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This amulet seems broken, it just keeps glowing

Session 5

After a long rest, our party of brave adventurers made our way triumphantly back to the village of Phandalin. We talked with Sister Garaele and told her of Prim’s negotiations with the banshee Agatha, showed her the possible location of BoGentle’s spellbook, and she gave us 3 potions of healing as a reward for the information. Agatha gave the spellbook to a necromancer named Tsernoth, and its current location is out in the ocean west of Waterdeep. She traded it to Tsernoth from the city of Iriaebor more than a hundred years ago. We gave one of the healing potions to PokeyMan, one to Idris and one to Rowan.

We then went to visit Townmaster Harbin Wester who rewarded us with 100 gp total for slaying all the orcs and the ogre. For some reason he didn’t want to keep the smelly ogre head Prim so proudly presented to him. Quinlan went over to Barthan’s Provisions and purchased another whip, and we all gathered around the message board to read a new notice posted by former adventurer Daren Edermath we had met earlier in his cottage by the orchard: “Daran: there are stories from prospectors in the hills northeast of Phandalin that someone is digging around in the ruins known as Old Owl Well. More disturbingly, several prospectors visiting the ruins, a couple days march reported being chased from the area by undead northeast of Phandalin. The ruins are an old watchtower of an ancient magical empire known as Netheril, and dangerous magic might be dormant there.” Draven attempted to teach Droop some spellcasting ability by showing off his eldritch blast, and Prim designed a workout to help train up Droop’s dexterity.

We then took the High Road back up to Neverwinter with no incidents. Prim noticed his amulet was still glowing softly for sensing dragons and we thought this was strange as Rorhic was no longer in our company. Back in Neverwinter, we went directly to Pookie’s Potions and Pillows where Prim extracted 5 ogre teeth and gave them to Pookie along with a vial of the potion golum healing potion. Pookie asked us to check out the sleeping guest and showed us a mysterious herb that he took which Draven recognized as maxwell’s beard. Maxwell was an almost unknown alchemist. He did minor discoveries but before he died he discovered this pipe stuffing herb. It is made from a very rare plant called Maxwell’s daughter, because he was the one who discovered it. It grows in mountainous regions and is a purple/dark blue color. The flower itself is very big and has a vivid red center. It is considered a magic pipe weed. To make it, find a Maxwell’s daughter and carefully remove the petals and cut them into fine pieces, usually with one flower you can make 3-4 stuffing. The plants bloom only in winter, so watch out. The taste reminds the smoker of fresh fruits of summer. When smoking, the person automatically feels happy. Dwarves and orcs cannot stand this pipe weed. Halflings rarely ever smoke it. This is the ALL TIME favorite of elves. Once the smoker has finished his pipe, he falls into a deep sleep. When he wakes up, he finds himself kind of strange and has trouble standing up or fighting for about an hour. Pookie told us we need a petal from a maxwell’s flower to make an antidote he thinks the herbal shop in Thundertree may still have some of those petals and he will need a whole flower. Pookie asked us to find one of these flowers and help him wake his guest. Pookie took the potion golum healing potion and went in back and brewed it up to recreate the formula to make a potion of potion golum summoning. He also made a potion that is a philter of love. The next time you see a creature within 10 minutes after drinking this philter, you become charmed by that creature for 1 hour. If the creature is of a species and gender you are normally attracted to, you regard it as your true love while you are charmed. This potion’s rose-hued, effervescent liquid contains one easy-to-miss bubble shaped like a heart. Quinlan took the potion. Prim showed him the potion he brewed at the redbrand hideout, and Pookie said it is not a potion of invisibility but he does not know what effect it will have. Idris tried to convince Quinlan to help him test potions on Prim in his sleep, but Quinlan would have none of that but said he might consider it if Idris revealed what happened with his secret meeting with Sister Garele, but Idris refused. Prim mushed up an orc eyeball trying to extract it for Pookie. Pookie told us that finding orc eyeballs may be help him to make a love potion antidote.

We then went to the Thunderdome to visit Wes the Shield where Quinlan put the package on the counter for Wes. He opened it, and inside was a large egg. Yue noticed the egg hatching, and we all looked in amazement as out scrambled a baby juvenile green dragon, which looked right at Gwen and spoke something in draconic. Yue translated telling us it called Gwen mama. Gwen named the dragon Percy and Wes gave us a bag with 150 gold pieces. Prim and Rowen introduced Droop to Wes, and Wes said he would let Droop stay and train and he would set Droop up with matches. Droop excitedly accepted Wes’s offer and Prim offered to cover Droop’s board and training giving Wes 5 gold. There was a little tear in Prim’s eye as he gave droop 20 gold to set him up. Prim told Droop to make us proud and study constitution, sorcery charisma magic, and learn magic missile. Rowen introduced herself to Gwen and asked her how she defeated Quinlan in battle. Seeming to take a liking to Rowen, Gwen told us the story of how she was from the Zenithian Isles from a village full of strong magic users. One day her village was assaulted by monsters. The monsters killed all who resisted and took the rest to use as slave labor. Gwen’s best friend used a seeming spell to look like her and got herself killed defending the village and hid Gwen away in the basement of her village. As the fighting died down Gwen snuck away from the village. She ran into stragglers from the monster group and thought she was done for until Wes the Shield stepped in and slew them saving her. Gwen wanted nothing but to save those who were captured and for revenge against these monsters but felt she wasn’t strong enough to stand up to them. Wes brought her back to the Sword Coast to train in the Thunderdome until the day she would be ready.

We then left the city of Neverwinter, following the river to the ruins of the village of Thundertree. Posted outside we read a sign scrawled “Beware: Thundertree is overrun by plant monsters and zombies, turn back now." Quinlan joked that he heard dragons and Prim joked that it must be the baby dragon’s mama, but he didn’t look at his amulet and we lightheartedly traipsed into the village looking for our next adventure. Yue and Idris cast mage armor on themselves, and Draven was surprised by a pile of twigs leaping up and attacking him. The party attacked quickly smashing two plant monsters into bits. Six more plant monsters jumped up and were quickly smashed to twigs. Then six more, also beat to pieces. Prim hit a plant monster with his hand crossbow killing it. Turned out it is good against twigs! Just when we thought all was going well Yue blasted Quinlan with her ray of frost damaging him. PokeyMan then snapped the last plant monster to twigs at Prim’s feet.

Quinlan snuck into the next building and telepathically whispered to each of us, “zoombies” and fired off his cross bow at them. He kept firing and as he killed the zoombie a puff of ash came out of it. The first time the zombie takes damage, any living creature within 5ft of the zombie must succeed on a DC 10 CON saving throw or gain disadvantage on attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks for 1 minute. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end the end of its turns, ending the effect on it early with a successful save. We all shrugged off the effect of the ash. Idris whipped one of the zoombie heads off at Prim but then that awful black dust got in his eyes giving him disadvantage. Draven kindly cast prestidigitation on Idris cleaning up the mess and we took a short rest to Prim’s song of rest. Looking around, in one building we found a chest of coins hidden under a plank with 1000 cp, 300 sp and 180 gp.

Still looking for the apothecary shop of Mirna’s family, we continued on and encountered more twig blight plant monsters which were quickly dispatched. Heading for the next building, Idris turned into a large white dire wolf, Ghost. We then met Reidoth the druid and he seemed to take to us right away when he learned Idris was a druid. He was here for the peace and quiet, and told us of a disturbing green dragon that recently moved into the north abandoned wizard tower. We went east to carefully avoid the tower, and slipped out the back of another abandoned house. We approached a house that looked like it might be the apothecary shop we were looking for still not thinking to look at Prim’s amulet, and Quinlan went stealthy. Spiders! As we engaged the spiders, Draven thought he would try Prim’s fairy fire spell, but it clearly needed some work as it only hit Ghost. Prim put the two spiders to sleep, and we were then able to deal with them one at a time with PokeyMan smashing one and Yue killing it with a fire bolt and Rowen killing the last spider with her spiritual weapon unicorn horn strike. Looking around we found one potion of healing, 46 gold and 70 silver, and a short sword.

Just as we were discussing heading to bed, we heard the whoshing sound of dragon wings. Eeeek! Quinlan was outside and immediately went stealthy to hide from its notice. Before we could say anything to try to persuade the dragon to leave us alone, Draven attacked it with a sleep spell, which failed while the dragon laughed at us. It said it had been busy protecting its egg but it was now missing. Draven told the dragon some lies while it laughed at us more and Prim made an attempt to negotiate with the dragon to let us go in return for information about its egg, but the damage had already been done and it didn’t believe a word. The dragon told us to step closer, and Quinlan telepathically warned Rowen to keep everyone away from the door. The dragon said she had grown weary of our lies and was going to find her egg, and then blasted poisonous gas in a 30-foot cone through the doorway and blowing out the windows to also reach Yue and Rowen inside every member of the party taking 48 points of poison damage except Quinlan. TPK! The dragon then took off. Our dungeon master took pity on us and allowed Quinlan to run around trying to save us. He poured two of Prim’s healing potions into Prim and Idris. Quinlan stabilized Draven and PokeyMan while Prim poured the potion from the spider battle into Rowen. Rowen healed Yue, PokeyMan and Draven and we all stumbled back to the druid Reidoth’s home for a long rest. Each party member gained 210 exp and Wes awarded Quinlan inspiration for hiding from the dragon. Each party member got 59 gp, 4 sp and 125 copper.


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