CM Adventures

The Beginning

Session 0

Patrons begin filling into an Inn in the city of Neverwinter. This was a special Inn named Pookie’s Potions and Pillows. Adventurers would frequent this place to rest and stock up on healing potions. It was also well known for patrons to hire adventurers. Two such gentlemen enter, a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker and his human bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter. They sit in the corner and drink as they watch adventurers enter and mingle and get to know one another. One of them was a bard and began to play for his room and board for the night.

As the pair watched they decided on a particular table of adventurers to hire for their job. Gundren explained that his brother found something big and he was to meet him in Phandalin right away but they needed a group to escort a cart of supplies for barthon’s provisions as the roads were getting dangerous. The group agreed and were signed on.

As this deal was occurring A Goliath with radiant armor entered the Inn and overheard Gundren’s contracts and knowing the dwarf wished to test this fresh party to see if they were worthy of a job from him as well. This Goliath was the owner of the Thunderdome in Neverwinter which was an arena where adventurers and monsters pit their might against one another in sparring matches to hone their skills and earn some coin. They are renowned for providing entertainment to the city. The party agreed and headed over to that part of town. They met a little girl taking tickets there named Gwendayln and she instructed them to the proving grounds for the party to test their mettle.

As the matches began for the day Hyan Yue Wing, a human sorceress won the initial match decisively vs one of the area’s regulars with her arcane fire bolt. A Male elf druid named Idris Nailo won a close matchup vs a veteran of the arena. The Dragonborn Monk of their group, Rorhic, and Bard Prim Pressleaf also found success vs their opponents. The party was riding high cheering each other on until the last match of the day when their Rogue halfing was confronted with the strange little girl who was taking tickets in the arena. He struck with force that should have taken out a brute twice her size but Gwen split into 4 copies of herself and used magic missiles to overwhelm the halfling. Clerics overseeing the match quickly rushed in to heal him back up and take him back to the lobby where his party consoled him and teased him about losing to a little girl.

After the day’s events the Goliath, Wes the Shield, told the group he was impressed with their efforts and gave them the job of bringing back an important package from Phandalin which they agreed to and rejoined their Human Cleric Rowan Whiteshield who was finishing business in the city while the bouts in the Thunerdome were occurring.

The party set off down the Highroad escorting the caravan of supplies and turned onto the triboar trail with no issue until they came upon 2 dead horses with arrows sticking out of them which they recognized as Gundran and Sildar’s mounts. With sharp perception the party noticed the trap that befell them before goblins set upon them. With quick thinking as the horde rushed the party the bard Prim used magic to put most of the golbins to sleep and the party was able to pick off the remaining foes keeping one alive to interrogate.

The party discovered that the goblins successfully ambushed Gundren and Sildar and they were captured. They learned the location of the goblin hideout and some information on the hierarchy of those causing trouble in the area. Specifically Klarg who is in charge of the cave their patrons were taken to, King Grol who is his superior and owns Cragmaw castle, and also mention of a mysterious figure named the black spider who was funding them.

Armed with this knowledge the party set off for the Klarg’s hideout to try to rescue Gundren and Sildar. Along the way they discovered traps set by the goblins, Quinlan scouted ahead but stepped into a snare trap and was hung upside down. Luckily his party found him. Prim cut him down with his blade and Rorhic caught him in the nick of time preventing him landing on his head. Berating his ability to detect traps Rowan charged forward and took point but fell into a pit trap herself before being helped out by her companions. A little worse for wear the party made it to Klarg’s hideout. Klarg had goblins waiting in ambush in a nearby thicket but Yue’s fire magic burned a clear line of sight to the foes and they were dispatched quickly. As night was falling the party decided to make camp so they could bandage up their wounds and strike out into the cave the next day to save their friend.


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