CM Adventures

Storming the Beach

Session 23

The main party continued their journey to the island. in their down time Rowan trained Lor using a long sword and Yue continued to search the ship for any ingredients which might help her bake an om nom berry pie discovering some lemons on the ship they use along with oranges and limes to prevent scurvy. Pokeman Jones headed up to the top deck and asked the captain if he could steer the ship and the reminisced about sailing. The captain Johny Smesalt gave him a turn to steer the ship while he took a nap in his cabin. Pokeman Jones spotted the island and they launched their smaller boats and began to row to the island as the big ship could’t get any closer without beaching the ship.

On the way rowing to the island the party was intercepted by 4 water elementals which tried to flow into their boats and whelm them drowning the occupants. The party worked together with pokeman jones kicking one off their boat preventing it from washing up where Yue got enveloped and began to drown until Loralyn grabbed it and threw it overboard. Gwen revived Yue pouring a potion down her throat. Wanting revenge Yue electrified the water and shocked the remaining elementals. Prim used frost arc to freeze one solid while draven blew it apart with an eldrich blast. Rowan concentrated and used her aura to enhance everyone’s attacks. Eventually the water elementals were defeated and the party finally reached the shore.

Upon hitting the beach they discovered a necromancer with an undead army at his command. The party brought forth Agatha and The necromancer recognized her from their adventuring days when they were in the same party. He stated his name was Tsernoth and that the cambion had driven him out of his tower with his army of demons but he survived due to the Book of bogentle that he acquired from agatha years prior. He was able to convert the undead army to follow his commands and was trying to wage a war against the devils but was being pushed back and was looking for a way off the island or reinforcements to take the tower back.

The party agreed to help him as they had a common enemy. Droop seraphina and dutchess stayed behind to guard the boats as that was their only way to get off the island and Seraphina had no love for the undead, refused to work with them and decided to stay behind. The rest of the party stormed the beach and fought along side Tsernoth and his undead forces to overtake an army of giant spiders and phase spiders. Yue’s fireball’s erupted kicking up large amounts of sand on the beach and pokeman jones crushed many of them beneath his Staves. As the spiders fell Tsernoth informed the party there was a secret water entrance to the tower the cambion probably doesn’t know about and shouldn’t be guarded. They decided to head that way and emerged in a jail cell which Tsernoth has a key to.

As the party emerged into a dungeon Gwen found one of the kidnapped members of her village, Padar Sadz. He begged her to find the other and they had a brief moment of reuniting before the party sent him into the tunnel to prepare to head out as soon as they find the rest of the captives. Questioning him they learn that the cambion was using the villages as slave labor to build additions to the tower and was also sacrificing them to help summon lolth back to this plane of existence.

The party knew they had to hurry to stop this plan and they patched their wounds to prepare for the next fight Prim noticed a ring on his finger and a note in his pocket which read:

I’ll always cherish our time in wave echo cave. The password for the ring is my name.



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