CM Adventures

Vengeance at Old Owl Well

Session 9

Sister Garelle attempted to performe a resurrection ritual and everyone assisted but the ritual failed to bring her back and her thread of life slipped away. They buried Mirna next to her husband in phandalin with barthan stating he would take care of her children. With Burning Tears in her eyes Lienne Graywind swore revenge for her friend in this down and told the party scouts informed her these undead have been pouring out of old owl well and wanted to head up an expedition to cleanse the area of the Undead. The party slept that night and in the morning quinlan spoke with Sister Garelle who was feeling down about not being able to save Mirna. He encouraged her and she informed him she was part of the harpers and offered him membership into the group which he accepted.

The party headed to old owl well and discovered a necromancer Hamand Kost was behind the ritual to revive the undead. They fought against his hoard of undead and were surprised to see one of their old compaions Rorhic Xekran had taken the bounty to clear this area when he left but fell to the sheer number of undead after taking a few of them with him. They sadly had to fight against their old ally but with his final dragon breath he ended up hitting Hamand Kost killing him in the ensuing battle before The undead dragonborn fell one last time. The party climbed the stairs of the ruined fortress at old owl well and discovered the ritual circle that was the cause of their problems. they tried to dismantle the circle but the entire party was unsuccessful. Frustrated Pokeman jones kicked dirt over a specific rune word and stuck his quarterstaff into the ground discharging radient energy into the ground causing the circle to discharge in an explosion pushing everyone back but also deactivating the magic circle. Successful the party set up camp for the night in Hamand’s tent.


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