as it goes to eat a patron pulling it just short. venomfang turns around looks at droop who raises his quarterstaff up to fight but get swatted out of the stands landing hard into the arena which thankfully still has its protection enchantment up. this distraction allows the rest of the crown to flee.

Venomfang jumps down into the arena and stats making its way to gwen and percy. one of the clerics steps in the way and venomfang bits down on him lifts him up and throws him against the wall rendering him unconscious. With his concentration broken the enchantment on the arena fades. and gwen and percy start backing up. Gwen tell percy stay behind me I won’t let that take you and she grabs onto percy and you see her duplicate herself 4 times. meanwhile glassjaw jopesspe sics the owlbear on the dragon and it tried to peck through its hide but to no avail, venomfang turns its attention to the owlbear and glassjoe swiping at him with his claws which he somehow deflects with his rake but it snaps it sending him prone. venomfang latches onto the owlbear’s neck biting through it sending it limp to the arena floor.

Alarms go off throughout the thunderdome. The remaining clerics start casting sacred flame at the dragon as he stalks over glassjaw to finish him. as she goes to bite a boomerang hits venomfang in the face as roric comes running out of the tunnel grabbing venomfang’s attention. poison and venom drip from venomfang’s mouth as it eyes both of them and she states “you will pay for keeping me from mine” the clerics yell WATCH OUT as venomfang blasts both roric and glassjaw with poison breath. they lay there motionless as the clerics try to rush to their side.

Venomfang turns and starts stalking towards gwen and percy again and bites down down on gwen who instantly shatters revealing it was luckily one of her illusions. as venomfang heads towards a 2nd one 3 scorching ray come out of the tunnel blasting venomfang followed by vivan sampson and wes the shield. halting the dragon’s progress venomfang turns her attention towards them. Sampson goes into a rage hacking and slashing at venomfang’s legs cutting deep wounds into them. venomfang slashes at sampson who rolls out of the way and then takes a bite attack at another verson of gwen as she does that wes dodges in and takes the blow instead on his shield jamming it in venomfangs maw attempting to wrestle it. Venomfang lifts wes into the air tossing him straight up and prepares another poison breath seen boiling in its maw Gwen looks at this struggle and all 3 of gwen’s remaining clones conjure magic missile firing a shower of them down on venomfang as she yells I won’t let you have him! Droop also picks himself up and fires an eldrich blast against her hide. The arcane energy distracts venomfang enough that the poison breath just misses and hits a nearby wall melting it.

Falling from the air wes draws his sword and lands on venomfang driving the sword beneath her scales at the base of her neck. His eyes glow white as he unleashes a diving smite into the dragon causing her to howl with pain. Venomfang finally looking inured for the 1st time throws wes off her and looks around at the warriors set against her. She notices guards from neverwinter starting to pour into the arena and furiously realizes this is not a winnable battle for her today and she takes off into the sky taking a few scorching ray and spears as she limps through the sky but manages to get away.

The clerics and wes begin to tend to the injured as the feed fades out.

* * * * *

The party regroups at pookees Wes proclaims he is placing a bounty on Venomfang and whatever he collects from neverwinter the thunderdome will double it and the party decides what to do next.


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