CM Adventures

The Dragon and the Eagle

Session 22

As The secondary party fought fiercely vs the dragon’s spawn the cultists threw a torch onto a bonfire as a signal. The dragon spawn unleashed poison breath on the party and fought tooth and nail to defend their hoard. Two of them fell in battle and the third one was under assault when Venomfang returned and spewed poison breath as she flew over the keep knocking out several party members. All looked dire until an Eagle swooped in and fought the dragon in the aerial combat distracting it enough so the party could finish off the cultists causing the remnants to flee the keep. The finished off the last of venomfang’s spawn and sensing the tide of battle was turning she cut her losses took her revenge on the eagle and flew away. The party rushed to the eagles side to find out it was the Druid Reidoth who they knew from thunderhead keep when they 1st encountered venomfang. they stabilized him and prevented him from succumbing to the woulds vemonfang inflicted on him and they untied the hostages, made sure they were all ok and them dug into the dragon’s treasure hoard.

Taking their loot they loaded it up onto the cart and took it back to phadalin and decided to use it to upgrade the town and started brainstorming ideas on how it could best be used. They celebrated their victory that night having a successful rescue mission with no more tragedy striking their town. maybe things are looking up for the city after all.


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