CM Adventures

The Freedom Festival of Everlund

Session 55

The party decided they were close to the city of Everlund and decided to drop off the platinum badge given to them by Darathra Shendrel to take to Danivarr’s House in Everlund and give it to Dral Thelev, the one-eyed half orc proprietor. The party arrived and knocked on his door and upon seeing what they had to give him he welcomed them in as friends of the harpers. They told him of the danger the giants pose to the land and he thought higher members of the harpers should hear of this and offered them elven wine which they accepted. The party drank of the wine and suddenly they were all transported instantly to the Moongleam tower which is the harper stronghold in Everlund. They party found themselves in a fancy parlor in Moongleam Tower which contained austere furnishings and a dozen domesticated tressym. Rillix immediately hopped out of Yue’s hood and began playing with his kind to her enjoyment. Upon their arrival they saw an old Wizard approaching them from down a set of stairs. He approached the party and introduced himself as Krowen Valharrow archmage of Moongleam tower and he appreciated what the party has done for the harpers and the sword coast as a whole. He told them he has a penchant for sponsoring adventurers who are doing good in the world and he summoned his page to bring him something and in a few minuted returned with a chest full of scrolls containing various magic spells including dispel magic, fly, magic weapon, sending, tongues, and water breathing. The party thanked him for his generosity and Yue asked him since he was such a powerful mage fond of tressym would he be able to help her make Rillix into her familiar which he agreed to and shared a secret formula to bind their souls together in a ritual that would only work if they were truly bound in close friendship and love. They agreed to try it and looking at the list of things they needed Yue had Norros fashion a necklace with a Tressym ornament hanging from it. Krowen took the necklace and said he would imbue it wit hthe soul binding magic throughout the day but it might take awhile so he suggested the party enjoy the freedom festival going on today in Everlund. he told them the story of the festival:

“Everlund was a member of the Lords’ Alliance. The five leaders who currently comprise the city’s Council of Elders voted three to two in favor of separation and, in a symbolic show of support for Sundabar, condemned the alliance for its failure to come to Sundabar’s aid during the War of the Silver Marches. The decision was touted as an opportunity for Everlund to chart its own course and now they celebrate each year commemorating that decision.” He told them some of the festivities include archery, tests of strength and cooking contests and that they should go enjoy themselves for the day while he works on their request.

The party thanked him and everyone decided to head off except for Prim who stayed in the tower requesting to study the magic teleportation circles the harpers had setup throughout the land.

The rest of the party ended up back in the streets of everlund after taking another gulp of their elven wine. They spotted Zem slate dust and Sildar setting up fireworks on the streets and they went to greet them. They found some of the goblin children running around playing with sparklers he created. he let the party know he was refining and making better things with his blackpowder ever since he got his hand made for him and thanked norros. He said that he made a bunch of fireworks for the end celebration and that the party would have a chance to win some of his creation if they participated in the festival activities. The party agreed that they should do just that and headed into a local bar which seemed to be hosting an arm wrestling contest. The party took part with Pokeman Jones and draven making it to the finals but pokeman jones taking top prize. He was awarded some grapes, a magical shield of freedom which he gave to draven for putting up a good fight in the arm wrestling match and some fireworks.

The party headed out into the street and saw the locals just setup an archery range and the party also took part in this contest with Caryandra and Rowan making it to the finals with Caryandra just winning out 3-2 in the final round in a thrilling battle of sharpshooters taking home arrows of dragon slaying, arrows of cold energy and fireworks.

The final event of the day had the party putting on their baking hats and making food in a variety of competitions ranging from survival rations, to crisp nature salads, to medicinal chicken soup, spicing up plain trout with exciting performances, and even making medicinal chicken soup. The party partnered up and Yue and Xing matched up against Pokeman and Caryandra in the finals with Caryandra and Pokeman taking home om nom berry pie, a scroll of heroes feast, some fire fruit and some fireworks.

The party having fun for the day returned to the Moongleam tower and retrieved the necklace and brought it to the town square just as the fireworks were finishing setting up. Rowan blessed the necklace mixing the soul binding power the arch mage imbued it with and cleansing it so Pure love and bond would come through clearly as they both began the ritual. The tressym ornament swirled in an arcane purple and white as Yue got Rillix out of her hood and asked him. “Do you want to become my familiar buddy?” Rillix mewed at her and placed his paw on the necklace and she placed hers on top of his paw and held it to her chest. Yue looked at norros signalling it was time to imbue the necklace with a final charge of power to complete the ritual and he sent a lightning bolt into it. Yue and rillix began to levitate and glow slowly circling in the air and at one point almost seemed to merge into one being before separating again and coming back down setting on the ground once again. Yue had never felt this close to rillix before and knew the ritual had been a success. The party all came to congratulate Yue as Zem’s fireworks began in Everlund. The party enjoyed the spectacular show or color and sound with some of the fireworks exploding into images like goblins and dragons and swords.

After the fireworks display ended the party decided they would not rest for the night but would take a teleportation spell direct to silverymoon and plan their next move. Caryandra seemed hesitant about heading back to that city but wouldn’t say why and the party convinced her to come along. Norros transported them there after asking the airship to start making its way there to meet them there. As they approached the gates the one old guard in his late 50’s named Rolim Herran saw Rowan and ran up to her giving her a hug asking how she has been and that its such a surprise to see her and that her parents would be pleased to see her safe back in town and he welcomed the party to the city.

The party decided to visit her parents 1st to have a place to stay and so Rowan led them to the Whiteshield estate in the high end district of the city. As the party crossed the moonbridge Caryandra kept looking around nervously and upon being questioned she finally opened up to the party that she had been in the city once before and that she had to get a book out of a library and had to trick the elf librarian to get this book who ended up falling in love with her and even brought her a rose on this moonbridge. She planned to kill him not to leave any loose ends but in the end didn’t have the heart to do it so she sent him away on a quest to find a stone she knew would be impossible to find so it would give her time to acquire the book and get out of town which she did and hasn’t been back since until this day.

The party felt like they knew Caryandra a little better after her story and arrived at the Whieshield estate and upon knocking Garen the butler answered and greeted rowan in his pajamas and a night cap wit ha little tousle on the end of it and slippers in the shape of an owl bear. His eyes opened wide with joy as he saw rowan and bid them to come in and make themselves at home while he awoke her parents. Rowan’s mother Lureene Whiteshield was 1st down the stairs to greet her followed shortly by her father Evendur Whiteshield who told her he was home from his business trip and was so glad they had such fortuitous timing. They asked Garn to go make rowan’s favorite pear pie and he went out into their back yard and picked fresh ones and began baking while the party told Rowan’s parents of their adventures and how wonderful Lor was and hopefully someday he could come to meet them. Garen brought out food for everyone and cut the pear pie and as he turned around to get utensils for everyone and returned to find Yue and Draven had pear pie all over their faces and the pie happened to be gone and he went back to the kitchen to prepare another one.

The party laughed and ate the night away enjoying a comfortable home and seeing where rowan had grown up. After the parents went to sleep the butler showed the party to their guest room and went to bed himself. The party gathered together one more time before retiring to bed to plan out how they were going to pull off a heist at the Margaster house the following night.



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