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The Claimed Mines of Phandelver

Session 14

The party finished scouting out wave echo cave finding no more threats. They decided to find an unoccupied room to discuss among themselves what they thought should happen with the forge of spells. Quinlan came clean about him and Idris being members of the harpers and stated that they were probable going to side with sister Garelle in trying to keep the mine safe. they discussed different options and at least came to a consensus that the rockseeker brothers should be the owners of the mine. They decided to go meet up with their allies and have a meeting about the forge. As they approached they heard Sister Garelle yelling in the room. “Noone is arguing the need for a plan but your plan is just stupid and won’t work” as she exits the room and slams the door. She tells the group that she thinks the harpers should keep the forge secret and Wes wanted to have neverwinter guards come with military force to secure it. The rockseeker brothers wanted to discuss whether or not to bring mining dwarves in to redirect the water to power the waterwheel and see if that restarts the forge of spells which is currently cold but sister garelle wanted to just use harpers to accomplish this to keep less people knowing about the forge even though it would go more slowly. The parties allies turned to them and eventually agreed to trust in their judgement. The party discussed their options and decided to side with the harpers protecting the secret of the forge instead of having the city of neverwinter find out for fear that politicians would get involved, start a war and have history repeat itself. They also decided to compromise on the dwarves opting to take dwarves from Gauntlegrim but only the ones who were secretly harper agents. All of the party agreed to this plan sister garelle sent word to harper agents to come secure the area. While waiting the party returned the boots of striding to the rockseekers which they took with thanks to the party for helping avenge their brother and they promised to use the forge to further all of their goals and to use it to maintain balance in the realm. The rockseeker brothers returned to the cave entrance and recovered their brother’s body and buried him outside. By the time they were done harper forces arrived to secure the cave wit hthe help of the fameskull. The rest of the party returned to phandalin.

As they arrived back in phandalin they were surprised to see the walls had been rebuilt and the town was fortified. Lienne graywind and Mirna’s kids greeted them and showed how they bolstered the town’s defenses so there wouldn’t be a repeat performance of the undead attack. The group and their allies decided to throw a party to celebrate their victory. Lienne informed the group they rebuilt a lot of the manor in phandalin and found several treasures that they could use as prizes at the celebration as friendly wagers. The party rested up while the citizens of phandalin set up some contests for the party to take part in. As the party was relaxing in the stonehill inn they met a female elf bard names loralyn wintersong. She took a liking to yue finsing out about her recent deeps becoming a hero of phandalin and struck up a conversation with her and the rest of the party telling them she was from waterdeep and was going to play at the inn but would love to spend time with the party and participate in the competitions with them.

The celebrations started with a drinking contest with Wes getting Gwen some grape Nehi but not having drank in a long time went out in the 1st round. Draven ended up taking 3rd place in the contest with Sildar Halllwinter drinking everyone else under the table.

From there the party went to the addermath orchard for an archery contest. Most of the drunken party members found a comfortable spot on the grass to observe quinlan, prim, lienne graywind, yue and sildar show off their skills with the bow with Quinlan taking the top prize and some arrows of the hydra.

The party then proceeded back to the stonehill inn for a pie eating contest. Droop quinlan yue gwen and mirna’s kids all dug into pie after pie until just quinlan and yue were left with their voracious appetites. quinlan bluffed becoming sick into the pie dish and yue took top prize in the final round gaining a delicious om nom berry pie.

The party getting fired up cleared off the table for an arm wrestling competition. Lienne graywing beat draven in the 1st round, pokemon jones lost to Idris who transformed himself into Fat Jeff making a huge comeback, Wes lost to rowan in their match and Prim defeated Gundren in a surprising show of strength. Lienne managed to defeat Idris in fat jeff form in the 2nd round and rowan defeated prim so it ended up with Lienne and Rowan in the finals. A massive back and forth battle took place in a battle of wills but in the end Lienne took top prize with rowan taking 2nd and their party members cheered them on.

They finished up the day enjoying the battle of the bards with loralyn and prim on flute, yue idris and draven on lute, and rooster and droop singing. loralyn caught some dust in her flute and exited early and yue snapped a lute string during a performance shortly after. Droop surprised everyone with his singing but prim still took the top big and won the battle of the bards. Not to be outdone Pokeman Jones wrote his own inspirational song to commemorate the party’s adventure:

To the tune of New York State of Mind-Billy Joel
“Some folks like to get away, take a holiday, from their knight hood
Hop a cart to Waterdeep, or the Elvenwood
But I’m dungeon crawlin’ in a rocky, Dwarven mine…
I’m in a Phandalin state of mind…
It was so easy gamin’, day by day
But after Bugbears, I’m black and blue
But now I’ve got some Gold and Gear to take
…the +1 Staff
…and Draven’s stuff too! Whoah whoah
…I’m with my buddies, in a rocky, Dwarven mine….
I’m in a Phandalin state of mind…
You gahd dam right

The crowd gave him a standing applause and with the noise loralyn whispered to yue asking her to go for a walk. they walked out together and down the streets she took her behind a building and she offered to repair her broken lute for her and she talked about how she needed yue’s help breaking a curse on her as she was bitten by a werewolf and can transform into one but feels as if she is losing control as time is going by. Lorayln told her that she did research i nthe waterdeep libraries and found an herb which could help cure her but it only grows on icespire peak and she tried to venture there but it was too dangerous to go alone. So she was hoping a strong band of adventurers would come through and be willing to help her. Yue agreed to this and said she would try to convince her party to help. Loralyn also had a mischievous look in her eye and told yue she noticed how the bard and tiefling were looking at her and wanted to know if she wanted to mess with them so they returned to the inn holding hands and sat next to each other.

At this time quinlan got a message from the harpers that the remains of the undead from old owl well were sighted near a village called halenshire near waterdeep and they seemed to be more organized than a regular shambling horde. The party concluded the devil they found in wave echo cave may be headed that way. Yue pitched the idea to help loralyn 1st but the party countered it might be better to check out the undead. Yue whispered to loralyn asking her how much time she had left using going in for a kiss as an excuse to hide her question. Loralyn kissed her and then whispered back telling her she had 2-3 weeks maybe at the rate she felt she was losing control. Yue had the party pull out a map and convinced them to go to icespire peak 1st due to the distance needed to travel. Having decided their next coarse of action the party enjoyed a hero’s feast and then went outside to watch Iarno setting off fireworks gandalf style and the whole party felt inspired watching them explode in the phandalin night sky readying them for their next adventure.


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