CM Adventures

The Heist

Session 56

The party gathered around a poker table that night and Prim somehow found a green visor and started the meeting by proclaiming his heist name “Primsy” and adopted the word “seeee” as the period to the end of all his sentences. Prim set a plan where they would case the joint 1st to see if anything changed since they received their information. Should everything be fine they will split into 2 parties to pull off the heist of magic weapons where prim would create a distraction by hosting a concert named “Prim Fest” in the center of town to draw as many away from that section of town as possible while Caryandra and Norros slipped in and got the goods and would ride out in the horse and carriage sending it in one direction and while anyone pursued it teleport to the Crimson tide which was now hovering over the city. The Party agreed that this was a good plan and they rested that night.

The next morning Prim set out making flyers for the event and was ready to distribute them throughout the city when they were approached by a skinny scholarly looking elf who introduced himself as Samuel Derfleaf and asked the party if they knew his beloved Caryandra as they were adventurers. Caryandra had still taken up the disguise of Seraphina. Caryandra’s eyes grew big and bigger as he approached and Yue tried to contain her laughter. Draven whispered to her that he looks like a nerd and she hissed back at him. Caught off guard the rest of the party said no they didn’t know her, some yelled out she is in Luscan and some proclaimed yes but she died leading to much confusion in Samuel.
He explained he once worked in the library until he met her when she came in one day and sent him off on a task should he complete they would be together and happy. When the party asked what the task was he told them he had to acquire the legendary tome the book of bogentle and the traveled far and wide and was given the book after being an apprentice to a necromancer named Tsernoth. The party except for norros recognized his name. Samuel said he waits on the Moon bridge every day watching for adventurers hoping one will have spotted her so that one day they can finally be together. Caryandra found the nearest pillar to go smack her head upon while Draven said that he was a scholar himself and appreciated Samuel’s profession and asked if he could take a look at the book of bogentle while everyone waited to see if his love would appear that day but who definitely wasn’t here right now.

Samuel agreed after Draven talked with him about the books he had written. They took a walk to the moon bridge and Samuel pulled the book out of its hiding spot and showed draven who began to page through it. Draven began to feel a sense of possessiveness over the book as soon as he began leafing through it and he cast darkness on Samuel and took off in a full sprint back to the party the Samuel not far behind yelling “THIEF THIEF STOP HIM!” Draven got back to the party moments before Samuel caught up to him and Norros polymorphed him into a frog. Caryandra quickly scooped him up and put him into her pocket.

Moments later guards appeared and questioned what the commotion was and prim explained that their were rehearsing for a show that day which the guards bought. Draven was like yes watch this and brought an eagle out of his shield which the guards asked him where his animal handling permit was and if he didn’t have one he would have to pay a fine down at the station. Draven began to argue and accused the guards of being racist and as the situation turned worse they were about to apprehend him for being uncooperative and he cast darkness on the guards and fled melding into the stone work of a nearby building. the guards regrouped and questioned the rest of the party who remained with most of them walking away during the commotion leaving yue xing and rowan to talk to the guards telling them they didn’t know him. The guards satisfied with their answer vowed to return to the station and put up wanted posters for a bounty on him to bring him in and they departed.

The party headed back to rowans house to find Draven there reading the book. Everyone made it back to the house with Caryandra much later than the rest. When they asked what had happened she claimed she had “Taken care” of the frog. Rowan’s mother saw the party return home and said that they had a guest waiting for them and upon entered the dining room they found Tsernoth there waiting for the party. He greeted his old friends and told them the tale of how Samuel came to his island under the guise of wanting to study under him but in reality stole his book during the night after he had gained his trust and he had come to reclaim it as the longer he was gone the longer the island was undefended as only Agatha is there guarding it and the infernal brazier. He came here to deal with his former “apprentice” and get his tome back. The party informed him they new of him and just dealt with him and brought Draven down to return the book to Tsernoth which his did after memorizing and writing down as much as he could from the chapters he read. Tsernoth thanked the party for their help once again and departed.

The party asked Draven what he was thinking and told him he was now wanted by the city guard. Rowan’s father said he would go to the station and see if he could smooth things over and get the wanted posters taken down as one of the guards is his friend and he has some pull in the city. Draven thanked him and gave him a bottle of fireflies as a gift which he put by a bunch of pictures of rowan as a child. The party decided to disguise draven so people wouldn’t recognise him during prim’s distraction concert and yue and xing also went undercover as caryandra and norros so they would have an alibi if they were seen. The party finished casing the house and everything seemed as it should and upon their final meeting prim proclaimed “THE HEIST IS ON!”

Prim set up his stage and began a massive performance in the middle of Silverymoon with the crowd cheering and even the head of the Margaster house was in attendance thanks to the advertisements given out earlier that day. The crimson tide flew high over silverymoon as a areal advertisement for Prim’s concert.

Caryandra and Norros approached the Margaster house from the west and Norros stone shaped a hole in the side of the wall leading them into the living room filled with grand chandeliers rather than the carriage house adjacent to the main house. norros immediately regretted his lack of direction started arguing with caryandra about where to go and had caryandra look at a door which she was about to pick and Norros cast dispel magic on the door disenchanting an alarm spell on the knob. The party heard talking from upstairs and footsteps coming closer so Caryandra quickly picked the lock and they got into the carriage house.

Norros dispelled the alarm magic on the carriage itself and Caryandra dug under a compartment in the seat to find the bag of magical items. At this time guards came down the stairs into the carriage house. Caryandra and norros ducked down low in the Carrage as to not be seen. The guards noticed the door ajar which made them investigate the living room and they saw a massive 5ft hole in the side of the building and they called out to sound the alarm and summon the guards as they have intruders. Norros realized he didn’t seal the hole he came into and went to their backup plan and told caryandra to hold on tight to the bag of items and grabbed her and used a teleport spell to try to get up onto the air ship.

Being flustered with the situation the aim of his spell was off and they appeared mid air and in a full plummet above the stage prim was performing on. Panicking Norros was just able to get off a fly spell which sent them rocketing past either side of prim while he was performing and they tried to improvise and made it look like part of the show. Caryandra landed on the stage and activated her bracelet of lies making many copies of her on the stage which all started performing backup dancer maneuvers. Norros join in as did yue and xing who were disguised as Norros and Caryandra.

The real Norros dove behind the stage and stashed the loot in a magical treasure chest and sent it into another plane of existence to be retrieved later and the party finished Prim Fest to the roar of the crowd. being high up on stage they could see guards rushing towards the Margaster house on the other side of town. As Prim fest concluded the party returned to the Whiteshield estate. They gathered and looked through their loot finding potions, a robe of useful items, an immovable rod, a knock spell scroll. and a ring with the symbol of Asmodeus on it. The party exhilarated from the events from the day decided to collect themselves and plan their next move.



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