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The Redbrand Scourge

Session 3

Rorhic apologized and tried to give the amulet of eavesdropping to Quinlan and he insisted that Rorhic keep it. After a short rest, Prim disguised himself, Rorhic, PokeyMan and Rowan with the redbrand cloaks and they ventured through the secret door with the rest of the party trailing at a distance. PokeyMan and Rorhic boldly discovered a hidden pit trap by falling into it, and Prim jumped back with a leap of talented dexterity. Climbing out of the pit with some help, the party continued past a large double door into a family crypt. They stepped over the remains of 3 skeletons as they investigated the room deciding the crypts were permanently sealed as one of them wouldn’t budge open with much striving. Just as the rest of the party caught up, the skeletons stood up and 3 more pushed easily out of the crypts attacking the party. The vigilant sorceress Yue quickly fired off 3 magic missiles, and the whole party engaged. PokeyMan fiercely busted the head off a skeleton and rolled it to Prim’s feet. A gift for Prim! Rorhic fought bravely, but slumped to the ground under a flurry of skeleton attacks, luckily right at Rowan’s feet who then healed him. Quinlan crushed in the skull of a skeleton with this crossbow just as Idris transformed into a huge bear with a loud roar biting the skull off a skeleton’s torso and crushing its rib cage with his mighty claw swipe.

Blessed by the Gods themselves Prim aimed his hand crossbow that had been passed down for generations at the horrid beast that stood next to his friend. As the mighty creature made of pure evil threaten his friend Prim pulled the trigger to his hand cross bow. Years of training had all lead up to this one moment, this once chance to redeem himself for all the missed shots, this one chance to avenge his fallen brethren. With a might thwack! the arrow hit its mark for a massive 6 damage. PokeyMan then knocked another head off with his glorious quarterstaff also rolling it right to Prim’s feet. Skeleton golf! Quinlan attacked with his blade glowing green and burned another skeleton into ash just as Idris bear mauled the last skeleton to bits. Prim collected a skull and the party searched around finding 3 platinum signet rings worth 50 gp each while Rowan healed battle wounds.

Quietly opening the east door, Quinlan attacked 3 redbrands with his dissonant whispers and PokeyMan thumped one on the head with two glorious attacks of his quarterstaff. Idris then killed the redbrand with a vicious bear bite to give him a nut ache to go with his headache. Rorhic ran another redbrand through with his shortsword poking his nose open…eew. PokeyMan attempted a daring dukes of hazard slide across the table to attack the last redbrand and just kept on sliding to fall prone on the floor. Rowan ran the last redbrand through with her longsword and Rorhic thumped him off with a powerful strike. Rowan shouted “surrender!” and the redbrand wisely dropped his weapon. Rowan interrogated him learning that there are 3 bugbears and several more redbrands farther in as well as the wizard Glass Staff. We also learned that the dead body of the woodcarver was taken to be fed to terrible monsters in a pit farther in.

Taking the keys from one of the dead redbrands, we freed the woodcarver’s wife Mirna and her son and daughter. Out of gratitude, Mirna told us where a valuable heirloom is hidden and that she wants us to have it if we can find it. When she was a young girl, she and her family fled from the town of Thundertree after undead overran the place. Her family had an herb and alchemy shop where there was a case containing an emerald necklace hidden beneath a section of storage shelves. She never dared to return and retrieve it. The shop was in the southeast part of Thundertree which just east of Neverwinter following the river. Yue promised Mirna that we would bring her the body of her husband if we can find it, and encouraged Mirna to take her children and leave the manor and she quickly did that. We then knocked the captive redbrand out, PokeyMan poured the chamber pot bucket over his head, and locked him in the manacles that had held the captives also locking the cell door. Prim sang a song of rest for us and we took a short rest and healed up some.

Quinlan scouted ahead, and telepathically whispered to Prim to come join him. Prim found a secret door through a crack in the wall. Searching a storage room, the party found an amulet with a green gemstone and a dagger with the name Persuasion. Prim identified them as an amulet of the dragon sentinel which faintly glows when dragons are within a 100 foot radius and a Loquacious Dagger +1 Persuasion: The bearer gains +1 to Charisma (Persuasion) checks. Quinlan noticed something strange about a torch and discovered it was a leaver and with a bold leap of acrobatics hurled his tiny form straight up and pulled it. In the next room we found 30 beaver pelts worth 2 gp each. Quinlan and Prim went ahead down the stairs and Prim tripped rolling into a secret door and triggering it.

Upon landing in the room and coming face to face with the master wizard that had terrorized the kingdom for years Prim employed his quick wits and his silver tongue to hypnotize the Arch Wizard Destroyer of realms known as Glass Staff. Prim told the heart wrenching story of how he grew up in a bad part of town and how he became a part of the Redbeards. The Baron of Blood Shed was hooked onto every word Prim said as he described his climb up the ranks to where he was today and how he risked everything to warn the Destroyer of Dynasties that enemies where approaching. Thanks to Prim quick wit the rest of the party had time to do whatever it is they were doing. Quinlian telepathically shouted “jenga” to Rowan and she told everyone to charge down the stairs with her.

Quinlan threatened the wizard holding the glass staff. Rowan asked him if he knows Sildar Hallwinter, and he confirmed yes, and explained that he is is Sildar’s friend Iarno Albrek and that he killed the evil wizard Glass Staff and took his form to infiltrate the redbrands and try to learn the identity of the Black Spider. He explained he has not yet met the Black Spider. When Rowan told him that Sildar sent us to find him, he dropped his illusion and turned into a wizard matching the description Sildar gave us for Iarno. Rowan told him about Gundren’s capture and that we need his help to find Cragmaw Castle to rescue Gundren. Prim disguised as a redbrand dove onto Iarno knocking his staff to the ground. Quinlan grabbed Iarno’s staff and tried to swing at his throat with his rapier, missing (Prim edit) [thanks to the bravery of prim acting as a body shield. If not for his noble sacrifice we could have lost a noble ally and a man pure of heart]. Rorhic aimed a strike at Quinlan then Idris in his huge bear form then pushed his way in between Quinlan and Iarno. Prim still pretending to be a redbrand stood up in disgust and shouted, “He was my leader! This man is an imposter!”

Searching the office we found a note in his desk: “My spies in Neverwinter tell me that strangers are due to arrive in Phandalin. They could be working for the dwarves. Capture them if you can, kill them if you must, but don’t allow them to upset our plans. See that any dwarven maps in their possession are delivered to me with haste. I’m counting on you, Glass Staff. Don’t disappoint me.” Iarno told us it was a note from the Black Spider to Glass Staff. At the foot of Glass Staff’s bed was a sturdy, unlocked wooden chest holding the best pickings of the Redbrands’ loot over the last two months. It contains 180 sp, 130 gp, and a silk pouch containing five carnelians (10 gp each), two peridots (15 gp each), and one pearl (100 gp). It also contains two magic items that Iarno brought with him from Neverwinter: a scroll of charm person and a scroll of fireball. Iarno also wields a staff of defense.

Looking over the spell lab, PokeyMan looking over the chemicals realized that glass staff was about half way through making an invisibility potion. Among the books is a tome written in Dwarvish. The journal of an adventurer named Urmon, it describes the history of the Lost Mine of Phandelver and the Forge of Spells. In addition, Urmon records that a magic mace named Lightbritiger was commissioned by priests of Lathander, the god of dawn, from the mages working with the gnomes and dwarves of the Phandelver’s Pact. The mace was lost when Wave Echo Cave and its mine vanished from history. With that Prim took a bow and dropped his redbrand disguise. Prim cracked his knuckles and started brewing up the last of the potion on the lab with PokeyMan and Rorhic assisting. It worked! With a triumphant smile Prim held up a potion of invisibility?!?

Suspicious and mistrustful, Quinlan tied up Iarno and poked holes in a barrel and asked Iarno to have his familiar rat climb in to wait for us to come back. Iarno went along with this good naturedly. Iarno told us of the redbrand guards ahead and the 3 bugbears and offered to help us through with a seeming spell to fully disguise all of us as redbrands. Those who did not yet have a redbrand cloak took one off the hooks and we threw one over the bear as well (looked like Jeff but fat), Rowan untied Iarno and he cast a seeming on all of making us look like various redbrands we have met returning his illusion to be Glass Staff.

With that, we walked into the guard room where 4 redbrands were playing a game at a table. Iarno seemed to have them fooled escorting us past into the next room when one got suspicious of Fat Jeff (Idris)and stood up. Prim ran to defend her guise but was foiled when Rorhic attacked and Fat Jeff (Idris) swiped at him killing him with a mauling attack. Go Fat Jeff! Iarno quickly shot off 3 magic missiles at another redbrand, and Quinlan snuck up on another redbrand killing him. With a sleight of hand Prim scooped up all the coin on the table and pocketed it, none of us noticing. PokeyMan knocked the head off a redbrand with his glorious quarterstaff rolling yet another head at Prim’s feet. Fat Jeff finished off the last guard while Quinlan looked around muttering he could have sworn there was gold on the table…

Rowan prayer to Lurue for unicorn guidance and blessed PokeyMan, Quinlan and herself before we went into the next room. Quinlan quietly pushed the door open and fired his light crossbow at a bugbear with a sneak attack. Prim lit them up with some fairy fire, and we all engaged in a fierce battle of blows and magic missiles from Yue killing two of them. Rowan killed the last of the glowing bugbears with a cry, “for Lurue!” as she ran him through with her longsword. Still suspicious, Quinlan tied Iarno’s hands again and boosting him up onto Idris’s back. Prim freed the captive goblin, Droop, that the bugbears had been torturing. Droop was surprisingly convincing and eloquant for a goblin and Prim agreed to take him with us to give him a chance to train in the Thunderdome promising Quinlan that Droop would be in his custody. Searching around we found 100 sp and an eyepatch studded with stones worth 50gp.

Going forward into the cavern, Rorhic drew the attention of some vile nothics just as PokeyMan and Rowan were going in the other entrance carrying a bugbear body. The nothics used their weird insight and saw a secret from Pokeman’s past and tormented him with it sending him to the ground holding his head as they played vividly in his mind’s eye. Rowan tripped over the bugbear corpse trying to defend PokeyMan falling prone. Quinlan quickly jumped up into the bear’s back and cut Iarno free aiming his crossbow at the nothics taking his shot. Prim told Droop to hide and waded into the battle in the cavern, singing a song of inspiration for PokeyMan and taking much damage dropping unconscious. Iarno healed Prim, and Prim cast heroism to make a stunning comeback. Fat Jeff the bear put his nose through one of the nothics killing it, and Quinlan was knocked out by nothic attacks. With bardic inspiration from Prim, Rorhic punched the last nothic in the eye, grabbed the eye and tore it out for the kill. Prim then collected the eye to add it to the goodies we are taking back to Pookie while Rowan went over to Quinlan and quickly cast spare the dying on him. Yue spotted a chest tucked just under the bridge, and with a daring athletic leap scooped it up. Yue pointed to the body of the woodcarver and said we promised to bring it back to his wife Mirna Over all, we found 42gp and 42 silver each. The chest is still closed, we planned to open it back at the inn. 457 Experience Points each.


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