CM Adventures

The Battle for Phandalin

Session 8

The party awoke from a nights rest to hobgoblins approaching. They stated they were the separatists who broke away from King Grol’s hoard as they didn’t wish to be slaves to the black spider but they have come back to take control of Cragmaw Keep. They party disagreed about whether or not to let them have it because about that same time Idris got a message from the Harper’s in her message cylinder stating Phandalin was under attack and they were requested immediately. They decided to fight off the hobgoblins 1st which they were victorious. The party then immediately set off for phandalin. They discovered the town besieged by the undead. They found that sister garelle had been able to find barthan, one of mirna’s kids, iarno and sildar before the undead hit the town. she formed a protective holy circle around the shrine of luck. The party fought through a wave of undead to reach them and she informed them that Daran adermath was still missing looking for mirna’s kids in the orchard. Grista didn’t get out out of the sleeping giant, and Mirna and her other child were missing. Lienne Graywind killed the undead that were approaching from the south of phandalin with iarno and sildar. quinlan and draven then took iarno and sildar to find daren addermath and rescued him in his apple archard while the rest of the party ran to the sleeping giant finding Grista and the former redbrand Jeff trapped in the sleeping giant. A drunken Jeff came out to help them fight and they defeated the undead there. The party met up in the center of town where Grista told them she last saw mirna and her other child flee to the tresdar manner where they were originally rescued. they united party headed threre fighting through the old redbrand hideout and were able to resuce the one child but unfortunately Mirna was killed in the battle. The party finished off the undead and rushed mirna to Sister Garelle. Urging her to perform a resurrection ritual.


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