CM Adventures

The Price of Victory and Truth

Session 25

On the Beachfront guarding the boats Seraphina contemplated to herself the hatred she had for the undead and fiends. As she mulled around how dare the party ask her to work with them she remembered the times they shared and fought together. She sensed both the undead and fiends dropping in numbers and with a sigh and new determination she bounded for the tower of Lolth at full speed instructing Duchess to aid Droop in protecting their only means of escaping the island. She caught up with the party right as they bounded up the stairs to the top of the tower.

The Cambion noticed the party arriving and spoke through an evil grin:

“Ah you have arrived just in time. Our slave sacrifices were not enough. Thank you for delivering the final piece to us. We searched for it for so long. After breaking you we may keep a few alive to witness the rebirth of Lolth into this world as thanks for your service. Behold her shadow already manifests here as we speak.”

The shadow of a gigantic spider arose from the ground and manifested shape and writed in between the 3 braziers.

Tsernoth stepped forward his book of Bogentle at the ready and stated:

“You will have nothing from us Fiend, I am going to enjoy making a servant out of your corpse.”

As Tsernoth was about to continue Gwen charged in front of him with rage in her eye screaming:

“You think you can do whatever you want? Abduct everyone I cared out? Kill my parents? Its ends now. Die Monster, you don’t belong in this world!”

As she shouted she split into 4 copies of herself surrounding the cambion and they all fired a torrent of magic missiles at him. The cambion swung back with his spear shattering one of her illusions and she moved back staff at the ready. The rest of the party engaged the devils. Rowan attacked the chain devil and struck true but was ensnared by its grasp and lifted aloft. Pokeman Jones and Draven charged the Shadow of Lolth Spider and struck into its form dissipating some of the shadow. The priest who was performing the ritual to summon the spider continued to chant and the shadows knocked away from the spider seemed to reform. The Giant spider reared back and spit a noxious dark liquid at Pokeman Jones was able to shunt it off with his shield. As it hit the ground it formed up into sentient corrosive black pudding.

The Cambion stared down Yue and upon locking eyes cast a charm spell telling her “I need your help my darling” her eyes glazed over. She pointed her ring of spell storing at Prim and fired off 3 scorching rays. The 1st one hitting him catching his attention letting him dodge the 2nd and the 3rd one he called out to her distracting her enough to send the ray wide. Prim began trying to cast a counter charm spell as Loralyn saw the cambion take control of her. She ran to Yue and said “Yue snap out of it we need you!” and she slapped her across the face. “ I need you”. and she planted a kiss on her. Yue’s eyes returned to normal as the cambion’s spell was shattered. Loralyn pulled stepped back from her with a smile and was about to say something but the Cambion took flight and landed right behind her and drove his fiery spear straight through her chest and she dropped to the ground convulsing. Yue in a rage conjured a Chromatic orb and flung it at the cambion just whizzing by his head. He sneered you need to do better than that. Rowan still held aloft by the Chain devil called out a War god’s blessing intercepting the path of the chromatic orb putting a spin on it and sent it careening into the Cambion slamming him into the wall electrocuting him as he slumped into a heap.

Tsernoth noticed the extra reinforcements being spewed forth from the Shadow of Lolth and wanted to turn the tides, flipping to a new page he recited:

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize your neighborhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpse’s shell

As he finished a portal sprung open above the infernal flaming brazier and 2 hellhounds burst forth and began attacking the spiders biting and clawing and spewing flames. They halted those reinforcements before they could reach the party.

Agatha guarded tsernoth and kept some of the black pudding at bay as they approached. One struck Prim and the toxicity of it started corroding his armor. Pokeman Jones and Draven saw the priest helping to maintain the Shadow and they turned their attention towards him. Pokeman got his attention with a frontal assault beating him with his staff while Draven blinked to the infernal brazier and drew power from it with his dagger unleashing a torrent of flames overwhelming him burning him to a crisp.

Rowan tried to break free of the chain devil but it continued to squeeze tighter and tighter and the light faded from her eyes as she went unconscious and it dropped her to the floor. Wes the shield and Gwen ran over and gwen blasted it with a ray of frost while Wes poured a healing potion down her throat bringing her back.

The Bearded devil seeing his boss was killed rushed to where he was fighting and struck a spiteful blow driving his glaive through Loralyn who was convulsing on the floor: Her eyes sprung open wide looking at Yue and with her last breath manged to get out “I’m sorry I guess we won’t get to make that pie.” and her eyes faded.

Seraphina rushing to their aid and in a rage cleaved the beaded devil in half and unleashed a torrent of arrows at the shadow piercing it and scattering much of its form. The shadow retaliated with black poison striking true burning through her armor and she fell to the ground unconscious. Rowan looked in horror as she saw A black pudding approach Seraphina attempting to finish the job. Prim rushed to her aid and tried to stand in between the two but the pudding maneuvered around him and struck a pseudo pod blow to her neck snapping it and she ceased to breathe. Rowan let out a scream as she knew she only had enough time and magic to save one of her friends and allies. She Broke out of the Chain Devil’s grasp and just stared at both of them for a second trying to sort out the horrible dilemma of which of her friends to save and which she had to let die. As the chain devil was about to recover and attack again Draven and Pokeman Jones intercept it and take run it through.

With only a minute to decide who to save before the thread that binds their souls would be severed, Prim runs up to Rowan and yells “THERE IS NO TIME” grabs a hold of her and dimension doors over to Loralyn. Rowan performs Gentle Repose tethering Loralyn’s soul to her body.

Exhausted of her normal magic Yue turns and Looks down at her friend dead on the ground and with tears and fire in her eyes pulls out scrolls from her bag and reads them with passion firing Lightning sending it coursing through the Spider burning the scroll up. She takes out another and conjures a massive fireball. She hurls it striking true causing a massive explosion in the center of the 3 Braziers. As the smoke cleared from the fireball The Shadow was dissipated and the Party was finishing clearing out the remaining black pudding but the threat appeared to be over. But at what price?

Yue ran over to Loralyn and checked examined her but she was dead. She noticed a note on the floor next to her and she picked it up and walked off by herself to collect her thoughts and read it. The party assessed that everyone else was ok but they were unable to bring Seraphina back nor stop her soul from leaving her body as Rowan was tapped on magic. The party began to mourn for her and Prim set out and brought Droop and Duchess back to the top of the tower. Duchess ran over to her sister and tried to wake her up nudging her and licking her face and then let out a mournful howl tried to lay down next to her to warm her body.

The party could only watch this with tears in their eyes and each thought of how she overcame her prejudices to come help her friends in their time of need. There was discussion on what should be done with her inquiring if Tsernoth could help. He declined as he knew the only way he could help would be to bring her back as undead and only knowing her a short time realized that would be against her wishes.

The rest of the party took stock of the area and found some magical artifacts at the top of the tower that the fiends had been collecting. Tsernoth stated they should take the rest of the night and rest here and they could form a plan in the morning and the party agreed. They each took some time to themselves to figure out what today meant for everyone and what they wanted to do next. As night fell on the Tower, light and warmth from the magical braziers washed over the party and they took hope and solace in knowing that having stopped the resurrection Lolth, there will be a sunrise tomorrow.


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